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TakeDownMan taking in that deep web

TakeDownMan, powerword Dale Franklin Gill, is a lolcow who was discovered on 8chan's /cow/. He's a sick fuck who often looks up CP sites on the deep web for his "documentary" YouTube videos which he proudly claims are the reason the police can't arrest him for looking up kiddie porn. Dale achieved "popularity" on JEWtube by pretending to be being the worlds most 1337 deep-web hacker and outlaw all the while posting everything on YouTube for views, recognition, and e-begging.

He has two wives who are totally not ugly, cracked out, easily manipulated whores. He can't fuck either of his wives (but then again who would) because his 350 pounds of fat have engulfed his dick and rendered it useless. Don't worry; he can still take it in the ass, has been experimenting with gay sex since he was 15, and is always taking applications for new butt-buddies from true and honest fans.

/cow/ discovers TakeDownMan

Last Thursday some faggot posted TakeDownMan on the 8chan /cow/ board and included a video of TakeDownMan flipping his shit over being called out on his lack of technical skill and faking shit in his videos by people haters and pedos who know what they are talking about.

What would come next is the stuff lolcows are made of.

1337 h4x02 with 1337 skillz

The first thing you will notice about TakeDownMan is that he has no clue what the fuck he is talking about, and he thinks that he is so good at hacking that the FBI, CIA, INTERPOL, THE ILUMINATI, AND THE FREE MASONS fear him. That goes double for pedophiles (which you definitely are if you're a hater). Remember, kids: The only reason that you are on the internet is because Dale ALLOWS you to be on it.

Behold the hacking rig of Takedownman and tremble

He talks about streaming snuff films on Tor. People who use Tor will tell you it's slow as shit and impossible to stream on, but that is because they haven't hacked system 32 like Dale has to maximize speed. He also uses windows, saves cookies and pretty much does all the shit YOU shouldn't do if you are surfing anonymously, HOWEVER Dale can because he is that good of a hacker and not a poser fraud. Some accuse Dale of pretending that clearweb sites were super-duper top-secret onion sites, but anyone who accuses him of this is a pedo who does not have the secret knowledge and hacking skills that Dale has.

8chan is super secret shit

His 1337 hacking skillz on the deepweb include:

    • Maximizing the screen making it perfect for producing his videos and beacons
    • Using a windows computer for surfing without a VM or tails
    • Saving cookies
    • Downloading random files (Don't worry, he has Norton antivirus)

Criminal history

Dale's mugshot

Soon after his "discovery", TakeDownMan's hacking criminal past was soon dug up.

While a fake ass hacker would have hacking charges for everything from brute-forcing to informing the press about how unsecured AT&T is with info TakedownFags crimes are legit Computer Science III level shit such as petty theft, being drunk in public, and drunk driving. Dale even posted a video explaining one of his crimes, however soon after he made it private.

Like a a true deep web outlaw he also pulled a gun on his landlord who was trying to evict/get rent money from him. Dale starts off the video trying to clear up rumors that it was due to him selling/using meth at his residence, since this was before he was efamous or had even 1,000 subs it is clear that haters and pedos made up that lie to take away his efame. Dale later talks about his time in prison which was lulzy. He tried to convince the Oklahoma police that he was blind (because all real hackers are blind), but they didn't buy it (because why the fuck would a blind person be allowed to own a gun) and decided to fuck with him. This included not letting him have his seeing stick, making fun of him for being "blind", refusing him a shower because "why waste water on blind people who can't even see their own nuts or wash 'em right", refusing him water and telling him "if you want a drink you can get it out of the toilet." He then E-beggs his viewers to get him a free lawyer so he can sue. It is unsure how much of this is true since Dale is a pathological liar elite hacker and deep web outlaw, Dale has never won any case against the police department where he was arrested but a gangsta ass hacker outlaw like Takedownman wouldn't dare just lay there and take it like a bitch so it is assumed he murdered and maimed them with only the dankest memes straight from the deep web.

Given that Takedownman was now fully exposed engaged in hardcore cyber warfare, you think it would lead him to come clean with his fans. Instead, he decided to try and hide the video by making it private. In its place, he made up all sorts of other charges that he was "arrested" for; killing/maiming a guy in New York (where he has no criminal record). This of course is all true.

