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ProfessorFarnsworth.png Good News, Everyone!
As of February 1st, React World is gone!

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Next week's episode of Kids React.
In case you couldn't tell, yes, they're Jewish.
This is probably supposed to be deep or something.
A lot of people have been fapping to this girl.

The Fine Brothers are two Jewish, liberal, scumbags that have made a profit on Youtube with their overdone idea of reaction videos by gathering up people of different age groups and recording their reaction to videos that aren't their own, while pushing their SJW/kike agenda from time to time.

The Family, the dream

The Fine Brothers are made up by Benny (the walking kike stereotype looking one) and Rafi (the pumpkin headed, AIDS patient looking one) Fine. The two brothers are orthodox Jews born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and had hopes of breaking into Hollywood on the comedy scene, thus living out the Hymie dream. Though the farthest they made it was California, they decided when in Rome do as Romans do (ass play included) and be unoriginal fake scumbags, and record reality for profit, while pushing the liberal agenda, like the rest of Commiefornia.

Kids React, Teens React, Everybody Fucking Reacts

It all started in 2010, when they decided to cash in on the long dead art of reaction videos, except instead of creating something new for people to react to like the two heroines in 2girls1cup, or filming themselves reacting to videos, they decided to exploit children. They milk the ZOMG SO RANDUM!!! of the internet, and thus ruin the internet by not only bringing memes to the mainstream, but cause more faggotry by bringing dead and or unfunny shit back to the main stage for children to react to.

The Fine Bros. videos go as follows:

  1. Find a group of Californian kids.
  2. Show them shock sites
  3. The kids laugh, get confused, and become disgusted by said faggotry.
  4. Huehuehue aren’t we funny, tune in next week.

Of course the heebs found they could make even more money by letting advertisements run before the videos.

As kids and parents find these oh so hilarious, the rest drink their sorrows away because they are reminded that these retarded, politically correct brainwashed kids are the future. The kids, being kids in America, don't know what 9/11 is, think killing Osama Bin Laden was mean, and worse of all have no idea it was done by the Jews.

When they saw that their dead horse wasn't giving more blood, they came up with another genius idea for videos, Teens React! In these videos they can show more "mature" things and get reactions.

Then they came up with another brilliant idea, YouTubers React! In these videos they leech off other unwarranted self-important, talentless, vloggers "fame" and have them react to videos.

Once this horse started dying, they came up with ANOTHER magnificent idea, Elders React! In these videos they show the same shit they show the kids and teens, but because old people like, don't understand man, and are baffled by technology, it's a barrel of laughs.

Apparently, the previous horse died and they came up with ANOTHER marvelous idea, Cats React! It's the same shit as before, but they show it to a bunch of cats. At this point, they ran out of videos to show people and kidnapped cats to watch videos for the ZOMG SO RANDUM!!! factor. Now it is blatantly obvious that both of the kikes are furfags.

Tears for views

Remember to like and subscribe guys!.
Just who is this, Hatsooney Meekoo
"I used to stack these Zipperheads 5 feet high, the hell is this?"
The edgy bitch of the cast.
She was promised watermelon and received nothing.

When things got stale (Because it totally didn't get stale as soon as it started) the brothers decided to get more views and push their liberal agenda by showing the kids some REAL SHIT and filming their crying faces, you know, for fun. They try to make the point that the Fine Bros. are serious and care about important things, all while filling such videos with ads, annotations for you to watch last week’s video, subscribe, and putting the kids in Brady bunch squares, asking you to tune in next week for more sympathy dollars.

One of their first tries at being serious was in March 2012 by feeding the kids the huge fucking lie that was Kony 2012 and the kids ate it up. Of course anyone who actually paid attention to world events or wasn't a fucking retard knew the whole Joseph Kony thing hasn't been an issue since 2006. But surprise surprise, the Christ Killer brothers decided to be unoriginal leeches and jump on the band wagon of fellow Californian hipster faggot, Jason Russell. What is even greater is they decided to post the reaction video 10 days AFTER Russell got wasted, broke cars, and went on a naked nonsense rant while jacking it in San Diego. They should've called it "Kids Will Believe Anything We Show Them".

