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LOLCOWEPIC.jpg TheSpoonyOne is an Epic Lolcow
One page alone is not enough...
...his autistic creations and world now has its own page!!!
Am I gonna have to get out the banhammer? Because some of you guys are starting to piss me off, and when you get me involved in forum bullshit, I'm the nuclear option, motherfuckers. I will raze this place until I see nothing but smiles and fucking sunshine.


Typical butthurt statement from Spoony

Powerword: Noah Antwiler
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Occupation: YouTuber, actor, comedian, livestreamer
Years active: 2006-present
Website: JewTube channel

TheSpoonyOne (Powerword: Noah Antwiler) is another game reviewer among the shitpile of permavirgin video game reviewers on That Guy With The Glasses and Youtube.

The bipolar Noah specializes in FMV games and movie rants, but unlike the many bully-magnets that try their hand at becoming esteemed game journalists, Spoony was actually funny at one point in time (heavy emphasis on "was"), when he wasn't doing crossovers with legions upon legions of basement-dwelling failures on the internet. For those that may be skeptical, many of his videos up to Phantasmagoria 2 were at least watchable. By these calculations, this would mean that Spoony hasn't produced funny since, yes, the summer of 2008.

Ever since someone introduced him to the concept of vlogs, he has long since abandoned doing videos with quality content and effort, and started doing 40 minute videos of him ranting endlessly about some movie or how shitty wrestling has gotten. While expressing your thoughts in a long video is extremely commonplace for self-important asswipes, it becomes alarming when 90% of said "content" are these wastes of precious tubes. The only people who listen to this shit are his most diehard of fans, and even then, they put it on as background noise while they fap to porn. He's reached a point in his "career" where he spends a week or two (or four) between real "updates", occasionally shitting out a half-hour video of him sitting in front of a camera piss drunk and posting old "archive" videos to other websites, despite the fact that they are readily available on his own site. More frequently, he posts other people's videos in lieu of a proper update.

Even though he does not produce a regularly satisfying quality of work, Mister King Antwiler has become quite butthurt regarding the art of constructive criticism, not even toward his shittier, more half-assed work. He's even gone so far to dedicate videos and, on some occasions, had a few knee-jerk comments in others implying that: "You can't complain about free entertainment." Ironic for someone who's tried to get his meager e-fame to pay the bills for him.


Atomic.gif Warning!
Spoony's E-Penis needs a constant supply of fan saliva 24/7.
Any comments towards him that are anything less than 100% approval will result in you being INSTA-B&!!!
A scene from Spoony and Armake21's collaboration video.
Fan"art" of SpoonyOne
AKA Noah Antwiler.

Inspired by the "Hilarious" video reviews of Armake21 (why the fuck Noah chose a slap-head guido as his inspiration we'll never know!) and the Angry Video Game Nerd, The début of Spoony on the internets was extremely forgettable in terms of notability.

Noah Antwiler got his start in January of 2007 with a review of The Adventures of Bayou Billy for the NES. Over time, thanks to his sharp wit and nerdy humor, Spoony rose through the ranks of popularity quickly, becoming someone who had the potential to make it big on YouTube.

His most notable of these works was a series of reviews on the overrated disaster known as Final Fantasy VIII. The reviews merely stated the obvious, but it can be best described as simple, yet effective trolling against the legions upon legions of mouth-breathing nerds known as the Final Fantasy fanbase. Biting the obvious bait, the fanboys raeged into pure butthurt; they continually make clever remarks about Spoony such as him being a basement-dwelling v/irgin...