Alternate archive to Dales Internet tough guy routine because Dale is a false flagging faggot

The response; be an Internet Tough Guy and people haters and pedos will run in fear. Some of the hilarious shit he made up to cover his ass include:

Playing Soldier for E-Shekkles

Seems Legit

After his hacker/outlaw background was exposed, people haters and pedophiles decided to do more digging. TakeDownMan loves talking about his past in the army and used to claim to be enlisted as a special forces bad ass who received a purple heart in combat which is why he was given an honorable discharge. As a result of his hacking and GORILLA WARFARE for the army he is "blind", and is enjoying sweet sweet shekkles which he totally earned. When E-begging he likes to bring up that he is a veteran because people who care about the military are retards who believe anything and will give money to anyone who fought for MURICA!!!!!!!!.

This "hacker" expected that his popularity would grow and that no one would ever look up any of his info or hold him accountable for any of his claims. Well to those who aren't total tech illiterate retards are haters and pedophiles, it was a fairly easy search once you have a full name and date of birth. Once people haters and pedophiles started sharing the file and telling people to go online and verify for themselves by using the info from the arrest record, Dale responded by posting his TOTALLY LEGIT DD-214 on his Facebook page to silence those nasty rumors spread by pedos and haters that he lied about serving in the army.

However the fat retard master hacker didn't even bother to google what a proper DD-214 looks like. He also censored everything except his name for "private info". A few soldiers haters and pedos started bringing up Type of separation, rank and grade are not only NOT private info, it is the identifying info any soldier who served is expected to give out to prove they aren't full of shit. He also changed hacked his past records to go from being a special forces Sergent to some supply department faggot (not even giving rank) and went from being a proud purple heart soldier to never having received a purple heart (even though he still claims being injured in combat being is why he was discharged). The videos where he shows off his purple heart vet cap changed as well, becoming a cap of his "fans" gave it to him at one of his meet ups.

Well that settles it, there's no way Dale is lying


Dale still tries desperately to hold on to that he was in the army. He tries to negotiate hack his own made up bullshit by claiming he was just a supply guy and never claimed to be a purple heart.

The truth of the matter is that Dale simply doesn't understand that people haters and pedos can easily find the shit he says because his dick riding fans upvote +1's his shit right to the top. What do you know, shit really does float to the top. Being the 1337 hacking prodigy he is, Dale came up with a fool-proof plan which requires much technical skill and knowledge. Until it was implemented, said plan was merely theoretical Computer Science III cyber warfare. He claimed that it was troll accounts.

One may think "Okay, so he can link to the posts show it was a fake account pretending to be him and put this to rest." Well it's simple-minded thinking that is you will never be half the hacker TakeDownMan is. Dale just Deleted fucking everything so no one could disprove him, then blamed all screenshots and archives on photo shop.

To keep all those fans from asking pesky haters and pedos to cease spreading lies, He has tons of sockpuppet Google+ accounts that will argue his talking points for him, often times with his official statements before he publicly makes them. The common regurgitated arguments from his sock-puppets are:

Never claimed to have gotten a purple heart
Clearly a special forces bad-ass

Dale also likes to delete every video posted on this site, not realizing that clicking the link shows the video was on his channel and it was deleted by the channel holder. Dale will also flag and DMCA all videos by YouTubers exposing him, as false DMCAs for the person getting claimed against to provide their accuser with their phone number, address, full name, etc. These blank link videos are left up here to show Dale doing this activity as YouTube will say if it was taken down due to flagging or a DMCA. Struggling only makes our penis harder Dale.

Welfare Queen

TakeDownMan likes to larp PROVE that he's blind. He does this for money and sympathy and is retarded and unable to keep a consistent story with anything involving blindness also for educational purposes. His official reason for being blind is his brain is so full of autism his brain is just gonna stop using his eyes. He also has such extreme hypertension, the catalyst for losing his vision. Hypertension this severe can happen in 2 ways:

  • Being a fat fuck who eats nothing but inflammatory shitty fast food and chugs salt like they were trying to turn themselves into a piece of human beef jerky from the inside out, giving the one two punch of constricting space for blood to flow and sodium raising blood pressure.
  • Being a Bad Ass Deep Web hacker so skilled you don't even need to look at your screen and your brain rather than wasting energy to your stupid worthless eyes would rather use that energy for your bad ass superior intellect and hacking skills, thus it slowly rewires function from the limited energy reserves until perfectly optimized to get 100% efficiency form all energy that would of been used in your eyes.

Given TDM's reputation, I think it is VERY OBVIOUS which category he falls under

Guys I'm going blind cause my brain got tired of using my eyes, so I just bought a cinematic camera with the best resolution...

