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The word "teh" in its natural habitat, note the basement dwelling being beside it and how he lingers to it.
Where one may acquire more of teh "teh".

Teh has been used ever since people found out that misspelling words and pretending to sound cool is uncalled for (or just plain fucktarded) and will make you sound like a fucktard, hence fucktarded. Teh moar you say teh, teh moar of a rotten fag you become.

Though teh word itself is still full of fail people still use it as a way of showing a juvenile excitement towards teh subject matter. Originally a misspelling of "the" but also adds a childish tone to teh word, and puts across a more innocent feel to teh subject. It has the ability to turn nearly any word into a noun.

Fun Facts:

  • Saying TEH, even ironically, is a horrible thing to do. It's like wearing a fursuit and yiffing a dog.
  • "Teh is a corruption of teh word 'The', meaning 'The'." - Fox News
  • "Switch teh play mode from normal to shuffle just by shaking teh Rolly several times when the side light is orange." - www.sonystyle.com
  • Teh was also seen in "Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek". The Faint accidentally put it on teh back of their album.
  • Continuously saying teh or using teh will cause babies to grow out of your eyes and circumcise you with their Jewish torture tools.
  • Like many other crappy word adaptations, this one is full of AIDS and FAIL. Teh originally originated from Hitler (which is actually badass).
  • People who use Teh IRL are gay.
  • "Teh" was written into a song by popular 80's band "A-ha".
  • "Teh", unlike "the", is used mostly in the way "el" is used by waspy fagtards who don't know Spanish but want to sound savvy.
  • "Teh" *appears* to have the unique ability to turn every word coming after it into a Noun.
  • "Teh" is on the T-Shirt of the character "Marten" in most of the early strips of Jeff Jacques equally gay webcomic "Questionable Content". Since Marten is a whiny, depressed emo faggot, this only highlights the epic fail and faggotry that is "teh".
  • In the movie "Klute", teh evil executive stalking Jane Fonda's character inadvertently reveals himself to be a murderous loser psycho by consistently misspelling "the" as "teh" (He's Sutherland's boss.....oh, uh 'SPOILER ALERT'). I guess we should be thankful for all teh other people who advertise themselves as murderous loser psychos by doing teh same.
  • Teh Game? You fuckin' lost it.

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