Until years later, you realize that Spoony's tastes in games have less imaginative content and focus on being the most derivative and stereotypical, pasty white American geek marketed crap that not even WoW, Runescape, EverQuest and all of the DARK HARDKORE medieval elf LARPing orgies could ounce up to trounce a grorious nipponeese RPGs that had come out of Nipland, the fact that US manchildren gamers are the most insufferable ethnocentric fanboy jerk off losers that will use their ego and personal preferences to impose onto others to make themselves feel better at night, plus his appreciation for 1980's Dungeons and Dragons table tops and LARPing, all of this showing his lack of imagination and apparent fanboyism to his pre-Final Fantasy nerd fantasies. Want proof? Look at all of his personalities he's made up for his ever dropping in sanity and quality shit shows, including the guy himself, and his latest review of Final Fantasy X. Apparently pasty white douchebag associated ethnocentrics, stupidity and nerd rage runs in all self inflated egotistic nerds on the internet.

TL;DR, apparently, this review of Final Fantasy VIII has turned to shit like bad chicken down the poopchute considering he never left his personality when reviewing this shit, and revealed to be a shallow, pretentious, whiny fanwankery jerkoff loser in the years to come.

It was decent lulz for all who witnessed the sheer butthurt of the fanboys in person, but the adulation by those that despised the series were pure overkill. In fact, one newfag on this very site posted a kiss-ass summary of Spoony in a certain article because he thought his trolling was the greatest thing since mudkips. Thus led Spoony to believe he was one of the few individuals that was praised by this site.

Spoony eventually managed to subside on the donations his reviews generated, and thus when he was laid off from his job around Halloween 2008, he decided not to seek a new one. At the time of this writing, Spoony have been officially unemployed for almost 2 years and counting, which will probably do wonders for his ability to get work once his Internet boat of money sinks and he finds out that most (if not all) employers will not accept "Internet Superstar" as valid part of a resume.

Cosplaying as Brendan Fraser.
Money Shot.

Since he owes TGWTG money after getting a new server it is unlikely to see videos not featuring the disease-ridden faces of Linkara, Benzaie, Lee, or any of the other Z-list internet celebrities on the site. His relationship with these other reviewers is a lot like that of a remora attaching itself to a torpedo. His sedentary lifestyle has led to health problems more in line with that fucking tallow-bag Sean Fausz. Then again you know how it is, when one person has a heart attack all the sudden you do too.

Any review featuring them will invariably result in grown men dressing up and acting silly. LOL COMEDY!

Spoony & Friends

Spoony & The Mashables

SpoonyOne's usual reaction to any negativity on his website.

In 2009 he muscled out all the other nerds and won the Mashable Web Awards "Funniest Person to Follow"-title, viewers were expecting some kind of celebratory speech from Noah where he expresses his gratitude upon recieval of his useless internet accolade. What they got, however, was a two-page written rant, lashing out at his fans for not liking his crossover collaborations with his clique of butt-buddies at TGWTG, blaming all the viewers for the butthurt the criticism has caused among his neckbeard Blistered Thumbs pals, and telling his fans to "just fucking leave my site if they don't like it". Apparently his acceptance speech got trolled by fans of the other contestants and he took it down and then flipped the fuck out on EVERYBODY. Ha Ha, Oh Wow, talk about mood swings! For a guy whose claim to fame is trolling Final Fantasy fanbrats, he sure has some frail nerves.

Spoony Tries Again

In 2010, King Spoony was once again going for the Mashable "Funniest Person to Follow" Award. Apparently he was aware that a fair portion of his fanbase had mysteriously disappeared, because he was resorting to the time-honored tactic of ballot stuffing in between complaining about how ill he is. In the end, he lost to some Korean pop boy band, named "Super Junior", and he didn't even get a measly honorable mentioning, *sniff*. Spoony has not yet reacted to this loss, but he will undoubtedly find some way to blame what little remains of his fanbase for failing to hand him a new e-penis enlargement.


Spoony Vs. Constructive Criticism

Spoony, displaying some kind of bi-polar behaviour.

So, remember when Spoony started his pointless crossover spree, throughout 2009? When you couldn't swing your dick whithout bumping into pieces of shit like Lee, Linkara, Benzaie or Angry Joe ruining videos left and right? Well, it turns out people didn't like it as much as Mr. Antwiler wanted them to... A thread on his forum quickly grew to 3 pages, filled with outcries like this.