Dale is currently on social security insurance. Ironically he is also a huge republican who believes everyone should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Calling Dale a welfare queen will cause him to rage and swear that he earned it from his time begging for e-shekkles by pretending to be a vet in the Army. He is on disability for "being blind" and while he claims its military related, there is a good chance that it's from ejaculating in his eyes via jerking off sloppily to CP DIABEETUS since he's a fat fuck who doesn't take care of himself. Some argue that he's not really blind due to a video where he confronts a pedo from over 300 meters away while operating a camera, but the fact is he was only able to see that far by hacking his blind useless eyes.

That's right, he'd rather be blind than take care of himself or get a job
A video that TakeDowndown posted of him seeing a "pedo" from 300+ meters away

Remember, Social security insurance fraud is a crime. You can help the American taxpayer recover any ill gained shekkles by reporting Dale Franklin Gill:

    • Tennessee State IRS [1] He's in Florida now [2] 850-475-7360 Monday-Friday - 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
    • Tennessee State benefits fraud report website [3] you can also call 1-800-269-0271 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time In Florida now [4] [5] Phone: 1-800-342-9909 or 239-338-2442 or
    • The Chattanooga Crime Stoppers Hotline:(423) 698-3333 and they would love to here about unpaid taxes or possible selling/trading of his adderall for sexual favors He's just outside Panama city Florida now [6] 866-963-8477 or email [email protected]
    • The Chattanooga Drug Tip Hotline: (423) 493-BUST (2878). It is important to make sure only Dale Franklin Gill is abusing his prescriptions to adderall, pain killers, muscle relaxers, ect. See above

Pedophile looking for hot church deacon action

Remember, this is a "hacker" who knows EXACTLY what he is doing

TakeDownMan hates pedophiles. It makes sense because everyone who insults Dale just happens to be a hater and a pedo. He hates pedos so much he never shuts up about them or stops researching them, much like a rape victim loves telling everyone the details about their rape or people who hate broccoli never stop browsing the vegetable isle staring at broccoli. His hate is so pure, he doesn't limit his non stop discussion and research to the deep web since TOR is a candy store full of delicious lolis. He talks about it even in a Q&A when discussing "haters" (whom is everyone who thinks Takedownman is full of shit), or his own polygamy...


He claims to take down CP sites all the time (meaning he would have to visit them to know what he is doing). He also claims to "catch" pedos and hurt them (see arrest record portion). His methods for catching pedophiles is so high tech and and advanced he is known to give classes to INTERPOL, the FBI, and the CIA and you can witness how he does it.

TakeDickMan deleted original, so skip to 0:32 to see a clip of the original

How did Dale get that jailbait picture at the beginning of this video? As one who hates pedophilia he wouldn't dare look up and download on to his hard drives in pure anger, right? And with the deep web you have to KNOW what you are looking for and be careful where you click. It's not like the clearweb where you can accidentally click on something and end up on a scat-porn site. The hidden wiki doesn't troll by not telling you where you are going, it tells you exactly what you are getting. If you go into an IRC to get a link, you have to ask very specifically for what you want. TakeDownMan is the rare hacker exception. He keeps on happening to "stumble" on to pedophile forums, pedophile support groups, sites for buying and selling children, sites for buying and selling child sex slaves that have their legs cut off so that they can't run away, and child sex dolls. Dale has never explained how he keeps finding this shit, but we are 100% confident he hacked how people search content on the deepweb and became the first person who accidentally the deep web.

However a lolocaust came when someone stumbled across the reason why Takedownman hates pedophiles so much. Apparently Takedownman used to be TAKEDICKMAN for the church deacon.

Skip to 2m48seconds for lulz

What makes this so funny? Well for one, a church deacon is a volunteer. This isn't like a priest raping an alter boy. Hell, this isn't even like a boss sexually harassing a co-worker. This is more like your co-worker asking you out on a date; they have no real position of authority over you, you could say no at anytime, and if you didn't want it you could have just told the boss and taken their ass to court for a sweet pay day. This isn't the park ranger raping the boy scouts, this is the trash picking volunteer asking for a handy from a park goer. Next, is that he let this shit happen for over 3 years! That's right, TakeDickMan would have rather gotten blasted with man-gravy than attend another church, tell anyone what was happening, or call the fucking authorities.

