The Mulberry Eight

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Infamy tori.jpg
April gets creamed.
final smash; youtube fame
Victoria "Tori" Lindsay- you can see why uggos would beat her.

Mulberry High School cheerleader, Victoria Lindsay was beaten by eight of her classmates after she left what the Mulberry Eight [1] called "a mean message" on their MySpace accounts. The entire incident was videotaped and the eight Florida Polk County teens planned to post it on YouTube. However, once they forgot the password to their AOL account they deleted their system32 instead.

Essentially TME are not YouTube famous; at least not yet. The video, filmed March 30 2008, shows 16-year-old Vicky being attacked by six cheerleader sluts while two boys stood as lookouts. Lindsay was backed into a corner while the attackers blocked the door way. She suffered several blows to the head, loss of vision and hearing in her left side and was knocked unconscious after being slammed into a wall.

According to the sheriff's office, the video (which was never uploaded by the teens) bespeaks the "pack mentality" and "animalistic behavior" provoked by the Internet. Tori Lindsay's parents also blamed online companies. "As far as I am concerned, MySpace is the anti-Christ for children," her father told The Ledger, a local newspaper. "I hope this comes to a final resolution. I am not going to stop here."

Nobody seems to point out the obvious fact that the internets was never designed to be used by inbred rednecks and is far too sophisticated for low intelligence species to fully comprehend.

The Accused (AKA "Ugly Bitches")

Youtube beating lawlz 2.jpg

April Cooper, 14.

Brittni Hardcastle, 17.

Kayla Hassell, 15.

Brittany Mayes, 17.

Cara Murphy, 16.

Mercades Nichols, 16.

Zachary Ashley, 17.

Stephen Schumaker, 18.

Important sidenote: the courts claim the accused are not to use online services such as MySpace. If you happen to find that they are, feel free to let someone in Polk County Sheriff's Department know.

On The JewTube

Dr. Phil Dips His Wick

A producer for the tv show Dr. Phil posted the $33,000 bail for Mercades Nichols. Upon her release, Mercades and her family were instructed to remain silent and the producer proudly (and repeatedly) proclaimed that Dr. Phil now has exclusive rights to her story and any sexual act he wishes her to perform. It is still unconfirmed whether her whore mother will also be offering her services to the old koot.

See the release video here

The staff of Dr. Phil, in an epic display of backpeddling and faggotry, have since cancelled plans to air this story. "A spokeswoman for host Phil McGraw, Terri Corigliano, did not respond to phone messages and an e-mail sent by The Associated Press on Sunday. In an e-mail Saturday night, Corigliano wrote that "certain staff members went beyond our guidelines" in paying the bond.

"These staff members have been spoken to and our policies reiterated," she wrote. "In addition, we have decided not to go forward with the story as our guidelines have been compromised."

Mercades vs. the Internets



—Mercades Nichols (on her now-deleted MySpace)



—Mercades Nichols

Them Wrangler Butts Drive Me Nuts!!!! :]]]] IS TIRED OF MEN!!! THEM LIL FUCKERS CAN KISS MY WHITE ASS!!!!


—Mercades Nichols being a redneck whore

There are currently THOUSANDS of teenage fight videos uploaded on YouTube.


Trevor Rieger, utubedrama

HEY YOU FAT BITCH! you're a fucking PUSSY for jumping someone!! it shows how weak you cunts are that it took 6 of you to take that girl down especially when she wasn't even fighting back. don't worry though you'll get fucked up real good in juvie for acting like you're hard ugly BITCH


