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This page is about an attempted an hero.
Rhys's reaction to this article.

TakeShotAction (aka Rhys Robinsion) is a pseudo-intellectual attention whore who was born and raised in England's largest prison. He's mostly known on YouTube for his long and boring bedroom rants. When he's not whining about YouTubers more popular than him, Rhys makes angsty videos hinting at his failed relationships with the opposite sex.



Because Rhys has no real talent of his own, he needed to find a bigger YouTuber to ride the coattails of. Since MrRepzion is also a pale skinny nerd with relationship problems, he seemed like the perfect match for a parasitic relationship. Now Rhys will white knight MrRepzion if it means more views and subscribers for him.

Last week, I had 110 subscribers, and today I have 210. - TakeShotAction

I'm basing this purely off my emotions here. - TakeShotAction

Rhys lies on MrRepzion's behalf.


He made a playlist about PewDiePie.

Since kissing MrRepzion's ass worked so well, Rhys thought to himself, "Why not suck off the #1 most subscribed person on YouTube?" While most ranters have made 1 or 2 videos on PewDiePie, Rhys decided to take it to the next level and make TEN videos about this one guy he's never even talked to before. So now whenever any trivial little thing happens to PewDiePie, Rhys will be there to make a video about it.

With this whole Smosh vs PewDiePie thing, we're really entering a new era that we haven't seen before in human history. - TakeShotAction

Rhys's most viewed video, where he defends PewDiePie's favorite fap material.



Like any other high traffic website, YouTube has its share of glitches. One glitch that YouTube has long been known for is videos sometimes being flagged falsely. Most people have enough common sense to realize this, but not TakeShot. In his mind, YouTube has a secret agenda against The Ranting Community, and they're trying to censor ranters. Yes, apparently one of the biggest websites of all time has it out for a small community of spergs and manchildren. It's unclear whether Rhys truly believes this, or if he's just desperate for attention. Either way, his mentally challenged fanbase ate it up.

You're trying to censor people in the ranting community from making rant videos. - TakeShotAction

Last thursday, YouTube took away the option for people to leave video responses below videos. Since hardly anyone would click the responses, and most of the responses were spam anyways, YouTube thought it wasn't worth keeping. Even though you can still upload videos, send them to people's inboxes, or link them in the comments, Rhys went on another tirade about how YouTube was trying to censor the community. In actuality, he was just pissed that YouTube made it harder for him to leech.

I would not have the channel I have right now if I did not make that video response to MrRepzion. - TakeShotAction


Alongside Someguy827, TakeShotAction is the #2 guy in the anti-Onision community. He's made over 15 videos about Onision, even surpassing his number of PewDiePie videos. Much like Someguy, Rhys is a paranoid wreck and thinks Onision has a personal vendetta against him. So when Onision made a video with a background slightly similar to his own, Rhys saw this as a sign that Onision was trying to copy him.

An Hero

Live Stream

Comments on Rhys's suicide video.

Last thursday, Rhys was in a Skype call with a few other people where he claimed he wanted to kill himself. Since Rhys loves being the center of attention, he decided to make a live stream about it where he cuts his arm and drinks beer for half an hour.

WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE https://archive.org/details/d_takeshotaction_suicide_attempt

DJ Keemstar

This became even more lulzy when another attention whore named DJ KEEMSTAR linked the stream on his Twitter. Soon, Keemstar's fanbase of trolls and COD fanboys swarmed the comments telling Rhys to DO IT FAGGOT! Then Keemstar made a news report about the incident on his Drama Alert show. This caused the entire ranting community to flip their shit, with people blaming Keemstar for the actions of his fans, and accusing him of making money off TakeShotAction's suicide video.

Keemstar 1.jpg
Keemstar 2.jpg


Once Rhys realized he can't get views when he's dead, he quickly ended the stream and removed the video. A few hours later, he made an apology video, and the ranting community never spoke of this again.


TakeShotAction, totally not money hungry.

Most YouTubers who want to make extra money will link their fans to their PayPal account or start a Patreon. TakeShot, on the other hand, came up with the brilliant idea of making a Fiverr account to charge his fans five dollars for a five minute rant. So now Rhys can make a dollar a minute talking to his camera about whatever random topic his fans want him to talk about. Yup, this is the same guy who made video after video bitching about Smosh for asking for donations.[1] What is this money going towards you ask? Apparently Rhys's computer is too slow and he needs money to buy a high powered gaming PC. However, once people started calling him out for being a moron and a hypocrite, Rhys quickly ended the Fiverr project.

TakeShotAction Parody

Deleting iMustDestroyAll

Rhys fishing for sympathy.

Rhys has a long record of making whiny emo statuses on Facebook, but this time, iMustDestroyAll had enough of his attention seeking posts. He left a few comments showing Rhys some "tough love". Since MDA wasn't sucking his dick like the rest of his fans, Rhys deleted him off Facebook. iMustDestroyAll loves to perpetuate fights though, so he continued bashing Rhys on his own account. If we're lucky, maybe this will make Rhys have another live stream.


After uploading new videos less and less often, our scraggly pale hero decided to "go on strike" from YouTube. According to him, he doesn't want to be part of a website that enables sexual assault to continue. This was in reference to the recent Sam Pepper drama, where Sam was accused of sexually assaulting his fans. However, just like all of Rhys's videos, it's full of bullshit.

1. YouTube took down all of Sam Pepper's ass pinch videos, and Sam himself removed any other videos that may be considered sexual harassment. 2. Sam Pepper was never proven guilty of raping anyone. Why would YouTube ban someone over nothing but allegations? 3. YouTubers were raping their fans before Sam Pepper did, yet Rhys didn't care back then. 4. Why would YouTube care about a guy with a dying channel leaving their website? 5. Sam Pepper is also on Twitter and Tumblr, yet Rhys continues to use those websites.

YouTubers Accused/Proven Guilty of Abuse Before Sam Pepper

  • Mike Lombardo - Solicited child pornography.
  • Blunty3000 - Beat his girlfriend.
  • Alex Day - Sexually abused underage fan.
  • Edd Blann - Sexually abused underage fan.
  • Alex Carpenter - Sexually abused underage fan.
  • Tom Milsom - Sexually abused underage fan.

The Real Reason TakeShotAction Quit YouTube

The more likely reason Rhys decided to quit is due to the fact that most people stopped giving a shit about him. From August to November 2014, Rhys had been stuck at around 21,000 subscribers. This is a stark contrast compared to the thousands he had received in previous months. Even with 21,000 subscribers, his videos would rarely pass over 4,000 views. Not even putting "sex" in the title could help. The last time one of Rhys's videos got any real attention was back in July when he talked about Justin Bieber.[2] What's the final verdict? People don't want to listen to a monotone manchild ramble on about topics he doesn't fully understand.


To the surprise of absolutely no one, Rhys was unable to stay away from YouTube for very long. So in a drunken stupor, he uploaded a low-quality webcam video announcing that he'd be giving away his channel. Then Rhys concluded the video by telling his fans to, "Take care, my darlings." Of course, Rhys's intoxication eventually faded, and he quickly removed the video. It's only a matter of time however before he comes crawling back again for sympathy.


More cutting.

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