Let me try to explain this best I can, I enjoy Spoony One's videos but it seems like ever since early this year (and I'm talking about the main reviews here) he's had a crossover appearance with someone from TGWTG and while I can understand why he does that (being a part of the site and all) it's got to the point where I think he's just milking it.

To be honest I'm getting a bit sick of it and it does not help the fact that nearly every video on TGWTG is like that nowadays and has put me off it (then again my strong desire to be part of that site I guess partly explain this)

Maybe I'm a bit crazy over this, but it just bugs me and I've noticed it bugs other people as well


—A forum poster, showing exceptional courtesy.

If they're not happy, they can leave.


—Spoony, caring about his fanbase as usual.

Waa, Spoony's being mean and angry again, and he's banning people. And he took my lolly. It's my site, ban-meat. I'll do the fuck I want.


—Spoony (via Twitter), The Beginning of the end.

When his Maze & Monsters review featured a fan cover version of the theme song, some members of his fan base committed the horrible crime of not liking it 100%, and actually dared up coming with (shock and horror!) constructive criticism!

Terrible. The pacing is way off and the original Break me is quite melodical. This one had the same level of sound thruout. Its fine as a one off like an 8bit remix. Otherwise its just dull and not unique in its sound at all.


Yeah. Plus it's rather depressive as opposed to the upbeat 'aw yeah, shits about to happen' feel of the previous opening. The band itself sounds fine, but this song didn't work with my prior concept of TSE content.


Of course these reasonable presented and completely valid reasons for not liking it, was all it took for Mr. King Antwiler's frail nerves to snap like Chris-chan's crooked dick, and he instantly flew off the fucking handle:

To all the trolls out there on my forum and website, this is not the time to fucking test me. I will hatefuck you with my banhammer.


—Thus spoke Spoony

And this was only the beginning. Judging from his borderline insane twitterings, Spoony is currently still on a rage rampage through his forums, swinging his banhammer indiscriminately left and right in order to weed out those Judases in his midst who dared being slightly unhappy.

Spoony is defining irony with his tweets, at different times whining about corporate abuse of power, claiming he is justified in his own abuse of power, whining about trolls, calling his own fans whiny for complaining about his rampage, whining about mistreatment of women in Africa, and continuing a joke about the WTC from one of his videos.

Honestly, I'm glad I'm pissing so many people off lately. Means I'm doing my job. I tell it like it is. I'm in your way. Get used to it.(...) Honestly, one of the joys I get out of life is in banning whiny, ass-wounded punktards. Keep it up.


—Spoony, truly a father to his fans

During the charity drive hosted by TGWTG in December 2010 Spoony was asked a question by one of his many fans through Skype. Before having the opportunity to do this he had to donate at least $300 in order to ask a retarded question. He asked why Spoony wouldn't play Final Fantasy 9 and questioned his personal views about the game exposing how much of a hack he is. Showing his true professionalism as a internet celebrity/journalist/reviewer/shitheel Spoony grows impatient with the fan and tells him off. After doing so his circle jerk crew plays cleanup and kicks him off. The instant this event took place Jerry Lewis dropped to his knees and wept for the future of humanity despite all of his efforts to save them.

Your question annoys me. Thanks for funding my Xbox Kinect Bundle you fucking chump.

Busy Street

Spoony has achieved enough internet infamy with his tard rages and shitty reviewing skills, that people are now parodying his shit. Slowly and surely he's becoming the Tim Buckley of internet reviewers. You can check out their regular updates on the stupidity of Spoony's fan base as seen here.

The Forky Experimentation

Grapple, Grapple with a special guest host!


Busy street's account was banned recently, despite not making a single post on the site. This means one of two things: Scarlett(Or Noah) is personally checking criticism about them on the web (just like another fan favourite!), or that Spoony's moderators have become so paranoid about being watched that they have actually started banning people for doing nothing. As time went on it the situation has further escalated into the deep paranoia that Spoony is facing of his fans turning against him.