In fact here is a list of all the shit that TakeDickMan could have done to not have been molested as a kid:

TakeDICKman enjoying SunGAY mass with the church deacon as a child
    • Said no
    • Told ANY adult
    • Told a priest and at the very least make the deacon lose his position on accusation alone
    • Begged his mother to go to a different church
    • Called the cops
    • Called a lawyer
    • Screamed
    • Not taken it all like a little faggot
    • Not begged for that sweet dick like a Fruity McGayGay

When word got out on /cow/ how Dale not only fucked his Deacon as a child, but loved it so much that it may very well be the first case of a child sexually abusing an adult TAKEDICKMAN decided to be an attention whore elite hacker and play up what happened to gain sympathy and throw people off the trail that he might be a pedophile. TAKEDICKMAN links to the criminal record of his lover, which gives dates, the lovers address, arrest dates, ect. Dale's faggotry is only outwayed by his idiocy hacking skills. TAKEDICKMAN is a strong independent faggot who don't need no sugar-daddy and put this deacon away ending the 3 years of sexual abuse true love. However the Deacon was arrested in 1996, meaning Dale would have been 18 at the time. In the timeline TAKEDICKMAN gives us, he would have been 15 years old when he first got taken to the candy shop and the deacon let him lick the lolipop. Let's put it this way, as a highschool sophomore if some old faggot tried telling you that the only way to get the love of Christ was through a dick in the ass, a cock in you mouth, and to take it like a bitch, would you believe it or let it happen? This is what Takedownman did and allowed to continue for 3 years

I mean who hasn't been tricked at 15 to have gay sex for 3 years

Professor Reverend Rabi Dale "Kano" "Hustla4Christ" Gill, PhD & Hustla4Christ ministries

My wives (after our new second wife came along) were brainwashed (according to the state they had to be, to be living in polygyny). Also of course because my wives were submissive, they had to be brainwashed into polygyny and because I had such a high IQ, I was somehow finding ways to lure women into my home by systematically taking away every sense as to who they were and replacing it with obedience.


—Takedownman in his own words

Then when we reached out for the poly community to help they all scattered not wanting CPS in their lives as well as a legal battle on them.


—Takedownman begging people to fight his battles and showing what the state thinks about him being around children

well if these so called orgies were forced, then am I not raping these women?...


—Takedownman explaining his marital relations

Another lulz goldmine was found when /cow/ found Dale's old blog [7] which covered in his own words the events of his past that he was suddenly so reluctant to talk about. It was discovered that Dale at one point was a polygamy preacher/rabi for his very own made up bullshit church, Hustla4Christ ministries. That's right, good ol' Takedownman was not always about searching the Deep Web for snuff and material related to pedophilia but also abused the 1st amendment to get sweet tax breaks, con idiots out of their money, play Pokémon gym master of women stupid enough to "marry" him, and get his children taken away by CPS. His website Hustla4Christ ministries [8] was also found, which claims that it is a "Unitarian Christian Monotheist Church" and that "ALL SINNERS WELCOME!". Pretty much everything in the church is a load of bullshit, and was more than likely started so Takedownman could register as a church and avoid paying taxes to the IRS. Dale even switches around between his bullshit religious titles. Claiming to being a reverend, a bullshit title anyone can get through the universal life church [9] by just filling out their name and clicking a button, A minister; a non-descriptive title for any bullshit sect, A pastor; (see minister), and finally a rabbi; which has clear strict restrictions in the jewish faith but that don't stop Dale from looking up a yiddish dictionary and pretending. Lots was learned about Dale through this, but unfortunately 90% of it is whiny bitching about Jesus, Jews, and Polygamy. Good thing 10% of it wasn't a waste of cow's time:

  • "Ugh! No sleep again!" [10] is Dale bicthing about his Church scam not working and wanting to move out of New Mexico because of what a failure he is at running a business where people literally give you money for nothing
I have been in Albuquerque for almost 4 years and I have yet to break even!


—Takedownman on his SCAM ministry

More over when the security deposits every where cost as much as the rent if not more. A lot of people my self included cannot just afford that. I am on a limited income due to an injury.


—Poorfag is Poorfag

  • "My first post!" [11] is exactly what it says. What it goes into his background and lacks any mention of his military service (something that only started coming up when he got on JEWTUBE. He explains he has 7 children brought to you by contributions from tax payers like YOU, has two wives, and is a college grad which we later learn is bullshit because he admits in another blogpost he never graduated highschool. Oh, and for some reason he censors God by spelling it G*d.
Many people ask me what my beliefs are as far as religious views. Well my views are that we shouldn't have any religion! Religion only separates us.


—Clearly someone who is not just using tax loopholes and is a devout believer

I am a graduate from BYU Provo and Salt Lake Bible College. I currently own a ministry called Hustlas4Christ.


