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Apu will no longer be in the show as poo in the loo find him offensive, unlike shitting in the street
This is what happens when Weeaboos get to American cartoons.

Once one of the lulziest shows ever to lulz the lulz on television, it's now considered an old meme and generally shitty. True hXc fans claim the quality dropped off after the ninth season or when Matt Groening stole all of the non-shitty writers to work on Futurama, leaving The Simpsons at the mercy of Mike Scully and Fox network executives dead set on whoring the show out long past the point of being profitable and franchise becomes a walking poster child for shows that should have been euthanized.

The Simpsons was created by Russian descendent and Communist Matt Groening for The Tracy Ullman Show back in late 1980s, after turning down a chance to animate his shitty Life in Hell when it became apparent that he would lose all rights to "[his] life's work" if he took the deal. So he decided to create a new property that satirized the Midwestern middle class family: mom, dad, three kids, dog and cat stereotype we've all seen for years. Despite only being a minute long, The Simpsons was soon spun-off after The Tracy Ullman Show was canceled for sucking. The Simpsons would then go on to the FOX network which at the time was the channel you still needed to put foil flags on your TV antenna to watch.

A little known fact, however, is that Matt Groening actually built a time machine and traveled at least 100 years into the future. There, he saw a rerun of the smash animated series Family Guy, which means that it's The Simpsons that stole the idea, instead of the other way around.


The Simpsons

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Other people

Mr Burns IRL

The Show

The show used to make fun of a variety of subjects, from celebrities, politics, the media and everything in between. It also showed kids as screaming, back-talking hellions or emo jazz obsessed girls, which caused parental groups and George Bush's dad to boycott the show on account of the fact that it was a bad influence on children.

The show isn't funny at all, and its fanbase above the age of 13 only like it because they were brought up with it, and when these pubic hairs on society die, so will The Fucking Simpsons.

It was also notable for celebrities (as if Jon Lovitz and Tracey Ullman were famous) to voice characters on the show that poked fun at the person in real life. Currently, celebrities just show up because it's expected of them, since the show's writers have lost any skill at crafting a plotline and now queef out illogical episodes that feature celebrities walking across the screen for no fucking reason, usually not even saying anything. The show has been unfunny for a number of years now, due to a severe lack of lulz, since ironically enough, when they made Homer Simpson into "Jerk-Ass Homer", whatever the fuck that is (a term used to describe Homer's behavior since season nine), fans stopped laughing at Homer's antics and became very uncomfortable with them, as far as Homer becoming an unfunny sociopath/retard (the worst sin a writer can commit, since sociopaths are supposed to be lovable scamps that the viewers want to hug the evil out of, like Dexter or House).

Online reviews of The Simpsons

As is common with the pseudo-intellectual manchildren of the online community, they enjoy spending their time discussing about how much more enjoyable cartoons and other television programs used to be during their pathetic childhoods, however no show is a greater source of butthurt than The Simpsons. Online reviewers with nothing better to do will regularly critique every new episode of The Simpsons that airs, despite that every review written by these uncreative broken records is the exact same thing (like every episode of The Simpsons in recent years), which consists of comparing it to an episode from the fag era followed by a statement saying that it's still not complete brain damaging garbage, even though the only fucktards who still watch this crap are white trash, young nigglets, faggots and nostalgic spicks who just refuse to grow the fuck up, so any claims that the show is still remotely lulzy are pretty much bullshit spewed from critics bribed with Fox's jewgold.

Numerous young retards can often be found arguing on forums, chats and on Jewtube comments where they will immediately show their distaste with the nostalgiafags by making factual declarations about how the show is still "better than Xenu" and how it's the only thing in their pathetic lives that they still look forward to, ensuring that this pathetic franchise continues on for many years to come so long as young little shit-stains continue to be spawned.

The ending many hope for:

Bart Simpson, Scientologist

A bona fide, money-grabbing Scientologist.

On January 28, 2009, Nancy Cartwright decided it would be a great idea to infringe copyrights and endanger her contract with Fox by calling up Los Angeles locals to promote a Scientology event by using the voice of Bart Simpson in hopes that it would draw in many young retards into her UFO cult. She used colloquialisms like "man!", "ay! carumba!" and laughing in the most retarded fashion imaginable. Like the brain damaged woman that she is, Nancy once donated her soul and personal savings to $cientology. Nancy makes nearly $17,000,000/year from talking into a mic and doesn't want Xenu to take her vocal chords. It happened to Isaac Hayes: It could happen to you.

The Simpsons and Playboy

The cover.

As a bold move to attract a younger male audience, and after three years of gut-wrenching subscriber losses, Hugh Heffner decided that it was time to totally shift gears and appeal to the lonely nerd demographic. By obvious process of elimination, the scientists at the Bunny Laboratories came to the conclusion that only one desperate damsel could put them back at the top: Marge Simpson.

Designed to target a core group of 18-24 year olds, the November issue of Playboy magazine features Marge Simpson as not only the covergirl but also as the centerfold. Pity the Playboy models passed over by this blue-haired bitch who is not only one of the ugliest characters in the history of animated sitcoms, but also has a voice that makes Fran Drescher sound pleasant and the cup size of a middle school girl. But one question does remain: Does the carpet match the drapes? In a world where yellow skin is the norm and protruding head spikes constitute a style, it honestly wouldn't be much of a surprise if they did.

What Playboy failed to notice is that there already exists a large quantity of Simpsons porn, courtesy of, for all of those out there who (For whatever reason) want to see Marge stabbing Homer in the ass with a pair of scissors. So don't shell out your hard-earned cash for a couple of professionally-drawn nudes of a yellow pussy, there's literally thousands of porn sites with Simpsons porn far better than what Playboy could ever make. Why Playboy even continues to exist is a mystery that has baffled mankind since the dawn of the Internet.


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