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TheMarySue's brilliant reaction to our Gen Zed article
Ample busom, tiny waist, big ass, this must be Brianna Wu's version of feminism.
TheMarySue's new logo.

TheMarySue is a clickbait shilling feminazi hellhole written for hysterical slacktivists, who watch TV all day - but never the news, by butterfaced scam artists and pedophiles who are as fat as they are deranged, ran by male feminists who keep the woman in check, and owned by a racist millionaire who makes his money by clickbaiting women like sheep with a network of websites about shoes, gossip and fashion with one hand, and with his other hand clickbaiting the rabid feminazis who call all that stuff a product of "the patriarchy" like even dumber sheep, using TheMarySue (on the very same network!).

The site itself is like Jezebel but with 1/10th of the readership, and has been involved in various dramas including (but not limited to): Getting involved in GamerGate, hiring Sarah Butts as a writer and then pretending it never happened when he was exposed as a pedophile, trying to blackmail Game of Thrones into feminism, going on the news to complain that one of their editors was raped by GTA V, running a smear campaign against Joss Whedon, trying to give Samus Aran gender reassignment surgery with the help of Brianna Wu and one of their editors being involved in a crowd-funding scam that boarders on criminal fraud.

Truly, it is a moniker of journalism.

Were you looking for Mary Sue ?

The Owner

Obviously the owner is a Jew, that much would be transparent to anyone without even having to check, but did you know that owner is also a straight white wealthy man? Well he is. This pillar of the patriarchy (named Dan Abrams) became famous for covering the OJ Simpson Trial and immediately reporting he was guilty because of his shoes and not because he was black, honestly. Before calling black people guilty without any evidence what-so-ever he was a member of Delta Tau Delta at Duke University. Yes, the Duke University that's infamous for its almost comical amount of rape cases.

So there you have it, the progressive, feminist website that is "TheMarySue" is owned and run by a white, rich, racist, privileged patriarch.

Dan Abrams Man Of The Common People.jpg
Almost $3000 worth of clothing to go play.

Abrams Media

[This site] is about appreciating the celebrity of the media and plays into the vanity of these individuals.


—Managing editor of Abrams Media's flagship site, explaining how the network makes its money by pandering to vain idiots.

"Abrams Media" is Dan's site network that was started after his actual journalism career fizzled away into nothingness (he was so shitty he actually lost his time slot to Rachel Maddow) and he needed some way to keep making dough. As Dan's own managing editor states, it revolves around pandering to morons for clicks and contains sites about fashion, gossip and lifestyle. As you can tell, these are all topics that only interest women because only women are gullible enough to care about this nonsense and give him money for it. Abrams Media used to include a sports site and a nerd site, but because men are too smart to fall for this shit, the sports site ended up being sold off to someone else and the nerd culture site, "Geekosystem", was engulfed into TMS and all its staff was quietly faded out after Dan realized that the only demographic of women he has yet to cynically exploit for money is credulous and hysterical feminists (with the ones obsessed with entertainment and celebrity being the biggest suckers of the bunch).

To date, no one at TheMarySue has noticed the irony of their feminist site being part of a network owned by a guy who regularly writes for "Men's Health" (their site is an infamous MRA hangout) and whose site collective makes money by treating women like stupid Barbie dolls, with feminists who think they're above all that being just another flavor of dumb whores.

The Site

Classic TMS. Oh hey remember that time they wrote an "insightful" article about Street Fighter III?, and proceeded to act like every stupid faggot you'd see and wish to punch their teeth out on such classic video gaming communities like Gamefaqs and Screwattack?