—Deleted comment from Mercades' MySpace

Wow, you are a great rolemodel for my little girls.... Your just proof one that kids are fucking assholes now a days... NO RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES OR OTHERS, you are a disgrace to the female gender.... Beating the shit out of a pretty girl wow your a loser and so is everyone of the little shits that took shots, stood around, and video taped that bullshit... You don't deserve the air you breather little girl!!! Also you wanna talk shit and act all hardcore with a fucking keyboard on myspace, that's just pathetic.... Dare your ass to get out in the REAL WORLD and pull the bullshit you guys just did..... But wait most likely you little cunts are gonna be in jail soon and some big ass butch bitch is gonna make you wish you were never born.... cause guess what ya'll ain't babies no more, you get big time punishment now.... and incase you don't go to jail I'm so sure that there's gonna be someone somewhere that's gonna give you the ass beating your Mamma shoulda gave you... Wait, your mamma was a whore at 14 and got knocked up with your ass right... Well that explains why there's no discipline and why you talk and act like a fuckin moron.... WOW, I can't believe I just wasted my time on this..... KARMA... it will catch up to you!!!!


—Deleted comment from Mercades' MySpace

/b/ Reacts

The beginning of one of several threads

Naturally, the video and related news stories were posted on Dox were quickly obtained from the original Digg thread and phone harassment was initiated, with the mother of one of the guilty cunts screaming into the phone that she was adding the caller's number to a list to give to police. Hope you used a proxy, Anon! Evidently she was getting, let's say, an unusual number of phone calls for 2 AM.

A few anons accused the raiders of moralfaggotry and tried to start a counter raid of the victim's family, but the vast majority of /b/tards understood that a hawt girl had been violated by fatties, and that this could not stand. Some Newfags tried to stop the raiding altogether by advancing the stupid argument that raids "shouldn't affect people in real life", but they were quickly shouted down and ordered to GB2GAIA.

"DON'T HIT THE SHELF!" from the Youtube video attained brief meme status.

Dont hit the shelf.jpg

Mercades heart-fuelled message

After the initial fiasco, the beloved bush pig Mercades posted some heart melting messages for her friends via MySpace:

