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The whole story, as told by a /b/tard.
A total Fat-ality...


——Oh You! /b/tards!

The Happening

The God of War struck.

On Monday the 14th of March, a video was uploaded on Facebook by someone claiming to be the father of one of Casey Heynes' siblings. The video would later become viral on Jewtube and was subsequently deleted hundreds to thousands of times. He was dubbed the "Zangief Kid" for his likeness to Zangief of the Street Fighter game series. YouTube Favicon.png Original Jewtube Video

In the video, a small, ratty child was squaring up to a much larger chubster (but to call him a chubster is very deceiving, as he is a being of muscle) who was on his way to get a school timetable before class (in which his has each time-slot say "JUDGEMENT TIME") while his fellow vermin stood to the left with the camera. The ratty child, known as Ritchard, threw a punch, connecting with the chubster, Casey Heynes. The latter moved with the punch, but didn't back away or show any sign of pain. This was to be the Rat's first warning, which he failed to heed.

The Rat then began bouncing on his heels, taunting Casey Heynes by feigning punches to his stomach. Casey is seen moving his arm at speeds not yet achieved by mortal men. This was to be the Rat's second warning. And then, following another feigned punch from Richard, Casey Heynes acted. But it is not right to call him Casey anymore, because he is much, much more. He is the Beast.

Channeling the power of the Immortal Ones, the Beast threw himself at the Rat and subdued him.He then proceeded to hoist the Rat up in to the air, pausing briefly to savor the smell of fear, before slamming the Rat down with enough force to destroy the other half of Japan.

[[[Mortal_Kombat|FATALITY!]] Contemplating a kick to the head, the Beast, wise and merciful in victory, decided against it, knowing the Rat was already humiliated and broken. One of the Rat's cronies came up with the intention of getting revenge, but when the Beast looked him square in the eyes he became paralyzed with fear. The Beast, satisfied with his work, turned and strode off to his lair.

Casey Heynes' current whereabouts are unknown, but it is very likely he slumbers in an underwater cave in the Bermuda Triangle. Because he's the hero St. Mary's North deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.


A GOD layeth the smacketh down on a harbl mongler.

An action figure is currently in-production by an unknown (at this time) manufacturing company.

Meet The Casey

Nice face for nice people. Bodyslam for scumbags.
Teh Casey in 40 years, still kicking ass and taking names.

Casey Heynes is the sacred guardian. Though he is kind and gentle hearted, he seeks only to destroy all that is evil and unjust. He is much like Anon, instead of being the Final Boss on the web though, he IS the Final Boss of the IRL: a place few /b/tards do trek.

Weighing in at approximately 300 pounds mostly made up of muscle, THE Beast can annihilate any mere mortal using only his dick as a sword. His natural prey is wild sewer rats similar to the Rat whom he gracefully butchered during The Showdown. He has no natural predators to fear as he is at the top of the IRL food chain, much as Anon is at the top of the |OL food chain. The Beast does not forget, The Beast does not forgive!

School is Fun!

Zangief delivering some well needed justice.

Fan of The Casey shows his respects towards the almighty one.

Dis Isn't Pokemon Little Man, You Look Like a Little Charizard

CASEY Trailer


Little Zangief: Street Fighter Edition

The techno remix

Meet Ritch

Rat kid 4.jpg

Just as any other good working anus, Goatse must occasionally push something out. So it was on June 6th 666 some unknown date in the year 1995, our Villain was "born", or rather "spawned" out the rear of that dude who owns the ass known as Goatse.

Being a little trust-fund wimp and all around twat, he would mooch off of his parent, and live inside the exposed anus of Goatse instead of getting a job or try to get somewhere with his life. Karma seemed to strike hard in this case, because the radioactive fumes emitted from Goatse appeared to have some sort of long term affect on the boy, turning him into a hideous beast: A scrawny Rat-boy!

