The Great ED IRC War of 2013

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In the year of 2013, a war was dawned; a war of ircs. Wtfuxnet had evolved from an unnotable entity to the home of various chat channels, fueled by the success of the resurrected Encyclopedia Dramatica. However, some of these channels were, of sorts, polar opposites.


  • R: Ruined
  • ~: Huge faggot
  • LD: Channel leader
  • BN: #buttnerd
  • ED: ED op


The Players

phobos is an elite ircer of unascertained gender, proudly waving the [raged] tag. Shortly before the ignition of the ED IRC War, she manged to piss off dylan enough to be plotted into dox-dom, which due to her hipster lifestyle presented few reasons to quit IRC in the manner of LiteralKa.
Meepsheep is arguably ED's greatest op, known for bans of any chatter identified of the autistic variety, additionally known for enabling faggots like Equivamp and katsy to continue pouring fuel onto the fiery wounds of ED IRC.
What we now know...
Known for extremely dark skin pigmentation irl as well as crippling autism. TKN is actually a former FBI informant who helped snitch out AnonOps after his home got raided (in addition to this, his mom got scared). Somewhere in the 14-17 age range.
Former IRC celebrity via Grove chat crew, rose to infamy from continuous molishings of ED IRC, generally accredited with LiteralKa for being the source of all nu-ED IRC drama. Eventually managing to piss off nachash, dolphin soon found himself on the same sinking ship as LiteralKa.
A true-to-life gangster and supporter of the real e-boss, bonzi was known for his uncontested molishings of chatters (until dylan showed up as a worthy opponent). Also he has a retarded sister, whom melt wishes to fuck.
Much like TKN, 90% of the autism smell in #ed can be traced back to Beefcake, who, when not making inappropriate gestures at any and all female chatters, is either being trolled, or talking about lunix shit under the impression that at least one person will care. This last illusion is obviously false.
Known by many nicks, Solarra/kaela/katsy/luna/gencdo (etc) was a primary source of much rage, notably from nicotine. A persistent pusher of the cigarsex trend, Solarra, in addition to gencdo, is known for impersonation of beefrave after his complete ruination.

Key Events (in chronololgical order)

dolphin ruins ED IRC via Zalgo


emo mike

05:04 ~ dzl [[email protected]] has joined #wiki
05:04 ~ Beefcake emoquit [[email protected]] (Broken pipe)
05:04  mike: `kb dzl
05:04 ~ WTFuxor11367 [[email protected]] has joined #wiki
05:04  Meepsheep: HAHAHA MIKE IS EMO
05:04  Andres: mike, haha
05:04  Andres: !tld dj
05:04  Zalgo: [TLD] [DJ] - country-code - Djibouti Societe des Telecommunications Internationales de Djibouti (STID)
05:04  Andres: lol
05:05  mike: yup
05:05  mike: congratulations
05:05  mike: you've both proven youre pieces of shit
05:05  dzl: owned faggots
05:05  mike: kill yourselves
05:05  dzl: shut up fag
05:05  dzl: `kb dzl
05:05  Andres: :<
05:05  Andres: pieces of shit
05:05  Andres: mean
05:05  mike: yeah
05:05 ~ WTFuxor11367 is now chatting as Beefcake
05:05  dzl: yup
05:05  mike: I mean
05:05  dzl: congratulations
05:05  dzl: you've both proven youre pieces of shit
05:05  dzl: kill yourselves
05:05  mike: I expected it from you Andres 

