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With Jews, you lose!
"You see these tits? These tits cost more than your car."

Tara Strong is a fake blonde Canuck and SJW slut notable for having big fake tits and voicing every other cartoon character, most recently Unikitty for the same lulz show of the same name. Naturally, her voice gives cartoon-ogling manchildren raging hard-ons, which has made her a popular figure among these sad people. Her most notable role so far has been as Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the latest iteration in Hasbro's series of half-hour long toy commercials for colourful horsies. This show is infamous for inexplicably spawning a fandom full of slavering aspies and neckbeards who have made a cult out of watching the show and who enthusiastically jack off to all the characters.

Some of the more functional fans of the show, or bronies, have instead chosen to jack off to Tara Strong, as she's basically the Pamela Anderson of the voice acting business. She also has a nice pair of fake tits, paid for by her rich husband. Being the vociferous attention whore that she is, Tara enjoys being lusted after by bronies, spamming them with pictures of her boobs on her Twitter account and stealing the spotlight at every My Little Pony convention (yes, these exist) she can make it to.

In addition to being a foundry of ear-numbing, high-pitched voices and a sex symbol for horny losers, Tara's also made a few hair-brained entrepreneurial ventures with the aid of her husband, Craig Strong. These include a piece of computer software that teaches you how to be a voice actor (which can be had for the low, low price of $200), and a needlessly complicated baby bottle for adle-brained suburban moms who are too stupid to label bottles of milk they put in the freezer.

She's also a bit of a philanthropist, and created a website called taralicious.com to sell My Little Pony merchandise for charity. The merch was sold at a ridiculously high mark-up, and she claimed that all profits from her overpriced junk would go towards helping delay the inevitable death of her friend's brain dead kid, Kiki. After quietly giving up on this fool's errand, she has since chosen to direct her efforts towards children who aren't quite dead yet, which has unsurprisingly yielded more fruitful results.

The Making of a Jewish Whore, Part XV

Tara Strong was born Tara Cuntyboff to Twiddle and Sprucy Cuntyboff, a pair of wealthy Jewish socialites who ran both a toy store and a Holocaust museum. The Cuntyboffs were an influential Jewish family that made their fortune selling out their neighbours to the Nazis during the Holocaust, and as Goldjudens in the Concetration camps that searched the clothes of Jews headed for the showers for hidden wealth, stuck their fingers up cunts and ass holes looking for hidden treasure and even cut open dead bodies and went threw stomachs and intestines to look for hidden wealth that they would then hand over to Nazis so the could buy their way up to Lageraltester and maximize their treachery by running a camp. They ended up fleeing as refugees to Canuckistan when World War II ended and the remaining Jews left in Germany stormed their mansion with latkes and dreidels. One might wonder why anyone would sell out their countrymen to a regime of racist, fascist dirtbags who wanted to murder them, but as we all know, a Jew's only true allegiance is to the Almighty Dollar.

Tara's family settled in Toronto, Canada, and their large fortune enabled them to live comfortable lives in an affluent Jewish neighbourhood where there wasn't a single goy piece of shit within 20 miles. Tara's parents lived boring, uneventful lives doing all the wonderful things Jews do, eventually deciding to start a couple businesses. The toy store they created was called The Wiz, so named because Tara's father enjoyed watersports and would have made R. Kelly look like your Puritanical grandmother who only ever had sex through a hole in her pajama bottoms.

Tara Strong, of course, received a near-endless supply of free toys from her doting parents, a process which would help shape her into the fine lady she is today. On the second floor of the toy store was the Holocaust museum, which was quite appropriate because nothing compliments the joy of buying candy and toys like learning about how six million three hundred thousand filthy Jew bastards were put on the Atkins diet and then turned into fertilizer. The Holocaust museum was presided over by Tara's grandfather, Boris Cuntyboff. Unbeknownst to many, all of the articles in the museum were actually trophies Boris kept from the people he sold out to the Nazis, the most controversial of which was a pile of ashes he collected after he bribed an SS officer to let him be a Sonderkommando for a day because he wanted to jerk off on the asshes of those he called dumbfucks because they wouldn't play ball with him by letting him diddle their children for a chance at getting a dead mouse to make soup with. He celebrated this personal victory of his by dancing outside the crematoriums with a bucket held high above his head and singing "Hava Nagila."