Eventually though, Goatse itself grew tired of keeping a pest up its anus, so he dropped the Rat-boy off at the nearest orphanage where the Gales (a troupe of rich Aussie Fucktards) nurtured and cared for their little Rat, treating it as if it were their own son. Recently, they sent him off to a boarding school in hopes he would meet with other Rats of his kind. Luckily though, all The Rat met was The Beast.

Ratboy was given a chance at explaining his side of the story on national television claiming to be the victim of the incident...lying douchebag faggot.

He abused me first, he was like 'get to class' and calling me an idiot, all that kind of stuff. And I didn't like it.


The Rat tempting the wrath of The Beast with his lies.

Since then, the camerabitch has YouTube Favicon.png come forward to corroborate the Rat's lies. Though, he fails at keeping his story straight as well.

He passed me his phone and I started recording.


——Oh, that's still pretty bad.

It was unplanned ... It was like 'Fight! Get out your phones.'


——So, it was unplanned but he gave you his phone to record?

The Aftermath

  • The Rat has a bruised knee, therefore messing up his hourly breakdance routines. That did not stop him from looking like his leg bone was shattered and bearing the expression of utmost pain and anguish.
  • The Rat has been suspended for twenty two days, during which time he will dig himself underground to avoid the Beast's wrath in future.[citation needed]
  • Casey Heynes got suspended for four days, according to his sister. However, it seems more likely he is taking a voluntary four day holiday in order to feed and slumber, so he can continue punishing those who wrong him.
  • The Rat's parents are suing anyone and everyone, including the Beast and the school. However, The Beast trades not in currency, but in human souls, so this will prove pointless for the Rat's swarm.

Public Reception

RWJ is too retarded to understand the badassery of this moment..

Following the Casey Heynes ultimate display of power, the internet was in awe of his combat prowess. The JewTube community is in disarray following the Beast's victory however. Some people are uploading the video, believing the Beast thirsts for glory and recognition. Alternatively, some believe the Beast does not wish to be exposed, and are flagging the videos, citing inappropriate content. This is for certain though: slander the Beast, and he will find you.

Facebook also exploded into action, with some horrified at the bullying, and others marveling at the Beast. One particular group that received wide reception is the group called "Casey - The kid who had enough of being bullied". Their purpose is to show other bullying victims that they can channel the power of the Gods if need be.

And lastly, King of The Pre-Teen Trolls Ray William Johnson posted a link to one of the Casey videos on his Facebook account, meaning the Beast's legion will grow exponentially.

A quote from Casey Heynes friend's (Casey the bullied kid who apparently had no friends) father reads: “This 16 year old kid has been tormented every single day of his short high school life – and today he snapped!! He was suspended and may be looking at criminal charges, all because this little runt thought he could make an example of Casey in front of his “TUFF buddies!!” Sportsgrid article (first press mention of the incident)

Website Uploads

This has however been posted on several other sites that gave way to the videos of concept of mutual Faggotry and inspired others to make websites dedicated to him. Some of them Bomb sites are Casey Heynes and ZangiefKid and also WikiLeakerz which give many lulz.


On March 16th Australia's ever informative Today Tonight interviewed the Rat's mother, and she said that her son "got what he deserved." She also notes that she did not raise any of her children to act like bullies or rats, but she is also angry because since the video of her child being raped by The Casey has gone viral, the world has a very dim view of him.

A link to the video is currently on the Today Tonight page and can be found here, however it is very unlikely that a news story of this caliber will be up on the site for longer than a day. Thus, screencaps were taken:

The Body Slam Heard Around the World

He dares you to punch him

The kids recording the incident were looking to humiliate what they thought would be an easy target. They thought, "We've done this for years. Why haven't we made his humiliation reach a wider audience?" "Imagine how awesome our friends will think we are." "This will be great! He won't fight back, we are clearly his betters."

But the gods were listening.

So they approached him, surrounded him. Thought to contain him. Their first mistake.

So it began in earnest. Taunting came first, it always does. What was it this time? "Ginger"? "Fatty"? Whatever it was, we know it now as "Their Second Mistake."

The gods were listening.

