The Great Habbo Raid of July 2010

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Epic win! The picture depicts a racist MOD giving Afroduck a shave.
Propaganda poster. Give it to your /b/rothers!

The Great Habbo Raid of July 2010 was the 5th major raid on Habbo Hotel, with the cause of fighting racism and AIDS. Conducted by the great users of eBaum's World, habbofags all over the world killed themselves when they realize that they can't create relationships in their favorite online swimming pool due to a massive /b/lockade done by the awesome men in black.

It is highly recommended that you use an auto-typer such as LOLToast's Raid Tool while raiding. Read about it and get it at the Pool's Closed wiki. tl;dr it allows you to flood stuff in-game.


Time and Location

File:Habbo calm before the storm2.png
The calm before the storm. An Ebaum meditates.

The Great Habbo Raid of July 2010:

When: July 12th, 2010.

Attire: Regular Nigra attire.

Time: (5:00 PM EST/10:00 PM GMT)

Where:Habbo English Habbo Surrendering Frogs Habbo Nazi Germany Habbo Fascist Italy

Goals and Info

eBaums gets ready


  • Raid the servers in order
    • Ignored. Habbo Italy closes every night, afterparty was in Germany.
    • UPDATE: As of 8:26 AM EST, is down!
  • Block off every room of its AIDS
    • For a moment, most rooms in .com had at least one nigra. Win!
  • Mass log-in to put strain on server for moar raep
    • had the resources and moderators of 4 different servers, wasn't even close to breaking down and was eventually shut down for maintenance. lagged like shit..
  • Nigras, stay out of the water unless you want to end up like MOD-Omega.
    • Only newfags went to the pool, so nothing of value was lost.


While the results of the raid weren't as impressive as previous raids, they still generated some lulz

Virgin Mary Looking Over Nigras.

US: At first it seemed like this would end in massive failure due to a shit load of retards showing up early, which resulted in a few mods lurking around the pool and waiting to ban any poor nigras who wandered in. However, the mods (being the retards that they are) didn't count on the nigras logging in to something besides the pool, or pretty much every single room for that matter. The server was slowed to a crawl due to at least 100 nigras logging in. During the first part of the raid, the welcome lobby was closed, the salon was reset, and several rooms including the library and pool were muted for a while in a desperate attempt by the mods to prevent spam.

Mods Disable Nigra Attire.

France: No resistance was met from the mods, and just about every single habbo fag was driven out of the pool by the might of the nigras' mighty vuvuzelas

A Rare Commuget.

Germany: After conquering France, and a pretty weak re-raid of the US server, the nigras partied by closing the pool. Some nigras from the #habboraid irc managed to orchestrate a commuget, though failed to recreate the get at the pool moments later. Nothing much happened except for a short speech stolen from the 2007 raid.


Add moar vidyas Kthxbai


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