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ProfessorFarnsworth.png Good News, Everyone!
Jamie has proposed to his lover, this means gay marriage is finally legal in his state!

For lack of a better term.


Scaaaaaaroooooo you eeesholes


—Jamie trying to threaten trolls with his internet tough guy talk and assburgers

I Like Balls


—Trademark Archfiend

So the other day I was on Megan's Law


—Archfag, potential rape

The correct form is you're. Have you not never heard that before? idiot!


—he's smarter den da trollz

He is scamming his fans with prizes to get his view count up


—archfuck, talking about himself

Thank$ for watching


—sr0zly h3 d0ez thiz

Jerry Seinfeld can date a sixteen year old why can't I?



I'm kind of a big deal on teh Tube



I've never seen my ED article, but if I had I wouldn't read the article about me being a pedophile


— Archfiend, da troof



—Archfiend, Hip at 45

Me? A pedophile?, I don't even like girls


—Archfiend in da police station.

Typical Archfiend fan art.
Moar fan art.

Jamie T Birkitt (Born in 1978) also known as TheJokefiend, TheArchieFriend, TheHypocriteFiend, TheVirginfiend, or IGSRJ is the "little guy" on YouTube standing up to all the no-good YouTube whores who cheat the system. Ironically, Mr. Birkitt has over 31,000 subscribers and partnership with YouTube, therefore not making him the "little guy", and showing that Mr. Birkitt is a raging hypocrite. Don't you dare insult or ever question Jamie, for you will be blocked! He's also been known to love drama and frequently starts shit with every single person he talks to on the internet. Much like undertakerfreak1127, he makes plenty of pointless TL;DW videos that only his hardcore fans will have the valor to watch through.


His nu-look. That is all.

In the beginning, Arch was a member at eBaumsworld before deciding to go on teh YouTube to post his videos, rape 15 year old girls/boys and watch make fetish videos. He was never a good ranter, and he never will be. He had done videos exposing the easiest person to ever troll on, the Irate Gamer, and other reviewers such as Cloud since they had more female fans who were underage than he did. During the end of being "awesome" (which was just him being egotistical), he started making videos much of the same as the Ytwatchdog. The majority of his newer fans found about him after the Ytwatchdog had given him a shout out. Which inflated his giant ego to a point where even killing the man himself wouldn't stop it. He now started to go on a hypocritical campaign that everyone MUST AGREE with him or he'll remove the comments in epic butthurt rage and block you. If you don't kiss his ass, you'll receive the banhammer. Unless you're a female, then you must cyber with him or you'll also be banned. He instigated a Holocaust of the older members on his site who criticized his new personality. One was banned for questioning why he was cybering with 15 year old girls.

Archfiend has a lot of sexual shit wrong with him. He has a very weird sexual taste of muscle girls. It is obvious that he likes transsexuals. He is also reported to have unprotected sex with his rape victims and has already had one child so far. In recent news, Archfiend decided to officially come out of the closest and admit he suffers from pedophilia, as he has been cybering with a 15 year old girl named "Lindsey" in his chat. To make matters worse, she was sexually abused as a child. He also has been taking advantage of other women who come in the chat, mostly underaged or in their young 20s.

He had once claimed he would never whore out to YouTube, but he has been whoring out YouTube from the start by picking topics that he knew would get him views and a shit load of comments, such as the Irate Gamer and Shane Dawson. He had made money with his YouTube Partnership and has no problem with pointing it out in public by spewing shite like "Thank$ for watching thi$ video" on his whorey videos. This is just one of many double standards he has.

The Archfiend has banned members on his site for having an opinion on him or for other trivial means from his chat. They were Ronald, Chef, Frankie, CanadaEh1969, Punk, Hitlerfiend, and a few others. Not long after the banning spree, members started to realize what happened and started to argue with him. He then precedes to lie his ass off to unbanned oldfags and other fags (mostly newfags) by saying, "Oh I already told you I'm not a broken record"; Making matters even worse for him. Archfiend then went on to say he supposedly had not lost any fans. Even though he had lost his most important and older fans leaving only Ekmec and Gheb to the oldfag list.

Jamie and Amy

As of recently, Jamie managed to find a girl that didn't mind his millimeter peter, by the name of Amy Gibson, alias of "Girlfiend". They got married on September 26, 2015 at Meadowlands Country Club in PA. Contrary to belief, Jamie is not gay but managed to marry a girl -- well, sort of --.