  • April Nichole Brown- Girl you have been there for me through EVERYTHING and I mean everything... You are my girl... I love you to fucking death and no one, no man, no person, or no thing will EVER come before you again... Sometimes Jake came in between us but never again will I let that happen... You are my number one Bitch and there ain’t no one ever gunna change that... I would die without you!!! You are my sister!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
  • James W. Russell- James I fucking love you man!!! You are the best cousin anyone could ever ask for... You are more of my brother... I love you to death!!! You have been there for me through all the bullshit... You never let me down... You are always there no matter what the problem, what time, how big or how little the problem, I know I can always depend on you... ANd you will never truly understand how much I love and appreciate you... You are the most wondeful man and any girl who gets you is so fucking lucky!!! They better not hurt you!!!! I will KILL a bitch over you!!!! I love you James!!!!
  • Kevin Davis {ReRe} Wilson- You are the bestestestestest uncle a girl could EVER ask for!!! I love you so much... Dad is no where around but here you are!!! You have ALWAYS been there for me!!!! I LOVE YOU RERE!!! I know when I need someone to go to that I can come to you... You mean so much to me... Everything you do means soooooo damn much!!!! EVERY DAMN TIME that I have been in trouble or in need of help YOU have rushed to me... And for that I truly Thank you!!!! I love you!!!!
  • Amanda Lynn Peach- Girl you are fucking amazing!!!! You have been there for me through everything... And I’m always here for you... You always have someone to depend on, and I think I’ve proven that... Even with all the shit that’s happened I am STILL here for you and backin you up 110% Yea we’ve had our times but I knew we’d get through it... We always do... I am so glad I have you in my life!!! You are my bestie for life... MOST DEFF...LOL... I love you boo boo... And I can’t believe you chose me to be your baby’s GodMama but I am proud as hell to say it’s my GodBaby!!!! I can’t wait til it’s here... Gavynn Michael Peach we can’t wait to meet you lil boo!!! You are gunna be so spoiled by Auntie Cades!!! HaHa soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! <33333 it, But not as much as I love YOU Manders... So to all you bitches that wanna start somethin with her... Shut your fuckin mouth or bring it to me!!! Cuz ya’ll ain’t bout to fuck with my boo or talk shit bout my GodBaby.,. And quit tellin her who her baby daddy is... Are you her? were you in the fuckin bed with her when she conceived this child? NO So how the fuck would you know who’s it is or isn’t... EXACTLY you don’t... So shut the fuckin shit... And to that lil hoe who is tryin both of us... You are so damn stupid... We would fuck your world UP... But we ain’t white trash like you... HOMEWRECKER... Love you Manda & Baby Gavynn
  • Coy William Cooper Jr.- Coyyyyyyy!!!! Man do you mean alot to me!!! You don’t even understand... I fucked you over REALLY bad but I am very sorry and I hope that one day we can put it behind us!!!! You were there for me when I hit rock bottom... And YOU picked me up and made it all better!!! I appreciate everything you have done for me and for you being there for me through everything... When most would have given up and ran...You just prepared yourself for the worst, kept your head up, and walked through the fire WITH me!!!! You don’t know how much that means and you will NEVER truly know how much it means... And how much I care... You are the person I run to with my problems and I can run to anyone with my problems but YOU are the one who makes them go away and makes it all better!!! I love you Coy!!!! I really do!!!! And you will ALWAYS be my best buddy!!!! <3
  • Danielle Hutchinson- Girl you are like my female Dr. Phil!!!! You allllllllways know how to explain things and help me understand the truth in things... I Love You girly girl!!! You mean alot to me!!!! I love You and lil’ Nathan!!!!
  • Brittni Marshelle {Britt~Baby} Hardcastle- Girl have we had some rough times!!!! I’m glad we were able to get to know each other and become friends... I really am!!!! I love you to fuckin death and you were there for me when I needed somone the most... You know exactly what to say or do to make it all better and to make me smile... I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!
  • Tyler Roberts- Damn boy... you mean alot to me too... You are one of the sweetest guys I know!!! You helped me alot... When I was really upset and needed a guy to talk to that I knew wouldn’t just use me you were right there... You are an amazing person inside and out and I never wanna lose you... Don’t ever change cuz u are PERFECT the way you are!!!! I mean that too!!! You’re so sweet and cuddly... You’re like me bear... HaHa so from now on You’re gunna be my pooh bear... I Love ya man!!
  • George D. {Daddy} Wilson- I know you will probably NEVER see this... But I have to say... I miss you... I miss my Daddy... I will alway’s be daddy’s little girl!!! Alot of SHIT happened between us but I hope that we can eventually get back to where we were before all the shit happened... You will always be a Hero in my eyes and I hope you know that NO MATTER WHAT anyone puts in your head I love you and I want my daddy back... I remember when I was a little girl I would wait for you to come home and I would have Monopoly Jr. set up for us to play... Or Mario Bro.s on my Nintendo... LOL... And me standing on your shoe and holding your leg and you walking around with me like that... You picking me up on one arm and April on the other...Us singing "Time Marches On" together... You driving all the way to Englewood to pick me up when I went on vacation with Grammy but cried because I missed my daddy!!! The first time I got to drive... You had me drive you in Ol’ Blue to go dump fish guts off the bridge after we cleaned them... Teaching me stuff about cars/trucks... When I had my first heart break from a boy... Shopping for welding glasses... LOL... CODE 4 CODE 4!!!! LOL... And mostly when I needed you most and I felt all alone... You understood me... You got me out of that bad situation... All these little things mean SOOOOOO much to me... They are memories I will forever hold in my heart... Another woman has taken you from me and I hope she makes you happy... I am sorry we can’t have the relationship we should... I love you always daddy!!!|0}}

The Court Case

On March 20, 2009, a judge sentenced a four-month pregnant Brittini Hardcastle to a meager 15 days in jail and three years probation. Prosecutors dropped the case on one of the girls and the two boys; the other four girls got community service and probation. Justice!


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Mercades' MySpace speaks for itself - GIT R DONE

These calls were placed by a digg user and it is not encouraged to actually call the individuals or their family:


  • This event could be refered to as: "Taped Beating", "The Great Cheerleader Beating", "White Trash Hell Attack", "DON'T HIT THE SHELF", "YouTube Beating", and/or "Fuck Y'll I'd do it Again"!

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