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The Great Sonic-cide of 2007 was an event that began on January 2nd 2007 when multiple female, 13-year-old Sonic the Hedgehog fans simultaneously announced that they were dying/were going to commit suicide on their deviantART journals for attention. Like many other retarded fanbases, the majority of the surviving friends were either in on it, or believed the whole thing and collectively cut themselves at the news that one of their kin parted this world.

Even Mudkip was taken aback by the dumbassery that took place!

Little did they know (and boy, do they know VERY little) that the whole thing was a scam in order to get pageviews and provide lulz for everyone else with an IQ above that of a toilet seat.

Participants in The Sonic-cide

Yumi the Fox

One of the people not a part of the original pact, but just a lame copycat who toddled along after them when she saw their journals and thought it would be cool to get another 2,000+ pageviews too. Typical Sonic kiddies are sheep, meaning Yumi figured it was cool following the crowd like all typical children do these days.

She was the first to admit it was a scam.

Oh, yeah, and her art is nothing short of classic emo/goth/Sonic/furry. Nothing special there.

Sample comments included:

LougaraSwifthart(see note at bottom of section)

  • Next time just delete your account and save the internet the excess stupidity.

Reply to LougaraSwifthart

  • You my dear friend, have just won one million intranets. You are full of win.
You are an hero.


  • Hey, uh Yumi, if it's okay if I add you to my friends list?

Supporters to this very day still say that Yumi DID in fact almost die from an attempt at suicide, but she backed out at the last minute much to the relief of friends.

Note: Lougara is not one of the idiot tweens being made fun of. She was one of the original helpers in exposing the truth through her wonderful use of snarkage.


Rin was your typical deviantARTlet. She enjoyed Linkin Park, Neopets and venting her heartbreaking teenage angst through her sub-par, hackneyed Sonic fanart. Like any self respecting emo dyke, she decided that permabanning herself IRL would solve all her online problems.

Quietly "passing away"

It is a little known (but fun!) fact that the alive and well Rin is indeed a batshit insane Sonicophile with multiple personalities, each more kawaii than the last. When Rin forgot to take her medication to prevent her from going batshit, she effectively "killed off" one of her personalities like some fucked up teenage soap opera. Once she had done the deed, "Misty" stepped up to the plate and left the following heartfelt goodbye to "Misty" was, whoever the fuck: could I start this... :cries:

Er, well I'm sorry to tell everyone but...Rin is gone now. :cries:

I'm just posting this here because no one will look at my journal, but I know Rin had friends and they would read this.

She left a note saying Sorry and to inform her friends, so that's what I'm doing. And she also left a few complaints about her life.

If you would want to know how she passed away, I can tell you. She did it herself...I feel like it's all my fault...I'm sorry everyone. And yes, I am crying. >_> And I'm sorry if I sound like I don't care, I do, it's just I sound that way about everything. :cries:

-Misty:heart: :cries:

Note: I will keep her artwork up, but if I catch any stealers, I will take it down. Please notify me if you see any stealers. <_<



She faked it, duh.

As openly admitted by her own dad, she didn't actually die. Like many other sonic fan-girls that claimed in their journals that they were going to suicide, she was faking it (how shocking). Her father found out from another parent, but who honestly cares?

All the information can be found in her journal if you can be bothered to look. BALEETED. Damn you stealers.


Charceo's "death" was the most controversial of the lot. She claimed to have been beaten by her parents to the point of not being able to breathe, but was still able to give shout-outs to all her Sonictard friends just in the nick of time. Shortly afterward, she wrote a journal explaining how she was dying.

Later on in the comments, good ol' Devonti came in to keep her fantards updated on the situation with a detailed summary of Charceo's last moments. Instead of being a sane person and calling 9-1-1, she decides to call Devonti to let him know she's dying and to take care of her Neopets, which, as we all know, is naturally the first thing a dying person takes care of. Like any good dramawhore, she makes sure to break off while in the middle of important information.

Info about this person has yet to be dug up, as they deleted their gallery. Chances are it was shit anyway.


... her IRL friend admits she also faked it BALEETED.Her friend supposedly made her a memorial dA account here.

