The Great Gawker Implosion of 2015

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Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Gawker lost $140 MILLION to Hulk Hogan lol

Gawker is currently going down in flames while Nick Denton bends over backward to save his blog. Hulk Hogan is about to put them into financial ruin for publishing his sex tape and they've effectively just blackmailed a CFO of their top professional rival. After getting a solid pounding and revealed to be a sham in the beginning of Gamergate, Gawker could've just learned their lesson, or at the very least attempt to salvage some respectability. Instead, they fucking decided to out the CFO for Conde Nast. They are currently being condemned across the entire Internet as being shameless homophobic manchildren and will probably cease to exist by the end of the year.

I have a simple editorial litmus test, which is: is it true, and is it interesting?


—Nick Denton, pretending to be a journalist

>tfw everything you've worked to build is sued into oblivion


I thought Gawker had integrity! I thought cheaters would be anonymous! I thought gay male porn stars had decency!


—any idiot outraged at Gawker over this

In reality, the only people who hate Gawker for the story (instead of dismissing Gawker for being motherfucking Gawker) are faggot Redditors (once owned by Conde Nast), gay bullies, gay wrestlefans, and "think of the children" adultery apologists who feel sorry for all those poor poor cheaters affected by the Ashley Madison hack. In a shining example of hypocrisy, if Julian Assange had revealed that the married Conde Nast CFO wanted to fuck a gay porn star, the Internets would continue to suck Wikileaks leaking cock, continue to read all the Sony emails, continue to dig in the Ashley Madison dump, and continue to fap to The Fappening (if it wasn't stale). But since Gawker has never been taken seriously by anyone with a single neuron, it's easy to pile on Gawker along with the LGBT mafia and foam at the mouth for "outing" someone (but how could "outing" be bad if there's nothing wrong with being a homo?). And the extortion attempt only troubles faggots who think gay male porn stars (or any porn stars) have any integrity to begin with.


A screencap from the sex video in question

The steamy pile of blog failure that is Nick Denton's crumbling empire is being litigated against by multiple parties thereby making this latest clusterfuck all the funnier. This is problematic for Nick Denton because Gawker reportedly has a "operating income of $6.53m in 2014, from $44.3m in revenue" far less than the 100 million that hulkster is attempting to pile drive them for. While Hulk Hogan is perfectly capable of wiping the sad tiny Internet rumor mill that is Gawker off the face of the planet they are also being sued for 66 million dollars by the living embodiment of /pol/. That suit is unlikely to go through, however, this isn't the first time Gawker has spent more time investigating who likes to give the LGBTD to whom.

Back in 2007 Gawker decided to publicly out venture capitalist Peter Thiel because apparently a gay man living in San Francisco is noteworthy enough when your entire concept of "journalism" is stating the obvious. Gawker would come to regret this. Later in 2013 they outed a Faux News anchor cause not even Sean Hannity can match the unbridled assclowns that Nick Denton employs. More troubling to Gawker's bottom line however is when they went after James Franco is 2006 and again in 2013 meaning should James Franco wish to exact beautiful revenge he wouldn't have much of a hard time. Currently if Gawker gets hit by so much as one more lolsuit their future is about as sunny as Uwe Boll's career. The company board is so terrified that the wealthy and connected CFO they just tried to help extort will sue them they immediately stopped pretending they were about freedom of speech or standing behind their editors and capitulated. This is hilarious because their clickbait retard stream has regularly featured stories mocking their competitors for doing the exact same thing (Buzzfeed, Reddit, VICE). Proving once and for all that Nick Denton is a cash grubbing jew with no principles. Regardless of what goes down in the next few days theres a good chance Gawker could be sued into oblivion.

Journalistic "Ethics"

Gawker brags about ignoring judge's orders
The Fappening, according to Gawker

Gawker has a long history of being a vindictive and petty organization willing to smear whomever they want and then heroically censoring everyone who disagrees with them. Their viewpoint is typically tailored to piggyback off of larger stories that have nothing to do with them in anyway and then jumping in so they can point to how amazing and progressive they are. While it's well known that GamerGaters are complete fags who have spent more time with their hand than in a conversation with the opposite sex in comparison to Gawker's shilling they come off as angelic. During the entire Internet rage storm that was GamerGate, Gawker repeatedly stuck its jew nose into the fray in a desperate bid to win brownie points. Oftentimes they were directly responsible for perpetuating half truths and outright lies to further their narrative. Their hypocrisy is so frequent they cant even keep their story straight. Despite refusing to post pictures of the Fappening because it violated womyn's privacy, Gawker proudly posted Hulk Hogan's sex tape and declares they are the only outlet to keep them up.

