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TheRedSkull pays renetto to get his account back
Jamie thinks he's Dr. Manhattan now
AN Canadian HERO
RedSkull's part-time job

TheRedSkull, AKA Jamie Demeter, is a psychopathic internet tough guy , Greg Solomon fanboy, ED vandal, self-hating homophobic nerd, and a megalomaniacal manchild with delusions of grandeur. It is assumed TheRedSkull became somewhat e-famous after losing an heroic internets battle with the YouTubelebrity Renetto. However in reality, many argue he is notable for his ability to be easily pwned.

Owing over $1,000 to Renetto, TheRedSkull is currently "on the run"—from both Renetto and the Americunt government for war crimes against the Internets. He is somewhat notable for crying over split milk, reading L RON HUBBARD, and getting butthurt over absolutely nothing.

More recently, TheRedSkull has been waging a passive aggressive blitz campaign against the honorable Encyclopedia Dramatica and some phailed troll Tom Serson, as shown here [1]. Moar drama is pending, and basically no one cares but "YOU". It's important to note; in conclusion, Red Skull believes the internet is his personal army, not understanding that he is merely a sociopath of little concern.

TRS on why everybody takes him so seriously.


TheRedSkull on the hunt for "alien technology"


—Jamie Demeter, bad motherfucker

Digger, can you hear me? You Are A Idiot!


—The Grammatically Challenged Theredskull




...the red skull is a douche..he's a nazi basically


Tom Serson

This is a place where I talk about things that are on my mind. Alien technology, government cover-ups, and a variety of other subjects will be discussed here. You may not agree with the things I say but I am perfectly entitled to my opinion. If you disagree make a video response or put it in the comment section...


—Jamie Demeter

The belt and coat James Woods wears in this movie! WHERE CAN I GET IT, ONE OF YOU MUST KNOW, HELP!!!!


—TheRedSkull, on accessorizing

I am the have no idea who the fuck you are dealing with....


—Jamie Demeter, serious fucking business

I do like to joke around, but in reality I am harmless. Any videos I make which are intended to be jokes I will put the word "joke" in the tag.


—TheRedSkull, comedian

Sorry guys, but I'm not sticking around here when people are going after me like this.



you're shit at html, go die!


—Jamie Demeter, to rkane66

I wear a mask, but not to hide my identity, no...



EDiot Research

sorry President who ?

A great deal of personal information can be found when searching the internets for TheRedSkull. Whether it's tracking his IP or contacting the magical "Steve Pheby", it's clear that someone needs to "be very careful what you put on the internet". It is advised that if one were to choose to approach Mr. RedSkull, that they should troll with care. TheRedSkull gets easily upset over spilt milk, and blames everything on 4chan.

TheRedSkull is known to make various sock accounts. He even went as far as to sign up on Encyclopedia Dramatica (several times), with the wacky idea he could somehow erase this article. That idea is obviously pointless, and a waste of time.

Currently, EDiot researchers are working over time to generate their "endgame" report regarding this epic drama saga.


Dork 3: Fell Endgame
Hitler would certainly be proud of a man wearing sewn together red panty hose on his head.
  • TheRedSkull is completely obsessed with himself and his true "identity".
  • Jamie is also known as TheQuestionMarkMan
  • TheRedSkull is trolled by members of YouTube and has a serious case of paranoia.
  • TheRedSkull Is part of Project Looking Glass, and Project MK Ultra Mind Fuck Internet Psychopath.
  • TheRedSkull believes that the government is tracking his every move, because he knows about the "quantum logic gate".
  • According to his clips - "...likes to make little girls cry".
  • YouTube freak Jaikesghost is huge fan of TheRedSkull, and often boasts of sucking Red's 4 in. long (when erect) penis.
  • According to TheRedSkull, he is a freakin' genius and brilliant computer scientist.
  • TheRedSkull is enemy of macgyvergg!
  • Redskulled is desperately seeking James Woods' Bondage jacket from Vampires the motion picture [2].
  • TheRedSkull promises he can find your IP address and DESTROY YOU!
  • MEGALULZ TheRedSkull:"You guys would LOVE to be my friend!".
  • TheRedSkull gets quite angry when others troll him:"fuck you ED!"
  • TheRedSkull is still butthurt over being PWNED for life by DiGGer. History can NOT be rewritten no matter how hard that he tries/cries...though, when we say "PWNED", we mean, "reported to YouTube so that account suspension would occur". Thus denying us further lulz. Damn.
* In German, TheRedSkull's name would be 'Roter Totenschädel', 'Roter Schädel' or 'Roter Fagen Totenkopf'


