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Lots of a tasty treats can be found in The Anarchist's Cookbook!
In the 19th century, Anarchy was respectable.

The Anarchist's Cookbook was originally a book made by a hippie as a protest against U.S.A.'s freedom war in Vietnam. The book's answer to U.S. imperialism was basically a bunch of "recipes for social change" that was directions on: How to blow up your hands, get high off of household materials, hack phones, and other such fun activities for leftarded youth to do in the 1970's. The book spawned a pre-internets meme known as "Bananadine". Bananadine was a copy of a hoax from the Berkeley Barb in March 1967 involving a way to get high off of smoking banana peels. Despite this blatant misinformation, thousands of desperate teens have tried and claimed to get high off this for decades. But the biggest thing is, The Anarchist's Cookbook started one of the largest and first underground internet-phenomenas in the days of the old dial-up BBS systems and textfiles that survives to this day.

The Frankenstein of Textfiles

Way back when internet speed was measured in Bauds and computers only had only 32k of ram, black-and green displays and cost thousands, a teenager copied The Anarchist's Cookbook to a textfile. Making textfiles from old media such as Paladin-Press publications and taking sole credit for them was a standard thing done by kids of the 80's. In fact, textfiles were the foundation of the early internets. When The Anarchist's Cookbook was made into a textfile in the mid-80s it became very popular due to it's angst-ridden agenda, drugs, and pyro material; making it perfect for teenage losers. It was spread throughout BBSes and was re-made several times along the way, some of which allegedly by the Temple Of The Screaming Electron (totse). Like a broken telephone this badly re-written manual degraded each time with the addition of more angst, bullshit, and additions to the already obsolete plans each consecutive one changing all the credits to the last author who changed it. In a way it was made the way Wikipedia works: A teenage hivemind of people's failures copied/added to over and over creating a feedback loop of stupid.

It can be known as:

  • "The Anarchist's Cockbook"
  • "BHU's Cookbook"
  • "Pyrotechnics Cookbook"
  • "Xoo's Cookbook"
  • "Jolly Roger Cookbook"
  • "The Terrorist's Cookbook"
  • The Anarchist's Cookbook 2000"
  • "'The Guide to Scientology"
  • "'Can't get no pussy so I do shit like this cookbook'"

To get an idea of the mindset of the authors take a look at this quote from Jolly Roger:

If I ever find out that anyone has omitted my name from

anywhere in these files without my expressed permission, then I will immediately stop doing any updates and I will release your name to as many boards that I can find, urging them to put you on their Black List. I also, will FIND YOU! (I think you can see from the knowledge base contained in this collection that I DO possess the capability! You will wish it were the FEDS and not me!)


—Jolly Roger, on attention whoring for credit and being an internet tough guy

There are probably at least 100 versions of the textfile on the internet now since its first appearance on the internets 20 years ago, but most are have basically the same outdated, inaccurate, dangerous and stupid instructions.

The Anarchist/Pyro Community today

If a website has one of these, the ACB must be on it.

In light of all of the obvious bullshit, errors and overall failure that is The Anarchist's Cookbook, people still are trading the files on various "Anarchy" websites. These sites are made by 13 year old boys that are even stupider than the previous generation of teenagers who originally created them. These kids think Anarchy is not a political philosophy but rather an excuse to do stupid shit at school, vandalize everything, make "Bombs", get high off of raid bugspray, and be overall little douchebags. In Web 1.0 most of these sites were on Geocities with plenty of flaming gifs and spinning skulls. In conclusion, only use The Anarchist's Cookbook if you want a guaranteed way to become an hero. Oh, and remember.....4INFORMATIONALPURPOSEZ ONLY!!!

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