This is the Facebook page of said "not confirmed" female, Amy Gibson. Here is the Facebook of Jamie with his dog Andy, which is called "New Dog". Jamie Birkett


TheArchfiend released a video titled: "15 Minute Pre-Roll Ads on YouTube? You've Got to Be Kidding Me. Also, OutbackZack is a Mad Douche " Link: to the video: the video was made in response to Youtube having 15 min preroll ads on some Youtube videos. Sadly this video backfired, resulting in people recommending "adblock". A few months later TheArchfiend releases a video titled: A Message for AdBlock Users and More On "Pay for Subscription" Channels on YouTube" Link to video: which he discourages the use of Adblock. For someone who attacks Youtube channels based on the fact that they enable ads and yet, is against having an ad blocker.

Paranoia and Stupidity

Jamie being scared.

TheArchfiend suffers from a very severe case of unwarrented self importance. Not a moment goes by when he doesn't think that everyone is out to get him. In reality no one really wants to hurt him. He's more of a danger to himself than anyone else could ever be. Trolls eventually pushed him to his breaking point. This caused him to try and troll the trolls. Which he was actually quite successful, by the fact that he was giving them false information. He was known as JerkeyTheTurkey, a troll who hated Archfiend, Silent Rob, Game Dude, and pretty much everyone. He even used DaveTheUseless as a scapegoat for his plan.

Do not unban, Thian. He went off on me out of the blue tonight and admitted that he is behind a plan and that he can't reveal it right now. I talked to him in private and he admitted that he got caught up in this "plan" after he started not feeling welcome on my site from everyone. I kept asking what the plan was and gave him the option to tell me and everything will be cool or don't tell me and you are not welcome here. He chose the later. He even as far as to stick up for my unbair treatment of Mayu and Brian. I was like, wow seriously? Anyway, he is no longer a welcome member of my website community. If he comes clean about shit I may let him return, but I can never trust him now. Peace!


—Paranoia begins...

what a time for my site to crash.Yeah man, as christina has told you i am jerkey. Sorry I had to fool you all but I needed that channel to be mystery to help out in situations like this. I know Dave is a little betrayed from this and i dont blame him. I played some of you guys unfairly with the whole jerkey angle but I only did it to see if I could convincingly pull off me not being him



So here's where you guys come in. This is the death blow. My next step is to give AD the names of my parents are William and Barbara Birkett. They live in upstate NY. This info will be given to AD from his own "spy" (me) . It will also be found out that their phone numb,er is publicly listed. My hope is that AD post their number in a future video along with my parents name.Oh one last thing. These aren't really my parents. But you know who William is? A cop.



Just keep playing it as you are if AD asks you anything. There's no need to over sell this and it should really only involve me at this point and you guys have done more than enough at this point and Im glad you guys helped out. AD really thinks he has me against the ropes. I know i told dave this but I don't think I told you. William Birkettt is a cop in upsate NY and is of no relation to me, That is all.And that should be the end.



We'll see how much AD is laughing when he posts some random cops number on the internet and get's Rob and Cloud fanboy to prank call it. So anyway guys, I need you all to play along. I need people who know me to act like they actually know my parents real names and that AD really did find it out. I am going to play into as as well. I'm going to act mega butt-hurt like this has been taken too far and what not. Just to play it as proof the second you hear anyone one mention Barbara or William associate it to me. Anywho, this should be fun. :) Will people learn that they will never get up on me?


—Obviously, they have if you get this paranoid.

My plan is now moving into a phase of involving people in on what I'm doing. to make a long story short, I am one of AD's "spies". I have been feeding him information about me. So anyway, I'm telling you people this because I need people play along with what happens next. I've been playing this shit head behind the scenes the second this dick bag got an ounce of info. Yes he figured out my name but that's where it stopped. He can know where I live and I gladly fed him as proof as a "spy" for AD that I am mainly because, well... I am moving soon and don't give a shit. :)




Pedobear approves!

Around October 2010, a young poor girl named Lindsey decided to come to the chat. Much of the same similar fashion of Mayu and it proves that Arch never learns. He has started to cyber with this young girl, who was emotionally abused and molested as a child and Archfiend thinks it's completely okay to do so. He even has a video referencing her while thinking that the partyvan won't take any notice.

