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Caitlin trolls one of her fans IRL.
Boh3m3 discovers Caitlin E-Fame.
being internets famous is tough work.
Bitch Bent Ovar
speaks for itself

Caitlin Hill (born September 8, 1988) or TheHill88, is YouTube's biggest camwhore and some bitch who thinks she is famous. Playing up the fact that she looks like she is only 13, she coldly and shrewdly runs her empire with an iron fist from some pig farm in South-East Queensland, Australia New York City.

She first got her e-fame game rolling when 60 Minutes Australia featured her . After a producer (a lonely 47 year old man) masturbated to this little Lolita with great fury, it is rumored he first spotted her by sneaking onto his daughters computer to look at her MySpace friends for free fap material. Soon, she was off and running. The taste of e-fame and power made her swear in blood to Satan for ownership of her soul, if she could make the most subscribed list.

Once her e-power began to really take hold, she lost her mind; drunk on the tears of sexually frustrated men watching her videos. The men who want to hit that range from 12 - 72. Females that want her range from 9-83. She (sadly) is very aware of this and goes out of her way to be boring and wears tons of clothes. It is rumored that she does this to hide the fact that she is, quite literally, a slut. You will have to search her videos hard for anything approaching fan reapplication shots.

TheHill88 will also appear in anyone's video, any time, for any reason if you just ask nice. This girl is obsessed with being filmed at all times. Recently, she was flown to San Fransisco by THE FIZZ where she quickly and savagely pussywhipped Boh3m3 with one kiss! She also topped him violently and made him whimper (no word on the crabs she supposedly gave him). Look for her to beg for money soon, for one reason or another!! Her former goal was to appear in 5000 videos by the end of 2007.

She is unstoppable, and lets all video comments go through. She approves most all video response, so please feel free to give the ICE QUEEN a shot.

TheHill88 is angry at ED for poking fun at her. Despite her poor attitude, YowTubby dinosaur exterior, ED does love the thought of her naked and topping us, rather than [email protected].

Boh3m3's former Bitch

Caitlin's first 'public service' job...guess the profession.
hideousness (noun.)

To further exploit her control over her new bitch boy, she made Boh3m3 do two promo videos starring himself as her bitch boy. It is also rumored she gave sexual favors all across Los Angeles, including to the NOHOgirls, where it is rumored they played a game called GIRL PRISONERS where her and two other NOHOgirls had rough sex with "Blue" as the submissive and the TheHill88 as the ice queen. We're waiting on a short vid or pictures from this event (still unconfirmed). TheHill88 also told Boh3m3 if he wanted her, he would have to put a finger in his ass again to cause prostate ejaculation and that he better get online and get some money for them. Boh3m3 got the first round of money and is now going to Los Angeles to secure them a place (haha, poor-boy wishes). TheHill88 will be looking to score a green card in the near future. is now in Jew York hanging out with other camwhores while not having a job!

It is rumored TheHill88 is You Tube's most hated slut, simply because she left Boh3m3 for money and fame. This is probably the only correct decision she has made in her life. It's good she decided not to date a fat, all-star waiter.


I fucked her (thehill88) til her ears bled




This is the result of selling out her soul to Satan. But to her, NYC is better.

Bitch watches 2girls1cup

Omg lieks i canz be sexual too

Complete with co-star Brookers and commentary from Boh3m3

Did You Know

  • confirmed: boh3m3 and the hill fucked the shit out of each other
  • She had a little bi-fling with Brookers while they both stayed in Los Angeles in 2007.
  • Feels Jealous of that magibon girl. And somewhat approves of applemilk1988. Source
  • Currently living in NYC hanging out with numerous internet people who have a high level of USI
  • is known on You Tube for being a whore
  • majority resent her for dating an over weight man by the name of BOH3M3 (not Ben, faggot), and then dumping him for New York. But who can blame her? who would want to date a fat piece of lard anyway?
  • like her ex boyfriend/man-bitch, she has problems when people talk about her, especially if it's honest and consists of "is a slut".


Death to ED




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