The Great Habbo Raid of July 2006

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Official poster

The Great Habbo Raid of July 12 (Fuck you, Europe), 2006 was an online version of The Million Man March to protest the racism of the Habbo mods. It was the first of a series of raids to end all raids. This raid was run by Mikeyk? who later was hacked and IP banned shortly after. At the time of the ban Mikeyk? was spotted as a "white man". Some say he was the most powerful man in Habbo...

The First Raid

Banner From on July 12
Ebaumsworld claims responsibility for the July 12 Raid.

The raid was plotted out in the asshole of the internet, that is to say, /b/, as a massive protest concerning the recent outbreak of AIDS in the pool. The date of July 12th was chosen for the raid; of note, this is the official birthday of the jello nigra himself. Over 9,000 Internet warriors of /b/, YTMND, Encyclopedia Dramatica, myg0t, Bantown, and possibly Purelily got in the traditional clothing: black man with afro, suit, matching creased pants, and black loafers. Starting at around 2pm PST (though scheduled for 7pm PST), they started hitting the pools. Then they hit the library. A select few even went after private rooms, where they were nearly invincible from banning. The plan was to distract all mods using the pool floors while other nigras would fuck around on the rest of the hotel. At about 8:30 PST, a lot of people got bored of it and went on to international hotels. Specifically to call everyone in the Japanese hotel a chink and to make swastikas (卐) in Flooding techniques included the eponymous Desu, Developers Developers Developers Developers, racist jokes, furry shit, Cracky-chan, Longcat, loldongs, other memes from the five powers, and an odd scene of African-Americans grouping together in the form of a swastika.

Organized Ruin

Condoleeza Rice showed her support for the nigras.
Stanley "Tookie" Williams was the original hardcore nigra, racking up 78 successful pool closings before his execution for killing a grip of chinks. Nevar Forget!

The IRC chat #Poolsclosed on Rizon jumped from 10 people to nearly 200 as the forces built against Habbo Hotel, and it was eventually (and finally) reset, which resulted in a win. Bantown also ran a Habbo channel where much of the raid was planned out and squadrons of soldiers were made up to attack private rooms as well as public. Every nigra was used wisely, and when every public room was blocked, they moved on to non-English speaking hotels. Also, notable victories over Habbo include the fact that, the official Habbo Hotel forum, was inadvertently DDOS'ed for hours on end and consequentially because of the massive raids, closed to new members. It is worth noting that it only took 396 simultaneous users to bring habbodiscussion crashing to its knees, during what was intended to be a forum raid and not a DDOS. The results were quite impressive.

As of 2:30AM EST, there were still small groups of forces from 4Chan still patrolling the hotel, blocking nearly unobstructed because most of the moderators decided to get some sleep. To supplement the ruining, a phishing site was created here.

When all help is lost, call in /b/lackup!

TOW revisionism

Despite all the evidence indicating otherwise, in a situation reminiscent of Holocaust denial, TOW refuses to believe that the Great Habbo Raid of July 2006 actually happened. This further highlights the ineptitude of the bureaucratic fucks in charge.

How to summon ruination

Logo used after the raid

By your powers combined, I am the ruination of Habbo Hotel.

The Aftermath

Keep it with you, you never know when it'll come in handy.
  • AIDS, nigra (including and variation of the word such as n.i.g.r.a., etc), and harbl are now blocked words in Habbo. AIDS, harbl and n!gra/n!gger are not blocked.
  • Caturday, business, loli, nigra, the phrase "black power" (and any leetspeak variation thereof), and the phrase "bowl of copypasta" are now unacceptable in usernames in the US.
  • The phrase "dancing anime" is unacceptable in usernames in Australia and Canada.
  • The U.S. Hotel shut down temporarily.
  • Habbodiscussion, the official forum, crashed and closed registration to new users. Also, Drama and lulz occurred.
  • Many noble /b/tards were lost. NEVAR FORGET THEM.
  • TOW protected the entry for Habbo.
  • Other Sulake sites such as Cokemusic have also seen small nigra infestations.
  • The beverage vendor at the pool now spouts anti-/b/ phrases such as "The Habbo pool is the cleanest pool you could swim in!" and "The Pool Deck is the best moderated room in all of Habbo!"
  • The entire nigra population has been galvanized like never before against all forms of AIDS in pool and anti-nigra bigotry by the white man.
  • Any well dressed black man is now getting banned by TEH MODS. It appears that this will continue until the mods grow up or /b/ raids the shit out of Habbo such that the mods surrender. Unfortunately, neither has a lead. Disguises to avoid a ban include lolicons, furries (lol), Epic Fail Guys, and white wimminz. Stay tuned for more details.
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The Second Raid

Some celebrities even showed up to support the cause.

On 9/11/2006, the nigras did it again. Filling up the pool and many other rooms, the Habbo mods completely failed. Lines of proud, black nigras filled the pool area, creating mass havoc for all of the faggot 10 year olds playing the game. The win is attributed to AFRODUCK, the leader of all nigras, who watches over the pool at all times.

The Aftermath

Even days after the full raid, noble nigras still flooded the hotel, creating another notable and unplanned block on the 14th. Apparently, some new faggot mod tried to stop them, only to be showered in DESUs and YOU FAILs.