"Step it up to violence," they thought. A foolish youth came forward and grabbed him by the collar. More taunting. A strike to the head. The youth displayed supreme confidence. He could taste his victim's humiliation. He even toyed with his victim when they had the audacity to raise a hand to ward off blows. His friends, out of sight, jeered and cheered on their youthful champion. Their golden child. The camera was running, the youth was giving a show. He danced a little, jabbed at his victim. He wanted more than physical dominance, he wanted to break him down psychologically. It was cruel. It was vile. It was hubris.

It was their last mistake.

With a speed born of many torturous years, Casey Heynes lunged. Catching the bully off guard, he closed the gap between them and encircled him with his mighty hands, hefting the arrogant youth and holding him aloft in the sky, completely helpless. With the might and wrath worthy of Zeus did Casey hurl his malefactor back to the earth like a thunderbolt, burying him in a pile of his own arrogance and shame.

The gods heard.

The ground trembled. The youthful arrogance that rang out only moments before became stunned silence. This hallway was Casey's arena. His opponent lay defeated in the sand. The silence was his great cheering mob. It was deafening. As he circled his defeated abuser, Casey displayed a restraint that convinced one and all that this was not beginner's luck. If his opponent didn't thank the gods for their mercy, he should. Casey could just have easily laid waste to his face with a mighty boot at any time. It would have been justified.

Casey Heynes faced what remained of his tormentors, hands at his sides. Casey was no longer a victim. With a look that promised them all destruction and a trip to the underworld, they knew the fight was done.

Casey Heynes, the only man present, walked away.


The battle caught the attention of old media as well. Not knowing win when it calls to them, they have yet to bring the two together so Casey can finish him off.

Interview With Casey Heynes

You can tell he is lying because his mouth is open.

All shall side with The Beast

And now the cameramanboy.


Of course, /b/ is enraged by the fact that Casey Heynes has been suspended for simply defending himself. The first reaction was to keep re-uploading the video to Youtube because Youtube kept deleting it. The next reaction was to email the holy hell out of the school system responsible for punishing Casey Heynes. Here is an example of the email flood that Chifley College is currently being bombarded with:

To whom it may concern of Chifley College Dunheved Campus,

I have some requests, and questions regarding the incidents that has recently taken
place at your school regarding two students; Ritchard Gale and Casey Heynes. I do not
think I am mistaken in their names or what happened between them. They were fighting at your school.

Ritchard was bullying Casey Heynes, and began hitting him. Casey Heynes proceeded in an act 
of self-defence toward Ritchard and then walked away.

It has been brought to my knowledge that Casey Heynes was indeed suspended for this act.
This shows a very large amount of misconduct from the administration of your school.
Your website shows that you clearly have a strict Anti-bullying policy, present here:

However, Ritchard was clearly bullying Casey Heynes, there was what looks like to be a teacher
standing in the background watching them and doing nothing to stop them. Only a small
number of people saw what had actually happened.There is proof of what actually happened
in this video:

This video has constantly been removed from Youtube but users are trying to keep it up as
evidence for what really happened. Here is also another place you can find the video,
hopefully without it getting removed as quickly:

This video is going viral on the internet as I type to you. Many many people are watching,
and agreeing, that Casey Heynes was wrongfully suspended.

Then, because retards cannot leave well enough alone, the following email was spammed and sent. Of course, its always some idiot who has to tell the world that 4chan is on the case and is going to be pulling V for Vendetta bullshit.

Hello Chifley College Dunheved Campus.

Today is a wonderous day indeed. Today is the day where /b/ will decide to slander your school 
for slandering the weak and innocent, Casey Heynes, which as most of the world probably knows 
by know is the prime candidate for /b/ to protect.

Know this, we will continue to slander your campus in public through internet protests and viral 
spreading of the video to reflect on how you have mistreated our poor Casey Heynes in favor of the pathetic Ritchard
(seriously, who spells his name this way? Only the parents of a skinny, pathetic, Aussie bully).
Needless to say, we want you to remove and void Casey's suspension and also give him a public apology 
for slandering his act of self-defense. We also demand that Ritchard be reprimanded for his poor 
choice of actions.