How to Whore or I Learned It from Watching My Mom


If you ever wanted to understand how Tara Strong can so delicately tip-toe through hypocrisy, dance in Bull-Shit and master the art of the double talk it has to do with her mother making a living in confidence games, or more appropriately Astrology. It is important to note that the Jewish faith forbids such thing as divining, Ouija boards or the gaining of any information from the other world. Without getting too technical the rule is dramatized when King Saul seeks the Witch of Endor to summon Soloman and GOD hit Saul with the Ban Hammer saying that he doesn't like this kind of shit. With her mom working a job that requires confidence and swindling it's no surprise that Tara has learned the trade but most importantly, Tara also learned how to claim you're a certain religion but ignore what you don't like because what are rules if they get in your way of making money. We already know that oaths and contracts don't mean anything to Tara because she couldn't or didn't want to keep other men's dicks out of her when she was married. So playing on people's emotions to get them to follow her political ideals, is nothing new.
Some have theorized that she might have learned the skill of implanting an idea, the ability for someone to tell you to do something but you think it is your idea, from this trade because it does require skills to subtly probe a person for info to make it look like the user has Petra-natural powers and this is why so many people post death Threats to The Donald on her Twitter page because it is her goal to reignite her career by playing a wrinkled, brony version of Jodie Foster by convincing one of her more simple fans to kill The Great and Mighty Master of the Free World President Trump because she doesn't like him and believes that she had some God given right to change the world in whatever way she sees fit.

Tara's Early Life and Accomplishments

Tara Strong's life and career, summarized in 6 seconds.

In addition to being a spoiled brat, Tara Strong discovered at an early age that she had a knack for doing ear-numbing, high-pitched voices and wanted to be a singer or actress. Most people grow out of this stage by age 8 or so, but Twiddle and Sprucy encouraged her to follow her dreams, making the decision to enroll her in her local Yiddish theather. The fact that she didn't speak Yiddish posed a bit of a problem, but all Yiddish sounds like unintelligible gobbledygook anyway, so all she had to do was just say random bullshit and be adorable.

Tara continued to sing in synagogues and perform in musicals, until eventually she was discovered by a talent scout in the voice acting business. Of course, the fact that she let the man motorboat her tits for 10 minutes beforehand is merely incidental. Her first role came at the age of 13, and she was cast as a voice actress for Hello Kitty in the new Hello Kitty cartoon, a SO KAWAII!!! Japanese show about a chinky cat. Tara's job was made very easy by the fact that Hello Kitty never actually says anything, but she saw this as an opportunity to broaden her horizons and experiment with lesbian sex with her older co-star. She also did a brief stint on T. and T. with Mr. T, where she played "Little Tammy" in the show's most infamous episode, "Mr. T's Ecstatic Elementary School Adventure." The episode was later banned in 83 countries.

Tara Strong had a few more insignificant roles through her teen years, and her resolve to succeed as an actress was emboldened by the fact that she was a fucking idiot and failed most of her high school classes. A few years after barely graduating, she moved to L.A. to seek the fame and fortune she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. Sadly, her starry-eyed fantasies were brought crashing down to Earth when, not 5 minutes after getting off the train, she was accosted by a group of economically disadvantaged African-American men who stole all her stuff. Fortunately for Tara, she was able to cobble some money together by sitting on a street corner and holding a sign that simply read: "Jewish and in need of a nose job. Squeeze my tits for a Dollar." Since this was L.A., she amassed over $600 in just a few hours. While she briefly considered this as a career choice, she was already acquiring a reputation as "The Tit Lady", and had a disturbing encounter with a little boy who paid her a dollar and then spent 5 minutes laughing maniacally and poking at her boobs with a stick. She soon decided that this life wasn't for her, and moved into an apartment as soon as she had enough money. She was then able to start auditioning to be an actress.

L.A. Blown

In the course of doing auditions, Tara discovered that just about every dumb, untalented bimbo in America came to L.A. to be an actress, and she needed something to give her an edge over the competition. She had initially thought that wearing low-cut tops and sucking the occasional dick might do the trick, but soon learned that just about everyone else had had the same idea. Things looked pretty bleak for Tara, and after several months of unemployment she resorted to begging for money from her parents. Eventually, her father became tired of L.A.'s lack of appreciation for his special princess and bought a few people off. Even so, due to her depressingly low intelligence and mediocre acting skills, the only jobs Tara could get were token roles as slutty women who did little more than show off their baby bags. Barely able to keep afloat, Tara decided to get back into ear-numbing high-pitched. Although she ended up facing stiff competition from the washed up comedians and talentless hacks who made up most of the industry, this gave her steady work, with a couple big breaks as Dil from Rugrats and Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. Sadly, being a voice actress wasn't lucrative enough to give Tara the lifestyle she felt she deserved, and she decided to take the classic Jewish route of marrying a rich dude.

I Ain't Sayin' She a Gold Digger...

Tara Strong and her darling husband, who also moonlights as a child molester.

