The Great Black Dick Hoax

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The Big Black Cock is a Myth
Giant Black Fake Dicks

The Great Black Dick Hoax is one of the most elaborate and massive scams in the history of mankind; those spreading the mythical claim that black people have the biggest dicks of all men, and are much larger than the white man's. Like the myth of black "culture", this is complete bullshit. The myth is similar to the legend that Asians have tiny dicks; however, it is a fact that azns DO have tiny dicks. No amount of Jewish brainwashing can change that.

In fact, the largest cock in the world is only 13 inches long, and belongs to a white Canadian man. Most pen0rs seen in pr0n are fake.

Greatest Hoax Ever?

Look at her face--she's trying to tell you.
Exhibit A: Porn often lies, a lot...
Black penis compared to White penis, UK Sex ed show.
Unlike the holocaust this massive Irish dick is not a myth.
Average Flaccid Black Dick. No larger than any other race.
Truer words have never been spoken.
Black women are notorious for their strange interracial fetish for Italian men. They print god awful sex novels about Italian men. In these novels Italians usually are some bodyguard or mafioso with an 11 inch cock who just can't resist a black queen.
File:Black girls italian worship.png
Black women's obsession with and sexualization of Italians continued. Lipstickalley, a forum full of delusional afro queens who constantly blame the evil white people for all of their problems, while simultaneously posting Italian penises and stalking their profiles.
Black men envy the big white cock.

This is one of the greatest hoaxes of our time. The idea that black people have huge dicks is so widely believed that it out-ranks religion in our increasingly atheistic world. It also shows no signs of slowing down, being spread by MTV and other pop culture outlets, it has left a lasting scar on the American conscience and has been mistakenly established as fact.

The Perfect Scam

Those who circulate this rumor are surprisingly crafty about this entire scam, displaying a level of animalistic cunning. They realize that they are a small enough minority that only the filthiest slut or the most experienced prostitute could possibly fuck enough niggers to get an accurate sense the actual size of black penises. Because any upstanding white woman who fucks a nigger is so ashamed she won't admit it black people are never exposed and continue to claim to have the biggest dick in town and fuck any trailer trash jailbait slut they want to. Some argue that this is just retards who don't know that small differences in the mean manifest as large differences at the tails.

Reasons Why

Women prefer big white ones.

You might ask yourself: "Why would a seemingly perfectly friendly black person be involved in such an elaborate scam?" The reasons are numerous, but these prevail:

  1. Black people realized that they never contributed anything to the advancement of mankind so nobody was respecting them (obviously, nothing commands more respect than a man with a dick twice as big as those of other men)
  2. To get all the pussy they can handle and more.
  3. Because no one would believe they have bigger brains.
  4. White men- White liberals being crushed by liberal guilt think spreading the lie that blacks are bigger than them is effective affirmative action. How could they masturbate without self-hating cuckold porn like the blubbering vaginas they are?
  5. Having nothing to offer white women in the way of having a job, upward mobility, sophistication or intellectual equality - they had to come up with this hoax to get a white woman to sleep with them out of sheer curiosity to see if the rumor was true.
  6. Black people realized that they had no chances of competing with Whites look wise (I mean c'mon all blacks look like obese monkey clones compared to White people). They decided the only way they could get the one up on Whites is by claiming their cocks are bigger.
  7. Black people are scientifically proven to be the most narcissistic race on earth.

The reaction from black people

Pasty racist fucks all over have exaggerated the whole big dick thing into “black men have GINORMOUS six-foot long dicks.” They claim that black claim this, but they’re wrong and that shit is stupid because no men of ANY race has ginormous six-foot long dicks. The fact is simply that the average black dick size is bigger than the average white dick size, PLAIN AND SIMPLE, and if the pasty white asshole eaters don’t like it then TOO FUCKING BAD, because that’s just the way it is. They’d be better off getting the fuck over it and getting on with their lives, but instead they dwell on black men and their dicks. Good grief.


—Charlie Brown

Naturally when coming upon this page the average nigger is utterly outraged that white people have uncovered their greatest secret. Such was the case of a user called BiggerThanUrs on old ED. In case his username did not give it away, BiggerThanUrs had a clear case of penis envy.

What could have been a very funny revision of this page was sadly killed by the fact BiggerThanUrs had a deep obsession with other black mens penis, and showed it by making his version of the page into a display of faggotry that could easily compete with Exhibits A-D.


The only evidence cited is pornography that only faggots buy because the dicks usually take up the entire fucking screen. But as you can see from Exhibit A, these seemingly massive members are just fake dicks made from some unidentified material. It's all smoke and mirrors. Truth be told, there are no such things as 14 or 18 inch. Porn producers use camera editing, tricks, special lenses and special filters, small petite women, and in some cases prosthetic penises all for satisfying western obsession with big cocks.

When all else fails Black people like to use the monster cocks of porn as proof of "big black dick". The black males in porn are there for one reason and one reason only; to satisfy the sick fucks with big black dick fetishes. Its a niche genre, its watchers want to see small women pounded by oversized black men like the sick fucks that like horse porn. They only hire the biggest beast niggers and even then they need fake penises to be big.

Furthermore, if blacks had as huge dicks as they claim to have, then they would end up killing the women they rape, guro-style. If they really did have huge six foot long dicks, there would be nobody to testify against them for rape because they would be nothing but womanpaste smeared all over a cock. This would mean the percentage of blacks in jail would be lower than 80% because nobody would ever learn of or know about the rape- because they'd be dead. But the percentage is still high, proving this to be a hoax and nothing more. QED.