It all came to a head though in November 2012, after bleach gargler Amanda Todd an hero'd. They showed the teens her video and her story (with advertisements, annotations, and more shit at the end of course) and the teens cried and cried. They made a point of the video being "Hey you guyz, Cyber Bullying is bad". What they didn’t focus on was that Amanda was a slut that showed her tits willingly after a little prodding to a stranger online as a minor, was threatened with blackmail and instead of telling her parents, teachers, or the cops, decided to be a cum dumpster when beckoned by her bullies. Instead of staying off the internet, not flashing her tits, or telling someone, she offed herself. Did these teens need to be shown this? No, but it certainly did lead to it being one of their most viewed videos, so keeping kids and teens in the dark and showing them someone killing themselves was totally worth the big paycheck!

In December 2012, aspie Adam Lanza went for the high score on Easy Mode. Once again the L'chaim brothers decided it was up to them to educate the world, and once again showed it to the teens (with advertisements, annotations, and more shit at the end of course) and the teens cried and cried. They not so subtly made the topic "Dude, like guns are dangerous, who needs a rifle now-a-days?!" What they didn't tell the teens was that Lanza was a fucking asperger ridden loser that lived with his mom, and was fucking unstable. Again, did these teens need to be shown this, especially two fucking days before Christmas? No, but it certainly did lead to it being another one of their most viewed videos.

In July 2013, they decided to leave the teenagers alone, and went back to exploiting children again. They showed the children the allegedly "controversial" cheerios commercial, where some dumb mulatto child hears cheerios are good for your heart, so she pours cheerios on her daddy's chest, oh what fun! What was just a few funny people pointing out that the girl was mixed and the parents were black and white, the liberal media blew the fuck out of proportion for OMG FUKKIN RACISM!

Where they could have just shown the video to the kids to see how they react to the stupidity of putting cheerios on your chest, they instead went farther and told the kids, pretty much "Hey kids, do you know that there are evil people who hate it when people of different colors marry and have kids?!". The kids, being just fucking kids, knew nothing about racism before, until the kikes pointed out that it was an issue and this video was the trigger. They went on to educate the kids about how mixed kids are treated differently, and that the people who made the commercial were threatened. The video resulted in the kids crying finding out that racism exists. The video also tried to focus on how beautiful race-mixing is and how it fights racism, because if we want to celebrate diversity, we have to mix until we're all the same. A-fucking-gain did the kids need to learn about racism? No, but of fucking course the video was a hit. Cha-ching!

Then again in November 2013, they decided to push the liberal agenda upon the children. Macklemore and his faggotry was spreading across the nation, so the Feinstein brothers decided to teach the kids about gay marriage. The brainwashed kids were Shocked and Appalled that gay marriage is not legal in every state. Then some of these little shits started acting like they knew something and started preaching about human rights. Now the kids think its okay for men to marry men, womyn to marry womyn, boys to be girls, and girls to be boys. The Social Justice army grows ever larger, one can only hope God nukes California.

Recently, the Fuck Bros asked the teens about Bruce Jenner. It went as expected with the teens siding with transgenderism. However a chunk of the usual teens were missing from this one, probably because they didn't fit the narrative the Swine Bros narrative and believe trannies are sick. When the teens said anything that wasn't supportive, like it must be hard for Christians to have to deal with, or we need to respect people who don't want trannies in their bathrooms, they had the heaving balls to bring up race and told them, "Well, what if you didn't like niggers in your bathroom? You're racist" and they said this to a negress no less. So if the kids agreed with them they said nothing, but if they disagreed, they beat them down to look like homophobes and racists. Then they attacked the teens on their pronoun uses. And finally, since the message is love and acceptance, they told anyone who has a problem with it that they are ignorant bigots that should fuck off. Did that make their Youtube paycheck smaller as a result though? Hell no!

React World

Completely reasonable
"I started this reaction shit, and this is the motherfucking thanks I get?"

