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Teresa Cooper, 40, from Essex, England, is one of the multitude of women on the internet claiming to be a rape victim. As is the norm for her ilk she uses this to garner sympathy, and runs a website entitled no2abuse.com [1]. She rose to internet fame when she posted on the forums of The Sun, a crappy English tabloid newspaper during a raid by Anonymous on the Madeleine McCann discussion. In this she tried to lure new users to her forum, claiming it to be free of attacks. This unwarranted self-importance led to a minor side-raid on her forums and a DDOS attack which booted her site off the internets.

Teresa Cooper is a survivor. Fighting against a corrupt social care system, she has taken her case of abuse and drugging to parliament. Her actions have changed the English legal system and protected many more children suffering at the hands of unethical doctors and foster parents."


—Blurb of Teresa Cooper's book - Pin Down[2]

Anatomy of a failure

"Thrust into care at six months of age because of an alcoholic father and a mentally ill mother, Teresa Cooper's life began in a less than perfect way. Teresa spent an unsettled childhood in a variety of children's homes before being sent at thirteen to Kendall House in Gravesend, Kent, which would become her prison and worst nightmare. Teresa found herself a victim of a terrible regime; being injected with dangerously high doses of drugs and sexually abused. This cruel and vicious treatment, accompanied by punishments such as 163 days spent in solitary confinement, meant that it was not long before Teresa began to harm herself and even attempt to take her life. After three years of hell, Teresa thought her nightmare was over but another was about to begin."

This all comes from the description of her own book and, as such, is total lies, created in order to sell moar books. This has led some to speculate that Teresa must be of Jewish ancestry.

On the internet she usually goes by "Teresa2084" and "Fragilemind". If seen she should be immediately, and firmly, reminded to get back in the kitchen and stop whining.

The butthurt commences

Once the forum raid began Teresa immediately took action. She baaaaaawed. The forum was quickly overwhelmed by spam, resulting in it being locked by Teresa then in its bandwidth being exhausted. Tracked across the reaches of cyberspace by the raiders, Teresa's page on freewebs[3] was found and its shoutbox used to further troll Teresa.

The following transcript resulted: All comments from no2abuse i.e. Teresa

Pics, so it did happen
  • "trouble is i dont support the sun"
  • "u have made a teen commit suicide last night, proud r u?"
  • "the site wont go back up and i needed a break anyway. u done me a favour"
  • "i dont give a shit bout the sun, do them as much as u want. mind u, they banned me for having a go at them
  • "u choose 2 target my site which is sooooo eeeasy and thats what shows ur amatuers"
  • "u took an unsused business directory down too ha ha now thats funny"
  • "i cant believe u even took down my unused business directory"

The third post, if true, would be one of Anonymous' single greatest achievements, however, given that it comes from a supposed "rape victim it is almost certainly an attempt at guilting Anon into backing down and a complete and utter fabrication. Even assuming this is true, this proved to be a win, at least for the short term, and is a classic example of butthurt taken to an art-form.


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