Ultima Grass Battle Contest

To fill in the long process of watching other people's Let's Play videos to turn into reviews, Spoony decided to make a contest in September 2010. This contest would be about people fighting a field of grass similar to the Ultima series. He was expecting many lulz worthy videos to be sent to him for the chance to win an autographed photo of Spoony. The end result showcases possibly the worst submissions in the history of the internet. 146 shitty videos were created and Spoony himself claimed there weren't any bad entries among them. Now you the reader can be the judge of that.

Strap yourselves in folks. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
Welp, Super Smash Brothers Music.
The Clash want a royalty check for this shit.
There is a The Room joke in there. Classy.
I found Scarlett's replacement.
I'm the dude with the blue wife beater.
Fat tub of shit has nobody to hold the camera.
Watchmen hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
David Lynch weeps for the masses that viewed these.

The ones that Spoony deemed worthy were re-uploaded on his account with a pointless intro starring him in order to rake in the ad revenue. Fans called out to this instead of linking the respected creators, but Scarlett quickly shut down any criticism towards her little pookie bear. After all, it is expensive to print a picture of yourself and use ink to write down your signature. Maybe Spoony can beg his fans for a $2,000 Cintiq monitor and a new copy of Adobe Creative Suite so he can sign it and digitally email it to the winner.

What would Old Spoony say to New Spoony

Spoony Vs. Indie Game Developers

Remember it, because people listen to what I have to say.


—The sound of spoony's massive ego shoving its head up his ass.

His unsatiable ego has even spread to his own work. Take, for example, his recent review of Deadliest Warrior, a low-budget title released for Xbox Live Arcade. The fact that he spent several minutes wiping grease from his brow in a fit of nerd rage isn't important. What is important is Spike Games's perfectly reasonable argument that since it was a budget title, it wouldn't be as polished and well-tested as big-budget competitors like Tekken. Spoony then dropped the free-swinging banhammer to spread the gospel to those that would listen:

u mad bro?

Sorry, I mentioned how every other aspect of your game sucked, I just forgot to talk about how the dodging, stamina, and parry systems suck, too.

This argument amuses the hell out of me. “Yes, our game is crap, but for $10, what did you expect? It’s like ordering Cup O’ Noodles and expecting something edible.” And I’m delusional for expecting entertainment out of my $10. So sorry, Spike, I’ll remember what you consider to be $10 of entertainment next time you release a game.

And next time, Spike, spell my fucking name right. It’s Spoony. With a capital S. As in, your game is Shit with a capital S.

Remember it, because people listen to what I have to say.


—Spoony, currently pretending to spin the earth around his axis.

Safe to say, this is the lulziest that Spoony has been in a long, long time. Which was, unfortunately, unintentional. But he does have a point, I guess giving money to entertainers and expecting a well polished product, but instead getting a shitty product, does blow.

Failed Television Show

My friends work hard on it. You'd better believe I'd stick up for them over a bunch of whiners who think they can dictate my schedule. (...) I work around 14 hours a day on two websites. I'll decide what goes on the fucking front page, and when.


—Spoony, defending this shitty excuse for a fan pacifier

Once upon a time, a meek submissive IT jockey Josh Hadley, and his Something Awful Goon neckbeard friend got together to create a show that reviewed old sci-fi films with banter so awkward and forced that an evening talking about your latest sexual encounter with your parents might be a better way to spend your time. For some odd reason, a local television station, Green Bay TV, decided to air their show.

However, their parade of mediocre shit was missing something; an Internet personality even shittier than they were at commentary to bash these movies (wait, wasn't that the neckbeard?). So they contacted Spoony to play the part of the cynical shit pile (role of a lifetime!). They managed to create 11 episodes using Spoony's idiotic Dr. Insano and Leslie Striker persona.

