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th3j35t3r's "brand" logo
Anon fails to dox th3j35t3r and victimizes an innocent individual instead.

th3j35t3r was an attention whore and script kiddie, best known for using "XerXes," his highly illegal DoS tool, to packet Muslim websites for 30 whole minutes at a time. In reality, he was a pseudo-troll and mediawhore. An alleged (and later confirmed?) former member of the US military, th3j35t3r most likely lost his legs after being targeted preforming his grunt duties while real soldiers were fighting for America on the front lines. Bound to a wheelchair, but still believing he was Captain America, th3j35t3r began work on a long crusade against all things Islamic (he once targeted after hearing Obama's father was a Muslim), and later all things he felt to be "anti-American", ie, Wikileaks and God Hates Fags for exercising their freedom of speech.

Other claims to fame

th3j35t3r presented in ANSI
  • He wrote a custom DoS tool, which he named XerXes - XerXes looks to be Pyloris with a GUI.
  • He has a tool dubbed "Saladin" that permanently takes a site down (Until they restore from backups) - This was brutally exposed when SanguineRose discovered that all the sites hit by Saladin had just had their domain registrations expire (See below for more lulz).
  • Modified LOIC to expose users IP - Never happened, unknowing users where exposed by default, because LOIC is a skid tool and doesn't hide IPs.
  • Infected - Never happend. AnonymousDown found the file, th3j35t3r asked Tyrkoil to write his blog post claiming that he (th3j35t3r) had modified the file.
  • AnonOps hack - Didn’t directly take credit, but reposted the nick database 6 months later and not only did he do nothing to correct people who thought it was his work, but he refused to give credit to Hack The Planet when pressed. This lead to consequences for some of his channel ops and other big-name supporters.
  • Packeted Wikileaks - He says XerXes generated 10 gbps of ddos, but he probably bought ddos power from Russian cybercriminals.
  • Tripoli Post hack – Used a known vulnerability as XSS (Cross-site scripting) to inject a photo that looked similar to an actual article. (Target Site | Image Source | XSS Effect) This will only work if you use the link he provided. No, he didn’t actually hack into the Tripoli Post web servers.
  • Doxed Sabu - He famously got Sabu's identity wrong, and apologized for it. When Sabu was outed as an FBI informant, he edited his blog post to remove all credit to ReaperSec for steering him in the right direction.

Doxbin Drama

In mid-April of 2012, th3j35t3r posted a poorly formatted rip-off of the AnonOps nick database that Hack The Planet released back in November 2011. When Twitter-favicon.png @doxbin called him out on this via Twitter, he refused to even acknowledge that he lifted the database from a previous release. From there, drama ensued, and subsequently Twitter-favicon.png @mach2600's dox were dropped. She was selected because of all the people in his IRC channel, she was the one who had his ear more than anyone else. This sent jester into a white knighting rage. The flames were further fanned when nachash told him that if he didn't apologize to HTP and give credit, that mach's social security number would also be dropped. At this point, even more white knights jumped in, and random name calling and threats of dox dropping occured for roughly a week.

After the poor little jesterfags had worn themselves out with hard tweets and threats to dox nachash, dox on a good number of jester's channel operators and big-name supporters were dropped. This concluded the end of th3j35t3r's internet sissyfight with doxbin. He realized that there was nothing he could do, offensively or defensively; With that, he decided to stick his head in the sand and pretend nothing had ever happened

The Final 48 Hours

On 5/12/12, SanguineRose made a blog entry on ReaperSec's blog, in which he detailed how almost all of the sites jester had claimed to use "saladin against" had expired domain registrations. Jester put up a placeholder blog entry, in which he promised a detailed explanation of what saladin was and what it does. By the next day, the blog entry had been deleted, as had all tweets that referred to it.

On 5/13/12, ReaperSec's blog delivered another critical blow to th3j35t3r's credibility. Not long after that, a sockpuppet going by Twitter-favicon.png @cubespherical emerged, after having deleted a bunch of pro-jester tweets and claimed that he had th3j35t3r's dox, and would drop them for the small, one-time sum of 20,000 bitcoins (Worth roughly $100,000 USD at the time). This lead to some cleverly staged Direct Messages (Seen below). By 5/14/12, th3j35t3r had deleted both his Wordpress blog and Twitter account, and gave the Internet a long-awaited victory. We can only hope that he decided to continue his deletion campaign IRL.

But wait, there's tinfoil

Some argue that @cubespherical may actually be th3j35t3r, and this is all an elaborate ruse to get his enemies to send him money (and will use a portion of the proceeds to donate to his charity of choice: The Wounded Warrior Project).

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On May 16th, 2012 th3j35t3r reemerged, re-publishing all of his blog posts and reactivating his Twitter-favicon.png Twitter account. He published a longwinded blog post ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) that said a lot but explained nothing, except that he deactivated his accounts so that he could "observe". Pastebinfavicon.png Experts agree that since his plan to cash out and quit the Internet forever was blown by the fact that nobody cares enough about him or his dox to donate a single bitcoin, that the obvious next step was to come back into the spotlight and "pwn" his own Twitter-favicon.png sockpuppet.

Fedora intensifies

Looks like j35ty found himself a waifu as of 9/12/2014. After furiously masturbating with his own lubricating tears on 9/10 for too long, he ran out of tears and needed fuel to keep them coming for 9/11. Thus, he found the first generic hick singer bitch he could find, flooded his own twitter account with her information (presumably in a drunken fit) and claimed her as his waifu for all time.

From this information we can reasonably deduce that j35ty is a sandnigger himself trying very hard to seem American, or a fat hick living in the south.

Select quotes

<th3j35t3r>     heave that troll here
<mc^2>  probably not
<th3j35t3r>     or have me.
<th3j35t3r>     10 seconds
<l0rdcan0n>     mc^2, yes
<SanguineRose>  mc^2, the real jester ignores me
<garrett>       the one on 2600 is on a diff tor server
<th3j35t3r>     boot him
<SanguineRose>  99% of the time
<mc^2>  hahahahah what a huge faggot.
*       mellon has quit (Input/output error)
*       th3j35t3r has quit (Killed (garrett (mad)))

<th3j35t3r> you do not see how I am still here, 2 and a half years in with a high profile. Again fuckoff.


— Famous last words.

@doxbin ..... god loves a tryer :-) Well done. ya number one. @proHarris can wait. See you soon, taste those octo-tentacles. #alloveryou


— Making threats he couldn't back up.

If u follow me & are not an SE attempt or jihadist, or whatever?? Tell this douche how he just nailed his coffin. >>!/doxbin/status/190167782313295872


— th3j35t3r, making a Personal Army Request.

The worst enemy a person can aquire, is the enemy he once considered a friend.


— th3j35t3r, giving his psyops a touch of emo.

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