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Lets you create a frame with multiple videos and switch between them by using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons.


{{ videoframe | name | style | button styles | first youtube link | second one | etc. (max. 10 links) }}
  1. name - gives the frame a unique name, e.g. OBAMAvids1, OBAMAvids2 (you can't use the same name twice on one page)
  2. style - changes the frame style, e.g. background-color:red. See here for more.
  3. button styles - changes the font of prev/next buttons, e.g. font-size:125%. See here for more.
  4. youtube link - ID of a YouTube video enclosed in <youtube> tags, after ?v=

Note: remember to remove all whitespaces (except for the ones in links) and put everything in one long line, otherwise it might get broken.


{{videoframe|BOTDFvids|background-color: #FF6666;|font-weight: bold;
|<youtube>tCLBntJznsM</youtube>'''[[Dying Alone|Believe]]'''
|<youtube>JVIwEGQiFUI</youtube>'''[[Hello Kitty|I <3 Hello Kitty]]'''
|<youtube>M2iDkf1SAWY</youtube>'''[[Blowjob|Scream For My Ice Cream]]'''
|<youtube>JbB51XglEuc</youtube>'''[[Almost Rape|Bitches Get Stitches]]'''}}


Rounded centered video frame

{| style="margin: 0 auto"
|{{frame|{{videoframe|RYTP|background-color: #FF4000;|font-weight: bold;
|<youtube>LyM1UGD8sqM</youtube><br />'''5 words that will change your life forever'''
|<youtube>yBgnPMYHMTc</youtube><br />'''I like the part where he said "PINGAS"'''
|<youtube>23pXoyKBHd4</youtube><br />'''The [[YouTube Poop]] that started it all'''
|<youtube>2_EwDlDr-FM</youtube><br />'''[[Sauce]] part 1'''
|<youtube>d7gAtP6jhRs</youtube><br />'''Sauce part 2'''
|<youtube>1QAQHxRo71g</youtube><br />'''Eggman goes back to his roots.'''}}|border=#FF4000|background=#FF4000}}


5 words that will change your life forever

I like the part where he said "PINGAS"

The YouTube Poop that started it all

Sauce part 1

Sauce part 2

Eggman goes back to his roots.