UPDATE! Charceo is now ban evading over at Kawaii202. How can you tell? She kind of STUPIDLY admits it in her comments sig, her journal, and uses the same icon. Brain cells obviously are few and far between amongst this children. OH SNAP! Banned again! UNBANNED?!?! UPDATE: CHARCEO IS NOW RIZOU, SHE SAYS SHE WAS BAD BACK THEN BUT PROBABLY DID FOR THE LULZ. CHARCEO IS NOW PR0MIS3 FAIL. SOMEONE FIND HER. QUICK!!11oneoneone



Yeah, I know, I'm suicidal. Deal with it. It's not like my medication works ALL the time. .__.


—Rizou and her medication.

But seriously back then those were all fake, and this is for real.




The youngest of this group, in fact too young to even be on devianTART. Claimed to have suicided with bricks and knives. Then she came back from the grave to say that a nigra stole her football and broke her leg. LOL.

Due to her being underage, it's best to simply report her to get the banhammer on her back. That, or call her parents since deviantART is not made for little children. It does, after all, offer boobs for Daily Deviation.

Other Retards of Interest


Yes sir, the internet is serious business. Don't fuck around!!!

thesonickid is one of those pretentious, "talented", up and coming artists from deviantART, and one of the defenders of the Sonic self-pwners. He claims that the internet is full of lies, libel, gay pride and serious business. He fills that dark, deep void in his soul by drawing painfully crappy Sonic fanart which his internet buddies all love (perhaps out of pity, teehee), despite being simply a haphazard collection of scribbles his mind shat out, probably after he smoked some mushrooms.

His knowledge of internet law is severely lacking. In this thread, for example BALEETED, he declares ED to be full of lies, slander and "bashing" without having an inkling of what the fuck he is talking about. Like the hundreds of deviantART fgts who were offended by The Great Sonic-cide of 2007, he will whine about it in his dA journal about how mean ED is, how ED supposedly organized teh nasty raids, and how the internet is srs biz, like the beacon for 7chan /i/nfidels that he is.

Laura Hedgehog

Was mistakenly labeled as one of the masterminds of the mass suicide scam, but that was giving her too much credit. In reality, she's just another pathetic 11 year old girl who believes everything she sees online at first glance, and is too much of a retard to pay attention or listen to evidence stating the contrary.

She will go down in history as nothing more than a footnote on this lulzfest.

Bianca TEH Hedgehog

Not a participant in the suicide pact, but an overseer and possible mastermind behind some of the accounts of the people who supposedly died OBJECTION! She's too much of a fucking idiot to have schemed this. Her account Bianca TEH Hedgehog had her listed as underage and as per deviantART TOS a direct violation of site policy. To top that off, she had a signature admitting that she was the same person from a banned account known as Bianca THE Hedgehog. So, this user was not only breaking the rules by not being old enough to even be on DA, but she was ban evading as well. Since then she has been permanently removed from deviantART along with several other suspected accounts that she used to mass spam the helpdesk with fraudulent tickets stating that CJade was the one breaking rules, which was blatantly not true.

Tabs will be kept on this tartlet for when and if she ever returns, as reporting this user is for the benefit of all to make her GTFO the internet.

Her original account, BiancaTheHedghog has now been unbanned.


"hai guys im 14 but i wish i were older so im gonna go and find a chaso emerald and make myself 17 lol!"

A new one to add to the mix, and yet another preteen who believed everything she read, and refused to acknowledge or listen to evidence stating the contrary, until Charceo finally admitted that it was all indeed true. Currently she has declared war on this page as well as a number of DA users that she accuses of making this page, but really has no evidence to prove it.

The fact is that sites like these are public access and any moron who can manage to get an account by following directions instead of cutting themselves over online drama can edit this page to say anything they want. YARLY!

Snow Cake

Charceo's accomplice and stool pigeon (Devonti's too). She posted the journal telling everyone the entire suicide pact was a huge lie, but was then supposedly banned off the internet by her "mommy" for a whole 24 hours before the internet withdrawal set in and she either begged or sneaked back on to resume her activities as normal. She has a very large distaste for ED (specifically this article), though like all the other pawns in this retarded chess game, she has yet to acknowledge it was the actions of a few very stupid attention whores that resulted in the event to begin with.