Unfortunately, due to censorship issues (the idiots forgot they were on TV in the middle of their awkward commentary) and the fact that the local TV station was utterly surprised by how shitty the show they made was, they were canceled before they even aired.

Like a mature adult, Josh Hadley threw a temper tantrum, calling the station's employees fascist nazis, and uploading his show to the internet (despite the many copyright and contract infringments that would entail). And Spoony, like a good dick sucker, hosts the embedded video on his site.

So now, for the next half of a year, expect his site to be filled with shitty sci-fi movies, shitty commentary about them, and of course, more vlogs. And don't even think about critiquing the show on Spoony's forums - like every other piece of criticism, his mods are deleting every negative comment by order of The Spoony One himself and handing out bans like candy. Hopefully his nuts will drop and he'll stop hosting the videos on his front page, but we all know that's not likely to happen.

Wrestle! Wrestle!

Since vlogs wherein Spoony rambles about some movie or some game he played for an hour proved to not be quite boring enough, he increasingly turned to rambling about Wrestling for an hour. In August 2010 he started a new site dedicated entirely to endless complaints about burly men fondling each other. One can only assume that this amount of boring faggotry isn't even palatable to his most hardcore fanboys anymore, so he's now out to scrape even beyond the bottom of the barrel in search of a whole new stratum of morons. Of course, without putting in any sort of creativity apart from stating that wrestling is terrible. FOR AN HOUR. Guess someone's gotta pay for these PPVs, and it's not going to be Mr Antwiler.

If you want to sample exactly how devoid of any kind of excitement this is, look no further than the opening of this "show", which has to be the most laziest effort in the history of internet reviewers. You definitely don't want to watch a whole episode to confirm that this is the case for the entirety of it.


It appears that Spoony, recognizing the unfunny in rant videos with runtimes longer than feature-length fucking movies, simply abandoned this endeavor. He seems to have shifted the workload to some fat fuck.

Update II

Disregard the above. While the domain is indeed dead, Spoony rebooted the series in 2014 on his domain with newer, even longer unscripted and unedited v-logs on pro-wrestling. These monstrous crimes against entertainment regularly clock in at the length of a DSP video, and even though these things take less work to produce than any content this side of a bowel movement, he still has trouble updating them on time. He could post footage of himself asleep that'd better meet the definition of the word "content."

Maffew vs. Spoony

The following is an extract from a livestream where Maffew, creator of some wrestling show blooper called "Botchamania", manages to get the drop on Spoony. Apparently Maffew had been criticizing Spoony repeatedly, and therefore LordKat decided to let in him on his livestream one night while Spoony and AngryJoe were present, resulting in the bit below.

This humiliation prompted Spoony to spit out these posts on twitter:

  • "I love watching the crybaby's in Lordkat's stream whine about what a meanie I am. Sorry I didn't like your shitty movie. Want a lolly?"
  • "Now heel turning on Lordkat's stream"

Chances are that these ramblings could just an attempt to emulate some of the usual playful, boasting gibberish wrestlers spew out to hype their fights. But this is questionable judging from Spoony's recent fits of rage.

It's been later confirmed by Maffew that this shit was fake and they love to touch dicks.

Spoony Vandalizes Wikipedia

Maybe he should spend less time on Wikipedia, and more time finding a real job.

In a desperate vie for more popularity, Spoony takes it on himself to edit himself into as many Wikipedia articles as he can, starting with The Highlander: Source. However, despite the wikipedos deeming Spoony notable enough for his own article, they state that doesn't mean his reviews are.


Noah Antwiler of The Spoony Experiment had this to say about Highlander: The Source. "The Source is dogshit. I mean weapons-grade dogshit. If your dog shat something this nasty, you’d have it put down and buried in a Hefty bag. I wasn’t even ready for something this bad. If you thought The Quickening was the low-point of the series, well, I don’t even know anymore. This movie punched me in the nuts and stole my lunch. I’m still a little dizzy from that one. If it’s not worse than Highlander 2, it’s right up there. I mean, second-place by a razor-thin margin. I think the only reason The Source isn’t as notorious as Highlander 2 is because nobody saw it (it was direct-to-video) and expectations for the series were already rock-bottom. I don’t want to say too much but if ever a movie shot its way to the top of my review stack, it was this one." This short commentary on The Source came days after Antwiler did a two-part video review of Highlander II: The Quickening.