Note that Casey Heynes was severely outnumbered. Note that the cameraboy, as well as a group of taller 
and larger boys were provoking this attack, urging pathetic Ritchard to continually harass and attack our convicted: 
Casey Heynes. Not only has Casey Heynes been harassed for years and years, and when he finally stood up to protect himself, 
something that has struck a soft spot in the Anonymous that have taken action, Casey Heynes was the one that was punished.

This is your last warning. Remove the suspension, give Casey an apology, and suspend Ritchard. If you do not 
meet our demands, then we will continue to systematically harass your campus just as you did to Casey Heynes.

Oh, and a side note:
We want you to dress up in costumes of ham and parade around the city to teach you a lesson in punishing the innocent.

And for once a sensible email like the first one.

To whom it may concern

Referring to the young boy name Casey Heynes in the morning news on channel 7,
I found it very disappointed to hear that this young man who had defended himself
as no one else was there to assist him, had been suspended. This is RIDICULOUS!
I 'm considering of writing to the minister of Education regarding my view on this matter.

I wish there were many more young boys like Casey Heynes in the schools this way maybe no one would be bullied.
I would say their would re-think their actions.

Another thing, this young man was punched to the face and he stood back, then again
he was threatened by the attacker again with his fist in action to attack Casey Heynes.
What I had witnessed Mr Casey on many occasions repeatably defended himself by refusing
to participate until he wasn't able to.

If I was Casey Heynes parents I would seek legal action because there is a LAW that says
We are able to defend yourself if our life is threatened.

So please explain to me why this young man was suspend
Not that I'm encouraging violent behavior as to myself I did not
believe young Casey was violent I believe that he was just protecting himself since there wasn't anyone to protect him.

And if you want to sound educated, here is a copypasta for you!

To whom it may concern at Chifley College Dunheved Campus,
I, like many others around the world, have witnessed the altercation between said agressor, 
Ritchard Gale, and the defendant, Casey Heynes. For your reviewing purposes, here is a link to 
the video that stands as proof of the incident.

I find it unacceptable that your school has chosen to suspend young Casey Heynes for his act of 
self-defense. The aforementioned video shows clearly that Casey Heynes is a victim of bullying. 
His actions were justified in his scenario, however your school seems to foster bullying by punishing the innocent.
This young man was alone and taunted by a group of other youngsters, all of whom shared the same intent to
humiliate, physically and verbally abuse the former. Once again, as you can see in the video, Casey Heynes 
was reluctant to defend himself, despite being punched in the head and continuously taunted. In punishing 
Casey Heynes for his act of self-defence, you are sending a message to your student body, 
and unbeknownst to you,to students around Australia, that defending oneself against bullying is not 
acceptable. As such, you the administration of Chifley College Dunheved Campus, are enabling bullying.

You are not only allowing it, you are promoting it.

My consternation is further aggravated by the fact that the other boys involved in this circle of bullying 
are not also punished for their actions and attitudes. This is problem that must be eliminated at its roots, 
unless it is also your mission to raise narrow-minded, intolerant bigots. To form a gang and combine their 
efforts to torment one that is reluctant to defend himself is the epitome of cowardice.

I would like to further clarify that I do not encourage violent behavior, or the use of excessive force. 
Casey Heynes only did what was necessary to stop the abuse, having been pushed into a corner with no escape. 
He could have easily delivered several more blows to Ritchard for the abuse he suffered. He could have 
continued to fight with the other boys who were still ready to continue the torture. As you saw in the video, 
he obviously didn't. The message was clear. He will not stand for further abuse. Since there was obviously no 
school staff present to diffuse the situation, or in this case, protect young Casey Heynes, there is no 
other way around it, he had to protect himself. His actions were clearly justified.

Would you not do the same if you were to say, be approached by a drunk intent on raping you in a back alley?

Although I am skeptical if it were the case, in case you are not aware, under the provisions of the Australian Law, 
one is entitled to the right of self-defense, if the defendant honestly believed the threat to be imminent and made 
an objectively reasonable and proportionate response to the circumstances.

