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Roy drooling in a fit of rage.
Roy dressed in his ninja like child stalking attire.

The authorities don't have shit on me...No man has shit on me.


—Roy, Full on god mode in this bitch!

YouTube Favicon.png Th3Royism, is a bi-polar habitual liar with a Hitler mustache and quite possibly the biggest internet tough guy ever.
Roy is also a 30 year old virgin who plays with model airplanes and lives at home with his parents who has been proven to be an online pedophile.
When Roy isn't making verbal death threats to people and their families on YouTube, he's apologizing for it....over and over again. Despite acting so tough, Roy can't take a single insulting video or comment without flagging and reporting it so all videos for this article had to be hosted on Liveleak, Dailymotion and slutload.

Roy the flagging tool shown here admits to being used to flag videos by his friend Suzy aka MorganAnson.
Roy claims he only flags videos that "idiots" put up on him, ironically 80% of all videos hes flags are unedited videos of himself mirrored after he took the originals down.
If Roy's shaky voiced death threat video weren't so full of fail then he wouldn't have to take them down out of shame all the time just to have other users upload them again and further laugh at his expense.
Roy has had several videos like this made on him.

The Nicknames

Roy has been branded with 2 different nicknames.

  • "Anus Ability" was derived from his first youtube account, the account's name was "Aanasability"
  • "Mr. Shaky Voice" came from the way he sounds when he talks.


The kind of ass kicking Roy is really looking for.

According to Roy he is a amateur MMA fighter.
Roy is always claiming to want to fight people in real life, even saying he would fly from his supposed home in California to meet a guy in Florida that he had been threatening, just as long as the guy showed proof of obtaining actual waivers to make it legal. The truth is, Roy hasn't fought anybody. He's just all talk and no balls. Roy made a number of videos shadow boxing and playing with a boxing dummy attempting to solidify himself as a real UFC fighter. These videos were mocked to the point where he stopped making them.

A video dedicated to Roy's boxing.

I'm a BIG guy

How Roy sees himself.

Roy has claimed to be over 6 foot tall and weighing 227 pounds.
Clearly flabby armed pencil neck Roy is nowhere near that size. Below is a video that emerged after YouTube Favicon.png mclovin6984 aka "Ian" called bullshit on Roy.

Ian calls Roy out for lying.

I Stalk Children & Flick Off Woman

Roy had a online dispute with YouTube Favicon.png mclovin6984 aka "Ian", mostly because Ian told everyone about how Roy had claimed to have watched his own sister naked in the shower. As a result, Roy closed his account for a few days, then came back and dropped what is considered the shakiest voiced video ever.
In the video Roy admits going to Ian's house then spitting on and kicking one of Ian's vehicles. Roy then admits while sitting in his still running car outside of Ian's house he yelled "fuck you asshole" to Ian's wife and shot her the bird then speed away like a coward.
Ian contacted the police who were able to give him Roy's docs so he could press charges.
The end result of this incident was still undisclosed legal action being taken and a set of unconfirmed docs being dropped by YouTube Favicon.png mclovin6984 aka "Ian".

ANYHOW I saw him walking into his neighborhood, with his son and his daughter because I already know what they look like, ANYHOW yah-know i-i-i pulled over I had me a butt-cigarette yuhna ANYTHING, ANYHOW...


—Roy, Hiding and watching your kids from his car like a creepy pedophile.

I pulled over infront of his house, my car was still idling, my Dodge Charger, yea Ian you saw the car


—Roy, Bragging about his rust bucket and stalking people.

Roy's video about his trip to Ian's house.

Roy get's trolled

Without so much as taking a 2 week break after the Ian's house fiasco Roy got into another crazed out video making frenzy with a user I will only refer to as "Phantom".
Roy had been ran through a series of hoops by "Phantom", one of which was being fooled into dropping docs on somebody in a video just to have "Phantom" turn around and expose the fact he had handed Roy the wrong docs on purpose.

Roy fooled into dropping fake docs.

(video was flagged I will re-upload it and add it here)

Result of getting trolled

Roy had taken somewhat of an extensive beating from said "Phantom" and as a result Roy once again took being a internet tough guy to unseen heights.
Doors where blown, barriers broken, Roy had changed the game forever.

Not only will I fuckin whoop Harold's ass or attempt to kill him and get away with it.


—Roy, Will murder you IRL for trolling him on the internet.

I've been to jail for manslaughter, I've been to fuckin prison.


—Roy, A real life hardass turned internet tough guy

eventually I'll have government slips, TO TELL ME, not to endorse me but to tell me how to kill you ina fight hand to hand and get away with it LAAAATTER.


—Roy, said this at the very end of his video to Phantom (video below)

Roy's response video to Phantom's trolling.

Roy the Hacker

Roy went through a fake hacking faze while teamed up with MorganAnson or his "sis" as he put it.
During this time Roy would often boast he could hack people and post very hackerish copypasta.