Lindsey reference is around 2:35

It is not recommend for anyone under the age of 18 to go to Arch's chat as he's met with members IRL to rape them. The most famous of the raped victims are Christina.

Jamie's scheme to get moar monies backfires on him!

Archie posted the following video with a very misleading title and thumbnail as an experiment to prove that YouTube whoring works. He probably did this experiment to prove something that everybody already knows about... and surprisingly, he literally got over 9000 more views on that video than any of his other videos! The problem is he should have taken down his little "experiment" months ago after he has already demonstrated the results of that experiment to the "entire world". The "entire world" would only encompass his fans and any other extremely bored individuals who would actually take the time to watch that interesting video of his. However, he hasn't done that yet... I wonder why? Perhaps, he is trying to whore himself out on that video like the very "whores" he criticizes? Obviously, he is still running that experiment for as long as possible to gather even moar scientific data for his very serious scientific study on what he calls YouTube Whore-ology.

Even though Jamie disabled AdSense Revenue for that video, he is still misleading innocent, unsuspecting people into clicking on that video of his. Thus this tactic allows him to generate moar traffic to his channel than if he were no longer running this very important scientific experiment. And the conclusion is so self-explantory that anybody should be able to realize what it is except for butthurt Archfiend fantards who might be in denial over this shocking conclusion!

St. Patrick's Day Massacre

UTF Said You're A Troll!

St. Patrick's Day Massacre or SPDM is a wannabee /i/nsurgent group started by the Archfiend, long before his little KGB. Archfiend uses this group to attack spammers who spammed his YouTube channel, sub4subbers, people who he dislikes, people who ask him "tough" questions, and other such things. This group is known to do anything for Arch, no matter how stupid it is.

Please note: The SPDM's channel on YouTube is run by someone who was once was a member of the SPDM, but has left due to Arch being a faggot and banning him for a humorous remark.


Archfiend's website is a cheap and easy, stock website, with its only purpose to get Jamie moar money. Nobody goes on it anymore.


Archfiend's chat was a place for newfags who haven't discovered /b/ to hang out. The chat itself was a police state, much like the former Soviet Union. Anyone who shows any signs of intellectual ability and doesn't 100% agree with Jamie was banned forever by the mighty banhammer. It was also a place for 15 year old girls to get sexually harassed by TheArchfiend. The chat has been deleted from TheArchfiend's website, due to it being a pain in the ass. The chat still exists, but nobody goes onto it. He moved his chat to his BlogTV channel and friend locked it. Hence, he kicked out all critics.

Spyfags or Archfriend's KGB

As of last Thursday, Archfiend decided he needed people to make a spying task force for him, much like the KGB. The two known spies so far are Jex and TheArchfiendlive.

If you're talking about something that questions the mighty leader of the chat, it's better go to another chat to talk about it, as Jex is staring at the chat all day 24/7. Literally, he's even watching when he's in his sleep, taking a shower, at school, raping innocent little girls, trying to get rid of his oral herpes, and other stuff he does during his life.

Please note, that Arch's KGB operates much like the real KGB, under the same principle that everyone is guilty and cannot be trusted. Along with everyone who makes a little joke about the mighty and great leader, Arch, is an evil troll and should be banhammer'd and spied on till Jex dies of a heart attack from lack of sleep and food.

Also, these two faggots take great pride in being the KGB for Archfiend. Too bad the majority of the chats that the trolls are on, are all members only chats.

A Collection of Wank Stories

How he deal with his cum

Well, you couldn't have guessed, that just cybering with girls online and getting boners from guys wasn't enough for him. He also sucks giant dicks at writing. He made a lot of typos in these stories, which is kind of ironic, since he says he uses perfect grammar all of the time.

Hardcore Coworker

"The night begins as many have for me in the recent past. I’m in my own place all alone and just got done another day of work. I sit down to watch whatever I plan on watching on the television this night just like any other. I’m kinda tired and just lay out on the couch and just lounge out trying to fall asleep. Nothing good on so I just keep closing my eyes trying to doze off. I’m so tired that I actually fall asleep for a brief few minutes when all of the sudden my phone rings. I say to myself that’s funny; I wasn’t expecting a call tonight. I answer the phone and hear the voice of my co-worker, Sue. The only words you say is “Hey, I’m coming over tonight” and then you hang up the phone. We have been talking at work and over the computer for months now. We both expressed how much we want each other and now you are finally giving in to your temptation's. All I ever said to you was just say your "coming over" and I'd know what you wnated. I just can't believe this is finally happening. You have been on my mind every waking moment and my dreams are now about to come true.