Tara first met her husband, Craig Strong, at a party at Sharon Stone's house while they were filming a sequel to Basic Instinct. Craig introduced himself as "a classy guy with piles o' cash", and it was love at first sight. After a wild romp in the hay that involved silk sheets and an ice pick, he decided it was in his best interests to marry Tara.

They married a year later, and shortly thereafter moved into a multimillion dollar house with a swimming pool and a putting green out back. This suited Tara's needs much better, and with the addition of a private studio in her basement, she became able to work from home and pursue her passion of being a trophy wife who spends her days playing croquet and sipping margaritas by the pool.

Tara Rising

Tara Strong would spend the next 10 years leisurely working on her voice acting career, amassing a huge laundry list of voice acting roles such as Batgirl, Ben 10, Timmy Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents, Raven from Teen Titans, Rikku from FFX, and a huge shitload of others we're too lazy to bother listing here. Go to Wikipedia or IMDB if you want that shit, fucker. Anyway, she also spent much of her time raising her kids to be pampered Hollywood weenies and doing the sorts of things C-List celebrity soccer moms in Hollywood do. She and her husband also attended their share of red carpet events, but were soon barred from doing so after Tara began following people around and doing Pee-Wee Herman impersonations.

Tara Gets Augmented

Tara Strong's tits in 2006.
Tara's tits now

A few years after the birth of her second child, Tara realized that she was now a saggy-breasted MILF who was very visibly past her prime. Rather than age gracefully like every other human being on the planet, Tara decided to flip Mother Nature the bird and got a set of Thanksgiving turkeys implanted in her chest. Although her husband had his reservations, he decided to respect Tara's sexual independence and reluctantly allowed to her to go through with her decision. Delighting in the frequent stares she now got, Tara would spend the next few years showing off her hooters at every available opportunity, which made her feel like a real woman again! She also discovered that the weight of her boobs could knock a man out cold, and pioneered a new means of disciplining her children that she dubbed "The Wrecking Ball Method." Sadly, her new book hasn't caught on yet.

Even with the new upgrades, Tara still felt as though her life was missing something. While she had achieved her goal of being a rich Hollywood actress with an easy job, she hadn't achieved the fame and recognition she had always wanted. Fortune smiled upon her, however, and all the celebrity she could ever want would soon arrive along with that harbinger of the apocalypse we've all come to know as the brony fandom.

Bronies, Assemble!

At some point in late 2009, Tara Strong was approached by her former colleague and fellow Jew extraordinaire Lauren Faust, who sought her help in making a reboot of Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise that totally isn't gay. Having spent much of her childhood sitting atop a pile of pony toys like a dragon, Tara was intrigued by this proposition and agreed to provide the voices for Lauren's pitch. Lauren Faust then showed off her work to Hasbro, whose execs were keen to breathe new life into the franchise as its current generation was an insufferable mess of insipid cuteness that was causing little girls to mass outside their headquarters and scream "Death to the Tyrants!" while hurling bricks through their windows.

The show ended up being called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and debuted in the fall of 2010. Tara Strong played the heroine, a magic purple unicorn named Twilight Sparkle who embarks on a quest to learn about the magic of friendship.

Much to everyone's shock, the show struck a chord with furries and emotionally stunted grown men with Assfucker's Syndrome, garnering a huge internet fandom full of dorky guys in their late teens and early twenties. Nobody is really sure why this happened. Some argue that we live in a cynical, disconnected age where there are no role models or sources of guidance for young men, where there's no clear boundary between childhood and adulthood, where's there's no security or stability to be found in any domain of life, and where something like My Little Pony provides a feeling of unadulterated joy and camaraderie in a world where people don't value these things. Others argue that these guys are all gay losers and should go kill themselves. We on Encyclopedia Dramatica happen to favor the second perspective.

Anyhow, this fandom of pony-pounding pukes didn't really pick up steam until mid-2011, and the Brothers in Ponies (or bronies) soon became infamous after spamming everyone on the internet with pictures of My Little Pony porn and being insufferable a-holes to everyone they met. Sadly, this is all something that comes with the territory of being the furry fandom's latest darling, and bronies quickly became the internet's new furries.

Tara Strong eventually discovered all of this when she began interacting with her fans on the internet, and decided to use the social awkwardness and desperation of bronies to seize power over the fandom and crown herself their Queen.

Tara Strong Discovers the Internet and Slowly Loses Her Sanity

As it turns out, Tara Strong is actually smart enough to use a computer. God help us all.