—Self edit by Spoony, AKA IP:,
Considered Non-notable by TOW.

Sweet delicious irony.

After this recent turn of events it appears that Spoony's own page is now in risk of being deleted. Better recruit your battalion of fans who vote for your Mashable Award to save it.

Spoony the Warrior for Internet Rights

Spoony is now a self-proclaimed Internet activist fighting against SOPA. After realizing that all of is stuff is 99,99 % unoriginal and copypasta he decided that he has to stand in front of the anti-anti-piracy movement as the symbol of internet freedom everybody knows him to be. He now sends ridicilous mails to some senator creating a bunch of automails and getting all upset about it. On the 18th of January 2012 many sites blacked-out to show what a world without internet freedom could be like, seeing his opportunity Spoony jumped on the train and painted his title card black but leaving his content available. Well you could't expect him to make a point by sparing the internet of himself, he is just too important to the world.

RIP Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler

Last Thursday, Noah Antwiler was killed in 9/11. View his touching memorial here: R.I.P SPOONY BOY

Heroically, he gained control of the plane and selflessly crashed it into the North Tower, sacrificing himself and everyone else on-board to possibly save the entire human race (and the animals too.)


—Spoony's memorial page

Self-destructing on Twitter (AKA TheLoonyOne)

Gettin' very creepy...
Another bridge burned.
Spoony's best attempt at mounting a defence. Because joking about hitting a cat is totally the same thing as joking about raping people you know IRL, amirite guize? Also notice how he went through the trouble of wading through over 6 months of Lupa's boring tweets in order to find something to use against her.
Spoony's next plan of action.
I was in a bad headspace at the time...


—Spoony, on troll's remorse

In the beginning of May 2012, Spoony started behaving creepy and complaining about having fits of mental instability on his twitter. This was nothing new of course, but it had never been seen to this degree before. Even as one of the higher ups on Channel Awesome told that his behavior was unprofessional, he continued his angry ranting undeterred. But shit wouldn't get real before the 11th May, where Spoony publicly stated his desire to chain fellow TGWTG-contributor JesuOtaku, in his basement and subject her to surprise buttsecks.

You doin' okay, dude?


JesuOtaku's strangely causal response

Spoony had before made lame sex proposals on Twitter, but an outright rape threat was a new low, even for him. It seemed for a moment like the comment was going to pass unnoticed as just another example of Spoony being a pathetic douche, but then Obscurus Lupa, in all her GOTIS infested glory, intervened:

That's not even funny creepy.


—Obscurus Lupa

It quickly occurred to Spoony that even his good graces with his fuckbuddies, Doug Walker and Linkara, wouldn't help him with at least three other contributes and one-higher-up mad at him. He quickly tried to fall back on his usual excuses of "just joking" and trying to blame it his current mental issues. But to no avail. In the next couple of weeks the situation slowly blew up in his face, well aided by his continuous craziness on twitter, and then the culmination came in June:

My videos will not be on TGWTG for a while. I've been suspended for 4 weeks for misconduct. I agree with the decision.


—Spoony, being faced the fact all of one of his v-logs might not show up on

Instead of being grateful for the fact that he got off with a slap on the wrist for a comment and unhinged behavior that would have gotten him a pink slip anywhere other than Channel Awesome, Spoony instead took it upon himself to piss away the last lingering remains of his reputation even more by sarcastically apologizing, burning down even more bridges by lashing out like a drunken spaz and pissing off several of his other co-"workers", many of whom up he until that point had considered friends, and twittering about he is worse than ten Hitlers:

Someone sure hasn't realized the gravity of his situation...