—English is not a requirement to graduate from his McUniversity

Marriage views are like this I believe in biblical marriage such as a man and a woman or a man MARRIED to more then one woman. Thus it being biblical marriage. I do not believe all men should have more than one wife though. I also believe not every one is meant to be married.


—Takedownman is a special snowflake

Educational: calculus, cryptology, science, chemistry and anatomy

I also love biblical research in Hebrew and Greek, studying other ancient languages and travel


—What an accomplishment for a highschool dropout who can't figure out his own video editor

So every thing else about me, I am a father of 7 children 5 who are currently in the states custody due to a fire and us having no where to go at the time. And 2 that are grown. For our 5 children we are diligently trying to get them back and currently through the court we are on the road to reunification.



My hobbies are varied to say the least but they include Nature Hiking,camping, rafting, snake collecting,cave exploring, and survival trips


Said the 330 lbs lardass




  • Some new updates [12] There is nothing very interesting in here. He talks about marrying another woman, he talks about getting his paperwork in order for his Tax evasion scam church. However there is a bit more info on the mental health of Takedownman: "I still have aspergers if any one is wandering,lol. I feel like I am beating it a little more every day". THAT'S RIGHT, TAKEDOWNMAN LITERALLY HAS AUTISM
  • Comin from where I'm from: aka the GOLD MINE[13] Remember that loser kid in middle school who was really pathetic and had no friends? Remember surfing shitty livejournals and finding that kids and learning that that kid was an even bigger loser than you thought, then shared it with everyone so you all could mercilessly shit on him? That is this blogpost. Here we learn Takedownman was a punching bag for his step daddy and never did anything about it in his life and bitches about how much it makes his pussy hurt to this day, how his mother took his stepdads side because he gave him the beatings she was too lazy to, Takedownmans sexy adventure with his deacon/lover/boy scout troop leader, how everyone at his school knew about his gay relationship and made fun of him, how he dropped out of highschool and knocked up some slut who looked like a man because he assumed he was having gay sex, how he was in a gang and was a gansta. HE THEN TALKS ABOUT THE NEW YORK INCIDENT THAT HE'S BEEN TELLING ALL OF HIS FANS WAS ABOUT KILLING A PEDO, because in this version of events before he became Mr. "I swear I'm looking all these pedo sites for research and I killed a pedo in New York I stabbed and killed a pedo." This old version of events he was "falsely" accused of raping some bitch and defended himself...because Takedownman Dindu Nuffin. The 2nd thing anyone who follows the Takedownfag drama noticed in this clusterfuck of a too much information blogg that covers everything does he ever mention joining the ARMY nor does he ever mention it in further blog posts.
By this point I was in a church boyscout group. In this group was a man who was a very well respected man in the community who was one of the leaders. He would attend the father son things with me and his own son because my step-father said I wasn't his son so he didn't see the point. So this man named Ed would do things with me that a father should be doing with his child. Like camping, hiking, just having the time to spend with me. I was so happy! He even called my step-father and told him what a horrible man he was. I gave him complete trust and to me he earned it. He loved collecting coins and about everything I was interested in. I really loved him...


—Takedickman on his molester lover

Going from school where I got picked on and made fun of to the point it was never safe for me. When I got home if my step-father wasn't home I would go out side only to get beat up by kids much older than my self.


—Takedownman getting pwned like a bitchboy

Before my stepfather we had other people in our lives in which made us happy.


—Takedickman thinking about Deacons and cock

Too most children their parents are supposed to show the meaning of love. At the time I believed my mother loved me, but just for some reason or another couldn't leave. Maybe she was as scared of him as I was? Maybe he told her that if she left he'd kill her. I mean he used to tell me he would kill me if I ever told anyone. I remember quite a few times my mother leaving him only to go back and the beatings would began almost with in a few days. I remember a few times I would tell my mother only to have her confront him. Of course he would deny they would argue, he would leave for work that night. My mother would tell me "Maybe if you just stay out of his way, he wouldn't be so mad all the time".


—Parenting, Dales mom was doing it right

The emotional scars and hurt are still there to this day, just by the fact that knowing my mother stood by and was actually allowing a man to hurt her child. She tries to deny the physical abuse, but acknowledges the mental abuse.