TKN loses ops

(2013-04-29 06:47:59) Beefcake: the butter thing is mostly for taste and texture afaik
(2013-04-29 06:48:11) bonzi_b: god please fuck off Beefcake 
(2013-04-29 06:48:22) bonzi_b: i really dont need ur square opinions in my highly circular lifestyle
(2013-04-29 06:48:24) bonzi_b: ty
(2013-04-29 06:48:42) #ed: mode (+b *!*@A08D601.C57B506C.F951FF4F.IP) by Beefcake
(2013-04-29 06:48:49) bonzi_b left the room (Kicked by Beefcake (let's be civil now)).
(2013-04-29 06:50:14) beeffaggot [[email protected]] entered the room.
(2013-04-29 06:50:19) beeffaggot is now known as bonzi_b
(2013-04-29 06:50:27) bonzi_b: wow Beefcake who pissed in ur cheerios this morning m8
(2013-04-29 06:50:32) bonzi_b: did mom make u pick up ur room or something?
(2013-04-29 06:50:46) bonzi_b: better ease it little nigga, not in the mood for ur fuckery
(2013-04-29 06:50:55) Beefcake: come now friend, let's be civil
(2013-04-29 06:51:02) Beefcake: cannabutter def has its uses
(2013-04-29 06:51:11) bonzi_b: let's shut the fuck up when asked
(2013-04-29 06:51:16) bonzi_b: and notmake everybody's chats unpleasant
(2013-04-29 06:51:19) Beefcake: let's not
(2013-04-29 06:51:20) bikerfromhell: i wonder if you can inject delta-9THC
(2013-04-29 06:51:22) bonzi_b: b/c of ur frail little ego
(2013-04-29 06:51:33) bikerfromhell: but you need CBC or w/e more for the high to be like weed
(2013-04-29 06:51:37) Beefcake: because you're the chat prole
(2013-04-29 06:51:38) bonzi_b: dont worry Beefcake im sure soon one of the chatters
(2013-04-29 06:51:41) bonzi_b: will want to know about Ubuntu
(2013-04-29 06:51:43) bonzi_b: or Star Wars
(2013-04-29 06:51:43) Beefcake: and the prole doesn't tell me what to do
(2013-04-29 06:51:45) bonzi_b: and then u can shine
(2013-04-29 06:51:49) bonzi_b: and chat away to the early hours
(2013-04-29 06:51:54) bonzi_b: w/ ur highly valid opinions on those subjects
(2013-04-29 06:52:01) TwitterBot: >>> @ED_IRC: <bonzi_b> and then u can shine and chat away to the early hours w/ ur highly valid opinions on those subjects
(2013-04-29 06:52:04) bonzi_b: otherwise nobody rly wants to hear it from u bammer
(2013-04-29 06:52:08) bonzi_b: so sit down little nigga
(2013-04-29 06:52:10) Beefcake: bikerfromhell
(2013-04-29 06:52:12) Beefcake: CBD
(2013-04-29 06:52:20) bonzi_b: incoming blog
(2013-04-29 06:52:20) bonzi_b: incoming blog
(2013-04-29 06:52:21) bonzi_b: incoming blog
(2013-04-29 06:52:21) bonzi_b: incoming blog
(2013-04-29 06:52:23) bonzi_b: rifk
(2013-04-29 06:52:31) bikerfromhell: Beefcake: there is one more...
(2013-04-29 06:52:32) bikerfromhell: i cant remember
(2013-04-29 06:52:35) Beefcake: CBN
(2013-04-29 06:52:38) bikerfromhell: it is needed for THC to work
(2013-04-29 06:52:38) bikerfromhell: yes
(2013-04-29 06:52:40) bikerfromhell: correct
(2013-04-29 06:52:48) Ilsensine left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(2013-04-29 06:53:09) Beefcake: what you have to do when making edibles
(2013-04-29 06:53:33) bikerfromhell: Beefcake: did you made any ever?
(2013-04-29 06:53:38) Beefcake: yes
(2013-04-29 06:53:55) Beefcake: damnit what was that word again
(2013-04-29 06:54:37) NKT: Beefcake: rude
(2013-04-29 06:54:43) Beefcake: decarboxylation
(2013-04-29 06:54:53) bikerfromhell: its for extraction thc
(2013-04-29 06:54:55) Beefcake: that was it
(2013-04-29 06:55:00) TwitterBot: >>> @ED_IRC: <bikerfromhell> its for extraction thc
