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Tana before the plastic surgery and then forcing a thousand fuckboys to cum onto her face. Idiot semen is a proven skin treatment.

Tana Monjew, better known as Tanned Mongolian, is a pathological-lying, dumb blonde bimbo from Las Vegas who whores her way across the net for attention and money. When she's not jerking off rich guys and stripping in casinos, she's telling kids how she's a victim of oppression and why everyone is evil except her. Tana's tits are 50% fake, her ass is somewhat fake, her lips are mostly fake, but her brain is 100% phony. She started out doing the loli shit, wearing a diaper-thing and sucking on a pacifier while trying to dry hump her teddy bear. It worked and now she has MILLIONS of fans all over the world. Pedobear approves!

She's well-known for telling her untrue clickbait stories on YouTube. When watching her content, the rule to remember is believing the opposite of what she says. Of COURSE millennials are full of shit so they LOVE her as one of their own. This is how you "fully monetize" YT content; the phonier and sleazier and more pedophilic the better.

Tana after. ED thinks she went to a Hollywood plastic surgeon, threw a jumbo garbage bag full of YT checks at him, and screamed "MAKE ME LOOK LIKE KIM AND BRITNEY, I HAVE 2 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM" and LO it was done.

Despite being an utter vacuum and a meat monkey, she managed to talk someone into running a convention about her. It wuz called "TanaCon". You can guess what happened.

Hypocrisy of Tana

Despite constantly claiming to be a respectful person and has never said anything racist, she has been caught multiple times saying the word Nigger and other racially insensitive things. Cuz she maybe? thinks it makes her an edgequeen and somehow less honky. Damn, some things can wash off, but her whiteness is guaranteed non removeable solid plastic. So her "streetness" faeled so hard and so hot she could use it as a sex appliance.

Hypocrisy gallery About missing Pics


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All the times she's been caught saying nigger

Possible Drug Use and DUI Video Review

Video now private showing drug use and talking about it as a normal thing. She also reviews a product in the drug video that is crazy! Here is a review of that video with the state laws highlighted. Not as if her millions of shitbird fans will notice.


Living proof that millennials are epically stupid and gobble up all the cumstains Youtube and Instagram can spurt in their little hipster faces. 20,000 knuckle dragging white folks showed up at a venue intended for 1000 max, thinking it was a "free" event because she told them it was free. OMG! There was so much butthurt a whiny little spooper started a Tana Wikia and posted lulzy shit about her meanness and fael.

Over the weekend, while VidCon — a massive, yearly gathering for creators and fans — unfolded in Anaheim, California, YouTuber Tana Mongeau attempted to hold her own convention nearby. It did not go as planned. The two-day “free” event was set to open June 22nd, and it promised concerts, talks, and meet-up opportunities featuring the likes of Shane Dawson, Bella Thorne, Casey Neistat, and many more. Instead, TanaCon was shut down on its first day after a reported 20,000 people showed up, before being canceled outright. Online, angry fans have branded the con the new Fyre Fest, evoking Ja Rule’s disastrous 1-percenter music festival.



And the guy who set it up went bankrupt, while Tana just goes on YouTube and denies everything.

Weist has said previously that the event was disastrous for his personal finances. On October 17th, he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after claiming to have lost $700,000. His video only briefly addresses the Dawson documentary and further claims that after Weist, Dawson, and Mongeau sat down to discuss the damage done, “the responsibility was left on Michael.” It concludes with a message that “Michael and Tana are no longer friends and do not speak.”



The "Featured Creator" ticket was free, but was probably changed to one dollar later on. The "Featured Fucking Creator" ticket was $65, and the "General Entry Ticket" was $45. During the event, Tana noted that most of the people that showed up were not ticketed. In the convention, people with the "Featured Fucking Creator" pass received perks, such as a "Fast Pass" to meet specific creators and a gift bag that was apparently worth at least quadruple the ticket price, according to Tana, and the gift bag including, at least for one person, stickers, an Oevo app photo (as an advertisement), a wristband, a shopping guide, and a condom (stylized TanaCondom).


iDubbbz trolling

One day, famed YouTube troll iDubbbzTV had enough of Tana's bullshit after she tried to criticize him for saying "nigger" in his videos, despite her own constant use of the word (but according to her it's because she grew up with that without context OF COURSE SHE'S NOT AT FAULT, SHE IS A TOTAL YOUTUBE GENIUS), and telling him to kill himself. So iDubbbz had the brilliant idea of going to one of her live strip shows in Vegas, purchase a $200 VIP ticket, and have him filmed saying nigger with her. Watch her reaction.

iDubbbz's exposé on Tana and his trolling of her at her convention

Even PewDiePie Hates Her

Tana gets ((((married)))) to Jake Paul and other mundane things no one cares about


In June 2019, Tana once again grifted her audience in a grand act of kayfabe by pretending to marry professional fuckboy Jake Paul. Because Tana's fanbase has a combined IQ of 80, 66,000 people spent 50 dollars to watch a livestream of the wedding. In case it wasn't obvious, the marriage wasn't actually real and was just a massive scam to rake in more shekels.

Around this time, Tana also launched her music career by inventing a new genre of music called "mumble singing" where you incoherently "sing" about insipid bullshit ala Rebecca Black.

OnlyFans and the Pimp Agency

Like every girl with daddy issues (she admitted this herself), Tana has opened not one, but two OnlyFans accounts since May 2020. She is a top creator for the site alongside Nikocado Avocado. She opened a "talent agency" for OnlyFans whores a year later where she totally doesn't act as their pimp. Imagine paying for porn in 2021 lol. But you really have to see it, find the leaks here.


Tana bullshit About missing Pics
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See also

  • Doopie DoOver: Angry tranny that likes to whine and cry about Tana being a bad rolemodel but lives the same exact life style.
  • SSSniperWolf, another lying bimbo who also over exaggerates shit for views and attention.

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