—No Dale, you are just a liar an no one will ever believe you

He would punch me, kick me, choke me, pull my hair until a clump would come out. I remember one time my mother brought a puppy home while she was on break. She asked me to keep it in my room cause she had took it from some kids who had cut it's tail. Well needless to say the puppy cried the whole time because it was in pain. My step-father gave me two warnings to make the dog "shut up or else". As the dog continued to cry he would walk in at first it was a slap, then he hit me on the side of my head, he then came back in a couple of minutes later pulling my hair lifting me to my feet pushing me down and repeating. He finally left and I heard the door close, I was so relieved he left, but I was wrong. I remember talking to the dog and told the dog I wished he was dead. He was outside my bedroom door. He opened up the door and and just gave me the most cold look and said "I hate you! You want me dead mother F###### kill me then!" He then began to hit and kick me and choke me like he was fighting a grown man. I remember being so dizzy and it looked like the lights were going in and out.


—Takedownman experimenting with BDSM

I am assuming I passed out cause when I came too I was in my bed. I remember thinking why didn't he just do it?


—Oh he did it Dale, he did it HARD AND ROUGH

By this point I had no self esteem and I got heavier and over weight.


—Takedownman has always been a fatfuck

So this man named Ed would do things with me that a father should be doing with his child.


—Dale wishing his stepdad would take him out the friendzone

one day Ed told me he wanted to talk to me about something. He said he had a dream from Jesus that one day I was going to be a rapist if he didn't show me "The love that Jesus wants me to show you". Well of course at this young age not really knowing anything about what "Jesus" wanted me to know. But he told told me that Jesus wanted it to be our secret and if I told anyone then Jesus and G-d would be mad at me and I would go to hell. I promised not to tell. I didn't want to be a rapist. Well from that point on he started toughing me. Then touching went to a whole lot more. He sexually raped me. See rape isn't just intercourse


—Dale reliving his gloryhole days

I remember he would call the house asking my mother if I wanted to come over for the weekend. Inside I was torn either A) go to his house and have to have him do sexual things to me or B) stay home and take a chance of getting beaten. Needless to say either one of those options are horrible to a child, but I had to make them. So if the beatings were bad that week I would go to Ed's house. But that wasn't the only place he would do things to me. He would take me to public pools and take me to the showers, church camping trips, remote places in the middle of no where, even in the church it self. If the beatings weren't too bad I would just stay home, cause I knew what would happen if I went. Every time I told him I felt like this was sinful he would tell me I was sinning because I was refusing the "love of Jesus". This continued for three years, until finally we moved from Windsor to Newport News


—Distance tearing two lovers apart

To the point I wandered if I was gay or not because a man had touched me. I also wandered if it was my fault many times over. After all Jesus made him do it cause if not I was going to be a rapist.


—Takedownman:confirmed faggot

I made friends quick in high school with the craziest most violent people I could find. I was getting a reputation but with that reputation it also meant I had to defend it. The first time that happened was with a rival gang called the "creek".


—Thuglife nigga

His friends tried to jump in. Too me at that point it was they may hurt me or kill me but from this day on people will never just get to beat me if I make it out for this. Some how the rage in me helped me to win, but then even when they were beaten I just couldn't stop I kept attacking them.


—Dale telling a totally realistic story

It got to the point where we some how got a name the "hordes men"


—Can you guess how Takedickman got that ndickname

I ended up getting married to my ex (which is some of the reason why I dropped out). Of course at 16 I didn't know what was going on and how to be a husband let alone a father with a baby on the way.


—b-b-but, I thought you were a college grad

But at the age of 18 my wife at the time divorced me and did everything she could to keep my child away from me. She wanted the child support but wanted some guy named Dave to be Brendas' father. Eventually she started making up accusations on me and after getting arrested over and over again they took away my rights.


—sure, "made up"

I had always known most girls in the carnival were taken and messing with them is a punishment that most wouldn't want, Death! But for some reason there was a girl on the lot who worked for the same carnival I did, and I just had to have her. So one night we got really drunk and we had sex. of course everyone seen her go in my trailer and heard us having sex.


—only the highest quality pussy will do

Her boyfriend asked her what happened and she said to him I raped her.


—Oh common does Takedownman look like the kind of guy who would rape a girl?

That was until one of them ran up on me and I felt something hit me very hard in the head no pain but it was hard. then a few others ran up. I heard a pop then felt a sharp pain in my leg. I had been shot and stabbed! I started to get this anger inside me the same anger I had felt inside for years. Then it went too rage. With out getting into too much detail I ended in jail with two counts of murder with a hate crime because one was bi and 3 counts of maiming and 1 count of assault 2. 7 Felonies all in all and some how I was the one accused to starting the fight against 6 people and they had no choice but to defend them selves. While in intake I was asked my race then my religion. I was moved to the medical ward.


—b-b-but, I thought Takedownman was doing it because pedos

Career as an MMA punching-bag

Ready for a beating?