"TheMarySue" was created as a later addition to Dan's online "media empire" after Geekosystem failed to make money and he felt he needed a site that would be to Abrams Media what Jezebel is to Gawker. And much like Gawker openly degrades women by doing things like publishing peephole videos of them and mocking a congresswoman's hairy vagina, while at the same time running Jezebel to exploit the same radfems who oppose all that by feeding into their jealousy and insecurities (seriously, one of their former writers admitted it... you can read all about it in our article), so does Abrams Media shamelessly patronize women with a string of sites about shoes and boys, while TMS cynically profits (or at least tries and fails to) from manufactured feminist outrage over the sort of things every other one of Dan's sites does.

The site itself is staffed by unskilled hacks whose journalistic standards include writing for and about their friends (when they aren't writing hundreds of summaries for 20-year-old TV show episodes in an attempt to drive up clicks), promoting projects they stand to make money from and showing their utmost professionalism when using their writer's bio to pimp their Patreon because TheMarySue probably pays them in strap-on dildos. Oh, and the person who seems to be running the show is, of course, a white dude, while most of the women on staff have been relegated to being his assistants. They write shitty articles about feminism in movies, TV and (occasionally) video games. However, since you can't finish a game by sitting on your ass and eating bonbons, there are fewer gaming articles on TMS since none of the staff has ever gotten past level 1 of any game except for Bubble Witch, so the articles they do write are about games they didn't actually play but are nevertheless outraged by. TheMarySue will also be happy to create overblown levels of sensationalist garbage to attract attention and increase viewercount; back when TV Tropes was getting gutted by facists, racists, and cockjerking nepotists of a userbase over rape tropes, TMS was also all too happy to cite Sarahlicity, a nasty boy to girl tranny rotter notorious in the past for being an underage b& sex hunting Wiki Nazi under the name Sceptre, his fucktard shit garbage two faced faux progressive minded garbage, and Something Awful to get some attention on pedophilia on how TV Tropes "wasn't feminine enough". While we of ED understand that no young human would ever like it up the pooper HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS, and that there were users on TT that were arguing their sides of being assraped, everyone in this case loses, and TMS is still a biased bitter hag venting column turned news site.

As for the site's content, it revolves around mundane nonsense painted with a radfem brush for women too lazy and stupid to do any kind of activism that requires getting off their couch and care less about rape and murder in Sudan than they do about an off-color joke made by Jonah Hill on Twitter. Furthermore, fact checking on TMS is a foreign concept, or rather, facts are checked, ignored and new facts are made up in their stead, and the site's logo is an over-sexualized woman doing the "Look at my ass and tits at the same time" pose and wearing copyrighted outfits that TMS later tries to illegally sell to their readership, all of whom are too fat to ever resemble their logo. Best of all, it features the evidence that both male and female gamers, especially the douchebag strangle with their console's/PC's cords kind that showcase their "snarky" and "witty" lip and mouthshit whenever they find something "weird" about a game's content (CHECK YOUR PRIVELEGE, YOU FIRST WORLD, COCK JOCKEYING, DICK EATING, BIMBO BRAINED, GOLDDIGGING, CUNT RENTING, HAGGY, FAGGOTASS, SUBURBAN, RUN OF THE MILL WHITEWASHED GIRL TRASH) because they're too busy pretending to be smart and accepting than actually being smart and accepting (lol power starved geek social outcast hypocrisy at its best) are pretty much all the same.

Thanks to all this, hardly anyone cares about TMS at all. In fact, this article is bordering on pity publicity. TMS is so amazingly irreverent that it doesn't even have its own Wikipedia page and, while Geekosystem's TOW page at least shows up on a google search as part of Dan's article despite being debunked, TMS doesn't even get that. The site also brandishes a YouTube channel that is so derelict many of the (months old) videos have not even hit triple digits on their view-count and one of their staffers even admitted on Twitter that most of the site's traffic actually comes from r/TumblrInAction (use, you retards).

The Staff

Now Hiring.