Back when it was founded, Gawker was a gossip blog staffed by young writers who took joy in punching upward at stupid and vain people who wore their wealth and fame like a shield. “At my old job, it would have taken me years to advance to a place where I would no longer have to humor the whims of important people who I thought were idiots or relics or phonies,” Gould wrote for the New York Times Magazine in 2008. “But at Gawker, it was my responsibility to expose the foibles of the undeserving elite.” Gawker’s wrath is often directed at individuals rather than institutions. Today, Gawker Media has evolved into a large and successful news organization, but it hasn’t really changed. It is still perhaps America’s most resentful major online news property, with what seems to be an internal culture of active umbrage and opposition toward people in any sort of power position. The site is unimpressed by titles and status, not dependent on access, and willing to embarrass prominent people regardless of the potential consequences.


— -Salon nails it

Routinely they've defended themselves by stating it's "their right to report on who's fucking around and cheating on their wives" that is unless it'll score you some sweet jew golds by lying and pretending you care about feminism then its GAME ON. This, unsurprisingly, is simply pure unadulterated bullshit. Gawker has never had journalistic integrity and no one no matter how hard Nick Denton furrows his fat faggot forehead will ever consider them a legitimate news outlet. So when his highly competent and well trained stable of community college writing major dropouts did their jobs and produced yet another stunningly fucking stupid hit piece to perpetuate his Internet tabloid he did what anyone with "journalistic ethics" would. He threw them under the bus and went against everything he claimed to stand for. His writers will take every ounce of backlash because they're unemployable anywhere else and Nick Denton will predictably dance around claiming he had nothing to do with it and it was somehow the work of rogue staff. Proving once and for all that Gawker is nothing more than a profit obsessed shill masquerading as a media company with no other motivation but to pad Nick Denton's wallet and BMI.

Shit Hits The Fan

The Hustled
The Hustler
“Gawker — I feel they’re brave,” he said. “They have their own reasons to be brave. They go against anybody. As long as it’s the truth, they’ll get it out. Doesn’t matter what it is.”


—Brodie Sinclair, posturing ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

Do you think the Geithner family is an upstanding family? Do you think they’re honest people? You should do your research.


—Brodie Sinclair, who takes dicks for money

After around 5 minutes of careful consideration the writers decided to publish an article written by Jordan "Soon to Never Have A Writing Career" Sargent airing the dirty laundry of the CFO (chief financial officer, basically an accountant) of Conde Nast, mistakenly believing they were CEO. Gawker's notoriously sheep-minded readership finally lost it and quickly called our the staff for being complete fucktards. Not only was the article casually outing a married man who had done nothing wrong it was borderline tacit blackmail. The story, which like most Gawker articles was predictably boring as fuck, included the full exchange of text messages between a gay porn star and a closeted no homo family man who was DTF. Everything was going to homoplan when the gay porn star aka the GPS discovered who Mr.Straight was and how powerful his family was. The GPS smelled opportunity and probably a sandal wood candle he had purchased from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and promptly demanded his beau to use his connections to help him resolve a housing discrimination suit he was pursuing against the government. The GPS had made the titanicly poor decision to try to live in Texas where literally everyone hates gays. Mr.Straight decided he wanted no fucking part in that and promptly dropped the entire planned grindr fling. GPS, while feeling spurned and defeated, would not go quietly into the night and started searching for media outlets with 0 standards. He quickly found Gawker and after deducing that they in fact did not give any fucks about anything other than their bottom-line emailed them all his text messages. Smelling controversy they quickly agreed to help continue GPS' bid to extort this innocent individual and promptly published it for all to see. The monumental faggotry that had just taken place was so bad and apparent to absolutely everyone that the entire site, practically every user, turned against the staff. Everything went sideways extremely fast, starting first in the, now deleted, article's comment section and then erupting into full blown nerd rage across a majority of every blog on their platform. This mass of rage is currently on-going with most of Gawker's readership having become even more irate with the way this is being handled. Behold the glory of a 2hipInternet company going down in flames.

The Hustler

Leif Derek Truitt, also known as Gay Porn Star and to gay porn enthusiasts as Brodie Sinclair ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive), is an upstanding Christian man with a well earned reputation among women as a swell guy.[1] He is currently employed as a very expensive, some would argue overpriced, hooker with a small penis and a boring fuck method. He never quite "made it" in porn due to an inability to maintain an erection while taking dicks for Jesus, and for giving poopdick to his tops. He now sells his undouched ass for $2500 a pop, but beware faggots: for this price, you can get 100 crackheads who won't even remember that you fucked them, and still have $500 left over for cocaine.

Gay or straight exists only to an extent. For me, sex with men is recreational. Relationships are a different matter. If I didn’t want to have kids, yeah, I could probably find a relationship with a guy.


—Brodie "Wilde" Sinclair, on finding a boyfriend

I like a firm, tight bubble butt. I’m into it for a nice smooth ride. I do like to get head too though… yeah.