(2013-04-29 06:55:22) Beefcake: you have to heat it enough to cause decarboxylation that turns THCA into THC
(2013-04-29 06:55:33) Beefcake: but not have it hot enough so the THC vaporizes
(2013-04-29 06:55:37) bikerfromhell: the best solvent that i know of
(2013-04-29 06:55:43) bikerfromhell: is chlorophorm
(2013-04-29 06:56:46) Beefcake: meh, I'd just use butane if you want to make oil
(2013-04-29 06:56:55) bikerfromhell: i never made oil
(2013-04-29 06:56:58) bikerfromhell: never had to
(2013-04-29 06:57:00) bikerfromhell: but i did smoke it
(2013-04-29 06:57:03) bikerfromhell: too strong for me
(2013-04-29 06:57:04) DeadKarma [[email protected]] entered the room.
(2013-04-29 06:57:43) bonzi_b: rofl
(2013-04-29 06:57:50) bonzi_b: listen to Beefcake blog away
(2013-04-29 06:57:56) bonzi_b: about things he doesnt actually do or understand
(2013-04-29 06:57:58) bonzi_b: lololol
(2013-04-29 06:58:02) bonzi_b: wat a loser
(2013-04-29 06:58:14) DeadKarma: anyone familiar with a website called Diaspora?
(2013-04-29 06:58:22) bikerfromhell: go away
(2013-04-29 06:58:39) Beefcake: if I was dumb enough bonzi, I'd show you my current home grow
(2013-04-29 06:59:03) Beefcake: still tiny cute little seedlings though
(2013-04-29 06:59:33) bikerfromhell: its not illegal
(2013-04-29 06:59:34) bikerfromhell: go do it
(2013-04-29 07:02:30) Beefcake: outdoor grow ftw
(2013-04-29 07:03:15) bikerfromhell: pics or ur a loser
(2013-04-29 07:03:22) bikerfromhell: pics or #ed lols at your lies 
(2013-04-29 07:03:25) bikerfromhell: pics or dox
(2013-04-29 07:03:45) Beefcake: sounds a lot like a narc brah
(2013-04-29 07:04:09) bikerfromhell: Beefcake: it would be if gwoing was illegal in beljum
(2013-04-29 07:04:09) DeadKarma left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(2013-04-29 07:05:09) Beefcake: I'm not actually sure if 4 plants are legal
(2013-04-29 07:05:40) bikerfromhell: per person on 1 household i think it is
(2013-04-29 07:06:16) Beefcake: For adults in Belgium, consumption in one's home and possession of quantities of up to 3 grams or one female plant is not legal but tolerated.
(2013-04-29 07:06:26) Beefcake: see I don't get that
(2013-04-29 07:06:30) Beefcake: 3 grams or one plant?
(2013-04-29 07:06:34) Beefcake: how does that make sense?
(2013-04-29 07:06:39) bikerfromhell: idk
(2013-04-29 07:06:52) bikerfromhell: you could get alot from 1 female plant indoors
(2013-04-29 07:06:56) Beefcake: one plants gets you a lot more than 3 grams
(2013-04-29 07:07:03) NKT: Beefcake: why are you ultasoftchatting with bonzi
(2013-04-29 07:07:03) bikerfromhell: you could make it stay in its vegetative state for 1 year
(2013-04-29 07:07:03) Beefcake: you'd get more from an outdoors one
(2013-04-29 07:07:09) bikerfromhell: and get like 500 grams from it
(2013-04-29 07:07:14) Beefcake: well if you do that indoors
(2013-04-29 07:07:23) Beefcake: it's gonna be bigger than the cealing
(2013-04-29 07:07:31) bikerfromhell: you woulb basicaly get a tree
(2013-04-29 07:07:34) bikerfromhell: lool exactly
(2013-04-29 07:08:18) k2t0f12d: DeadKarma - rubybook :P
(2013-04-29 07:08:28) k2t0f12d: Faceruby
(2013-04-29 07:08:35) TwitterBot: >>> @ED_IRC: <k2t0f12d> Faceruby
(2013-04-29 07:10:06) bonzi_b: rofl
(2013-04-29 07:10:10) bonzi_b: this should b e hilarious
(2013-04-29 07:10:17) bonzi_b: watching fucking jacks and Beefcake discuss grow ops
