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The New Mystery Man on YouTube

TheQuestionmarkman (not to be confused with Epic Fail Guy) is a relatively "new" character on YouTube, but is better known laughed at as TheRedSkull. There has been some kooks on YouTube in the past, but this guy takes unwarranted self importance and faggotry to a whole new level. With his "V for Vendetta" Guy Fawkes mask, his Cobra Commander voice-changer, and his Dracula cape he sets out on a Holy Crusade to cleanse YouTube.

Can You Guess Who I Am Yet? - YES!!

TheQuestionMarkMan Asks Questions

everyone at ED is very worried about TheRedSkull / TheQuestionMarkMan

"Who is he?, The Red Skull? powerword removed?? - What is He? - Where is He?" are the catch phrases he starts out his videos with. Very mysterious indeed! Here's the quick and easy answers:

1) Who is he? - He's (AKA theredskull)
2) What is he? - He's a psychopath, with multiple personality disorder and delusions of grandeur
3) Where is he? - Canada

TheQuestionMarkMan Wants the Fapping on YouTube To Stop

TheQuestionMarkMan showing Us what HE does when he watches YouTube videos

TheQuestionMarkMan isn't pulling any punches when it comes to women. He'll fight any woman, anywhere, anytime, for any reason. In fact, he doesn't even need a reason. He's made it quite clear that the women on YouTube have been way too slutty for his delicate sensibilities. And he has stated, in no uncertain terms, that "he and others like him will not come to their aid when they get stalked," because he's a hero.

"The majority of people masturbate to these women"


TheQuestionmarkman Stands For Truth, Justice, and Pedophilia

Ironically, although he's completely against masturbating on YouTube, he's very much in favor of masturbating to 16 year old girls on Stickam. Which makes him not only a hypocrite, but a pedophile hypocrite. Here's a screen shot of his friends page on Stickam:

actually he only blocks you if you call him Jamie or redskull

TheQuestionMarkMan Does Card Tricks

TheQuestionMarkMan asks for one more page on ED please! - he loves the attention
Noone can forget Fell-End Game DELETED SCENE - ironically due to forgotten password - you can AND must watch this epic on Google video

Strangely, TheQuestionMarkMan seems to have something against Renetto. It's almost as if he owes him a thousand dollars and a video camera, or something. Very Mysterious!



Others Speculate On His Identity

The irony in many YouTubers believing TheQuestionMarkMan is Gregsolomon, is that TheRedSkull is the biggest Solomon-Fanboy, proclaiming his loves for Gregsolomon at every opportunity - and mimicking his every move, gesture and intonation pattern.

Stealing Catchphrases from Fellow YouTube Troll : themaskedanalyst

Some have suggested that TheQuestionMarkMan is themaskedanalyst, due to his intentionally plagiarized catch phrase, "under and in". Others have suggested that it's Greg Solomon, due to the deliberately mimicked pomposity. But the body language, the backdrop, the mannerisms, and the theatrics all make it perfectly clear. This is TheRedSkull - ED's bitch.

Despite being mistaken that is it Gregsolomon YouTube users do have the right idea about TheQuestionMarkMan and TheRedSkull
Themaskedanalyst is pissed off TheQuestionMarkMan stole his catch phrase but has no idea who it really is
TheRedSkull denies the OBVIOUS!
He means LIES


YouTube users comment on the Drama

Oh Shit, They're On To Me

dance til you make 1K for renetto

So I'll just adjust the feedback on my Cobra Commander voice-changer, and they'll never know!

Cover Story

In yet another feeble attempt to deny that TheQuestionMarkman is indeed TheRedSkull, TheRedSkull records a video proposing a "battle of the titans" between himself, his other self TheQuestionmarkMan, and TheGreySkull his other "creation" who is considered to be his brother or perhaps his friend who produced the notable lackluster performance in FELL ENDGAME - DELETED SCENE.

The result of this "battle" was to decide who was supposed to stay at YouTube, and who was supposed to go to LiveVideo, AKA THE PROMISED LAND. However what eventually occurred due to persistent dox dropping on the mysterious Steve Pheby, was that all accounts belonging to TheRedSkull were permabanned - including TheQuestionMarkMan and TheOneSpirit

  • the "battle of the titans" never occurred (shocking), but JD has since picked up his toys, and hightailed it to The Promised Land nonetheless.

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