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TV Tropes loves wearing shades.
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TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life


—Motto and (failed) goal

TV Tropes is a wiki devoted to discussion of tropes, plot devices, literature, trends and entertainment media. It is something akin to Free Online Liberal Arts College but with 20% more aspergers. Being a site that attempts to neatly sort art and storytelling into rigidly defined categories, it has naturally attracted a massive amount of spergdroids whose only aim in life is to catalog useless shit that no one else cares about. As a result, just as how deviantART breeds hack artists, FanFiction.Net breeds hack writers, and Stormfront/pol breeds hack Political Scientists, TV Tropes is a school for hack English majors and/or literary analysts who think that indexing something is the same thing as understanding it. Before it became Politically Correct(tm), it was much closer in spirit to 4chan due to the average member's preference towards being an in-jokey social networking service and constant in-fighting due to allowing any and every fandom to run buck wild on the wiki.

The site was characterized by its high saturation of pretentious liberal arts wannabes, basement dwellers, aspies, weeaboos, wannabe elitist pop culture sophisticates, "snarky" dumbfucks who substitute sarcasm for personality, hidden pockets of That Guy With The Glasses fanwhoring, and trolls milking them all for the lulz. It was also frequently mocked for its childish attempts at meta-humor and lack of quality control. Topics ranged from how much everybody loves Doctor Who, how much everybody hates Twilight, long "philosophising" about mindfucked animu such as Evangelion or Madoka as if Nietzsche wrote them, arguments and whining over every little change to the site, and pretentious analysis of tropes and storytelling conventions. Think of it as the wikified version of a Postmodern Art Museum; though it may appear to be art and the critics may tell you as much, even the most basic analysis from a layman's perspective will reveal it to be a load of boring crap.

However, that was the past. Today, TV Tropes is nothing compared to its troll-infested lolcow past since Google grabbed FastEddie by his minute testicles and strongarmed him into imposing "The Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement" or "Family Friendliness". As a result almost 99.9% of its demographic population has been expelled for suspected paedophilia, Asperger's Syndrome, edit wars on "the philosophy of Dr. Who", or offending some (mostly religious ones such as Christians, Muslims and Atheists). Though it once had aspirations of being something akin to Uncyclopedia or ED, thanks to its recent attempts at pandering to internet SJWs it is on the verge of total extinction.

You can find the website here and a guide on how to be a productive member here.

Rule 34 by their own member Ossan: tropers will fuck anything.
She's a furry too, who'd have guessed?

A Brief Introduction

Know yer mods: Madrugada and Fast Eddie

Before Al Gore and his greatest contribution to humanity, memes were controlled by a small circle of writers and poets. Shakespeare dubbed these literary memes "tropes". With the invention of the printing press, more and more people were invited into the writers' circle and the tropes spread. Eventually, modern media abused these tropes until they became cliché and commonplace. Tropes were not a secret any longer and viewers and readers began to spot them instantaneously in any manga, television show, or movie they watched.

In 2003, it was determined that an entire wiki should be constructed to contain these tropes, and thus TV Tropes was created. Originally a spin-off of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer message board and limited only to TV, it soon expanded to other realms due to site owners Fast Eddie and Janitor's (now ironic) insistence of "as few rules as possible".

After years of allowing fantards, weeaboos, furries, sick fucks, memefags, etc to shit up the site, Fast Eddie (now the only leader) eventually snapped and started enforcing extremely draconian yet vague standards through the judicious use of the delete key, page locks, and teh banhammer. Some argue this might make the site one of the most meticulous, drawn-out setups for mass trolling ever concocted on the internet.

Article Style

We are not a stuffy encyclopedic wiki. We're a buttload more informal.


—TV Tropes on article style

Jimbo Wales once said that for a Wiki to be successful, three things are needed: Good leadership, a way of weeding out whoever is harmful to the site, and a clear vision. TV Tropes isn't governed by any single vision. Instead, it is about thousands of competing plans all trying to spread their own brand of faggotry over the whole site, consisting of uncategorized lists the size of long cat that requires forensic analysis to figure out what the fuck they are about, or, on the other end of the septic spectrum, massing together in hiveminds of fanwhoring fucktards and coming to reflect the place in such a manner that wasn't thought enough about.

If anything, I think that it may be based on the "popular perception" that Literary Criticism is a bunch of intellectuals (and intellectual poseurs) who spend their time picking literary works to pieces, with a whole jargon that they use as buzzwords, to make themselves sound smarter.


