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The Forbidden Realms is a Child Porn forum run by The Lord. It features pictures and videos of children from ages 1-18 in various sexual poses.

A response to the question "Does anyone else ever feel guilty after a viewing session?": "Our society has conditioned us that a girl can only be looked at for her physical beauty after the 18th birthday. After that date, it is perfectly acceptable to profane or exploit a woman in any way the media see's fit. Prior to that date, though, to behold and admire a girl's beauty is perverted, sick, twisted, and obviously would only ever be done if one has the most harmful intentions. I don't buy that nonsense. I am not interested in looking at little children, but the beauty of young girls speaks for itself when you gaze upon them. When this happens, it can be subtle. Are you having post-masturbatory remorse? (The natural inclination to see things more clearly after a frustrated "load" gets at last released). The funny thing is, the guilt you feel (because of the conditioning) in that post-cum "moment of clarity" will get replaced by hearty lust again very soon. It is natural. But disregard that, I suck cocks.

Yay, a CP forum run by otherkin.

Wonderful Subforums

The Tavern
Within the castle walls, a fine tavern is provided where welcomed visitors can meet, socialize, and discuss the events of the realm.

Flower Garden (Pictures 10 and Under)
Some of the lovely young lasses of the realm are frolicking in the flower garden. Come and see some of the younger beauties of the kingdom. 10 years or under please!

The Maidens' Field (Pictures 11 and above)
Ahh, the lovely young women of the kingdom love to dance about the Maypole. Come join in the celebration of beauty. 10 years to 18 please!

News of Foreign Lands (Links)
Care to share information of our neighboring realms? Feel free to direct travelers to other kingdoms of interest, so they can bring back exotic treasures from abroad.

The Fairgrounds (Contests)
Come one, come all, to the Fairgrounds of the Realm, where fun and mirth are the order of the day. Herein, villagers of every title have the opportunity to participate in events sponsored by the Royals, and when they're involved, who knows what you might win....

The Castle Dungeon
You awake in darkness. You remember the village guard dragging you down a long, winding staircase, but after that you recall nothing. Now you find yourself engulfed in deep, consuming shadow. The slow, dank sound of dripping water echoes in the near-silent darkness, interrupted only by the occasional howl of the damned. Only you and your captors know what you did to end up in this place, but to get'll have to earn it.

Grove of Unexpected Delights (Candids)
Of course the scheduled dance, the planned festival, these are all well and good but sometimes it's the surprise bursts of beauty, the unforeseen moments of perfection that stir the soul in matchless ways. Many treasures are best when they're least expected, and in this forest, loveliness is best captured unawares.

The Gallery (Best Pictures)
The lords take great pride in adorning the walls of the castle with the finest images. In this realm that prizes beauty above all, a walk through the gallery is a feast for the senses. Come, partake, share, and enjoy.

The Royal Theatre (Videos)
Performances of the royal theatre are a sight to behold. Forget Shakespeare and Greek tragedy, our stage is filled with only the loveliest maidens of the realm, and their performances are nothing short of breathtaking.

Exotic Collections (Zips and Rars)
The distinguished visitors who grace our halls are always proud to show off their collections of fair, lovely treasures, and we're more than happy to display them.

The Sage's Workshop (Tech Tips and Applications)
Sometimes the hobbyists like to step away from the ball for a moment, gather around the workbench, and talk 'shop'. In this little sideroom, nobles can share some of their tricks and tips, and even pass around tools of the trade they've found useful in their quests for ever greater treasures.

The Wishing Fountain (Requests)
Brilliant mist pixies with iridescent wings flit between elegant streams of water as they weave a three-dimensional tapestry in the air. Tiny water nymphs can be seen swimming and leaping through the cascading bowls of the fountain. Magic is in the air, and the nobles crowd around the fountain, trying to appease the Fae in hopes that their wishes will be granted. Make a wish, it might just come true.

The Dining Hall (Chat)
As much as we all enjoy the festivities of the ball, and showing off our various treasures, it is always good to sit down to a rich feast and enjoy the company of our fellow nobles. Come, sit, share a tale or two, and enjoy a bit of grand fellowship.

The Knights And Admins Treasures
is there such a fine collection of wares anywhere in the realm, that contains the mass collection of the most beautiful maidens ever seen. come all, from far and wide and witness the most extraordinary galleries the realms finest have to offer.



Last Thursday Forbidden realms was Ddos attacked and they threatened to call the party van on all involved. The email read:

on sunday, the realms was Ddos'd by people unknown. we took our server offline and with the assitance of out server host were able to stop the attack. Ddos attacks are illegal and our server host is actively looking threw data collected during the attack to pinpoint anyone responsible. they will cooperate with auhorities in any country to bring the attacked of the server to justice.

should the attack occur again, we leave it up to the host to again investigate and pinpoint all IP's involved in the attack.


—Forbidden Realms, Accusing email. lulz.

Of course, this is incredibly lulzy because the entire site is illegal.

Pedos like Gervan are particularly keen on frolicking among the misty realms of beauty...or something. Thus, they get mega butthurt over this page and claim "a pedo is you!" because "I spend lotsa tiem on that page, guise, and it's, like, totally legal files. Plz not to be calling the party van! Ktxbye."

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