(2013-04-29 07:10:23) bonzi_b: b/c they are both so experienced
(2013-04-29 07:10:26) bonzi_b: such rugged veterans of the game
(2013-04-29 07:10:36) bonzi_b: with so many valuable, and most importantly PRACTICAL, insights
(2013-04-29 07:11:05) bonzi_b: i love how that law is confusing to Beefcake and his crippling asperger's
(2013-04-29 07:11:11) Nem_Tetris_King: i have a maryjane seed hidden in my cupboard so my mom wont find it
(2013-04-29 07:11:15) Nem_Tetris_King: n e1 want 2 buy it
(2013-04-29 07:11:19) Nem_Tetris_King: 50$
(2013-04-29 07:11:24) bonzi_b: ya i will give 2 bitcoin
(2013-04-29 07:11:37) bonzi_b: i need to obtain high quality feminized seeds
(2013-04-29 07:11:43) bonzi_b: for my industrial scale indoor marijuana growing operation
(2013-04-29 07:11:53) bonzi_b: Beefcake is helping me set up all the lighting ballast
(2013-04-29 07:12:00) k2t0f12d: Mmmmm, we shall call you---seedwad. Yes, Mmmm.
(2013-04-29 07:12:02) bonzi_b: b/c they are quad tap digitals and i dont know how to wire that safely
(2013-04-29 07:12:18) #ed: mode (+b *!*@B0AC3F39.62594B08.BC5D2D52.IP) by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 07:12:19) bonzi_b left the room (Kicked by DanielBrandt (Requested)).
(2013-04-29 07:12:27) k2t0f12d: rofl
(2013-04-29 07:13:25) rifk [[email protected]] entered the room.
(2013-04-29 07:13:44) rifk is now known as bonzi_b
(2013-04-29 07:13:46) bonzi_b: rifk
(2013-04-29 07:13:55) bonzi_b: [07:11] *** 1 - #ed: ban *!*@B0AC3F39.62594B08.BC5D2D52.IP [by [ DanielBrandt ], 90 secs ago]
(2013-04-29 07:13:58) bonzi_b: on a good roll this morning
(2013-04-29 07:14:05) TwitterBot: >>> @ED_IRC: <bonzi_b> on a good roll this morning
(2013-04-29 07:14:06) bonzi_b: [07:11] *** 2 - #ed: ban *!*@A08D601.C57B506C.F951FF4F.IP [by [ Beefcake ], 1507 secs ago]
(2013-04-29 07:14:15) bonzi_b: calm ur emotions little nigga
(2013-04-29 07:14:25) Beefcake: wasn't me this time
(2013-04-29 07:14:31) Beefcake: I do my bans myself
(2013-04-29 07:15:25) zoozius_the_great: fucking usb
(2013-04-29 07:15:28) zoozius_the_great: fuck fuck fuck
(2013-04-29 07:15:33) zoozius_the_great: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
(2013-04-29 07:15:34) querty left the room (quit: client exited: Konversation terminated!).
(2013-04-29 07:15:47) #ed: mode (+b *!*@C6444B8B.BD5C7BF2.33E2DBFC.IP) by NKT
(2013-04-29 07:15:47) bonzi_b left the room (Kicked by NKT (no gives a shit about you being banned)).
(2013-04-29 07:15:57) NKT: nobody*
(2013-04-29 07:16:14) zoozius_the_great: h NKT sup
(2013-04-29 07:16:30) NKT: h zoozius_the_great 
(2013-04-29 07:17:22) zoozius_the_great:
(2013-04-29 07:17:23) Zalgo: [YouTube] Leo Laporte Blows up at Mike Arrington on the Gillmor Gang - June 6, 2009 (1:30) by MPB326, 2,820 likes, 53 dislikes, 410,706 views.
(2013-04-29 07:17:32) zoozius_the_great: o shit ignore that
(2013-04-29 07:17:36) zoozius_the_great: wrong video
(2013-04-29 07:17:48) zoozius_the_great:
(2013-04-29 07:17:48) Zalgo: [YouTube] GNAA: Leo Laporte & Steve Wozniak goatse'd during recording of TWiT podcast (6:09) by GoatseSecurity, 7 likes, 0 dislikes, 923 views.
(2013-04-29 07:18:15) zoozius_the_great: who was the gnaa member
(2013-04-29 07:18:24) zoozius_the_great: ?
(2013-04-29 07:19:36) zoozius_the_great: ??
(2013-04-29 07:20:44) bikerfromhell left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(2013-04-29 07:20:44) rifk [[email protected]] entered the room.