Very shortly after returning, the harassment became too much for the tartlet. She removed her deviations(or put them in storage) and OMG LEFT DA FOREVERS, along with this simple yet to the point journal entry that reminds everyone that her grammar (along with her maturity) has much to be desired.

Maddie Hedgehog

Yet another footnote tartlet who was late for the party and has to settle for harassing other members of deviantART to get people to talk to her. No matter the amount of the attention she strives for, it does not quench her insatiable desire to be loved. Her actions are most likely explained by the fact that her mommy and daddy don't give a shit about her.

Somehow, she managed to have a personal assistant.

She briefly pulled a stunt involving an apparent IRL friend's account under the name Ithladore, where she tricked him into giving her his password and then proceeded to flame other members of deviantART so that he would receive the blame and get banned instead of her. However, Ithladore found out about the dumbassery and changed his password, issuing apologies and hopefully learning the lesson that giving other people your personal information is a very bad idea.

More recently, a page by the name of "Maddie the Hedgefox" has materialised on Facebook (Fuckerberg's domain). Whether this is a coincidence, or the same person, cannot be told at this date due to the lack of originality that plagues sonicfags, but regardless, it was felt this link should be posted:

Dose of Laughter

Maddie's personal assistant, not much else to say. She's lacking the proper brain activity to think on her own and settles for the closest possible thing. She didn't even make it to footnote status, showing how stupid she really is.

Currently ban evading at this account. (Update! Looks like the silly twat zigged when she should have zagged. Banhammer victorious!)

Zamie Cat

The newest idiot who, with the rest of her friends, likes to use the concept of free speech to justify her bitching. Being a stupid cunt, she doesn't realize that free speech also applies to people other than herself and her inner circle-jerk of fandom wankery. She is ignorant to the meaning of things such as "satire", and refuses to learn because that would mean she'd have to use what few braincells she has to focus on something other than masturbating to pictures of Sonic ramming Tails up the ass.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Spax3.

Zamie Cat's personal manslut who whines about being oppressed on the internet, yet threatens people that his mommy (a lawyer, HOSHIT!) will put them in prison whenever someone threatens HIS way of thinking.

The Tribute to those...Lost?

Shortly after the Sonic-cide, a brave soul who remains nameless added a chilling monument to this senseless loss of life. The name of this memorial is "Deadpplztribute" [1], as it is a tribute to all of the pplz dead because of Sonic. That blue motherfucker, it's all his fault.

There is a lot of cutting edge technology on this tribute, including a real-time webcam, which captures the activities of all those who committed Sonic-cide after they attained zombie form. What follows is a real-time stream from their webcam. Real time snuff porn!

Some haters like creamkawaii thought that this tribute was a hoax, and was in poor taste. Let the world be assured, however, that Deadpplztribute is indeed serious business.

Much to the chagrin of deadpplztribute, many of the people the memorial was dedicated to revealed themselves to be liars who only suffered a mild case of the highly contagious amongst morons "Almost Death" disease due to their critically low level of neurons and synapses inside of their brains. The tribute has shown no signs of closing, as there will be other deaths to mourn possibly next year when the Sonic lemmings fans reinstate their pact. We can only hope that they actually go through with it next time, and with the tactic to jump off of small cliffs with rusty nails and kitchenware tied to their bodies.


The Aftermath

As shown in the links below, several of the participants in the fake suicide pact have been banned, while others were banned by association for being retarded, or simply have fled their accounts to start anew because it's a fact that whiny emo fantards are also huge cowards. Another Sonicfag, Sonbreezie (former yesman of Chibiyima), did something similar with her "roommate" (actually sockpuppet "imaginary friend") Yuuki, though when she learned people found out what really went on, she changed her behavior, became nice, and is no longer a Sonicfag, rather a raging SJW DC fan.




That's right folks, numerous Sonic fans have taken to the streets and consulted their mommies and daddies, some of whom are lawyers. They claim they will file legal suites against Encyclopedia Dramatica because EDiots have little tolerance and understanding for whiny shits who act like dumbasses by pulling pranks to get attention, and who rightfully deserve to have their names immortalized so when they grow up and create spawn like all good "normal people" they'll hopefully look back on their own failure and maybe do something other than watching TV and eating Cheetos, to make sure their own children don't follow in their footsteps.