I don’t need to give you directions as I had already given them to you in anticipation of this night. Immediately my heart starts racing and a cold sweat breaks out on me. I don’t know what to do, how to act, what to say when you get to the door. I frantically pace back and forth in my living room, going through a million thoughts in my mind. I’m scared, stunned and yet so excited over what this night is going to bring. "What will I do? what will I say?…" echoes endlessly through my mind."

For more if you're a sick fuck.

The Best Kiss

"Ok so I've thought about this story many times on many nights over many years but I'll tell a version incorporating more of what I know about you now. There is no one way to tell it but I'll let my mind run with what it feels the best version of this story is...

Ok, it is a very cold Christmas Eve. Both of us are two years out of college and now work full time. We were running around all day today looking for those last minute Christmas gifts for people we know. We had to babysit your sister's daughter, Becky, tonight since your sister had to work the night shift... again. Your niece is all over the place with anticipation of santa claus coming tonight. She is a complete handful to keep her excitement in check. We make two stops at Christmas eve get togethers at both of our respective families and get home 8pm and are completely exhausted. Your neice is still over-amped about the night and won't go to sleep.

We all sit down in front of the fire place and talk about how much fun we are all going to have tomorrow. We are all sitting on the floor with you slowly brushing your neice's hair and me on the floor with my legs around you and my arms around your waist. While were in front of the fire, little Becky falls asleep in your arms finally and you carry her into bed. We finally rejoice that she fell asleep as we have hours of toy assembly to attend to for the gifts your sister got Becky to absolutely blow her mind with joy the next morning. "

You're still a sick fuck:

Archfiend's Targets

Archie tries his best to target people who are more popular than he is, so that he can hopefully get a shoutout. All of this is obvious.

Irate Gamer

Chris Bores (The Shit Out Of Us), also known as The Irate Gamer is a fat, lulzless YouTube user, pretending to be a gamer, who thought there weren't enough Angry Video Game Nerd ripoffs on the internets. On April 28th, 2007, Irate Gamer put up a review of Back to the Future for the NES that was AVGN's exact review with his voice dubbed over, making the same exact points on Marty's vest; his skateboard, the game's enemies; and mimicking James' exact body movements with his controller. All while using a pirated copy of Sony Vegas on a computer that he traded cocaine to some nigga for.

Irate Gamer would later reveal that he doesn't know shit about video games, by trashing classic games like Ghosts n' Goblins, Super Mario Brothers 2, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Tetris, and expecting everyone to agree with him about how these games are "way too hard" and suck. Later Irate gamer would admit that he has never owned any video game consoles before he bought his entire game collection on eBay. All just to sell DVDs.

Today, the Irate Gamer Syndicate spans all of the YouTubes, where any dissent towards him is repressed, and dissidents are flamed to death by Irate Goon Squads. All movies exposing his blatant plagiarism are DMCA'd by the Irate gamer himself, through his pathetic company Y2B (Yippie 2 Bungholes) Productions.


The Archfiend Archives: The Irate Gamer, Chris Bores


Cloud is an aspie attention whore that makes shitty Let's Play Jewtube videos with unfunny commentary that only a gaiafag would roar with laughter at. Now if he was like any of the other Let's Players out there, he wouldn't have this segment. However, since Cloud is such a dramawhore, we think this is justified. The fat fuck has recently found a dirty cunt who was desperate enough to marry him, the apocalypse is truly upon us.

Archfiend had made numerous videos exposing this douche.

An Apology To Cloud8745

Silent Rob

SilentRob is an anorexic, unemployed, buck-toothed, e-begging internets tough guy whom wears Buddy Holly-like pedophile glasses, and is more known nowadays for his whiny emo diatribes than his tourette's filled "fuck"-fests thinly disguised as video game reviews. If it weren't obvious from his username, Robert lives life as though he were an IRL Kevin Smith character.

He got his big break on YouTube by taking it up the ass by his idol, Armake21 (before knifing him in the back in a bout of dyslexia based comment confusion) and constantly reviewing Action 52 in his mothers attic over and over for several years.

TheArchfiend for no other reason decided to attack Silent Rob, just to boost his giant ego.