(2013-04-29 07:20:51) rifk: rofl
(2013-04-29 07:20:56) rifk is now known as bonzi_b
(2013-04-29 07:21:02) zoozius_the_great: y so long?
(2013-04-29 07:21:21) bonzi_b: lot of hurt feelings this early in the morning
(2013-04-29 07:22:39) Beefcake: I could wire up your lighting
(2013-04-29 07:22:44) drasstik [[email protected]] entered the room.
(2013-04-29 07:22:57) Beefcake: I've got a degree in electronics
(2013-04-29 07:23:09) #ed: mode (+b *!*@FFFFCB5B.62CF1F2C.ECDFECCE.IP) by NKT
(2013-04-29 07:23:09) bonzi_b left the room (Kicked by NKT (nobody* gives a shit about you being banned or your charminsoft chats)).
(2013-04-29 07:25:37) zoozius_the_great:
(2013-04-29 07:25:38) Zalgo: [YouTube] GNAA: Leo Laporte & Steve Wozniak goatse'd during recording of TWiT podcast (6:09) by GoatseSecurity, 7 likes, 0 dislikes, 923 views.
(2013-04-29 07:25:42) zoozius_the_great: who was gaynigger?
(2013-04-29 07:26:01) realtoken [[email protected]] entered the room.
(2013-04-29 07:26:04) NKT: leon?
(2013-04-29 07:26:06) realtoken: rofl
(2013-04-29 07:26:09) realtoken is now known as bonzi_b
(2013-04-29 07:26:14) bonzi_b: NKT wat u so mad for
(2013-04-29 07:26:17) bonzi_b: it's early little nigga
(2013-04-29 07:26:21) bonzi_b: it's a beautiful day
(2013-04-29 07:26:26) #ed: mode (+b *!*@7F6A02B4.26357AFB.E2251A3E.IP) by NKT
(2013-04-29 07:26:26) bonzi_b left the room (Kicked by NKT (nobody* gives a shit about you being banned or your charminsoft chats)).
(2013-04-29 07:26:45) NKT: im banning him jbc i can
(2013-04-29 07:26:49) NKT: btw
(2013-04-29 07:27:52) k2t0f12d left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(2013-04-29 07:28:49) k2t0f12d [[email protected]] entered the room.
(2013-04-29 07:56:29) zoozius_the_great left the room.
(2013-04-29 07:58:07) Morgan_Freeman: hello
(2013-04-29 07:58:15) Morgan_Freeman: it is monday !
(2013-04-29 07:58:55) k2t0f12d: 12:56 NZST
(2013-04-29 08:20:59) k2t0f12d: directive
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) zaiger: `unban *
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!*@7F6A02B4.26357AFB.E2251A3E.IP) by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!*@FFFFCB5B.62CF1F2C.ECDFECCE.IP) by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!*@C6444B8B.BD5C7BF2.33E2DBFC.IP) by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!*@B0AC3F39.62594B08.BC5D2D52.IP) by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!*@A08D601.C57B506C.F951FF4F.IP) by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!*@zoozoo.zoo) by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!* by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!*[email protected]* by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:36:49) #ed: mode (-b *!*[email protected]) by DanielBrandt
(2013-04-29 08:37:34) #ed: mode (+b *!*[email protected]) by zaiger
(2013-04-29 08:37:34) NKT left the room (Kicked by zaiger (banning u b/c i can btw)).
(2013-04-29 08:38:12) zaiger: `invite bonzi_b
(2013-04-29 08:39:25) zaiger: `access del tkn
(2013-04-29 08:39:30) zaiger: `access del nkt
(2013-04-29 08:41:22) zaiger: `appandtopic TKN STOP RUINING CHAT PLS
(2013-04-29 08:41:29) zaiger: `appendtopic TKN STOP RUINING CHAT PLS
(2013-04-29 08:41:29) [email protected]: DanielBrandt has changed the topic to: (02:47) puddles: You seem to have a raging case of the buttangries still || TKN STOP RUINING CHAT PLS