—TheMarySue, every other weekend (people without white guilt need not apply)

Teresa Jusino - Assistant Editor

Dan Abrams - Owner Rich patriarch, taking advantage of women's stupidity.
Jill Pantozzi - Editor in Chief (Quit) Had to apologize after Rachel Kolb pissed off trannys by telling them a children's cartoon is not out to get them. Removed the word "Feminist" from the site's tagline and had to deal with the retarded backlash. The cunt recently fucking quit.
Susana Polo - Editor at Large (Quit) Only positive thing she's done is being involved in helping call the party van on Larry Sanger. Founded the site and then quit to go work for either VOX or Polygon.
Sam Maggs - Assistant Editor (Quit) Famous for being on the news after she was raped by GTA V.
Alanna Bennett - Weekend Editor (Quit) Got a better job at Buzzfeed, where she gets paid in watermelon.
Emily Gagne - Weekend Editor (????) Listed on the staff page as the weekend editor, but not on her profile. Hasn't written anything since June and her position is currently shared between her, Jessica Lachenal and a "Help Wanted" poster... Probably quit. Used to have a shitty blog where she pretended that Jason Segel was her boyfriend. She also wrote how her vagina was open to a lot of other celebrities and how funny it is to fuck MILFs
Charline Jao - Associate Editor (????) Listed on the staff page as the associate editor, but not on her profile. Hasn't written anything since September... Probably quit.
Nobody - Weekend Editor (No one wants this job) Currently seeking.
Nobody - Senior Editor (Can't find one) Currently seeking.
Nobody - Various other positions (Everyone quit) At the moment they've lost 4 staff members in six months and no one wants to work there.
Dan Van Winkle - Editor Despite being one of the only men who write regularly for TMS (if not the only one), he's the editor and (judging by the way he's most active on most days) probably running the show. All the people who are listed as out-ranking him have long since quit the site. He's a balding beta with a GamerGate obsession.
Carolyn Cox - Editor Writes her stories by making them up.
Maddy Myers - Editor Left  assistant editor position at PasteGame after the GameJournoPro exposure and moved to TMS. Mostly there to promote the kickstarters of feminazi "documentaries" that she appears in (and might be getting paid for) about how gaming sucks and all gamers are rapists like "GTFO" and "Why are you so angry" (created by a male feminist who's literally being cucked by his girlfriend). Notable for making shitty Twine games and an infamous blog post about how she went to a gaming convention and spent her time yelling at people, interrupting drunk dates and finding all guys there creepy (it's a gaming convention, what did you expect?).
Teresa Jusino - Assistant Editor Fat spic who uses the site to run racketeering scams and her bio on the site to beg people to donate to her Patreon, where she gets $10 for every "story" she posts on her blog because it comes with gross pictures of her that the 5 fatty fetishists who donate to her can fap to. She made a Instagram post on August 20, 2018 detailing her worthless opinion with the ED article and calling the person who put her name in racist, sexist, and "fatphobic". There's no such thing as fatphobic, honey. You made yourself that way and it's unhealthy. Better get to eating those salads before you die of a heart attack and become known for being a unsuccessful piece of shit. Oh wait, you already are, cause nobody has cared for this shit for over a year.
Jessica Lachenal - Assistant Editor Filling in as the weekend editor until they find someone who's actually competent (it's TMS so they never will). Wrote for Shanley Kane's site. Fat and has a snaggletooth.
Sarah Butts - Guest writer Known tranny pedophile that they deny ever wrote for them.
Brianna Wu - Guest writer Known tranny serial rapist who wrote for them about Samus being a tranny.
Anita Sarkeesian - Guest writer Known scam artist who wrote about how she is not a scam artist.
Sam Riedel - Social Media These guys can't find an editor to work for them but they pay someone to run their Twitter?
Alec Bernal - Digital Video Producer Their videos get literally 30 views in 3 months (not making this up). I think this guy just died and someone forgot to tell them.
Julia Alexander - Contributor/Guest writer Stupid dyke bitch and main entertainment reporter for Polygon who's known for making smear articles and hit pieces
Everyone Else - Dispensable idiots There are probably a few more lolcows in their ranks but, since hardly anyone stays there for more than one article (or ten articles about ten episodes of one old, show) and half the people listed as staff already quit, it's impossible to tell who is who and who even matters (nobody). On top of that, the article listings for people who have been involved in controversy seem suspiciously empty and, judging by the way they handled the Butts situation, might have been purged.