fucking scary, TheRedSkull actually wrote this in a video
exhibit A: Zionistacat Violated by TheRedSkull
wait isn't the book called "My Struggle" ?
  • TheRedSkull has claimed on at least three occasions that he has an e-stiffy for Zionistacat.
  • TheRedSkull directed the Google Video Epic "Fell Endgame", and "Fell Endgame Deleted Scene".
  • Often claims to have various e-nemies and stalkers.
  • According to his stickam profile hates, "Haters. People who think they are trying to teach someone a lesson. Hypocrites..."
  • Wears a mask because he doesn't like people making TheRedSkull look stupid
  • Swears he will never post to YouTube again, after being blacklisted by Renetto. (which became a lie, rather fast)
  • Often threatens members of video sharing sites.
  • TheRedSkull went after one of his critics, Rkane. To accomplish this, he decided to upload a clip where he revealed what he thought was Rkane's personal information but which really belonged to an elderly couple. "FAIL"

Unfortunately, he didn't bother to check his references and gave out the wrong phone number. PRO-TIP:call the number and give the person on the phone all of your information about TheRedSkull.

  • TheRedSkull and themaskedanalyst were once locked into an intense battle. This video best summarizes the conflict: Sadly Theredskull DMCA'd these videos. :(


TheRedskull's Blog Resurrected from Blogger Cache System


UPDATE :TheRedSkull admits to writing the Nazi Blog during his #arbchat
UPDATE :TheRedSkull admits to saying he is going to rape renetto's wife during #arbchat

The Full TL;DR Arbchat Transcript can be found here

[01:57] <Zenophile808> renetto said he doesn't want your 
money cos you are crazy in the head and post death 
threats and "i have a cock full of AIDS CUM on peoples pages
[01:57] <TheRedSkull> LOL!
[01:58] <TheRedSkull> yeah I imagine that probably 
freaked renetto!
[01:58] <Zenophile808> which you do - and you 
were mister weir i saw your solomon video
[01:58] <TheRedSkull> Oh yeah the Greg Solomons 
Microwave cooker
[01:58] <Zenophile808> it was lame
[01:58] <TheRedSkull> really? I thought it had 
some humor to it
[02:25] <Zenophile808> and your white power 
"i want to kill everyone - blacks, jews, 
women the disable etc " 
blog is quite thought provoking
[02:26] <TheRedSkull> thought provoking, interesting 
choice of words
[02:26] <Zenophile808> did you enjoy writing your blog?
[02:26] <Zenophile808>
[02:27] <TheRedSkull> I feel some what remorse
[02:27] <Zenophile808> - the blog is not bogus - 
[02:28] <Zenophile808> why do you want to kill disable 
blacks jews homosexuals?

Embeds to think about

Previous Faggotry of TheRedSkull

Jamie makes a Batman suit.JPG

Before YouTube, TheRedSkull was regularly pwned and laughed at on the Gotham Public Works forums --where he failed to make any friends, but entertained us by being the most pathetic person we had ever had the misfortune to see sign up on the boards.

When he was not threatening suicide, he was asking for people's addresses so that he could beat them up in real life after they had owned him. He would also talk about how he enjoyed masturbating while wearing his granny's panties, as well as putting dildos up his ass. Finally, he would also talk, quite frequently, about the videos he made of himself playing with his dog's balls.