Now that he's been fired, he has made sure to hunt down every supportive tweet from his loyal fans and retweet them, all while desperately trying to ignore all the negative comments about him. While doing this, he continues to claim that he's not actually mad about being fired. Anything besides blind praise for him and his childish fits will be met with outright hostility and a block.

The typical Spoony response to logic.
Spoony cares about and respects his fans.





—If you think this is something, check out the like bar on this vid. That should tell you something about Spoony Fans.

To kick things in gear, Noah made his way to one of his e-hubs of hugbuddies when shit got worse. The place?

Long summary short, shit got very real and someone finally had the balls to say things to him that no one ever would. Best of all, this was live. FUCKING LIVE. Awwww yheah.

Jason Pullara was one of his coworkers back in the day when he was on That Guy With The Glasses doing his own thing, and during the process of going independent because Michaud and the Walkers eventually showed why they would be fucked in terms of business, Jason and friends gathered at times to play Dungeons and Dragons, talk bullshit, whatever, fun times. All until this came up.

You see, Spoony back in the day wasn't all daisies and sunshine before he turned out to be a psychotic serial rapist whose modus operandi was to chain women in his basement before doing the nasty and eventually fucking their corpse until the asscrack of dawn to bury them out in the Death Valley desert. Oh no, he was already shit before his big debut into shitdom.

Jason helped pull the plug on that little lightshow facade of he who claimed himself as he who "represented real gamers". You see, all of Noah's acting in his reviews? That isn't acting. That is literally him being himself, on camera. No onstage persona, no tact, no front. Noah off and on stage are one and the same. Where does this lead?

E3 2011. Jason helped reveal that not only did Noah act like a fuckhead dickless manspazz after going apeshit up and down the halls of the convention over this game called XCOM, but that all of the mainstream industry regarding That Guy With The Glasses being known as a "reviewing entertainment" site weren't amused when that happened and caught wind of it like knowing someone shit their pants after eating Jenkem. Apparently, along with the help of fellow dumbfuck AngryJoe and their brilliant displays of unprofessional dumbfuckery and decadent fathead arrogant haughtiness that comes from thinking one has impunity upon shitting upon people who create content, all of their dumbfuckery got shifted onto Jason when shit hit the fan after him wanting to contact Mojang of Minecraft for his talkshow and was denied due to said dumbfuckery. Mind you, this was before Minecraft hit it big and eventually got bought out Microsoft at the height of its popularity. Truly, truly professional representation there Anal Chawsome. It's great to now know why losers who do nothing but sit in their basements screaming their lungs desperately for any human contact on forums in their bitterness because they are dickless losers who act like their aggressors and who they hate aren't ever allowed their own show until they get shit figured out: you get people like Noah out on the tubes.

Further pushing the threshold? Noah was eventually hounded out like the bitch he was, with Jason having experienced even more of the brunt of his fuckery face first, revealing that he was a whiny insufferable bitch who thought of himself higher than anyone else in the world as an actor and personality, told a black woman to kill herself and her unborn child before "another nigger criminal populates the world" and showcasing that he loves his fans like an abusive redneck husband to his legions of masochistic bitchasses of likeminded and supportive qualities. A legion of serial rapist sexually frustrated permavirgins whose only means of receiving physical intimacy is to commit acts of inhumane murder and torture, and support one of their own and defend the fuck out of them if they become a celebrity. Think about that readers. Not since Jeffery Fucking Dahmer has fuckhead insane shit like this been out on the loose, and Jeffery there actually had female admirers who wanted to fuck him.

On stream, live when Spoony came on, Lordkat AKA Jason, essentially tore Spoony a new asshole. Telling him to make up for his mistakes while Noah was shaking his head in denial like a criminal before a trial for Death Row like a bitch, and screaming at a viewer live in Jason's presence, he fucking did it, the unthinkably awesome: telling him to shut the fuck up, fuck off and put a fucking bullet through his head with the help of Miles. FUCK YEAR. That was super fuckin' GAR.