—Brodie Sinclair, on what he likes in a man

Hole Digging 101

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Nick Denton himself now realises how much shit he has landed himself in, attempts to do extreme backpedaling without taking personal responsibility.

Having realizing they fucked up by doxing, framing, and blackmailing a well connected political figure at the behest of a gay prostitute and porn actor with landlord troubles and a thing (hard-on?) for Jesus, Gawker removed the article and issued a half-hearted apology about jumping the gun. However, when you're Gawker, admitting defeat is a tough pill to swallow, so the best way to handle that would be acting smug and posting pictures of kittens in the most condescending way possible by ArchiveToday-favicon.pngasking that the kitten images not be removed. Comments are disabled, because plugging your ears while screaming LALALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU shows confidence.

Statement from the Editorial Staff

Gawker's crack journalism/blogging team believes their management has no right to remove anything they post for any reason, even if it means the company has to swallow another lawsuit over their dipshitted actions. In the anti-patriarchy leftist fantasy world that Gawker writers have fabricated for themselves, nobody can tell them what to do, especially not their employers. This is about freedom of journalism and ethics in aiding blackmailers.

Gawker Ethics in Kittens.png

A comprehensive list of everyone who should sue Gawker ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive), by Milo Yiannopoulos

Everyone Explodes Into Hatred

Gawker readers reacted by immediately losing their shit.

How bout dem Gawker

I realize I’m in the greys and nobody will read this nor reply to it. But I think it needs to be said. I am a frequent visitor to the Gawker sites. Probably too much so. I disagree with the writers of this site on occasion, but nothing ever seemed any worse than really young people going a little too far out there....things that can be easily laughed off or reconciled. But I respected the viewpoints, for the most part. There was some level of respect there.

That’s gone now. Not just because of the original story that started this mess, but the hunkering down, bunker mentality of the staff here. It’s clear you guys are wrong here. Everybody knows it. I’m pretty sure you guys know it, too. But you just keep digging in.

Max Read’s twitter comments were abhorrent. First off, policing private citizens’ adulterous affairs is already far worse than questionable. Adding the blackmail part makes it worse than that. And to top it off...the guy didn’t even fucking have an affair. He cancelled the whole thing. So really, all you had was a story that a guy was contemplating cheating on his wife and paid off a hooker. Was it great of a family man to do that? No. But you don’t even KNOW that the guy ever even cheated on his wife. So get out of there with that “Gawker will report when people are fucking around on their wives” bullshit. It’s not even accurate. And that’s the EIC of this site.

Natasha’s comments are just as bad. Just because something is ‘true’ doesn’t mean it deserves to be printed. ‘Revenge porn’ is true. Doxxing average people is ‘true’. If your journalistic ethics end at ‘print what’s true’ then you probably shouldn’t be a journalist. And the classless way she’s trying to play the victim here on her twitter feed is worse. Yeah, you’re probably getting some crazy responses. Guess what? The vast majority of NORMAL people are against you as well. It’s not just Gamergate psychos.

The rest of the editorial staff who supports the story over the objections of the entire known universe. What is wrong with you? Listen, if you’re ever in an argument and the only people on your side are the people surrounding the wagons over their own self-interest...then you’re probably on the wrong side of the fucking argument. You’re now the political/sportsfan type idiots, whose sense of right or wrong depends on labels. Publishing this post was the wrong thing to do. Sending text messages bullying your ex-employees for speaking out is the wrong thing to do. Continuing to make light of it is the wrong thing to do. You know how you know that? EVERYONE ON EARTH IS TELLING YOU THAT.

Seriously, this places needs a cleansing. And a transparent one. Because right now I feel dirty that I ever visited here at all.

Kinja the Lord of Comments

“Yes, we participated in a blackmail plot and hey, may have ruined this dude’s life (did we mention he has two kids? Cute!) but we’re going to be all snarky and cool because we’re above this criticism and don’t like it when there are consequences for our actions!”

Seriously, you all are fucking children. In the real world you take responsibility for your fuck ups, but hey, behave like whiny petulant kids if you want.
Really? Really? Get fucked.

No seriously, get fucked. You can’t just laugh this one off. I think Kinja commenters would prefer an explanation of the editorial process and how that piece of garbage got posted in the first place. Oh, and a proper apology to the victim would be nice too.
They absolutely cannot.

A Geithner lawsuit could finish them quite easily.

Even funnier that there now appears to be a mutiny. This is all just top notch.

You Motherfuckers

You don't get to act like a bunch of mother-fucking martyrs after you side with extortionists and out someone for no reason.

Insurance money ran out

Of course the natural result of them ignoring the court order to take down the sex tape meant that they no longer have legal/liability insurance.


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