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The average teacher
Prepare your anus.
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A teacher is often a lonely middle aged cow who says things instead of doing them, unless it involves fucking kids. Obviously, most teachers are women who cannot find a man to cook for and must spend their later years sniffing pubescent jocks. The handful of cock-wielding teachers are pedophiles hell-bent on banging slow learners in exchange for better grades. Occasionally, vagina life-support systems will fuck several teenagers at once in something called a "class".

Becoming a Teacher

Many teachers become hopelessly locked into babysitting careers by obtaining a degree in Education. For those who have never been to college, Education majors are those self-righteous bar sluts that you con into anal sex when there is nothing good on TV. Those who graduate will find that they know how to teach quite well but have no significant knowledge or advice to pass on to their subjects. Thus, public schools continue to maintain a steady stream of tactless buffoons which forever degrade our perfect society.

The struggles of Teaching

Many Teachers complain about how hard teaching really is. However the dumb cum dumpsters fail to realize that they only work 190 days out of the year. Teachers are really a bunch a bunch of fat dumb white bitches who are afraid of the minorities raping them. However they secretly fantasize of one of the students pulling a Treyvon so they can sue the schools for being briskly touched on the wrist. But in all reality teachers get paid shit and are not respected at all seeing that any knuckle-dragging retard can do their job. However, if one really does care about their job it is stressful dealing with parents, who can't understand why their child with an I.Q. of 27 is a goddamn retard. Lastly, most parents can't accept the notion that their child should have been aborted and their child is nothing more than a poor excuse of a vaginal bloodburp in the vagina that is reality.

The perks of the job

The major perk of teaching is the endless dating pool. This is easy to do, all the teacher needs to do is leave the phone number on the students graded papers and sit back watch the phone calls come in. An additional perk is scoring all the free drugs you can and then selling all the free drugs you can. Being able to nail all the land whales you can. Another nice part of teaching is the competitive sports you can play. Plus, if your a gym teacher, you can cop a feel whenever you want, just as long as special. If your teaching special education, and the students are non-verbal, you get use various compliments such as mouthbreaters, and ferociously beat the living hell out of them,if someone asks, they weren't wearing their helmet.

Fact Or Fiction

A common misconception about teaching is that all male teachers are perverts, when in reality they are deviant homosexuals and\or full blown rapists. It is also commonly believed that most female teachers are old bitchy white women,this is actually quite true, but they are actually all quite young white beautiful women.

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