General Opinion of users of Forum

"before you (redskull) open your mouth to say something retarded which is going to result in me having to hurt your (redskull) feelings which will in-turn result you (redskull) posting either...A. Suicide Threat.....B. Leaving the boards....again....C. Asking me for my RL address because someone owned you on an internet board."
Typical Posts by TheRedSkull
"After too much bull shit, I am now going to kill myself! Bye bye world!" -- another suicide threat
"threads about RedJay and Syringed having anal bum sex?" - peoples impression of TheRedSkull
"if you guys pwn me and chase me off the boards again, then Joker will say "hmmmm, time to wait for the next Redskull suicide threat thread."
"I can't help that I'm a douche bag! Im serious! People like you are the best. Once again, forgive me for being a pathetic loser!!!! Maybe oneday I can give up my fetish for little boys!!!"
"the video of me playing with my dogs balls rules! I think it got taken down tho! Never worry! I took tons of footage!" --- TheRedSkull sexual pestering of his dog
"You wanna come over and dog ball rub with me sometime? You the only one here who understands me! Hold me!"
"Its gonna be awesome to see it! It's not everyday you get to see a man rubbing his pooches balls! It takes alot of skill to be a dog ball rubber! "
"I hope they release the video of me touching my dogs genetals! I love that one!"

"Thats awesome!!! I wish I had a real man!"
"I'm gay. I wear my grandmas panties. I rub my dogs balls.I listen to Yanni religiously. Man I RULE!!!!"
"Well if you guys like the spam, then DONT elect me as moderator, but if you want it gone, make me it, I promise to remove the slime and filth from these forums!!!" --- TheRedSkull trying to blackmail the forum into making him a moderator after he spammed the board for a while
"I have been taking pico-salex to clear out my bowels for a colonoscopy I am having tommarrow...ill keep you guys posted about what does it make me have the runs... --- TheRedSkull discussing his bowels with the internet
"everytime I see Edward Norton I thank god im a man! Yummy!!!"
"doesnt listen when I keep telling him, I did kill myself, but was brought back to life by a space ship!!!"
"I never made sense of me masturbating with peanut butter while wearing a raincoat and fishnets either! no worries!"
"Ok muther fucker, dont talk about my mom, you think you have seen me at my worst, believe me you havent. Ill let you make jokes about me, but the second you start bad mouthing my mom, is the time I start planning your death" --- death threats from TheRedSkull
"i went to a dildo convention. They threw me out tho! they didn't like me climbing on tables sticking random things up my ass."
"Do you guys have any naked gay biker pics? I have tons if anybody's interested!"
"I want you guys to eat the poop that comes dripping slowly out of my butt!"
"anyone got the link to young boys in heat???"
"anyone got the link to"
"Holy crap I just had a brilliant idea!! No one wants me around!!! Wouldn't it be great if I just went away permanently??? Don't worry. Soon as my man gets back from Europe, I will. I'll be to busy taking it up the poop shoot to talk to you people!!!"
"I hate to be off topic, but does any of our guys out there need a blow job??????"
"i will say this...I love the cock!!!"
"does anyone have a spare butt plug laying around? i lost my pacifier!"
"You wanna see my "special" movie???? It's called "Chugging the Cock""
"Screw this topic!!! I want cock and only cock!!!"
"I have a 13 year old mentality and a serious learning disability. Did I mention antisocial?"
"I have made threats on here before and I followed through with them. now i'm gonna threaten you with this! from now on I will jerk off in my grandmas panties while smearing myself with ketchup. Hows that for a threat!"
"Poppies, I can't help that I'm a douche bag! Im serious! People like you are the best. Once again, forgive me for being a pathetic loser!!!! Maybe one day I can give up my fetish for little boys!!!"
"I like it in the rear!!! What can I say, I'm a taker!!!"
"I don't like girlz!! I chug the c#*k!!! I can't get enough!!!"
"I need a boyfriend! Who wants the old Redskull?"
"managed to use a proxy server to get back onto a forum I was banned from! Man am I happy now, because I can say and do what I want on there, and those guys can bann me all they like and ill keep coming"
"Some of my costumes (!!! I want some of that action!!! I've always had a thing for the Riddler!!! What a sexpot!!!"
"I don't back up what I say huh? about then you give me your home address then if your so tough. I guess you should have nothing to be afriad of then, huh? Waiting...waiting...WAITING!!! Exactly you comment "Coward" is very valid!"
"GPW Harley, whats your home phone number...or better yet, where do you live and when are you usually home"
"Things are going bad up here, natives are starting to look like muslim terrorists and ill be damned if I will be killed in the way most hostages are by those savages. If worst comes to worst, I got my handy shotgun, rifle, semi-automatic, and 39mm to keep me company"
"The person in the video is a loser, theres a reason people like me exist and its to exterminate people like that. But because "some" people made these dumb things called laws, then suddenly it was wrong to take people like that out"
"Don't worry, when all is said and done, and every human on this planet is dead, you will hear all the women in existence pleading with men to forgive them of there actions towards us. Thats why men get to heaven...women dont!And in hell, people like me run the show, so you can imagine what me and the rest of the rulers are going to do them"
"If there is one thing I can't stand, one thing I hate above all others, is women complaining. On and on and on I hear women complain: sexism, racism, he attacked me, on and on and on."
"I always fancied myself as a pretty good Huntress! My boyfriend would really love it as well! He get's sooo excited when I wear tight, naughty things! I'm getting all flushed just thinking about it! Whew!"
"Make a phony id and blaim it on TheRedSkull!"
"In humans, soft poop is really one long, mostly continuous sausage before it comes out. It gets its "link" look because we tend to pinch off lengths of it with the anal sphincter as the poop emerges. If a person pinches hard enough, the poop separates into several turd units. If the person doesn't pinch that hard, the turds may stay connected. If you can remain sufficiently relaxed, you can produce an awesomely long poop that will coil up inside the toilet. "
"Right now, I am working on an experimental space craft which will (hopefully) travel faster then light. The idea behind this is to travel using unconventional means. So for example if I was going to travel to the mall I would have to travel the distance, but what I am trying to do is actually shorten the distance somehow...personally I don't care if the laws of nature says it can't be done. I will break the laws of nature!"