puddles is mad

02:44:42 -!- Irssi: Starting query in wtfux with puddles
02:44:49 <NekoArc> what was with the rude kickban?
02:45:26 <puddles> how are you associated with 888chan
02:46:00 <puddles> because the admin decided to be edgy enough to post the IP addresses of some of my nuchanners
02:46:29 <NekoArc> i asked a question first
02:46:36 <puddles> because the admin decided to be edgy enough to post the IP addresses of some of my nuchanners
02:46:39 <puddles> I just answered it
02:46:43 <puddles> I just answered it
02:46:45 <puddles> because the admin decided to be edgy enough to post the IP addresses of some of my nuchanners
02:47:00 <NekoArc> what does that have to do with anything? :o
02:47:07 <puddles> you're associated with 888chan
02:47:14 <puddles> now I'd like to know how deeply
02:47:42 <NekoArc> how deeply what?
02:47:56 <puddles> how deeply you're associated with 888chan
02:48:17 <NekoArc> why is that such a concern for you?
02:48:51 <puddles> 18:44 <NekoArc> what was with the rude kickban?
02:48:56 <puddles> 18:46 <NekoArc> i asked a question first
02:49:03 <puddles> Try following your own words
02:49:14 <puddles> I asked a question first
02:49:29 <NekoArc> I post there
02:50:25 <puddles> thats it?
02:50:32 <NekoArc> yus
02:50:41 <puddles> You're not part of the "staff?"
02:50:49 <puddles> Also they have your IRC linked on the front page
02:51:28 <NekoArc> and your point?
02:52:15 <puddles> 888chan is my enemy since they decided it was wise to post the IP addresses of my nuchanners. Granted, IP addresses mean nothing these days. Regardless
02:52:20 <puddles> A friend of my enemy is my enemy
02:52:28 <puddles> So pick one. them or us
02:53:31 <NekoArc> hmm
02:53:46 <NekoArc> why not turn the tables on them?
02:54:32 <puddles> because I have no interest in doing so
02:54:40 <puddles> they're a waste of time
02:54:53 <NekoArc> then why are they an enemy?
02:55:29 <puddles> because they spat in our faces
02:55:47 <NekoArc> how so?
02:56:00 <puddles> I've already told you four times
02:56:04 <NekoArc> well
02:56:07 <NekoArc> say it one more time
02:56:14 <puddles> probably not
02:56:17 <NekoArc> and i won't ask again regarding that
03:00:04 <NekoArc> then there is no need to be upset and ban me over what someone else did
22:01:13 -!- puddles is now known as SimpIex
22:05:39 -!- SimpIex is now known as splashypuddles
23:50:04 <NekoArc> I just got linked this and lol'd. guess you want people to spam?
23:50:54 <splashypuddles> I guess
23:51:02 <splashypuddles> why are you asking me?
23:51:08 <splashypuddles> my community has a mind of its own
Day changed to 06 May 2013
00:03:08 <NekoArc> that's all I needed to know
00:36:30 <splashypuddles> Are you ddosing nuchan?
00:36:52 <NekoArc> no
00:39:29 <NekoArc> why would you bother me and ask that?
00:40:48 <NekoArc> maybe your community actually pissed someone else off
00:40:52 <splashypuddles> Dont ask such a dumb question
00:40:57 <splashypuddles> And stop acting like a victim
00:41:25 -!- splashypuddles is now known as puddles
00:41:27 <NekoArc> I'm not acting like a victim :o
00:42:28 <NekoArc> you seem to be fustrated at me for no apparent reason
00:43:03 <puddles> Im not frusterated at all
00:43:10 <puddles> I'm just exhausted at you always being so poisonous
00:43:27 <puddles> everything you say is always heavy with deceit
00:45:33 <NekoArc> actually it isn't
00:45:50 <NekoArc> you come off a bit paranoid though
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How lolcows go about getting pussy (unit8200)

