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The Daytona Nine are noteworthy for their love of bathroom sex. A former Daytona Beach city commissioner and a local high school teacher are among the nine arrested during a sex sting at a Volusia mall bathroom. They were among nine men charged with lewd and lascivious conduct and exposure of a sexual organ, both misdemeanors IRL.

Also arrested were registered sex offender Douglas Benson, 48, of Port Orange, who was previously caught masturbating in the restroom of a day care center; and Edgar Millard, 73, Daytona Beach Florida, charged in 2006 with sexual misconduct at a beachside bathroom. Detectives received a pro-tip from officials at the Sears department store that sexual misconduct was taking place in its second-floor men's restroom.

Further investigation by police found that encounters at local places like Sears were advertised online on Web sites like Craigslist, ,, etc.

A team of six officers from the Police Department's criminal suppression team joined forces with undercover officers from Volusia County Beach Patrol to nab the offenders from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Offenders coughed or sneezed, tapped their feet, sometimes under the stall beside them, or made loud zipper noises to attract attention from others interested in engaging in sexual acts.

Tap Foot for Background

Mike Shallow, 57, served two terms as a city commissioner from 1999-2003 and ran for mayor unsuccessfully in 2003, 2005 and 2007, finishing a distant fourth in the last race Oct. 9. The Realtor and real estate broker also served as chairman of the Main Street Redevelopment Board in 2004-2005, and was on the Downtown-Ballough Road Redevelopment Board while he was a commissioner. Daytona Beach Mayor Glenn Ritchey said he was "disappointed and sad and sorry for him and his wife and family."

Others arrested in the sting include Sebastian Bach (WTF?!), 37, Panama City; Larry Brown, 42, DeBary; William Volage, 46, and Kenneth Halpin, 44, both of Ormond Beach, Ransom Peterson, 73, Port Orange; and finally David Behringer, an athletic trainer and teacher at Seabreeze High School.

Quotes to live by

David Behringer (far right); high school teacher and bathroom fanboi
The undercover officer told me he actually tried to come under the stall, where he was actually looking up at the undercover officer while he was performing his act


—Police Chief Mike Chitwood

We're coming up on the Christmas season. We're out there shopping in the mall, and the kid wants to run in the bathroom, and you've got a bunch of sick, degenerate, vile perverts that are in there doing their thing


—Officer Hank Hightower

Of course, everybody denies, (and says) 'It wasn't us'...We certainly didn't go there and entice anybody, and we didn't put an ad out


—Police Chief Mike Chitwood on the obvious

It's the scumbags like this that erode the quality of life and the fabric that we have here


— Mike Chitwood explaining why he hates faggotry

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