Silent Rob Is A Hypocrite. STONE COLD PROOF!

As of recently, Silent Rob is doing dramatic readings of his sex stories.

Archfiend Theater-Dramatic Reading Of Hardcore Co-Worker Part 1

Shane Dawson and the YouTube Whores

Douchebag "Shane Dawson" McGregor (born July 19, 1988) is a YouTube man-whore. Always begging for thumbs up, moar comments, moar subscribers, and moar money. Shane Dawson is the 3rd, 7th and 56th most subscribed on YouTube (he runs 3 channels, his latest consisting of all iPhone videos, and fucks the system up for everybody). Every other day, he makes a new, tasteless fail video, and it's on the YouTube homepage for the next 3-4 months. He was born as Shane Yaw but changed his name to Dawson in 2008, in faith he got turned down as an actor because people thought he was Asian. That's right, Shane wants to be an actor.[1] As it turned out the real reason he was rejected is that he can't act for shit and he's a homo that nobody with a stable mind would want to see. Shane also doesn't want to have sex until marriage.

Most of his fans are fucktards, who belong to the cult of YouTube (the gods of the cult are Shane, RayWilliamJohnson, Shaytards, Sxephil, iJustine, ect.)

Archfiend made a couple numerous rants on the YouTube whores mostly targeting Shane Dawson.

Shane Douchebag McGreggor Dawson EXPOSED!! (ALL CAPS = SRS BZNS) And LOL Factory 2.0

A typical butthurt comments he posts on YouTube:

"I justine is the personification of beauty and grace Who ever disagrees is lame. Hooray for IJ!! Out with the haters!! Real people love to be happy not mean!! Everyone DANCE!! :)"

"OMG you are brilliant. I love you so much Justine! Every time I am down I watch your videos and they just lift my spirits. You truly are a gift to the world and stand for all that is right. Haters are just jealous of your success and beauty. Now if you'll excuse me as I go take an iVomit. Ever wonder how it would be if you were fat and unattractive? Must suck to know you got a fan-base only on your laurels. See ya' around, Ditz-bot."

The Angry Video Game Nerd

Recently, Archfiend has decided to go after James Rolfe's Angry Video Game Nerd movie. As Archie puts it, the Nerd has become another e-begger wanting money for something he'll never deliver on. Of course, many of Archfiend's rants are based on the fact that to fund the movie, Nerd has to use a Indiegogo fund and essentially ask for money to film the movie. Like every other major director who isn't sponsored by a studio...

Archfiend Whining about AVGN's movie

Of course, after the film was finished...

Backpedalling much, Archie?

To the TL:DW folks. In a nutshell, Archfiend admitted he was wrong about what James Rolfe did with the cash. This leads to much butthurt in the comments, especially with from one of his fans, MrWeenie. Of course, this is one of the many hypocritical videos that ol' Jamie does for his lulz. But remember, no mean comments on his videos, or he'll block you!

Fanboy Douchebags


DaveTheUseless is another member, who is quite useless. It is noted that DTU does not have the slightest bit of humour and will ban you for anything that is obviously humorous. Dave currently has a BDSM fetish and loves to announce it to the world, not realizing nobody cares about his sick fetishes. He's also a shitty LPer and reviewer who is much worse than the Irate Gamer and fails 10 times as hard. It should also be noted that Dave actually believes he is smart enough to get into Princeton University.


Ekmec was once an owner on the Archfiend's now defunct chat. You might ask why this has happened? Well, Ekmec remained neutral in the whole thing, hence anyone who wasn't sucking Archfiend's penis was obviously a traitor to Archfiend.

He is now one of those evil trolls who Archie hates.


Gheb was one of the few oldfags on the site and arguably the best member, people (obviously) only came for him. He was later banned for leaking Archfiend's Facebook. He is an omnisexual and created the Church of Ghebology, a religion dedicated to the sexual exploitation of young children, animals, and objects alike. He is a raidfag and a pretty successful troll. Please read about the poor faggot named Jex (a butthurt Archfiend fanboy) who has been successfully trolled by Gheb on numerous occasions and has since lived a very cursed life while being a failure of a troll.