Some people should never be allowed to use the internet. The internet can have a way of amplifying a person's negative traits to extremes that would never be possible in real life. You probably don't have to think very hard to come up with examples. So, what happens when you give the internet to a desperate MILF with hordes of even more desperate fans and the emotional maturity of a 15-year old girl? We'll give you a hint- it involves boobs and a never stopping, continous whining about all the Anti-Semitism on Tv while forgetting that she is responsible for half of it by voicing Princess Clara on Drawn Together and doing every third voice on Family Guy.

Tara in the Grip of Insanity or Tara Forgets to Take Her Pills

Tara claims she is the reason why you have a happy childhood.

It's a given that when you are an actor that you will have an ego and think that you are the greatest thing ever when you achieve fame like Charlton Heston, Mel Gibson or even Brad Pitt.
It's a completely differant thing when all you do is appear in badly animated morality lessons for children like My Little Pony and think that you are the end all example and greatest contributer to the field of voice acting, purposely ignoring your betters like Casey Kasem by making claims that the field didn't exist until you showed up and created it yourself.
This is the average amount of crazy you can expect from Tara Strong when her son, or whoever is in charge of her forgets to give her her crazy pills the night before and lets her post on Twitter the following day.
Like any intelligant and cynical person that uses this board I have to ask, When Tara says she is the reason for our Child Hoods, is she taking responsability for Randy Robert Stair?

Tweeter or Twatter or Whatever it's Called

Tara shows her love for the brony community

Tara remained completely ignorant of the brony fandom until late 2011, and was initially uncertain of what to think about the idea of a bunch of grown men spanking the monkey to pastel-coloured marshmallow ponies. While Tara's own sexual escapades had often been just as perverse, they were with attractive rich people as opposed to fake horse pussies, which made things a tad different. In early 2012, Tara Strong discovered the magic of Twitter, and she set up an account to communicate with the fans of all her different shows.

Not long afterwards, bronies became aware of her online presence, and began subscribing to her Twitter feed en masse, overwhelming her with countless tweets about how sexy and awesome she was. Like a little boy who'd just stolen his brother's firecracker collection, Tara Strong was filled with glee at the thought of all the attention she was getting, She saw her interaction with adoring bronies as a means of staving off her impending mid-life crisis, and dove headlong into the brony fandom, learning all of the happenings and memes and proclaiming herself to be the "Brony Queen." Unlike most modern women, who go through the GOTIS phase in their mid-teens, Tara was a little late to the party. Even so, many of her Twitter followers went along with it anyway because she was hot and they were hoping she'd show them some more risque pictures of her fake guns. Hey, it's not like they had any better prospects.

As time went on, Tara became a little too absorbed in the whole "Brony Queen" mentality and started tweeting pictures of My Little Pony-themed Rule 34. She also tweeted a great many pictures of her boobs, available in the gallery below for your viewing pleasure. Eventually, nearly all of her tweets ended up consisting of either inane pony bullshit or pictures of her flaunting herself with all the subtlety of a drunken opera singer cutting apart dry ice with a jackhammer. One might think it quite pathetic for a woman to resort to seeking this kind of attention from bronies of all people, and a debate continues to rage on about whether Tara is a desperate, silicone-slinging has-been or just a really clever troll. History has certainly shown, however, that the words "Tara Strong" and "clever" do not belong in the same sentence (unless there happens to be a well-placed "is not" in there somewhere).

In recent days, as of the year 2017, Tara Strong's twitter posts concist mostly of attempts at convincing people that she is still relevant in this day and age because she voiced Bubbles or Raven from the Teen Titans hoping that this will somehow strengthen her grandma like tits, sagging carreer. Most anyone with a brain really doesn’t want to much to do with her because she has given up on sanity and thinks that having voiced these characters makes her a reputable source for political commentary, going so much as saying, "Tommy Pickles hates Trump."

Real Jews Hate Her

By Real Jew I mean people who have grown up being taught Jeudism as a culture and a religion and to integrate into and accept American culture and not some 14 year old trendy fuckers that are using it as an excuse to get out of being force fed school lunches so they can either go out and buy one or be allowed to bring their own.
Real Jews hate her because she has this idea in her head that her Grandmother waking up one day and deciding to relocate because the neighbor boy likes stealing her underwear off the line for something to jack-off into and then hanging them back up for shitd and giggles is somehow equal to surviving a German Fat Camp from the 40's.

The Dittos

Like most celebrities, Tara suffers from a poor sense of self worth and following her therapist's advice, she has taken to the internet to post stupidity for no other reason than to have ass kissing, sycophantic bronies, with no real life experience, suck up to her with comments that require no real reading, emotional investment or fear of offending her like, "I so agree with you." "That is the absolute truth." Or "Ditto." After a quick look at the following's twitter pages you can see they're all Cut from the same My Little Pony, autistic, will never get laid cloth.

