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Kinda like that chick from that TV show, but more emo

Lj-favicon.png Tawneelynne is a general nutbar from the Seattle area. She is well known for her photography which is mainly on the subject of flowers (both botanical flowers and the flower of her womanhood) whose pictures have often fetched at least a hundred dollars. The drama ignited when she was banned from LJ community Seattle. In an attempt to gain sympathy, she told everyone she has leukemia and a broken back, among other things. A member of our friend's list later exposed her and sent some screen shots to jameth. It was also found out that she has abandoned her two children and is now hiding from her ex-husband in order to avoid having to pay child support, which has accumulated to $30,000 after the past six years.

hello teh internets, i am teh sex

When exposed, Tawneelynne began accusing jameth of stalking her and threatening his flist with Internet lawsuits, which resulted in A+++ lulz. However, as a seasoned drama veteran, jameth quickly got bored and banned her from commenting on his jernal, so she set up another account to evade the ban while still accusing jameth of stalking.

When she isn't hamming it up on LiveJournal, Tawneelynne enjoys taking nude photographs of herself in various contortions, despite having a three herniated discs in her spine! What a trooper! Many photos of flowers and her unbroken back are available at her flickr account.

After repeated attempts at blanking this page failed, Tawnee took her butthurt to, of all places, Abuse lj abuse. She was lulzed out of the community until she deleted the post. Pretty much every ED admin got in on it, and at least 100 people died from a lulz attack. Luckily, our Queen saved a copy. Tawnee then ran to TOW, thinking they would save her[1].

Tawneelynne is not to be confused with Tawnee Stone. Tawnee Stone is someone you actually want to see naked.

Tawneelynne needing a waaaambulance
Omg, thay r jerks1!!
A lifetime exclusive. If you think this is funny you are a fuck. Mmk?

Adding to the lulz, Tawneelynne is also an otherkin who thinks she is a faerie (not by choice, but by spirit!).

Memorable quote regarding her noodz:

Is it wrong that I would still treat her shotgun wound of a shaved snatch like my own personal cum dumpster?

The fact that she thinks she's a 'faerie' is kinda disturbing, and she's clearly insane, but I'd still cum all over her pink asshole.


Tawnee ED PotN fame

Tawnee became the ED Picture of the Now on October 2, 2006. We let her know, lol.

"Tawneelynne is a general nutbar raving psychotic from the Seattle area."

Problemata dramatica

Don't believe everything you believe on the internet~!

Tawnee suffers from a plethora of personal issues (humility not being one of them), which include:

  1. 2004-09-28 Broken shoulder, leukemia, neutropenic, stolen car
  2. 2005-07-16 Breast cancer
  3. 2005-08-28 Herniated discs
  4. 2005-08-28 Had to shut down her business because of injuries
  5. 2005-10-24 Posting naked pictures of herself on the internet
  6. 2005-11-07 Twice
  7. 2006-04-20 Leukemia, was given 9 months to live, homeless, no family
  8. 2006-05-14 Car broken into and equipment stolen
  9. 2006-06-13 Broken finger
  10. 2006-06-21 Disabled. Broke three ribs last week.
  11. 2006-07-30 Respiratory problems
  12. 2006-12-04 OH NOES SHE'S BEEN RAPED! Her definition of rape seems to be "anyone who has loaned me money who finds me and demands I pay that money back as promised."

Unfortunately, Tawneelynne decided to whine to LJ Abuse that these things she posted were somehow harassing to her. LJ Abuse forced the community moderators and even private journal owners to allow her to delete or modify them. Some were saved by ED staff before their removal, some were not. If you have copies, please contact an ED Sysop who will host the copy here and assist in removing your name if needed.

Internet Court

I'm in ur jernal, suing ur friendz d00d!
Further proof that she genuinely broke her back.
Notice the screams of agonizing pain as the latissimus dorsi ruptures under the pressure of carrying a broken back and 3 herniated discs.

Tawneelynne promptly took Jameth to internet court. Hardvice, attorney at lol then posted his worst internet defense case to date. The result was a tie to the previous world internet record of $10,000 for largest internet settlement. Tawnee is expected to use the money to cure her leukemia.