Roy's hacking skills being mocked.

Roy talks about "Flipshare" like its a big deal hes even gone as far as to say he worked for Cisco Systems.
Turns out Roy just films all his videos with a crappy Flip camcorder and uses flipshare.


Roy has made a series of apology videos and comments.
Each time Roy was laughed at and mocked. It's believed by some that Asperger's syndrome is the root cause of Roy's bizarre behavior while others think drugs are to blame. Either way one thing's for sure, when Roys making his usual apology rounds he's just as docile an gentle as a eunuch.

Roy the pedophile

Roy now in the same boat as David Hugh Rock
He will come for your children.

Roy engaged in sexual convo with what he believed to be a 13 year old girl named Michelle. Roy went from offering to be the girls online guardian to offering to come to her home and give her a full body massage. It appeared Roy was willing to go as far as he could with the underage girl. All the pms were filmed and uploaded in a video.

HOLY ****! I would eat every ;last drop of it. Then make you cum again. :)


—Roy, telling a 13 year old girl he would eat her cum.

Video proof that Roy is a online pedophile.

The pms of a desperate and depraved online sexual predator.

LambiSinClair has made it her job to defend Roy. Lambi probably does this because Roy and her share common ground, they both made a fap video that was then leaked and they're both online pedophiles. Lambi and Roy have claimed the pms are fake and had been fabricated in a number of ways. So the account that contains the pedo pms from Roy started getting passed around so others could see and film for their own videos.

Video proof that Roy is a online pedophile redux.

<video type="liveleak" id="add_1283066451" width="420" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/>


Roy and MorganAnson had been a online couple for sometime but as crazy people cant even get along with each other they had a falling out.
The 2 disgruntled lovers engaged in heated comment battling that even included the actual public raping of MorganAnson. In anger MorganAnson uploaded a private fap video Roy had made at her request. What resulted was one of the most hilarious fap videos to ever grace the face of the internet. In the video Roy refers to MorganAnson by her real name "Suzzie" while giving her the kinda loving she had been masturbating to. This marked the second time in 2 months for MorganAnson to have a cybersex relationship on YouTube go bad.

  • Warning: This video make cause cramps and or death from laughter.
His penis is only 3 inches long.
Stop Masturbating NOW.jpg

After having his fap video leaked Roy closed his Th3Royism account and temporally left YouTube.
MorganAnson still in ecstasy over all the attention the event had gotten her went on to milk the situation for all it was worth by dropping what she claimed were Roy's real docs.
After MorganAnson dropped these unconfirmed docs Roy returned with a video hiding his face and filming the wall out of shame as he talked into the camera. In Roy's video he aired out as much dirty laundry as he could on his ex-online girlfriend and claimed they had fabricated his docs together some time back while still a couple. In MorganAnson's video about Roy's docs you see Roy holding what appears to be a valid Illinois identification card. The card is in such bad shape that nothing on it can be read, the picture even looks as if its about to fall right off the card. MorganAnson also says she did the impossible by getting Roy's ip with a nonexistent ip logger on her blogtv account then from there was able to look up what accounts were made from that ip which led to a email that yielded Roy's real name and address. MorganAnson probably learned how to do this by watching this video.
The following docs on Roy have been released by MorganAnson

  • Jason Allen Schultz
  • 1552 North Windsor Court, Arlington Heights, IL60004 , 847-398-3136 (Number checked registered to a "William Shultz" of Arlington Heights, IL)
  • Jason Allen Schultz old addy 4711 locust ave 1552 N Windsor Dr, Arlington Heights, Cook, Illinois 60004 (847)398-3136
  • ex wife: Karen Mcreynolds who fled to South Carolina
  • [email protected] (Email checked SMTP Email Address Validation confirms the email does not exist and says it could not find the Email or Comcast ID)

Who to believe?
Well Roy and MorganAnson are both well know for being shit faced lying hypocrite scum. Proof of MorganAnson ongoing lying can be found all over her ED page along with her real docs. Proof of Roy's ongoing lying can be found here on his ED page and in this video
Perhaps they are both full of shit and Roy's real docs are not known. It doesn't help that MorganAnson cant stop lying long enough to ever tell a straight story, cant spell simple words like "Palatine" and "Shultz", cant back up the docs she dropped on Roy with proof to confirm fact she has been busted in flat out lies she told trying to further sell Roy's docs. However it has been confirmed that Roy is in fact in Illinois thanks to YouTube's video insight feature.

Do to both Roy and MorganAnson's excessive butthurt flagging the videos they made regarding this event had to be mirrored at Dailymotion.

Reactions to Wikification

Roy has stopped making videos and now spends most of his time having his ED article rubbed in his face. Account after account pop out of the wood work with links to this article, each time sending Roy into a asshurting frenzy to try and explain himself in a series of blatant lies. Roy has become so butthurt that hes sent death threats to the author of this article. LMAO

Maximum Butthurt

Shoop Gallery/Pwnage video

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