  • @CWCsonichu all around retard. Has made the most threats against Trump's life because his new female persona buys into Tawa's BS that trump is a male chauvanist pig that doesn't respect women and runs around squeezing pussies.
  • @Jefferykelsey18 a chris chan in training that really wants to get Tara Strong's attention.
  • @Jericovalmonte all around cartoon fag
  • @Rich_T_Hall Thinks celebrities owe their fans and should sit through all their selfie and autograph requests.
  • @HolohanTrevor Self admitted white knight. A real fag.
  • @GeneDaegen Thinks My Little Pony is real and actually sends tweets to MLP characters like Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash informing them of his day and to proclaim his unrequited love for them. Probably the most interesting to observe and probably the sanest. Out of all the people listed, he's probably the least likely to climb up a clock tower, while wearing his mother's used pantyhose over his face, for the purpose of killing people.
  • @Commisurbator Enjoys wanking it and keeps sweets by his bed to reward himself for a good wank. Yes, hes a fat pig.
  • @Princess_Lapis Steven Universe fantard and another of Tara's fantards that has threatened to kill Trump or ask that someone else do it.
  • @DiabeticJew My second favorite. I have no idea if this guy is a troll or real. Wants Tara to do a recording of all her characters making sex noises so he can jerk it to Raven and BatGirl.
  • @TBruinsmafilms artschool filmaker that thinks that Tara is the only person on Earth capable of speaking the truth.

Tara the Twoll

Tara stripping during an outtake.

As Tara's online career grew, she learned about internet trolls, many of whom had taken to sending her messages telling her to an hero or show her tits. Tara decided to perform her own clever take on trolling, which she dubbed "twolling" so it would sound cuter. She would make tweets with enticing titles like "Here's me in a bikini!", and then when her lovestruck fans clicked on the link, they'd get a picture of one of her characters instead. Get it? It's funny because you think she's going to show you a sexy picture and then she doesn't. I wonder where she could have possibly gotten that idea?
More so, Tara stands by her stance against Internet bullying and won't engage in it, but what she will do is bring attention to a post and her loyal army of cloppers will then proceed to flame the fuck out of that post because they think she will either post Twilight Sparkle porn or her tits. Unsurprisingly most of her fans, sycophants, loyal retards, hairy palmed cloppers would rather have the Twilight Sparkle porn because pictures of real vaginas still gross them out.

Are you Twilightlicious?

Fun fact: Every time Tara speaks, your IQ drops 5 points.

After months of saying progressively more retarded things on Twitter, Tara Strong catastrophically discovered the service known as VocalTweet, which enables you to record short messages and post them on Twitter. Since her last remaining brain cell had long since committed suicide, Tara used her new toy to unleash a tempest of annoying, nonsensical voice tweets, often after inhaling several canisters of helium. For reasons unknown to men of sanity, one of her whimsical recordings spawned a meme that infested the four corners of the brony fandom and remains ingrained in it to this day: Twilightlicious.

Listen to it for yourself, and then consider that fact that it was listened to millions of times by bronies, who laughed uproariously at Tara's comedic genius and shared it with all their friends. This recording was soon animated and remixed into dozens of abysmally shitty dance tunes made by 13 year old faggots with their trial versions of FL Studio. Tara Strong also made a Ravenlicious, Batgirllicious, Harleylicious, Bubblelicious, Timmylicious, and Lord knows how many ear-raping knock-offs of this piece of shit, but these recordings went mostly unnoticed by their respective fanbases. Tara, in her self-absorbed wisdom, has attributed this fact to the boundless creativity and enthusiasm of the brony fandom, when the actual reason is that no other fandom is retarded enough to find such childish drivel amusing.

But wait, it gets worse! If all the remixes and fan animations weren't bad enough, Twilightlicious also became a popular song sung by bronies at conventions, often at the command of their big-breasted overlord who derives sadistic glee from turning grown men into 5 year olds. But don't take our word for it, watch this video and then gently weep for the future of humanity:

A Fun Way To Twoll Tara


Since Tara has gone the way of crazy and claims to be the Defacto voice for everything Pony, she has literally claimed to know what Twilight Sparkle is thinking, then she should also be held responsible for its unintended messages. One way to get under her skin is to use pictures like the one posted and accuse her and Equistria Girls of promoting anorexia. Even better, tell her you had a sister that killed herself because she couldn't be as skinny as Twilight Sparkle in Equistria Girls while personally blaming her.

If you want to get blocked by her, a good way to do it is to find a picture of her with Mark Hammil and post, "One person in this pic gets to blame a motorcycle accident for their face." on her twitter page along with the pic.

