The Great Habbo Raid of July 2007

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A /b/tard spokesman announcing the great success of the 7/12/07 Habbo raid.

On July 12, 2007, suited nigras worldwide once more achieved epic lulz by repeating the legendary Habbo Hotel Raid of July 12, 2006. By clogging up every room in the faggot-infested Habbo Hotel, the nappy-headed-hoes' giant afros blocked entrances, stairs and hallways with their giant afro hairs. Reports of a few Habbofags injured by flying afro picks abounded during the evening, and the Habbosphere Pool Deck was paralyzed due to AIDS and stingrays.

The entire raid was a success, and suited nigras everywhere were victorious, forcing the racist moderators to admit their guilt in the atrocities of 9/11, as well as infecting them with sickle-cell anemia. Much to the delight of sharply-dressed nigras everywhere, the Kool-Aid Guy made a surprise appearance throughout the evening to show his support for the legendary raid and bring ice cold watermelon-flavored drinks GRAPE DRANK Kool-Aid for the thirsty brothas. Although a few nigras were forcibly removed from the premises by mods who stuck Velcro to the ceiling, the world shall truly Never 4get how the fans of created a sea of piss that fateful evening.

No word yet on whether the nigras will attempt to bring similar mayhem to a convenience store or a fried chicken stand near you. However it is likely that the great habbo raid of July will become an event similar to Christmas or Quanza aka. "Nigger Christmas" for /b/tards everywhere to spread good tidings and warnings of aids.

Premature E/b/laculation

A great source of fail in the raid started the night before, on July 11th, when retards began donning suits and fros and strolling to the pool deck in a fucktardedly early fashion. Experts have blamed everyone from Ebaumsworld to gaiafags to NBA all-star black person.

Reverse buttsecks!!

Early on in the day, the Habbo Mods employed a clever tactic in the form of a global message to all Habbos that read as such:

Message from Habbo staff: For those who didn't know. Today is international afro-suit day! If  
your feeling the effects of a sugar high, put on an afro/suit and PARTY! Watch out though, I  
hear those Afro wigs have lice. Ewwww! PS don't send calls for help about the Afros, just  
join them!

To some, this has been seen as epic win for all raiding nigras, in that the mods appeared to advocate NOT reporting /b/lockers and also show their true racist side by suggesting all black people have lice. Indeed, one could truly smell the butthurt beginning to permeate the air around the Habbo Hotel. (It should be noted that with the previous message of approval for the Nigras, the mods likely ended up banning a large number of their own people.)


A True Swastiget. NEVAR FORGET!

Although controversy has erupted among /b/tards as to whether the raid was truly win, Habbo '07 can be considered both Win and Fail. Large amounts of evidence indicate that the raid was, in fact, a success: was shut down for a large amount of time and flickered back up intermittently, while foreign hotels remained raided pretty badly. Many, however, deplore the lack of coordination relative to the '06 raid, resulting in failed SwastiGETs and rampant chaos. Despite the differences, however, most /b/tards agreed it was a lulzy event.


Differences between '06-'07 Raids


'06- Multiple closings of the Pool, maintenance stops the entire server multiple times. '07- Same as '06, but with moar win attached because of "International Afro Day".
'06- Mods fail at banning. '07- Mods fail EPICALLY at banning.
'06- /b/lockading of the Pool completed '07- /b/lockading of the Pool successful
BONUS PRIZE!: '07- The option to be nigra black was turned off in the US for a period of a few hours.


'06- In the '06 Raid, it was planned out enough WHAR to stand to /b/lock the pool. '07- This time, multiple New/Gaiafags who wanted to get in on the action stood in various areas, and danced instead of /b/locking.
'06- /b/ not mentioned. Rules 1 and 2, faggot. '07- FAGGERY DAGGERY DOO Newfags decided saying " /b/ wins" to reveal the nigras is A-OK
'06- Completed Swastigets, organization great. '07- Little-to-no Swastigets. Half-Swastigets are not wins, faggots.

Images from the War Front

Epic ownage

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Mod_FAIL, Racism, and /b/anhammer

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SwastiGET (successful)

SwastiGET (attempted)

Pool /b/lockage

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Random /b/lockage

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Epic pre-Raid propaganda video

Videos of the raid

External links

A Call To Arms - The Great Habbo Raid Of July 2008

Expect us!

The Great Habbo Raid of July 2008

"Remember us". As simple an order as a /b/rother can give. "Remember why we were b&". For we don't wish tribute or song. No monuments, no songs of war and valour. Our wish is simple: "Remember us". That is our hope. Should any free soul come across that place, in all the countless centuries and GETS yet to be, may all our voices whisper to you from the ageless interbutt: Go tell the /b/tards, passer-by, that here by habbo law we lie.

New Frontiers. Classic Lulz. - Canada's Closed
Raid '08 gets a reaction a week early.
SPCHabbo's tl;dr "strategy" against /b/lockers. - It's apparently a seekrit strategy, but their amazing advice is to "not approach the gangs as they may be carrying a weapon" and to "call the police or talk to the staff".

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