Dale Franklin Gill had a highly successful career in MMA that LITERALLY LASTED LESS THAN A MINUTE under the name Kano Gill. As an internet tough guy Dale relies on people not actually beating his ass and hiding behind a keyboard and a camera. In Albuquerque he decided to believe all of the fake shit he makes up online and throw down for easy money as a professional punching bag. Dale learned that you cannot just sit on your opponent and take him up your ass, getting rid of the only real world self defense knows. It should come as no surprise Takedownman has never won a single fight however Dale will constantly bring up that he was good enough to make it as the headlining fight in a no-name, faith based, local fighting event: which is a real accomplishment no one can make fun of. Dale even placed 2nd in every match he was in.

All went according to plan
Takedownman has been used to rolling over and taking it for a while


    • Call CPS he seems to lose every single fight with them when it comes to his children
    • Call a meth-head with AIDS, he loses fights to those bitches too
    • Call his step father, he got his ass kicked by him nonstop
    • Do NOT let him sit on you
    • Wait for him to throw the first punch, his punches are more like pushes and he easily knocks himself of balance
    • Be able to lift 30 lbs and you should be fine, just get on top of him after his slow fat ass knocks himself over and bash his face while he curls in fetal position

TakeDownMan wins and defeats the haters and pedos

You can never take away his silver guys, pack it up and go home

As we have established Dale is a hardcore hacker who no one can take out. As a result, he owned the trolls. After his channel was taken down multiple times, maker studios dropped him, multiple videos he got made were banned/deleted, he stopped pulling the view count he used to, other YouTubers refused to collaborate with him anymore, he deleted his personal facebook, had to leave Tennessee and move to Florida because he couldn't keep his home, and he was reduced to living in a hotel room with people he hates who do nothing. The haters and pedos went away running scared. While some people who do not understand the intricacies of serious hardcore cyber warfare would say that it is because the lulz dried up and there was no more entertainment to be had, they are idiots who do not understand TakeDownMans tactic that successfully rid the trolls of his life through serious hacking. He has won over the public 100%, and is so respected that the hard hitting, totally not click-bait real journalists at VICE did a one on one interview where they talked about a real video on the deep web that totally isn't just a made up creepy pasta [14].

The face of a winner who can't be stopped

You may be wondering: How can I defeat the dang dirty trolls like Dale did? How can I hack 'em like TakeDownMan? How can I overcome overwhelming odds and not just find purpose in existance, but thrive to the point where I am the envy of others? Can I get the police knocking at my door for downloading CP to let me go by saying it was for research?

Special forces supply Sgt. Dr. Rev. Minister Rabi Dale "Kano" Franklin "Hustla4Christ" Gill PhD. and MMA Champion has heard you all and has a video detailing his every last movement of his uber productive day of being a deep web outlaw after the cyberwar with 8chan. This is the video everyone won't stop asking for, and has been too hot too release until NOW, ladies and gentlemen: A day in the life of TakeDownMan

You Dang Dirty Trolls can't even touch us

TakeDownMan hacks his own channel

Such a bad ass hacker only TakeDownMan could take down TakeDownMan

How much more extreme can you get when you are the number 1 deep web super hacker that ever existed? Who do you Take Down after you have taken down all of your enemies. You're only purpose in life is to take out predators, but now YOU are the APEX outlaw and predator!

TakeDownMan came across this ED article. When confronted with the information and proof of this guy TakeDownMan being a scamming pedo fraud stealing money from the country he fought and served for, stealing his valor to do so, TakeDownMan couldn't allow TakeDownMan to exist on the internet anymore. TakeDownMan tracked down and located TakeDownMan and took out his channel. TakeDownMan now hides in fear of TakeDownMan on a new stream channel hoping to not draw the attention of TakeDownMan, or else TakeDownMan might hack TakeDownMans life next.

TakeDownMan cleanses the internet of human garbage

Where are they now?

TDM is totally not mad bro, please give money.

Dale has multiple channels, streams with new retard whores he wants to get to join his polyamorus relationship of the few remaining fans he has from his past, he still pretends to be an uber 1337 haxor, and he consistantly searches his own name to flag hack anyone who makes fun of him.

