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As if it isn't, faggot.

On the Internet, especially Tumblr, LiveJournal, Facebook, and other SJW echo-chambers, "It's the current year ..." is used to prefix an exasperated observation or complaint about the sad state of human affairs, urging people to change their ways, because, c'mon guys, we're not cavemen anymore. The complaints are always about things so ingrained in human nature that they will likely never change, even if humanity survives a thousand current years into the future.

Ask the (current) favorite Liberal Twatmuncher, a pale Jewish white man with a supremely punchable face, John Oliver. He got his start by fucking Jon Stewart in the anus on The Daily Show, went to HBO and started one of their (current) top rated shows.

Liberal Signaling

Citing the fact that it's 2022 serves no real purpose other than to buttress a facade that one is progressive, smart, hip with the kids, or all of the above, since the observations themselves more or less involve undertones of timeless problems and don't need a preamble.

Removing the current year as a qualifier won't change the validity or the importance of the observation; it will only remove the artificial urgency the observer placed on it to further their curated appearance of social awareness to earn brownie points with other first-world victims.

History of The Current Year

Although some ancient documents include references to the current year, the trend began on the early internet with the turn of the millennium, where people began pointing out that it was in fact The Current Millennium, and not The Last Millennium. It started as a joke but soon became a normal way to force reflection on social norms via the contrast usually associated with comparing one millennium/century to another. As the century dragged on for a few years, the phenomenon began localizing to The Current Form.

Scholars argue that the current year is in fact not the current year, since calendar year numbers are mostly arbitrary, and their use for emphasis ironically lends credence to the era from which the count originated. For example, the widespread Gregorian calendar (the modern Western calendar) was created in the 16th century by child rapists and slave owners, and counts up from the glory days of lead plumbing, a superstitious/uneducated majority, tribal warfare, and public execution as a form of entertainment. In the 2,022 years since then, all of these things are still things.

Current year can be observed in This Is Spinal Tap, where the band's manager defends an edgy album cover by saying "But this is 1982!"

A popular catchphrase of the 1990's was "It's the 90's!", which had a similar purpose of disarming antiquated viewpoints of social norms, but mainly served as a verbal shrug instead of an indictment. Oliver, the King of All Liberal Faggotry, has segments on his show like "Why Is This Still A Thing?" and "Morning Show Hosts Fucking a Llama" and such.

I mean, Come on!

Hypocrisy of The Current Year

Years before John Oliver and his Nu male fanbase starting using The Current Year as a method of liberal signaling, it was a very popular greentext meme on 4chan, particularly on /sp/ as part of the hilariously funny joke "I seriously hope you guys don't do this". Despite this format of The Current Year being prevalent on many chans for the first half of the 2010's, now it is seen as a sign of a terminal case of Liberalism.

The very same groups of people who used to post this meme incessantly for hours upon hours every day for the better part of four years are just as guilty as John Oliver and his fan base are of presenting non-arguments and then circlejerking everyone who agrees with them, and perhaps that should be analysed as we move further and further into The Current Year.

Popular Forms of The Current Year

It's 2022 and _____ privilege is still a thing.


As of 2022, nice guys still finish last.


2022 is here, and religious zealots are still acting crazy.


Come on, people. It's 2022. Grow up and ______.


Things Happening in The Current Year

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Previous current years

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Is the Current Year Over?

2016 has been an uncommonly shitty year… 2016 has been the fucking worst!


—John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, November 13th, 2016

Apparently the systematic defeat the SJW and the "journalist" hacks are suffering, first by the Brexit and now because of Trump being the 45th US President, could be enough to declare the Current Year hypocrisy over. Many college kids, the mainstream media and even the avatar of the Current year, John Oliver himself are right now throwing childish tantrums. The amount of salt has created a crisis in the salt market because of the surplus and we have enough salt for many millennia to come. Nonetheless don't expect this to fade away immediately, as many know that only when the little crybaby becomes unconscious after holding her breath, that she will understand why she shouldn't throw a tantrum in the first place.

Why it's fucking 2016? About missing Pics
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Fuck You 2016!
No amount of Play Doh in my safe space is gonna relieve me from this triggering!

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