—Madrugada, a Troper not realizing the irony of this statement

Because the site panders to fandoms, it is overrun with slobbering fanboys who really, really want the object of their fandom to become a cultural icon. This is why they have a trope called "Xanatos Gambit," named after a character from an old Disney cartoon that no one remembers. It basically means "always have a backup plan," so it's not like there is any particular reason for it to be dubbed after this character. Except, of course, that the users who created it are fans of said old Disney cartoon and would like to delude themselves into thinking that it isn't just an obscure footnote in television history. The entire wiki is overrun with this kind of bizarre pop-cultural jargon, so much so that Trope-speak is a recognized and much maligned form of communication elsewhere on the web.

Many of the tropes which aren't pure fan-wank are metafiction and other phenomena that aren't even tropes by the classical definition; they are simply things which nerds have noticed and felt the need to write tl;dr articles about. This results in quite a few pages which are simply lists of such riveting things as "One-Book Author" and "Box Office Bomb," both of which come dangerously close to stepping on Wikipedia's toes.

At this point, you may be wondering what exactly a trope is. The truth is that a trope can be literally anything. As long as you can write a 1000+ word article about it and fill it with insufferable geek-speak and references to anime, it'll be welcome on TV Tropes.


Why it sucks

Look at Wikipedia and us at ED. Then take a look at TV Tropes. The latter looks like the prelude to World War Three while the former looks somewhat cohesive. Why is that? Are EDiots and Wikipedos more organized and accommodating than tropefags? Of course not! Both Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica bombard the reader with a recurring slogan: "The Free Encyclopedia" and "In lulz we trust". Every EDiot understands that he is writing an encyclopedia of lulz, just like every Wikipedo understands he is writing a regular encyclopedia. Those wikis therefore becomes fairly consistent, even if they still are shit. TV Tropes has no such slogan (except for "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life" which says nothing about its content). The closest thing it's got is the "You know that thing, where..." section wherein users can suggest new tropes. Registered users can show their approval by awarding new tropes a "hat," and if an entry gets five hats it will be sent to the moderation for approval.

This system is what's primarily responsible for the incredible bloat the wiki currently suffers from. Wikipedia generally avoids having pointless, crappy articles because of their notability requirement, whereas the only requirement for being listed on TV Tropes is that a handful of users say "yeah, okay." With such low standards, it's no surprise that there are currently hundreds of pages clogging up the site that even the spergs who obsessively prune its branches can't be bothered with (see: any page related to pro wrestling).

Notable Articles

While most of the mainspace articles on TV Tropes are total failures in being either useful or entertaining, a few manage to be indicative of the site's poor quality.

  • Encyclopedia Dramatica: Deleted and salted. See TV Tropes/Deleted Encyclopedia Dramatica Article for full disclosure.
  • My Immortal: Initially the dumping ground of unfunny rejected /b/tards, Fast Eddie predictably deleted all the spam and locked it. Luckily, you can see a proper writeup of the series on this very wiki.
  • Joss Whedon, their God (or "patron saint" as they like to call him). Nearly all of the awful "snarky" humor you see on this site is from people who watched Buffy and/or Firefly as a teen and still think they are the height of wit and style.
  • The main and character pages for Warhammer 40,000. Printing out everything would take over 180 pages, and that doesn't include all the other sections and individual book series pages. As much proof as you need that the site has no concept of moderation, especially when it comes to excessive fanwankery.
  • Furry Fandom: TV Tropes supports furries. Hell, they even think they are badass. BALEETED. Go here for the Wayback Machine version. Go here for the Tropes Mirror Wiki version.
  • Image Boards: Despite really being the retarded /b/rothers that got institutionalized and promptly forgotten, they used to live in fear of 4chan. Because of this, they had a meme where they wouldn't refer to the chans by name for fear of invoking the wrath of Anonymous or something and instead said "Image Boards" as some way around using their name (notice "The Imageboard That Must Not Be Named" in the "alt title(s)" section). Nevermind the internet isn't fucking Harry Potter and /b/ has better things to do than raid a glorified fansite. They seem to have realized this by now, but still perpetuate this meme because Tropers aren't exactly quick to change their rigid social routines.
  • Fanboy, Fangirl, Asperger's Syndrome: Here, let them describe themselves for you in their own words.

Memes? In my TV Tropes?

Along with their own house memes, they also have a bunch of meme pages despite the masses yelling such platitudes as "we are not Encyclopedia Dramatica." Indeed, they aren't. In case you want to see what some of your beloved ED articles look like through the lens of aspie fanboys and Know Your Meme happens to be down today, you can find the most popular ones on TV Tropes.