[17:04:38] Common channels for john_ [[email protected]]: #ed
[17:04:38] <john_> hey
[17:04:56] <nicotine> sup
[17:05:01] <john_> i was just fucking w you the other night. drugs and shit. 
[17:05:12] <nicotine> yes
[17:05:13] <nicotine> chats
[17:05:15] <john_> im sure you know that already given the nature of the chat
[17:06:32] <john_> that's not to say i would have wild sex on meth w you if at some point in time our lives should meet. but yeah i'm sxe- almost - rolling. 
[17:06:41] <john_> hope you didn't take offence
[17:08:13] <john_> anyways, you dating someone right now? feel free not to answer
[17:08:30] <nicotine> dating someone?
[17:08:36] <nicotine> lol why do you ask
[17:08:48] <john_> fucking/etc.   im bored
[17:09:23] <nicotine> ah
[17:09:54] <john_> ya
[17:10:28] <nicotine> sorta
[17:10:30] <nicotine> you?
[17:10:50] <john_> nah. im dissapointed. 
[17:11:06] <john_> i don't really see myself in a relationship right now
[17:11:52] <john_> unless some chick "blew me away" which is highly unlikely. i know too much about the human race
[17:12:39] <nicotine> ya
[17:14:52] <john_> anyways, a little token of "sorry" what the fuck ever. didn't mean to be offensive :)
[17:15:55] <nicotine> its ok i dont take chats that seriously hun
[17:16:18] <john_> haha. ql
[17:23:32] <john_> honestly if you ever  come to europe, hit me up. [email protected]
[17:23:47] <nicotine> ok
[17:24:14] <john_> (do it in the summer) - got some mad beaches here :)
[17:24:20] <nicotine> heh
[17:24:35] <nicotine> idk i dont see a lot of travel finances in the near future
[17:24:38] <nicotine> but we'll see
[17:25:21] <john_> you got a flat by the seaside here boo. #no joke.
[17:26:58] <john_> 
[17:27:21] <john_> so yeah. would be cool if you came and hang out :)
[17:27:46] <nicotine> ya probably
[17:28:29] <john_> do you go to the seaside in washington in the summer or no
[17:30:00] <nicotine> i try to
[17:30:13] <nicotine> but i live inland several hours and i dont own a car
[17:31:17] <john_> ah.  i gotta have the sea in the summer lol. basically, best part of the year. owning a car helps
[17:31:35] <nicotine> fuck cars
[17:34:41] <john_> yeah. only i'm really big into them. lol. not that this is gonna be important to you, but i owned an audi RS6, audi R8, S5 - basically i'm really into cars. (which male isn't). you can't really beat laying on the beach at 10am, jumping into water to cool down though 
[17:37:46] <john_> i was srs bznz if you ever wanna come down though. got two apartments by the seaside. and you're welcome 
[17:39:22] <john_> obv if you wanna, send me your cell phone on mail and we'll talk beforehand
[17:42:30] <john_> lemme just try and get b&
[17:47:39] <john_> hey.
[17:47:48] <john_> have a good nigt ^^
[17:48:54] john_ [[email protected]] has quit IRC: client exited: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 11.0/20120312181643]	

TKN gets outed as a fed (aka TKN loses the game)

(21:24)  ~ \ [[email protected]] has joined #wiki
(21:24)  &DanielBrandt: [\] h
(21:24)  ~ DanielBrandt sets modes [#wiki +o \]
(21:25)  @Meepsheep: nice try TKN
(21:25)  @Elvis: ll
(21:25)  @\: zeal: you've had over two years to bring up your accusations
(21:25)  @Elvis: we president now
(21:25)  @\: actually one of you tried before
(21:25)  @\: what makes you think its gonna make a difference
(21:26)  %FredJuicy: oh fuck yes meep got his op back
(21:26)  %FredJuicy: been long enough
(21:26)  @Meepsheep: TKN u dun goof'd today
(21:26)  @Meepsheep: we got the files on the way mang
(21:26)  ~ FredJuicy sets modes [#wiki +vv katsy zeal]
(21:26)  @Meepsheep: (17:34)  ~ dryad [[email protected]] has joined #wiki
(21:27)  @Meepsheep: SENATE.GOV
(21:27)  @Elvis: ll
(21:27)  +katsy: :-)
(21:28)  +katsy: !ud stool pigeon
(21:28)  +Zalgo: [UrbanDictionary] stool pigeon --> dirty rat, rat, taddle tale, snitch,
(21:28)  +katsy: oh wait
(21:28)  ~ \ [[email protected]] has emopart #wiki ( )
(21:28)  @Meepsheep: EMOQUIT
(21:28)  +katsy: lololol
(21:28)  @Elvis: LOLO
(21:28)  @Elvis: L
(21:28)  +katsy: L of fucking L
(21:28)  @Elvis: stool pigeon --> dirty rat, rat, taddle tale, snitch,
(21:28)  @Elvis: stool pigeon --> dirty rat, rat, taddle tale, snitch,
(21:28)  @Elvis: stool pigeon --> dirty rat, rat, taddle tale, snitch,
(21:28)  @Elvis: stool pigeon --> dirty rat, rat, taddle tale, snitch,
(21:28)  @Elvis: whatta guy whatta guy
(21:29)  ~ Simplex [[email protected]] has emopart #wiki ( )
(21:29)  ~ Simplex [[email protected]] has joined #wiki
(21:29)  +Zalgo: [Simplex] im bi
(21:29)  +katsy: hi herpes
(21:29)  %FredJuicy: EMO QUIT
(21:29)  %FredJuicy: WE WON
(21:29)  %FredJuicy: !

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