Third Raid

Habbo Revisited 2 began at Midnight on October 30, 2006. When it started, at least 100 Nigras participated in the raid and stayed at the pool area. In it they met many gangs, pwnt many white wimminz, and other fools who thought they had the authoritah to stand up to them. Those stander-uppers were crapped on. And they also pwned the crap out of the hotel. In conclusion, EPIC FAIL.

This was, until June 2009, known to be the worst raid EVAR.

Some recent research conducted using advanced techniques in common sense concluded that most people chose not to be home on Halloween.

The Great Reunion

On 7/12/07 many proud nigras returned to Habbo for another victory against the ridiculously racist habbo mods. Several mini raids took place beforehand, causing mods and 13 year old boys to shit themselves in terror. The HIVengance was at hand.

This time, the mods decided to announce the day as "International Afro/Suit Day" in an attempt to quell the rising tide of nigras. It was to become known as Habbocalypse Now.

Mod message.jpg

An IRC channel was also created to discuss the reunion. #[email protected] This room is more dead then your mom's feelings for you

Two Years Later

Yet again, Habbo Hotel was raided by the nigras. As predicted another Internet victory was had, as Habbo Canada's modfaggotry was no match for the /b/lockaders.

Newfag Doing It Wrong

Nigraz made their comeback in early 2009 with the outsmarting of the new "Answer to /b/lockades".the hero noticed they can get in the pool, but by standing in the place used usually for Blocking them from getting in, you can block them from getting out.all this was created by one habbo, with the chant "You cant get out but you cant get in, therefore i, epic win!" DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS.

the habbo's name was:

ThisIs4chan AFuckingNewfag

You're Doing It Wrong

The memory of the great Habbo raids being defiled by newfags -


Rules 1 and 2 were broken numerous times. A swastiget attempt was later made, and much fail ensued.

Giovanni Memorial Raid

Sadly, on January 4th 2015, we lost a great man and a leader of Habbo Raids everywhere across the .com and .nl Hotels. On January 18th, 2015, there will be a raid in memorial of Giovanni. You can check out more details here: [1]

The Great Habbo Raid of July 2015

Picnic is closed
Trying to get SJWs involved against habbo
after the US raid ended, around midnight. We leejun again

On July 12th, 2015 another great raid took place. This however will not compare to the 10 year anniversary raid that will happen in 2016.
The 2015 raid was to mark and celebrate the 9th anniversary of the original raid in 2006 and to trigger some kids and mods at habbo for their racist and bigot attitudes.

Planning and instructions were made on the traditional #nigra rizon channel and on totally 4 threads on 8chan as invasion threads got banned on 4chan after the Independence Day Invasion. However, there were a few threads and postings about this raid on 4/b/ but SJW mods deleted them pretty fast. It has to be asumed that 4channers did play a role, especially during the US raid (17:00 NY time) when the nigras got massive blackup. 8channers also shilled their raid on 7chan and 420chan but the threads either died or got deleted. It was a wonder that this raid did not end in complete failure like many of the previous 8chan habbo raids.

During the raid a few problems occured. There were snitches and SJW white knights who tried to join the ranks of nigras in order to snitch on them later to the mods. It is also believed that they were monitoring the 8chan threads and the rizon channels as they regularily made it into the password-protected nigra headquarter rooms. Known snitches were zachsafety, macklebee and alexd. Mods who had no mercy with their banhammers were MODdavjuthetired, blancotrash and Boom. Boom was a special case as he had a twitter account (BamboofromHabbo) going with his IRL pic and as anons found him and started spreading the intel on the thread he deleted his twitter account. It was too late, anons already saved his pic.

Generally spoken the whole raid was a cat and mouse game between the mods+snitches and the raiders. Raiders constantly spammed new habbo accounts and mods spammed bans for everyone who even looked black.
A few innocent kids who took over the nigra uniform for fun also got banned until September 2016 with their real habbo accounts that they spent real money for to buy habbo furniture. There has also been a side project during the raid. 8chan's twitter ops and tumblr ops departements (#nigganetwork and OPneighbourhood) started spreading awareness of habbos racism online on tumblr and twitter. Twitter hashtags like #racisthabbo and #habboscandal were created and a few tumblr pages in order to get actual SJWs attacking habbo for their racism.

Despite all those complications and the initial fears of having not enough participants the raid was not a complete failure.
Nigras managed to occupy various public and private rooms, spammed bobba language and told the racist crackas to check their privilege. Later during the US time raid Nigras even raided the mod headquarters room in revenge for the racist bannings.

The raid ended at about 22:30 NY time as anons were annoyed by the constant account creations and many of them left. However, a few anons stayed for at least another 1.5 hours and transformed to normal habbos.
They went to the mod lounge to snitch on the mods and many interesting behind-the-scenes details were revealed that were almost as good as the raid itself.


preparation thread

thread 1

thread 2

thread 3

thread 4

twitter feed

screencaps and webms

2016 Raid

Yeah, we did another one kek

See Also

Fapping Material

The pool is closed due to AIDS IRL

A couple of memorial videos made using The Movies

IRC discussion

#[email protected] Dead

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