TheRedSkull Responds

While checking out my article I noticed someone from GPW posted stuff about me. Let me explain. Yes I was on that site however when I was banned, I came back under proxies. The moderator of the site saw fit to edit every one of my posts to detract me from visiting. Go ask him your self at under the named GPW Batman. If he is truthful he will tell you what he did. But then I guess thats what ED and its users are all about right? Incorrect info  — Preceding comment added by theredskull (talkcontribs), who is too much of a fucking retard to sign their own posts. IT'S FOUR TILDES (~~~~), NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!


TheRedSkull Proves His Computer Illiteracy!

While his screen is displaying every character possible, Detective Jamie tracks down the "æ", thereby proving that ED hacked his computer.

In a TL;DW video on the LiveVideo site, TheRedSkull shows how he understands neither the Internets nor computers, as he blames ED for for "sending him a virus" from the site. He attempts to "prove" this by booting up the infected computer and dragging the now near comatose viewer around the screen filled with blocks and characters to point out the "æ logo". What he fails to realize, and thus point out, is that the majority of the characters on the screen are generated by the ALT key in conjunction with a numeric sequence from the numeric pad (that of the "logo" being Alt+145). In short, it proves nothing since, by RedSkull's dubious "logic" the musical note symbol could have been placed there by any number of online music sites that gave him "teh haxxorz virus! Oh noes!". Not only is his claim preposterous, but he then continues to bring the lulz by imploring people OVER AND OVER to "not go to ED", "Do NOT try to talk to these people" for the rest of the pedantic video, which only serves to highlight his level of butthurt. naturally, he conveniently leaves out the fact that he could just remove the drive and take it to any tech shack and have it reformatted and get the fuck over himself.

Digger "and" apology?

"so I owe Digger and apology? Remember now ED came after me first, tma came after me first, zeno you and all the others including Digger, came after me first, so no. I don't owe any of you an apology, its the other way around. You people actually OWE me my account back. I firmly believe all my attacks have been just. You guys have just been so wrong with me, trying to figure out what accounts belong to me and what others don't, its so sad and pathetic, and you have never owned up to how wrong you have been with me. Remember you FIRMLY believed I was theonetheycallgod and you threatened to do a full disclosure on me? I was completely innocent in that case and even totcg wasn't even doing anything that bad. He was light heartily trolling Digger. Digger is just a complete psychopath, as evident with his response to me. But I have been very right with you. But just be honest, own up to it. email me at [email protected] and tell the truth. Big crystal balls? uh Roo? Well I don't recall speaking about that person. You say its only the internet, its a little different when you call me at 4 in the morning or I see all my work gone because of you people. I am right, and you are wrong."