In the most recent update video he starts off begging for money saying he's paying $100 a day for a hotel because a hurricane accidentally his life in Florida. He says he doesn't want your money out of pity then plugs his patreon, paypal, and other ebegging links. Dale then says he has a really good job and that's why he's not on youtube, not cause of the video he made and deleted saying he was gonna runaway from the internet and never come back. TDM also don't give a fuck about what you say or think (except when he flags hacks videos that make fun of him). He then brags about how he has 2 homes and has sooooo much money (but can't afford the hotel he's staying at). Then he tells anon that HE'S NOT MAD BRO! YOU DON'T EVEN PHASE HIM! HE TOTALLY DIDN'T QUIT THE INTERNET BECAUSE YOU FUCKED WITH HIM! YOU ARE NOTHING BRO! YOU CAN'T EVEN FUCK WITH ME BRO!

After admitting Dale has some outstanding warrants right now which he welcomes you or anyone else to go ahead and fuck with him cause he not mad bro and you can't phase him bro, he talks about moving to Japan (where the age of consent is 14) and how you guys totally will not find him because he is an elite hacker. Dale says in fact he wants you to fuck with him cause he legally wants to prove he's not just an internet tough guy but an IRL tough guy who is super cool, super good looking and makes tons of money and doesn't just suck up welfare. Dale also wants you to know that he is so unphased by you HATERS AND PEDOS that if you say anything mean he will just block you because he isn't a loser, you are the loser and are a HATER AND PEDO who probably lives off of SSI and has a drug problem to cope with choosing to fuck a church deacon at age 15 unlike rich, attractive, not mad, super cool Dale Franklin Gill who is the owner and writer of the successful multi-billion dollar website Real Nigga News.

Dale spends an additional 20 more minutes talking about how not mad he is and not poor he is. No really. He spends more time trying to show he's not mad and not poor than it took to write this update.



BigDemz who was contracted to work for TakeDickman confirms this whole article is true, despite Dale deleting all videos from his channel on this article and DMCAing other YouTubers (Skip to 2:02:40)
A brief run down of Dale's long list of fail
Dale Gives EXCEPTIONAL parenting advice only a deepweb hacker could give
Loser begs for e-sympathy
Ebegging for a home
Send him some texts, he loves shota, cp, and goatse
TakeDownMan shows all them dang dirty trolls with this SICK BURN VIDEO
TakeDownMan addresses him defending pedo polygamists by by talking about a child bride he was cool with in what is in no way him spinning something he may be under investigation for

How can YOU help?

    • Remind Dale that he is gay and that he chose to have a gay relationship with his Deacon
    • Report Dale Franklin Gill to the IRS [15]
    • Ask him legit questions on his facebook fanpage [16] such as why does his DD-214 look like it wasn't filled out at all, why he made the video of him talking about him pulling a gun on his landlord, why he could see a "pedo" from 300+ meters away and makeout his face but claims to be blind from a far, why did he keep taking dick from a deacon for 3 years if he didn't love that holy cock of christ, ect.
    • Point out things that contradict his previous versions of events which can all be found here
    • Give him a call (it's okay, this isn't doxxing because he regularly gives out this number to his fans) he loves text messaging and encourages fans to send texts rather than call 850-730-6522
    • Takedickman also shares his tinychat publicly [17]
    • Ask his wives about them losing their children to CPS and why they fuck this meth head fraud [18] [19]
    • Let his local newspaper know about the history of the YouTube celebrity local and see if they will run a story on him [20]
    • Email stolen valor sites and facebook groups about Dales faggotry: [email protected]
    • Inform the police dept of whatever state Tackdickman is in of his activities involving meth and tax fraud
    • Keep up with the threads on /cow/ about Dale, as he is a lolcow milking in progress. Do some digging faggot! It's over, Dale won against the haters and pedos. Tremble in fear faggot, you just got owned by the seanigger deep web outlaw!

See Also


  • Dale tried to Delete Fucking Everything and got rid of his Jewtube. He now runs a "news" site called real nigga news [21] that just redirects to his site [22]
  • RationalWiki article
  • His old facebook, now BAWWWleted [23], but his myspace is still around [24]
  • His official facebook fan page [25], remember be nice to him on there or he will hack hack hack you.
  • His old blog [26]
  • Dale trying to sound like sees a bad ass business man [27]
  • Dale Franklin Gills arrest reccord [28]
  • Takedickmans deep web wiki that keeps being edited [29] because Dale Franklin Gill gets butthurt when people haters and pedos post facts lies about him online
  • Dat 0 win MMA reccord doe [30] [31] [32] [33] [34]
  • Rational wiki [35]
  • Add Dale on Google + [36]
  • Dale's ex-lover [37]
  • /cow/ drama: 1st: live [38] archive[39] 2nd: live [40] archive [41] 3rd and final live [42] archive [43]
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