In a desperate attempt to outjew even themselves, these spastics decided that because they have actually patented the word React, because they literally believe their shit is so fucking amazing, everyone who has just the smallest incline of making shit like them are to go through their channel, and give them all the profits. Because they invented reactions, or some shit. No seriously, that is their entire reason, which isn't even remotely true. Despite their shtick of reactions being as old as the internet itself, and probably even older, if anything existed before the internet, these greedy scum still want your money and will make sure they spend all their free time that isn't being spent jerking off onto their dollar bills to come up with different ways to do that.

And as an pinch of salt to an already enflamed wound, there have been Youtubers' videos already getting taken down by the Swine Bros. simply cause they were reaction videos outside of their comedy-devouring network, just search "Fine Bros. Taken Down" or something along those lines. Gotta get every petty little red cent you can, eh? They even went out and told their rapidly shrinking fanbase to help by going to other reaction videos and series like "Ellen" and flag them for great justice like good little sheep.

They know just how broken and FUBARed Youtube's copyright system is, so they can exploit it and take over the industry that has literally been around 2 years before they even came up with the idea themselves.

Oh you thought that was a joke? They're really NOT the first people to make reaction videos:

Just let that sink in. They were trying to trademark and patent a word and a type of video that they never even started up to begin with.

We do not hold a copyright on reaction videos overall. No one can. React World is about licensing FBE's show formats, not just for shows like Kids React, but also others like "Do They Know It?," "Lyric Breakdown," and more. This is similar to TV where you can't make a show substantially similar to "America's Got Talent," but of course you can make a completely different talent competition series. Same deal here.

We do not own the idea of reaction videos nor would we shut down anyone making reaction based content. Of course you can make your own react videos, but React World is an opportunity to localize versions of our specific series. This is also a way to create a community on YouTube of like minded producers and fans who want to work together, and benefit from the guidance and resources that we can provide around the specific FBE shows that we are making available through the React World program.


—Fine Bros. while taking down reaction videos for copyright infringement

Reaction to their announcement


One week in the shitstorm and the massive amounts of unsubs, the Fine Bros posted a response to all the negative reactions. (Oops, now I'm gonna get sued.)

tl;dr: "You all misunderstood us goys. We're not gonna explain our 'format' though, and we're still gonna trademark the word 'React' and takedown reactions even though we said we wouldn't."

Also as you saw, both of their original videos were gone after both of them had gotten tens of thousands of thumbs downs and had their comments disabled in order to do a pathetic sort of full-on damage control mode. Thankfully, mirrors are a thing here.

Losing Subscribers

This is not a joke, People are extremely upset over React World ever since The Fine Bros Trademarked the word "React" which led to them copyright claiming every video that has the word "React" in it, Because of that The Fine Bros were losing more subscribers every second than that of the people who die every second, The Decline of the Subscriber count began on January 28, 2016 and lost 115,091 Subscribers for the entire day of January 31, 2016 which was almost 2 weeks worth of subscribers they got now thrown in the trash.

Their biggest fuck up led to the most significant subscriber loss on all of youtube. This was their result.

Chalk another victory for the Internet

As of February 1st, the bros have officially admitted defeat in trying to become the number one true Jew duo of Youtube. They made a message saying "you win, we won't make reactions illegal to do on Youtube anymore and we're taking back and cancelling everything."

Even though they nutted up and admitted their plan to extract the last of the precious golds needed to complete their master plan was an abysmal failure, the damage was already done. The fact that they even thought this was a good idea to do at all will remain with them forever. At least until they come up with their next plan to try to bathe in more of the monies of their rapidly shrinking followers.

But wait, they actually stole the reaction idea

Besides being money hungry douchebags that wanted to exploit the YouTube community for every cent, they did not even invent the react format. We are not talking some actual TV shit, no. We mean the exact same fucking concept, on fucking YouTube. A month before the Fine Art Of Stealing Bros started their shitty YouTube channel, someone else had created elders react. Which was before the channel got taken down by The Fine Bros. Seriously.

Fine Bros Stole Series.jpg

Click here to see the original of what they stole


The Fine Bros. in a nutshell
Amanda Todd
Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre
Mulatto Cheerio Commercial
Gay Marriage
You now realize people were born after 9/11
Kony 2012
Cats React
React to That

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