In the meantime, expect plenty of vandalism of this article as well as threats and bitching about how a bunch of 11 year old tweens are going to conquer and destroy ED. HAHAHA, disregard that i suck cocks! Yeah. No.


Meanwhile, in the corner of the internet they call /ma/, a person made a thread where people post funny stuff. In the first page, somebody else unimportant Copypasta'd good ol' Misty's lulz-filled quote for everyone on the site to see. While anyone in their right mind would find this hilarious, the creator of the thread, BMF, berserked, minus-repped the person who posted it, and complained to all the moderators. From this information, we can only assume that it's part of a conspiracy involving cake and lolcats, and as such he must be officially marked an enemy of the lulz.



deviantART Links

  • Rin The Hedgehog - Is breathing, eating, shitting, ya know all the stuff LIVING people do. She's also wishing she wasn't so fawking stupid to use her real name in an email account. Morons.
  • CreamKawaii - Not an actual participant in the "mass death", which makes her not an emoshit. Has hopefully learned her lesson to not believe everything she sees on the internet.
  • Laura Hedgehog BANNED, Not a participant...just a retard who fell for it OR is one of the masterminds behind the whole thing. See above summary for suspicions and further lulz OOPS SORRY GAVE HER TOO MUCH CREDIT...she's not smart enough to have pulled it off.
  • Snow Cake - The one who exposed Charceo for her part in the scam, and inadvertently Devonti as well. Is now IRL banned from deviantART by her mommy. She snuck back on for a few days and has now- "left teh intranets FOREVER"- we expect to see another meme on her page in a week or less.
  • JammingGirl4893 - Another little tartlet who is dumb enough to violate site policies by bitching about people in her deviantART journal. Once again, the elusive brain has escaped the head of another tween.
  • Zamie Cat - A moron who wouldn't know satire if it rammed its cock through her ear, and thinks her and her idiot friends can shut down Encyclopedia Dramatica through legal means because they have friends who were retarded enough to have been noticed for doing stupid shit and being featured on this site. BOO HOO! So sad...
  • Spaction3 - Friend of Zamie Cat, and someone who fell for the scam hook, line, and sinker. Kept whining about it even after he was proven to be stupid when most of the tartlets fessed up that they lied. Has issues with people who do not share his exact opinions but bitches about being "oppressed" anytime someone dares to challenge his own. Currently is in talks with his mommy, who is an internet lawyer, to get ED removed from the tubes because of the Sonic-cide, and because his bitch Hikaritail managed to get herself listed on the deviantART list of retards.

The Latest and Lamest

  • Reiquona BANNED, AKA: Charceo's latest ban evasion account as revealed by CreamKawaii. Reporting is optional, since no one gives a shit anymore and any e-fame and e-glory this TARTlet had is long gone.
Pretty self-explanatory.

It Also appears a new Emo fag has joined the group by the name of Kcirre who apparently was in a car crash and his surgery didn't go well oh BOO HOO so his brother decided that his friends on devianTART so needed to know 35 minutes after the death of his brother!!! Yeah cos if it was his brother why would he come on just after his brothers death for fucks sake wouldn't you be upset if your brother just died??!!?? I guess this fag just wanted the pageviews go here for some whining from his so called brother

[chibisally1] An Emofagtartletshadowcumslut in the form of a 11 year old ZOMG ShadAmy weeaboo. After whoring herself out on any persons page who dare fart in her direction and making a whole journal about how Sawnik was a bitch and wouldn't suck her tiny E-penis she made yet another lulz filled journal about how momma and dad abuse her and was now it was time for suicide which of course led to moar lulz. But after her fag cock sucker friends were banned for "not harassing other users" she has left for the pedoville known as Runescape after her E-penis disappeared into her ass.

The Dumb and the Banned

Charceo's Personal List of Fail

Bianca's Personal List of Fail

One Timers (for now)

  • Dose of Laughter Banned for being loli. Tartlet in training. One of Maddie's yesmen who doesn't have a mind of her own, so settles for what little the aforementioned tween does have. Kinda like how a starving child will settle for licking the bottom of a garbage can.
  • Tahnee Cat Banned for being loli lol.
  • Devonti Banned for being an emo retard. A previously mourning friend, now proven to be a liar and in on the whole thing. (See also Devonti)

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