—So Noah, if you find offense that something you like isn't liked by other people, you can act like a self righteous cunt about it, but when you make fun of fandoms and series when you don't like it, you can be an intolerable insufferable douche sucking fuckhead all you want? If you looked up the dictionary for the definition of Hypocrite, it would literally be this ED article.

lol fired


Now matter what ANYONE has to say about it.


a random fan expressing extraordinary feats of critical thinking and grammar


After raging, raving, and lashing out non-stop for weeks on twitter, Spoony finally remember to take his meds in early July. Predictably troll's remorse quickly kicked in:

Okay everyone, I just want to make it clear that Lupa did not get me fired, nor was she in any way linked to my departure from TGWTG.

My personal issues with Lupa went public and quickly got out-of-hand, for which we are both to blame. I was crude and disingenuous, and provoked her to anger, which quickly pushed things too far.

We both want the bickering to end. As far as I'm concerned, our argument is over and done with. We're both moving on, and we just want the anger to stop.


—Spoony, going full pussy troll


And to add insult to injury, Spoony's shitty site is hosted by Channel Awesome. Get ready to kiss that free, unlimited server perk goodbye, Noah. You are probably never going to get another one.

Place your bets - when will he an hero?

Despite being fired, TGWTG members still post videos with him in it to further shit on the opinion of Obscurus Lupus, which she admittedly deserves for being a feminist bitch. Angry Jew posted an XCOM review that was featured on TGWTG. When met with criticism about Spoony being in the video, Angry Joe, full of butthurt, made sockpuppet accounts to try and counter the truth.

Spoony's current ego mode. King Spoony, the third. Sorry, I mean turd.

April and the move

Sometime in 2013, Spoony up and left his home in Arizona to move cross country to Aurora, Il to be with his "girlfriend of 8 years", April Von Lon (He was cheating on her with his-ex and former site admin Scarlet for 4 of those years apparently). She is a homely "punk chick" who sells ugly jewelry that nobody buys on Etsy and overall just wastes space hoping to one day give birth to Spoony Jr., so the butthurt can spread to the next generation.

Spoony Experiment The Movie: The Quest for More Money

Nobody watches that shit!! You wanna know why no one watches that shit?! It's because nobody gives a fuck what a snark what that jew nosed asshole has to say!!!!!


—A piece of the audio artpiece Catharsis by Furious Truth, by Lordkat

In October 2014, Spoony announced that his brain-dead fanbase has thrown enough free money at him via Patreon (Over $5,000 per MONTH) that he was planning to start work on "Spoony: the Motion Picture". He has yet to plan, write or do anything on the movie (even decide what it's going to be about), and it's sure to be a decade before any real progress is made on it.

At the same time, Spoony also apologized for being "months" behind on the perks his Patreon Campaign promised in return for the aforementioned free money and vowed to get to work on those while at the same time claiming he would finally hire an editor to help with his massive footage backlog He also vowed to abandon all his social media accounts apart from site updates, pleas for money and future meltdowns, which is a lie, because Noah isn't the kind of person who seeks anything meaningful in life, unless it's money, drugs, sex, popularity, and ego stroking.

For the meat of this situation, go to 51:05.

However, as of 2016, all Patreon sretch goals, including the movie have been removed, hopefully a sign of giving up on life.

The Homeless Saga

As of August 8th, 2021 Spoonys home has been put on the market for a short sale, losing his down payment and every mortgage payment he's ever made, Spoonys dilapidated house will get sold for at a discount and he will soon be living on the streets. Easy come easy go.

The Death of Oreo

On October 15th, 2021 Spoony's dog Oreo passed away. Having lost his "protector", one can only imagine what awaits him in the coming weeks (and wonder what "house" Noah is referring to in this tweet).

Screenshot from 2021-10-18 13-00-32.png


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