Jew64, (Powerword: Adam Nardo) is a Jewish butthurt unsuccessful troll on Archfiend's chat. He suffers from extreme paranoia and most likely has schizophrenia or paranoid personality disorder. He has quit the internets many times but has always came back. You might ask why? Because he likes Gheb's cock in his mouth and wishes his troll penis was as large as his. He likes to spy on MrFrankCalzones' chat and post quotes to undertakerfreak1127s' chat because UTF promised him that he would fuck his mouth!

Adam Nardo's IP address is as follows:

RIP Jex64


Lindsey is some girl who just magically appeared in Arch's chat one night and started to flirt with him. She then admitted to being a loli and Archfiend being the pedophiliac bastard that he is continued to flirt with her live on his live show. He had cyber sex with her and made her a mod on his chat. It usually takes weeks to become a member and Lindsey became a mod within 2 weeks. A video has surfaced, but led some to believe it was Archie in a wig since he is Patrick Stewart. She gets butthurt if you talk about male chauvinism, because deep down she knows it's true. She has admitted to being sexually abused as a child and still hasn't learned that you don't ask for it around grown men in their 40s. Lindsey is also a whore and prides herself for being a loli whore, and needs a better father figure in her life.

Absurdity in The Archfiend's Live Chat : Crazy Kids...*

*Please note: TheArchfiend never really gave a flying fuck about the costume, because he's a flaming pedophile.

Recently, once a day, Lindsey gives Archfiend "sexual" favours on his chat, and they have been doing it in the main room thinking nobody will notice. Also, since she's a dumbfuck and links her Facebook on her XAT, it was easy finding dox to where she lived. Please remember her parents are divorced so she's only half way dox'd (disregard that I found her Mom's shit).


UTF Said You're A Troll!

TheArchfiendLive is an Irish conspiracy theorist and fanboy of TheArchfiend. He believes the United States' federal government did 9/11, faked the moon landings, and believes the world is slowly going to be taken over by bankers. This guy must be Dale Gribble. Yep nothing can go wrong. He is also a high school dropout, hence the low IQ. Recently Undertakerfreak1127 doesn't like him because he is now one of those Slanderous Trolls!

The video you have featured is such a hypocritical piece of garbage



Undertakerfreak1127, Don't Expect Us!

The video has been removed because Archie is a flaggot.


Archfiend did some undertaking of his own in a filthy parking garage.

Undertakerfreak1127 is a sex slave of TheArchfiend. He makes equally shitty (if not much worse) videos that rant about youtube whores and other overtalked about topics, most of UTFs' fanboys are TheArchfiends' fanboys because TheArchfiend promoted him heavily, and worst of all UTF is a youtube partner with over 25,000 subscribers. Find more about the excessively angry aggressive manchild known as undertakerfreak1127 by going to his page.

Archfiend Fanboy List

The ultimate fanboy list:

  • Hydra Carbon 209 (AKA MrMaDelirious)
  • MaDragon2012 (AKA MrMaDelirious)
  • McHenrycruiser
  • whatthefuckisamuscle
  • TheLawliet08
  • deadman8809
  • mab1977420
  • schleimgurke123
  • dudeman9001
  • cbradioguy
  • disturbedman360
  • jesperlp
  • failfiction
  • jave042
  • coopbra2
  • SuperioMan3432
  • BehindTheMaskz
  • Undertakerfreak1127
  • CammehYaBams B& back as ElectricUnicycleCrew
  • TheSilleGuy
  • AviatorStudios
  • LaughJoeyLaugh
  • DaveTheUseless
  • Jex64
  • TheBrainEnema
  • Badspeiier
  • TheGuy(WhoRe)viewsGames
  • TheHaikufiend
  • riku54321
  • MrMaDelirious
  • NerdAboutLife
  • RikuDawn
  • 123kirby1
  • N4m4ste
  • iscrewy
  • 1SlipKnotsucks
  • tocofool
  • IGSRJ (AKA TheArchfiend)
  • Wess25
  • iMustdestroyall
  • PovertyGaming
  • DustyFemaleCat

Feel free to add moar fanboys.

Archfiend Gets Owned By Fellow NFL Fan

Archfiend is noted for making predictions in NFL games(poorly might I add) and likes to give off the impression like he is some analyst on FOX NFL Sundays when in reality he is just talking out of his ass and doesn't really have a clue of what he is talking about. Take note to how Archfiend really gives no supporting reason for his predictions yet the fellow NFL fan actually explains why the archfiend is wrong and gives reasons to support why he is.


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