Internet Lawsuit settlement check
Tawnee confronts her accusers in this post, her first in a short series of 'last public posts, ever,' and confuses the voices in her head with the voices on the telephone
She had three broken ribs last week!
DMCA threat in qweerdo's journal. OH NOES

Voicepost Transcript

Voicepost 1

Voicepost 2 Hi everyone, ummm, this is a message to Aaron. Ummm, I don't know what to say. It's been 6 years and in that 6 years I've grown a lot and I still have a lot of growing to do.


I have a disorder called post traumatic stress disorder and I don't know what, what, what happened in our marriage. I mean, I do, I know some things, I know some facts, I know some things. I know my side, but I also know that my side is screwed up because, because my father abused me and when, when you would say things that would trigger a memory I would go into a flashback, and I didn't know it, I didn't know what was going on. And so I have a problem now with knowing what's right and what’s wrong from way back then. What I do know is that I felt like you beat melike my father did. I felt like there was no way that I could win from my abuser and I felt like you had abused me.

Now I'm sure that you have a different side to it and I can stand in responsibility if I'm wrong, but it was how I saw it at the time. And I don't know what else to say about that.

But what I do know is that I went and I tried to change everything that they said I was doing wrong in the custody hearing. About not having roots about umm not having my life together and I've tried for six years, I've tried, I've tried to change everything that was wrong with me then so that I could come back and I could be a part of my boys life and be a mom. And I knew that you weren't gonna let me do that until I changed or at least that's what I’ve made up in my head. I've also made up in my head that you're a danger to me, based on what I experienced in our marriage. And part of that was based on flashbacks that I was having so I don't know what else to say Aaron, except that I'm sorry and that I just know that I really want to be a part of my boys life. I don't know what hoops you want me to jump through I don't know what you expect me to say or how I can validate how you feel, but whatever it is, I will do it so that I can see my boys Because I never wanted to go away, I just made up in my head that I had no other choice.

So there are people on my friends list who have offered to be mediators that aren't taking sides, who realize my battles and my challenges and that realize it will be hard for me to deal with you directly based on all the emotion form our past. And they've offered to be mentors and my only request is that you just tell them whatever you need to tell them and let them know and let them come back to me and let me know so that I can give you whatever it is that you want so that I can see my boys, please.

Pictures of flowers

I do have boundaries, I do not want you back in my life, I do not think it would be healthy for any of us for you to be back in my life, but I believe our boys deserve both parents in their life. I never felt any different, that's why I let you see them, that's why, because they deserve that, I never kept them from you, I never not let you be around your boys. I don't regret the decision and I am thankful that you have taken such good care of them, while I have had to go off and find out how to be healthier.

Uhhh, so anyway, I have to breathe, and I am going to go out and try to hang out with some friends right now, I have to get a break from this, because I'm really challenged with a lot of things right now and my boys would be a good thing for me, if you would just let us have a part of each others lives.

Anyway, so that's all, that's all I have to say. I hope that you find a way for us to meet in the middle. Thanks.


As of July 21, she explodes onto the scene in qweerdo's journal, replete with DMCA threats and claims of disability, and not being a deadbeat mom, despite owing $30,000 in child support.

NEW CATCHPHRASE: we had to call the police last night because some huge guy was threatening to gang bang me, whatever that fucking means. In other words, she was almost raped by futhman.

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"I strongly disapprove of erectile dysfunction. Get healthy, get tested, get informed."


"i am so over his bullshit, i went over to where jameth lives and stood outside so he could see just how over him and his idiot followers i am.

i am going to the kareoke bar that he goes to tonight so i ca sing a song to show him that he can't hurt me anymore because i have healed myself and cannot be hurt by anyone online ever again.

i can't wait to see his face when he realizes he has no power over me.

Posted by: Tawnee Lynne | July 18, 2006 3:56 PM" - WHOA.

Updated 07/28/2016: Approximately 10 years ago, TawneeLynne managed to rip off a lot of people in Seattles "Yahoo Chat". She got me for around $300, and I know of other's she got for many thousands. Finally, she took her camera, abandoned her kids and moved to FLORIDA! We- as a group- still monitor this crazy bitche's whereabout's and warn others of her lying sack of shit ways. Now, Karma, or the rule of "What comes around, goes around" and the last I'd heard she finally got caught doing 4 to 8 years of stealing and flying thousands of dollars of bad checks. I'm writing this now- it's been 4 years- to let everyone know she'll be getting out of prison fairly soon so BOLO your ass. (Be On (the) Look Out) just so you know=

Holy shit more n00dz?!



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