The Saga Continues

Not content to simply whore herself out on Twitter, Tara Strong started doing podcasts with brony radio interviewers, in which she would gleefully prattle on about her fantastic life and how awesome she thought bronies were. Sadly, trolls would end up using these interviews to learn about her personal life and write mean-spirited and defamatory things about her on the internet. She also signed herself up for a bunch of brony conventions, the main one being Bronycon 2012. These events gained her even more popularity among bronies, and she soon took MLP creator Lauren Faust's place as the most revered figure in the brony fandom.

Sadly, she only ever ended up using her influence to create shitty memes and make a huge ass of herself in myriad ways. In addition to creating her Twitter account, she has also tried to make several YouTube accounts, but had to abandon each one after being flooded with asinine comments from bronies who either want to suck her tits or have lengthy arguments with one another about whether or not it's okay to jack off to ponies. Not that this is much of a loss, as all of Tara's uploads were either footage of her making bronies sing Twilightlicious, or videos of her dogs giving her oral sex (this is not a joke).

Tara Goes to BronyCon

After months of internet shenanigans, Tara Strong found herself striding through the doors of BronyCon 2012. Shortly thereafter, she was greeted by hordes of the adoring Twitter fans she had garnered over the past few months, who chanted "Tara! Tara! Tara!" and lined up to bow to her as she walked to the stage. She then raised her voice in a great crescendo and demanded that her fans sing Twilightlicious, which they did. Thus, Tara's formal ascent to the status of Brony Queen was finally complete, and there was much rejoicing. Meanwhile, the few sane people in the room quietly left and shot themselves, unable to bear the depths to which they had seen their friends sink.

The Badonkadonk Chronicles

At some point in this chaotic embarrassment-fest, bronies had a rave, complete with DJs playing shitty dubstep fan music and people swinging around overpriced glowsticks. Tara, having recently gotten herself plastered on a couple forties (how apropos), decided it would be a great idea to get up on stage and do a little jig.

The elegance and skillful performance of her dance moves proved so astounding that they literally inspired song. Here is that wonderful piece, set to a loop of her graceful twirls:

Tara's 15 Minutes are Up!

While her dancing at BronyCon was indisputably the high point of her career, in the months that followed, bronies largely lost interest in Tara and her online antics. There are only so many times you can show off pictures of your boobs and say nonsensical crap before people get sick of it and move on to the next person that does the same thing. To make matters even more delicious, after the shit hit the fan at her latest brony convention in Las Vegas, Tara became fuming mad and vowed to never do a My Little Pony convention again. This was of course just a ruse to get more attention, but bronies weren't phazed by it because they could just stare at Nicole Oliver's tits instead. Realizing she was now old news, Tara decided to quietly relinquish her crown and fade away from the fandom.

While she's still up to many of her old tricks, people pay less attention to them now, and her time these days is mainly spent promoting her newer roles, such as her reprisal of Raven in the upcoming Teen Titans Reboot, Teen Titans Go! Of course, try as she may, the best Teen Titan show will always be Zone's parody series.

So, after a brief burst of online popularity, dear Tara has again been relegated to hiding in the shadows of obscurity just like every other voice actress, waiting in the wings for another fandom of horny neckbeards to prey upon.

Tara Strong's Excellent Adventures

Throughout Tara's brief online career, she was the subject of many a scandal, and many unwelcome advances by her rabid fans. Let's take a look at some of the highlights, shall we?

MILF Hunters

As it happens, there has been a downside to all of Tara's attention-whoring. Popularity has always carried a price, and for Tara that price has been in the form of being adored by hordes of greasy, foul-smelling neckbeards who are positively enthralled that a woman with big tits who weighs less than 300 pounds is actually paying attention to them. For the most part, such people are easily dismissed with the occasional flirt and flash of the ta-tas, but some of her fans are a tad more dedicated than that. Over the years, Tara has had to contend with her share of emotionally disturbed fanbois who want her to be their waifu. For the most part, it wasn't that bad, although there was this one time when some awkward slob showed up at an anime convention and offered to pay her $100 for a kiss. Apparently, he didn't realize that she has piles of money and that men of his caliber tend to succeed more with pickup lines such as: "Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?" and "Hey, check out this new shovel I bought!"

Since her recent explosion of popularity however, Tara now receives a hefty amount of disturbing tweets from sex-crazed bronies who want to lick her armpits, and who are also not averse to phoning up her house and asking if they can come over and fuck Twilight Sparkle. A bunch of the more perverse bronies on 4chan have also doxxed her, and to make a long story short, she now owns a large collection of pipe bombs and dragon dildos.