I ask simply that you reconsider your decision to suspend Casey Heynes. Swallow your pride and apologize to the 
child for a misinformed decision. Everyone makes mistakes.

Although I have nothing at stake here, as a fellow educator, I am personally offended by Casey Heynes suspension. 
Rest assured that, if you do not revoke the suspension, it is the anger and resentment of thousands of others 
that will make you do so. 

As a side-note, the media will make short work of your educational institution if you decide to stand your 
ground. How long it will remain open as an educational institution, well, the public will decide that.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Most sincerely,

Perspective of someone who'd gone through similar circumstances.

To Whom it May Concern:

I would like to request that Casey Heynes have his suspension revoked and removed from his record. 
As someone who was also bullied (And in particular, for issues of weight, 
which seem to be the same as those Casey Heynes is facing), I know how traumatizing 
it can be to be punished for defending oneself in a manner that is completely justified, 
even by the law. It's bad enough to be singled out in front of your peers and mocked, 
simply for being different. Words cannot explain how much further this goes when 
established administrations not only allow, but condone, the actions of 
those that are reprimanding their peers for reasons of malice.

Further, I would also like to urge that Ritchard Gale be given strict punishment for his role in the 
altercation, along with his friends. This would include the cameraman and the second student to attempt 
to provoke Casey Heynes into further violence. Actions from students like these - especially those for 
no reason other than pride and to gain the "Praise" of fellow students - often lead to a reduced self-
esteem in the victim. At times, it can be as severe as causing suicide. Or, a victim could feel the need 
to bring a weapon to school. Need I remind you of the Virginia Tech Shooting only a few years ago? Those 
are the future results of tolerating unwarranted abuse.

Despite having your "Anti-Bullying" policy, it seems that heretofore, your establishment has done nothing 
but condone bullying. I respectfully request that you either change your policy, or enforce it. Again, as 
someone who came through similar circumstances as your school's victim (Casey, not Ritchard), I can assure 
you that there's nothing you can do to completely erase the damage you may already have caused the student. 
However, it does not hurt to try. Especially when you have "Dropped the ball" as badly as you have with this 
incident. I would recommend that instead of making an example out of someone who was doing the right thing, 
you try to right the wrongs that have recently come to pass and punish the real criminal - That would be Ritchard Gale.

Z. Finley

Naturally, anyone who is not a fellow Ausfailian will have great difficulty understanding what was said (Indeed, WE even had trouble) so here is our (Best) translation of the video:

Rat: "I heard you were talking shit?"
Zangief: "Huh?"
Rat: "Heard ya been talkin shit"
Zangief: "I wasn't even talking to ya"
-Rat starts punching
CamFaggotA: "He's laughin at ya"
CamFaggotB: "Go richard cuz! Brah [ie: "Bro"] this is gettin sad brah. Here goes, just keep recordin, keep recordin, 
look at that, who's that in the background"
-Zangief grabs rat-
TallFaggot - "fuck off ya fat cunt"
Camfaggots: "Oh!"
-TallFaggot steps up- "Fuckin dickeahd, fuckin kinghit ya"
-Girl- "I think you better back off and leave him because he's going to do that to you as well"

People Who Need Your Love

Chifley College Dunheved Campus - The Beast's Place of Learning
Maple Rd
St Marys North 2760
Phone: 9623 6600 (intl +61296236600)
Fax: 9833 1265
Email: [email protected]

Timothy Jones - Chifley College Dunheved Campus Principal
Phone: (02) 9623 6600
Email: [email protected]

The Rat showing of his puny muscles

Ritchard Gale - The Rat
Facebook: [1]
Bebo: [2]
His msn (according to bebo, need to check if still current): [email protected]

Australian Education Minister Peter (Dancing) Garret
Contact details [3]