TheRedSkull Joins Facebook

Wanna play Mafia Wars?

Not getting enough RedSkull in your diet since his latest YouTube ban? Well friend, now you can get a hold of Jamie through his brand new Facebook. The Facebook is currently hidden, but occasionally gets un-privated when Jamie wants to send a veiled threat or two.

Jamie fb threat 1.JPG

TheRedSkull's Greatest Hits

TheRedSkull Gallery of Failure About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

TheRedSkull Draws

YOU have a heart...but not everyone else does
This one is called "enemy". Moar liek "enema" amirite?

Jamie Demeter is a man of many talents. After a long hard day of playing Quake and/or getting trolled, he likes to relax by drawing some of the bizarre things that he thinks about in daily life. Jamie has honed his talents over the years now, and has amassed quite an impressive portfolio of sketchs and shoops. Here's a sampling of some of the fine works he has on display on his website.

Out of all of Jamie's exquisite masterpieces, nothing even comes close to the self-portrait collage he did of himself to commemorate his glorious rise to power as the webmaster of his own fucking Mortal Kombat website. Nothing epitomizes his unwarranted self importance quite like this, the Holy Grail of all RedSkull memorabilia. Behold, "The Webmaster":

The most incredible self shoop ever made.jpg

And now, thanks to the magic of the ReoCities project, you can visit Jamie's old Mortal Kombat website just as it appeared in 1998-2008. Although many of the images have not yet been restored, most of them can be found in the Internet Archive.

A Real Canadian Hero

Don't ask, don't tell
Ages 5 & up

Recently TheRedSkull has crawled out of the shadows and resurfaced once again on YouTube. This time with another master plan of getting revenge on the "stalkers and haters", and trying to reclaim what little dignity he once had. As usual, his plans are beginning to blow up in his face, again. Although he intended to illustrate to people what a poor, innocent victim of circumstance he is, instead he's unintentionally revealing to them what a complete and utter faggot he truly is. As e-detectives begin digging on Jamie again, what they've found can only be described as LOL. You see, when Jamie isn't busy making shitty drawings, sewing red panty hose into super-hero masks, or blogging about his pixilated philosophies, what he likes to do instead with his spare time is collect dollies.


Right now Jamie is actively on the hunt for some very special dollies. He's put the word out on the internet street that he's gunning for "Decimator", and "Gung Ho". His quest: to acquire the gayest G.I. Joe figures ever made.

Redskull looking for GIJOE dolly.JPG

I can think of worse things to do with ones spare time besides collecting figures as a hobby


—Jamie Demeter, dolly collector

TheRedSkull: Definitely Not Gay

Q: What 26 year old guy makes a tribute video to Patrick fucking Swayze?
A: A gay one.

Up until now, TheRedSkull's sexuality has been questionable at best. Sure he likes to wear red pantyhose on his head, make Batman suits out of spandex and rubber, play with muscular dollies, and draw bi-curious robots, but does that make him gay? No. What makes him gay is this: not one, not five, not nine, but TWENTY motherfucking tribute videos to musclebound mighty men of valor on his YouTube Favicon.png DemeterPictures channel, complete with several blatant shots of full-screen man-ass. Have a look:

Don't Trust Them Demons!

Despite being well-known for a lengthy shitstain of self-ownage and ruin on the internet, something a lot of people don't know is that Jamie has more than just a passive belief in the occult, Demonology, and cult rituals as well. This includes an extreme paranoia of demons, a belief that interdimensional demons can be summoned at will, and beliefs concerning rituals and possession. Now Jamie has always had a distinct penchant for theatrics, having made great effort over the years to portray himself in the midst of a supposed non-existent battle of "Good vs. Evil" (his actual words) with ED and his "haters" (not one to shy from invoking Godwin either). The following is an email Jamie mistakenly sent to an editor during correspondence, it depicts his pronounced detachment from reality, and just how crazy in the head this man really is...

Contact Info



[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Instant Messengers:

ICQ: 19876801

See also

in case you forgot who you're reading about

External Links

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[3]-Current YT channel,comments locked.

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Closed Acounts:

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