As you can tell, TMS is a revolving door of hacks. They have lost 4 staffers in the last six months, and god knows how many more in the past few years. A lookup on LinkedIn reveals an endless supply of former editors and most of the people listed as senior staff don't even work there anymore and have moved on to open their own blogs, as the site posts "Help Wanted" all over the web in search of replacements who will work for cheaper. One third of the articles are written either by one-timers or by people who give reviews of individual episodes of shows from the 90s (what is up with that?), while the other two thirds are all written by a handful of editors who do all the grunt-work like common shlubs.

The writers/editors/etc themselves are all fat, ugly feminazis and usually trannys. Most of them are both scam artists and lolcows with long Internet careers of writing hysterical blogs about being raped by men brushing up against them. The best example of this is Sam Maggs who became famous thanks to this video of her claiming to have been cyber-raped by GTA V:

Maggs later admitted she makes money from harassment and thanked the reporter who asked her about it at some feminazi panel that she was holding at a comic convention for being the only person with a penis who bothered to attend this turd (not including all the trannys I guess)... unbeknownst to her, the guy was an 8chan /co/mrade who recorded everything.

The Comment Section

Anything that amounts to “ugh the gays,” “ugh liberals,” “ugh, fangirls,” etc.


—Reasons for insta-ban on TMS comment section, note "ugh conservatives" is not on that list.

What commenting on TMS is like

TMS's comment section is an Orwellian nightmare.
Posts by the site's staff, their friends and the article's subjects are hoisted up to the featured comment position, while anyone who displays "wrongthink" and criticized feminism or comments in any way on a woman's appearance (saying they're fat is fat shaming, skinny is judging them by their looks and sexy is objectifying... all of these are okay for men tho) is immediately banned for riling up the sheep.

Needless to say, their comment section is the perfect place for some old school trolling, where you pretend to be a friendly idiot and start endless flame wars because, while the guidelines of the site ask readers to just report shit, the userbase is too hysterical not to engage people in pointless arguments and if the report button is abused enough that the admins don't know what's what.

Have fun.

Proud Moments in the History of "TheMarySue"

Complaining about a Pokémon Demo

Someone who wrote for them admits most of their traffic comes from troll subreddits who only go there to laugh at them.

After Game Freak released Pokémon X and Y, several elite Trainers from all corners of Smogon started to furiously masturbate onto their 3DSs in protest to being sold shit games. To keep the autists occupied while the company half-assed the 3D effects of only part of the game, Game Freak released a demo for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which had exclusive preview content that you could transfer to your main games. The new ones that you still had to spend $50 on...after you play the same mission nineteen hundred times over...

TheMarySue, full of casuals that needed to know what to expect from an 18 year old copypasta, played the demo and noticed that the player could only be a shota and not delicious loli, and that the player had more gameplay than the partner who mostly only healed you (because it was a fucking demo and that part wasn't finished yet). To arms the feminists went, trying to cleverly coin a new phrase "Quiet Misogyny," AKA misogyny that doesn't intentional. AKA misogyny not made out of hatred towards women. AKA misogyny that is not misogyny. Wut.

After a few chuckles from the rest of the Internet over how ridiculous the idea of this was, pants were shat when ultra-beta Joss Whedon, still desperate to win back the approval of any feminist site that criticizes him (which TMS did, making him their bitch), unironically used the phrase to describe the "lack of" female superheroes, demonstrating that rich retards are still retards. It's your fault that Squirrel Girl and Female Thor aren't blockbusters, you sexist pig, and you should feel ashamed about that. Don't pay any attention to the fact that Joss's most recent movie has an all-star cast of five sausages and one doughnut, it's everyone else that's the problem (classic Whedon, btw).