This may all seem pretty awful, but at least she doesn't have to deal with these guys in person, right? Ha, you wish! Since becoming the Brony Queen, Tara has been approached at conventions by the hordes of horrendously awkward and unkempt asspies that make up the bulk of the brony fandom. All of these sad fuckers line up to pay tribute to their Goddess, singing her praises and coughing up $25 for an autographed poster and a brief stare at her knockers. Here's a video of one such encounter. Try not to enjoy it too much.

Finally, some Tara porn! Oh wait, you were expecting it to be normal, weren't you?

Hopefully, you're still with us after that last one. Anywho, if things weren't bad enough already, bronies have also made a modest amount of Rule 34 and shitty fake nudes of Tara and her OC Pony, all of which have been tweeted to her over 9000 times. While she has never responded to any of these tweets, it is presumed she keeps all of the pictures and prints them off for her husband to jack off to.

Tara Gets a Taste of Some Hatorade

As it happens, not all bronies are blinded by sexual desperation, and there exists a small minority of them who've come to loath Tara Strong for her rampant attention whoring and the fact that she basically ruins every My Little Pony VA panel she ever takes part in. Fans of her other shows have also become annoyed that all she talks about on Twitter is incomprehensible pony bullshit. The fact that's she's an untalented dolt with fake tits just adds fuel to the fire. She frequently mentions that people send her death threats and other niceties, and had this fantastic piece of insight into the whole affair:

Some of this negative stuff is so shocking to me that I'm like: Wow, you have no concept of karma. I really believe if you negatively affect someone it spirals back to you so badly. It's just such bad karma and so not helping propel you further into your journey and getting things that you want and having a happy life. I mean, who knows if we get to come back here and we certainly don't come back here as this being so have fun and enjoy life!


—Tara Strong giving Miss Teen South Carolina a run for her money

Tara is Harassed by Chris-Chan

Kudos to Mr. Chandler for finally getting a bit of human contact.

As we now know, Chris-Chan, the internet's favourite idiot, is a brony. He has also gone on the record as a vocal critic of the Twilightlicious meme- not because it sucks, but because he thinks it promotes trolling! You see, being a clinical retard with Asperger's Syndrome, dear Christopher has interpreted Twilightlicious as something that literally encourages trolling, of the sort we on ED have been doing to him for years. He penned this in a strongly worded open letter to Tara, which was forwarded to her on Facebook.

While Tara Strong receives a great many open letters, she tends not to read them, as around 83% of them involve people wanting to suck the silicone out of her gigantic MILF tits. Thankfully, a lone troll managed to sneak in past her defenses, and got her to respond to Chris' concerns:

I don't think I've ever seen anyone put an ugly spin on something this outrageously for their own attention. Anyone who follows me knows I'm on a huge anti bullying platform, even wrote & produced a song about it. All my "twolling" as we on twitter call it is completely adorable and makes people smile. Christian's article makes me angry and disappointed. Hope I never meet the guy.


—When even Tara Strong hates you, you know you're a total loser.

The absurdity of Tara Strong flaming Chris Chan comes from the fact that they both live in the same Orwellian fantasy where someone can be punished for the crime of speaking their opinion. She has advocated the use of concentration camps (Remember she's Jewish) to re-educate Republicans and/or people who voted for Trump. She has made demands for the institution of laws that would define the difference between hate talk and proper speech and suggests that punishments range from simple jail time to concentration camps to re-educate the worst offenders. Even more like Chris she had stated that the US government should have an agency whose job it is to hunt down haters on facebook and Twitter.

Why is it, that the more they talk - the more SJWs like Tara Strong sound like fascist dictators?

Oh, I'm sorry. I cant say that. She's so open minded and advanced intellectually that she demanded that Cartoon Network make a black Power Puff Girl.

On a somewhat unrelated note, we also made our own anti-bullying song, but it hasn't quite caught on yet...

Tara's Lulzy Charity Fail

What with all this negative attention Tara's been getting, it's worth noting that the lady has a good heart and enjoys helping people. A perfect example of this would be Kiki's Cancer Fund. A friend of hers by the name of Ami Havivi suffered the misfortune of having his daughter, Kiki, end up being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Mr. Havivi was quite upset over the whole situation, and found himself asking how such a terrible thing could happen to such a sweet, innocent little girl. Sadly, it never occurred to him that letting his daughter play jump rope near a nuclear power plant probably wasn't the best idea.

The documentary crew, hard at work.

Anyhow, instead of letting poor Kiki die gracefully, he sought out alternative therapy, beseeching his friend Tara to make bronies foot the bill so he'd have money left over to buy a new Ferrari. A charity fund was set up, and bronies donated thousands of dollars to appease their queen. For a while, it looked like Kiki might get better, but these hopes were soon dashed when one of her surgeons accidentally crossed the streams, turning Kiki the Cabbage Head into Kiki Flambé. Discovering that her little angel was now a likely example of a new KFC product, Tara quietly shifted her focus from Kiki's charity to other children with brain tumours who weren't dead yet.