Julia Gillard PM Of Australia:
Title: Prime Minister.
Party: Australian Labor Party
Parliament House Contact PO Box 6022 House of Representatives Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6277 7700 Fax: (02) 6273 4100
Electorate Office Contact Werribee Office: Location: Shop 2, 36 Synnot Street Werribee Vic 3030
Postal Address: PO Locked Bag 14 Werribee Vic 3030
Tel: (03) 9742 5800 Fax: (03) 9741 6213
Email Her:

The Rat's Sister Speaks Out

lol i know this is the most interaction you ever get with a female that's not your whore of a mother. but you're boring me, and I have an attractive guy that's not a loser like you, to talk to you. so enough of you now.

and i know this is going to KILL you that you can't respond, which makes it even more funny. haha loser. hang yourself :-D


The Rat's incredibly nice sister with some thoughtful advice for a Failbook friend.

Video Game apperance

Casey can now be seen in the E3 2011 trailer for the video game Saints Row:The Third where he is seen in a Purple hoodie jumping down and then slamming some jew's face into a glass coffee table.


Info non-talk.png Most of these images have yet to be recovered, after the 2011 ED shut-down and recovery. If you have any of the pictures, please re-upload and add them in. Thanks.
The Mighty Casey About missing Pics
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The Lowly Rat About missing Pics
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AcrotomophiliaAddictionAgoraphobiaAlcoholismAlexis Pilkington SyndromeAlzheimer'sAnorexiaAntisocial personality disorderAnthropophobiaAnxietyADDADHDAsperger's SyndromeAutismBimboficationBipolarBorderline personality disorderBug ChasingBulimiaCognitive dissonanceDeep thinkerDepressionDick ImpalementDown's SyndromeDyslexiaEating disorderFactitious disorderFake SchizophreniaFauxlimiaFeminismGender dysphoriaGirl on the Internet SyndromeHeterophobiaHero ComplexHFAHistrionic Personality DisorderHutchence's SyndromeHyperbolimiaInadequacyInconsistent personality disorderInsanityLiberal Butthurt SyndromeLiberalismLow Self-esteem'Missing White Woman' SyndromeMultiple personality disorderNapoleon ComplexNarcissistic personality disorderNeurotypicalObsessive Compulsive DisorderParanoiaParanoid personality disorderPeter Pan SyndromePost-Traumatic Stress DisorderPsychopathyRetardationSchizophreniaSeasonal Affective DisorderSelf-diagnosisSelf InjurySexsomniaSickfuckerySociopathySocial anxiety disorderSpecial Snowflake SyndromeTrolling Induced Transsexuality SyndromeTulpaUnrealistic expectationsVictim complex


AcrotomophiliaAquaphiliaArborphiliaAudiophiliaAutogynephiliaBalloon FetishBestialityCarmen Electra complexCross DressingDollfiliaEmetophiliaEmosexualityEproctophiliaFatty Fetish (Female Fat Admirer) • FetishismFoot FetishFurniture PornFurrismGoo girlGuroHeterophiliaHomophiliaInflation FetishJapanophiliaJungle FeverLesbian pedophiliaLotion PlayMacrophiliaMaiesiophiliaMechanophiliaMpregNecrophiliaObjectophiliaOedipial ComplexParaphiliaPedophiliaPlushophiliaPregnant LoliPregnophiliaQuicksand FetishRangerphiliaSpectrophiliaStatuephiliaTrichophiliaVoraphiliaWet and Messy FetishismWetlookXenophiliaYellow feverZoophilia


Chronic Troll SyndromeDeletionismE-goE-PsychiatristE-PsychiatryETDHivemindI-DosingI have a 140 IQIRC DiseaseImaginary girlfriendInternet Disease & Internet Disease ChartInternet poverty delusionsInternet RehabInternet troll personality disorderMega ultra super geniusNerdy Fandom Gateway TheorySex by associationLulz-BlindnessWikipedia's Greatest Hits Diseases


ask.fmBrainwashingHypnosisMilgram ExperimentScientologyStanford Prison ExperimentThe Hivemind Corollary


Above Top SecretB/Bodies Under SiegeCYOCChatrouletteDefense Industries

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