Hiring Sarah Butts (and then pretending it never happened)

While nobody cared about TMS up until a year ago, now, thanks to GamerGate, they almost (sort of) care... kinda.

TMS is notable for taking part in the infamous "Gamers Are Dead" debacle that helped make GamerGate happen, and their continual involvement in the shitstorm. Thanks in part to their editor, Dan Van Winkle, being a beta male-feminist who's obsessed with GG (yes, the person who cares most about this isn't even a woman). However, their most prominent GG commentator was, of course, Sarah Butts.

If you don't feel like watching this video (even though you really should) and don't know who "Butts" is, here's a quick summary:

Sarah Butts is a pedophile tranny who spent years pining for his 8 year old cousin and taking creepy pictures of her while substituting getting a job for running a site profiting off piracy, shaking down his users for money and committing tax fraud. He became notable when becoming obsessed with GamerGate and spending every waking moment on Twitter stalking them. As part of his efforts he signed up as a contributor to TMS and published a number of hilariously bad articles on the site.

It all came to a head when, after picking a fight with 8chan's /baphomet/ and Encyclopedia Dramatica by trying to shut them down with false accusations of pedophilia and reporting our various accounts, he was doxed and chatlogs from his IRC were leaked to the public, proving he himself was (and is) a pedophile.


When this became known, TMS didn't own up to their mistake, but instead tried to pretend it never happened. Claiming that Sarah never wrote for them at all, despite the fact evidence of him writing there are still online and in plain view. When confronted with this, TMS tried to claim it is all a coincidence and it must have been some other person who calls himself Sarah Butts and is obsessed with GamerGate.

After Butts was kicked out of TMS, Leigh Alexander was fired from Gamasutra and Brandon Boyer (another anti-gamergater who exchanged sex for letting people win at various award shows) was removed as head of the IGF and kicked out of BoingBoing, they all played musical chairs as Leigh became editor of a BoingBoing offshoot and hired Sarah... They are all currently begging people for money online and Sarah remains as a mark of shame on TMS (more so than their usual stuff).

Slapfight with Joss Whedon

It all started when TMS made this tweet:


While constantly whining about objectification, TMS didn't have a problem tweeting out about how they love fingering themselves to videos of Chris Pratt shirtless, something Joss Whedon was quick to point out... LOL! JUST KIDDING. Whedon solidified his position as feminism's bitch by complaining that Pratt's co-star (who had all her clothes on in this trailer) was the real victim. TMS didn't take kindly to someone they once called a rapist telling them how to be feminists. So then TheMarySue threw a shit-fit and told everyone not to compare them to sites like Buzzfeed and Jezebel (do they really think they're in a position to look down their nose at them?) and Whedon apologized.

This would have been the end of that, but when Whedon's own actors made some sexist jokes on TV (all of his coworkers are sick of him and his preaching), TMS were the first to come get a few more cheap shots in. Which, by the way, didn't stop them from shedding crocodile tears when feminists (like themselves, mind you) finally drove Whedon off Twitter.

Trying to Blackmail G.R.R.M

Yeah... this is sure to make them cave...

In one of many forgettable feminist outrage spectacles, the whores got angry when Game of Thrones had a rape scene. The fact that everyone knew this scene (which was in the book) was coming didn't stop them because feminists don't read books, and the fact there have already been rape scenes in the show didn't stop them because the previous rapist was really hot (everyone knows all feminists have rape fantasies).

The first to overreact was (obviously) TheMarySue, who announced that they will no longer be covering GoT on their site until the show is handed over to someone else who promises to make the show more feminism-compatible.