Another statement spouted by black people as evidence (and one that really shows off how low IQ blacks really are) is that the darker the skin is, is the equivalent to how big your dick is. Black people are truly reminiscent of humans before we left the caves in the sense that like the cave men attributed every natural occurrence in the world with a mystical force, black people always come up with the dumbest explanations to their retarded reasoning.

Black Guys Obsession With Cocks Explained

Simply put Blacks are the gayest race in existence. Now wait before you refute lets look at the facts.

1. Who rapes other men the most in prison? Black males.

2. Who carries HIV the most in the United States? Downlow Black males.

3. Who finds a way to bring up their cocks randomly in a discussion between all males? Black males.

4. Which group are the most obsessed with the cock sizes of other races? Black males. All their male comedians, actors, singers find a way to insert it in a conversation that doesn't require it. Hell it was a black comedian who popularized the Asian small dick stereotype in the first place.

You may ask yourself why single out white males? Slavery really fucked African Americans up mentally. They feel they have to one up whitie in everything. Hence they always look for a common ally in Asians and Hispanics. But Hispanics and Asians are not slave conditioned, they couldn't give a fuck about black problems.

Black men care so much about white peoples opinion of their dicks that they will often steal pics from exibitionist and pornstars just to impress white people online.

Non Believers

Causing much angst with the average black person, azns, who are pretty much slant eyed Jews with Yellow skin, still won't CONSENSUALLY fuck a black person no matter how big a dick they say they have. Many lulz worthy events have black people calling azns racist because, by their logic, anyone that doesn't want to fuck a Monkey Jawed Neanderthal that held them up 3 nights ago at their family owned laundromat is obviously a nigger hating racist.

Like Jews, azns follow the Sammy Davis Jr. rule. If you're a nigger with a large bank account - they'll give it up but, more often then not, azns view niggers the same way as they view 16 year old, basement dwelling weeaboos with a hard on only for azn pussy and wouldn't fuck them or a nigger with your Mama's own cunt.

Even now, President Obama cries himself to sleep every night because, even after becoming president, he still can't get an azn outside of a massage parlor to touch his dick.

Measured Penile statistics

Blacks like to pass off self reported penis size statistics as proof of their big dicks. This is a bad practice, proven with penis maps such as the one from Targetmap which has no actual citations for the measured statistics of any of its African countries. On the contrary real measured statistics show Europeans to be slightly until unambiguously larger than African nations with actual measurements. Studies also show that penis size is correlated with not only Dht levels during puberty, but both the length and girth have been found to correlate with height in numerous studies. Most Africans are much shorter than Europeans.

Europe & Australia

  • Norway - 5.6 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Russia - 5.5 inches [Measured]
  • Italy - 6.2 inches [Measured Erect]
  • France - 6.3 [Measured Erect]
  • Australia/Great Britain - 5.6 inches [Measured]
  • Germany - 5.6 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Bulgaria - 5.9 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Serbia - 5.8 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Hungary - 6.3 inches [Measured]
  • Netherlands - 5.6 inches [Measured Erect]


  • Ethiopia - 5.3 inches [Measured] and 5.8 inches [Self reported]
  • Tanzania - 5.1 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Congo 7.1 inches [Self reported]
  • Ghana 6.8 inches [Self reported]
  • Cameroon 6.6 [Self reported]

Notice that all the biggest African countries are self reported, and every single one of them surveyed less than 1000 people.

It also raises the question if Blacks really were larger than whites how come the average American penis shrinks down to 5.0 inches a nation whose largest non-white population are blacks and yet still smaller than the majority of white nations of Europe. And another fact, which is often ignored by small-dicked black Idiots is the ethnic composition of the population of a State, so it can be included, that the Average Penis Sizes of some countries with a majority white population like Russia and Australia are only low because of large Asian Minorities and/or a high proportion of Immigrants from Central-, Eastern- or Southeastern Asia in the total population. Big black cock only holds true for Romanians, and Irish. Romania and Ireland

  • Romania - 5 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Ireland - 5 inches [Measured Erect]

Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia

  • Pakistan - 4.4 inches [Measured Erect] (Pakistan is the region of origin of Gypsies)
  • Saudi Arabia - 4.9 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Yemen - 5 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Jordan - 5.3 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Turkmenistan - 5.3 inches [Measured Erect]
  • Libya - 5.4 inches [Measured Erect] (the real average penis size of the ethnic Arabs in Libya without Berbers is 5.3")
  • Azerbaijan - 5.4 inches [Measured Erect]

Black women are just as much habitual liars as their men are. They will consistently brag about how many small white men they've been with (hilarious right? noone wants black women). This claim is hilarious, considering the vast majority of black people live in black dominated communities and rarely come in contact with white people. This is just Black women being the typical bitter angry bitches they are. White men don't want them, they know it. So instead angry with their lust for white men, and white mens lack of intrest, they hate white men. They cope with the belief of white men being small, or claiming to not be attracted to white men. They cope by saying white penises are ugly (what can you expect black people have the mental capacity of children).

Videos of Amateur black guys, Black Cuckolds and Small Black Dick Humilation

Gallery with Pics of Black Dicks

Pictures of penises About missing Pics
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Gallery with Pics of White Cocks

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