Tara's Lulzy Film Fail

This is why women shouldn't be allowed to vote.

While Tara was yukking it up on Twitter, a bunch of indie filmmakers decided to try their luck making a documentary about bronies, thinking they'd make bank if they promised bronies some much needed positive PR. Surprisingly, they were able to enlist support from people who worked on the show, including John De Lancie, Lauren Faust, and Tara herself. Tara saw this as an opportunity to attention whore some more, and to promote her charity work so she'd seem like a Good Person™.

Although the film raised a pile of money on Kickstarter, it ended up being panned by bronies, most of whom just pirated it and made fun of all the cringe-inducing losers it showcased. When even other bronies think you're a loser, you know you've hit rock bottom. Tara's own cameo in it was pretty pathetic, and a song she made for the film called Take My Hand caused millions of bronies to cry out "Don't quit your day job!", not realizing that Tara has never had a day job.

Tara's Lulzy Uber Fail

A fuckton of people want to see the beginning of the Uber altercation.

Before the 2018 midterms, she got into an argument alongside her friend with a foreign Uber driver and posted it on the internet. In her Twitter feed, she falsely accused the driver of almost killing them. She got the driver fired, but for some reason, despite admitting that she had them, she never actually posted the first seven minutes of the altercation.

Political Views

One day, Tara got it in her head that voicing high-pitched characters that dogs could only hear gave her the expertise and competence to be a political commentator despite being a dyed-in-the-wool, Obama-worshipping leftist moonbat who believes every ridiculous thing you'd expect a pampered Hollywood Jew of a rich girl to believe. She's also a vegan who only eats organic food, and is opposed to the killing of poor, defenseless animals but is all for the killing of people who disagree with her.
Every now and then she'll post a bit of insightful political commentary on her Twitter account for all to see. Most recently, she posted a few messages after the Sandy Hook tragedy saying that all guns should be banned and that "Autism doesn't kill people, guns do!" She then found herself in the middle of an intelligent discussion with her fans. They all have it wrong, though. Guns don't kill people, autism doesn't kill people- but autistic people with guns do! Fortunately, most of them only kill themselves.

She was extremely pissed the fuck off and went full SJW on Twitter when Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 and like all libtards on the internet she doesn't offer up any deep ideas or suggestions because like all SJWs and libtards she doesn't want people to see how stupid she is so she devotes herself to retweeting other posts of people saying God King and master of all that is holy, Donald Trump is stupid and a failure.

The Demand for Tara to Show Her Charity Records

With all of Tara's incessant demands for God King and Hero Donald Trump to show his tax records, some trolls have taken to attacking Tara by demanding that she hand over all her records in regards to charity.
The argument goes, that if Tara is the generous soul that she claims to be and really cares for the poor and hungry big-eyed children of America and none of this is for show, her statements will show it by her tithing, giving 10% of her income to charity.
More so, some actually demand that there be no tax write off or returns to this charity because if she is, again - another fucking retarded celebrity that thinks they're St. Francis of Assisi then she will have given it all away as pure charity.
If you're another sane mind that hates the hypocrisy of asshole celebrities, you'll join in and asked her for her records regarding charity.

Tara Strong's Dox

Surprising as it may seem, the gentlemen down at 4chan's /mlp/ board actually know how to use a phone book, and have used this curious contraption to find out Tara's address and phone number. After a few interesting phone calls were made and a few most-assuredly-not-explosive packages wound up on her doorstep, some more morally-conscious bronies decided to try and purge this information from the internet. Sadly, they did not succeed.

Her dox can be found here.

Tara's Words of Wisdom


Doesn't anyone wanna fuck me?


—Tara's catchphrase


No one seems to get how hard it is being a voice actor. You got to read lines off a piece of paper. You got to read


—Tara Strong on voice acting

I feel like I am one with the fanbase and understand everyone so much and Twilightlicious was just one of those things where I was like "THIS WILL BE FUNNY!"


—Tara living it up as the Brony Queen

Just yesterday I was like: "Awesome rhymes with pony!" and that kind of made me laugh. Then I was like: "Poo-poo nutbutter shut your face rhymes with hater!" and I just started laughing!


—Tara describes her creative process

In case you haven't heard, Tara Strong Has a Nice Badonkadonk is like #1 on iTunes right now, and I guess I have a nice badonkadonk.


—No you don't, bitch.

Tara's Titillating Trove O' Ta-Tas

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