I guess they were hoping to sweep the Internet into some sort of a frenzy of activism to get their wish, but no one joined in because nobody cares about TheMarySue, a site that doesn't even have it's own Wikipedia entry (unlike some much better websites, it's true! Type it into the TOW search box and you get the Dan Abrams article!). The writers of the show just shrugged it off (if they even heard about it... doubtful) and nothing happened besides TMS denying themselves clicks to this day by pretending they have some power over one of the world's most popular shows and acting like it doesn't exist.

"Samus is a tranny because I said so" by Brianna Wu

After hitching their wagon to an individual as reputable as Sarah Butts, TMS was on the lookout for what other, bottom-of-the-barrel, crazy tranny they can link arms with. Naturally, they tuned to Brianna Wu. Wu soon wrote an article for them about how a single joke made by one of the graphic designers on the team of Metroid 2 in 1994 proves that Samus Aran is a tranny. Not only was the word used ("Newhalf") not necessarily something that translates to what she thinks it does, and not only was the guy who said it a background designer who didn't even work on the character itself, but one of game's actual creators was found to have already responded to this and denied it years ago.


The response was hilarious. First Wu attempted to change the Metroid Wikipedia article in an attempt to thereby change reality itself, and was told by someone who figured out by the IP that it was Wu editing to stop citing herself as a source. Wu then continued with a followup article that spends 90% of the time avoiding the issue and trying to shame the readers instead of proving Wu isn't wrong, and then, when it finally gets to the point and addressed it, Wu first attempts to claim Yoshio didn't contradict him because he used the word "Transvestite", but soon devolved from trying to prove he isn't wrong and instead tried to convince people to shame Sakamoto into making Samus a tranny.

Wu's co-author's response was even more amusing, as she went on a Twitter meltdown, admitting everything in the article is a lie and that she's hoping she can make Samus a shemale by force (is it a "her" anyway? she has a really strong chin... probably another tranny I was right. It's a tranny).


TMS Writer Racketeering with "Feminist Deck" Project

More classic TMS

"The Feminist Deck" was a Kickstarter project (and unfortunately not someone actually decking feminists in the face) based on an idea that was stolen from someone on Tumblr and intended to make a deck of playing cards with pictures of "notable" "feminists". The "feminists" that were to be featured were people like Anita Sarkeesian, Leigh Alexander, Jessica Valenti, Randi Harper, Zoe Quinn, Arthur Chu, Moviebob and the fucking person who is making the deck (the one they stole from was more unintentionally funny because I think this picture was supposed to be Anita). Basically, Twitter nobodies who's only notoriety is being in a fight with GamerGate and can be used to scam other gullible SJWs by having them involved.

However, getting a bunch of greedy scammers to cooperate with you on a project without paying them a cut isn't easy, which is where the racketeering comes in. The creator of the project promised a $150 modeling fee to the participants if the project is funded (even though she already drew most of the drawing and none of them needed to even be in the room with her) and then promised to bribe them further with "profit sharing" (all of which is in violation of Kickstarter ToS, btw). Luckily for this person, two other people who were listed on the deck were Sarah Butts and Teresa Jusino, the TMS writer (at the time) and the assistant editor who I mentioned earlier for using her site profile to shill out her Patreon.

Butts quickly began tweeting about the project when, all of the sudden, someone made a fraudulent $10,000 donation to the project! Must have been trolls, right? Nope. No donation was ever made and it was all a scam that was well documented. They probably got the idea from Brianna Wu, who is also in the deck, and who someone actually did trick with a fake 10k donation a while back.

Teresa quickly used the obvious false flag to write an article promoting the project (and got another assistant editor to do the same with an interview) so that it could get enough publicity to get fully funded and for her to get paid, while personally and immediately IP banning anyone in the TMS comment section that pointed out that this is a conflict of interests and probably a scam.

Oops, are they going broke?

Apparently, they are not getting the amount of clicks they need (We on ED seriously wonder why) the Mary Sue was recently forced to resort to this:


Other Crap

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Selling copyright infringements to fatties

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