Warning: Most of these articles don't know when to quit

Other types of articles

Subjective Tropes

Subjective Tropes (also called "Your Mileage May Vary" tropes) are where all the real lulz and troll-fodder of the site lie. Since most "regular" trope examples are boring recitations of fact, trope pages where you're certain to start an argument by merely bringing up an example are inherently way more interesting than noting yet another action movie that smashed a fruit cart.

Unfortunately, since "subjective" means "in my opinion", the site is large enough where every last opinion is held by at least someone (yes, even the people who think The Human Centipede is sexy), and the site policy holds that all opinions are basically equal (so long as it doesn't piss off Fast Eddie, of course!), that basically means that these pages grow like cancerous tumors requiring constant splitting into more and more specific subpages as they lurch towards hosting every last fucking thing as an example, evar.

  • Nightmare Fuel: Tropers are gigantic fucking pussies that shit their pants every time the ice cream truck comes around the corner.
  • Fetish Fuel: When they aren't shitting their pants in terror, they are being constantly aroused by such sexual lightning rods as cartoon animal ass and anything made of leather. This is because most tropers, being absolutely riddled with autism, cannot emotionally connect with other people enough to have sexual relationships with them so they must substitute fantasy characters and inanimate objects. Their throbbing boners for everything except actual human beings got so far out of hand that the page got baleeted and spun into its own wiki, which is just as fantastic as you think.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: "I don't like this work, therefore, I declare it to not exist!"
  • Tear Jerker: "My favorite character just found out the clerk at Starbucks shorted him a nickel. I... I think I'm gonna cry... BAWWWWW!"
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Absolutely anything and everything about a troper's favorite show, ever, collected onto a set of hideously gigantic pages. Fast Eddie tried to cut away some of this tumor by turning it into a thumbs up/down system for each individual moment, but since this would mean showing what people actually think of an entry, it didn't take off. Eventually the administration admitted that the name had lost all meaning, due to the low standards of the average troper, and renamed it "Moment Of Awesome".
  • Crowning Music Of Awesome: In the same failtastic vein of Crowning Moment Of Awesome, this index of pages has expanded to include absolutely every piece of music ever written. An entire page in particular (20 times longer than the main page for John Keats, someone who actually matters) is devoted to music from some shitty webcomic that Tropers spread throughout the wiki like the cancer it is. Eventually renamed to "Awesome Music" after Fast Eddie realized that there wasn't anything crowning about this fuckery.
  • Adaptation Decay: If the animu of their favorite manga decides to change the birthday of the coffee shop clerk that appeared in some bullshit filler chapter, the neckbeards will all scream "DECAY!" and bitch about how it's a corruption of a literary masterpiece and the evil production company is taking a giant shit on a beloved franchise.
  • Moral Event Horizon: "This character cut somebody off at the turnpike. UNFORGIVABLE! COMPLETE MONSTER!"
  • Magnificent Bastard: Who the hell even knows what this means any more?
  • Dethroning Moment Of Suck: Distilled Nerd Rage so pure that you can almost hear the grinding of many gritted teeth, smell the countless pants that were pissed in anger, and taste the bitter, salty tears dripping from hundreds of double chins
  • So Bad It's Horrible: A basically pointless section where butthurt idiots with too much time on their hands write seriously TL;DR screeds declaring something to be the absolute worst work of fiction evar. Would be a total write-off if not for the endless stream of bickering between said delusional personal army fucktards and those that want to hold the section to some kind of standard.
  • Ho Yay: "Two characters of the same sex are close friends. They must be gay!"

Subjective tropes like the above used to be placed in the example sections of work pages and invariably devolve into epic flame wars between fantards and haters. Faced with the possibility of having to moderate every work page with a subjective trope on it, Fast Eddie decided to lazily ghetto them onto their own "YMMV" tab and call it a day. One will notice throughout this article that Fast Eddie's solution to everything he can't just outright delete is to hide it somewhere else and pretend it doesn't exist.

For those who recognize that the YMMV pages are stupid and want to help accelerate their decay, just go through this list (don't miss the other linked categories on the side] and contrive some reason to add each one to every work page possible. Any idiot can see that this is obvious and useless, but hey: all opinions are valid and should be represented, so back off, fuckers. This particular bit of advice is obsolete, however: Fast Eddie has finally decided to stop ignoring obvious solutions to grudgewank on the main wiki and outlawed any reference to the "flame bait" pages. He even deleted and salted mainspace redirects to the offending pages. Too bad waiting years and years to do this shit means hundreds of dead links and way too many idiots that will keep making more out of obliviousness, rebellion, or simple malice.

Darth/Sugar Wiki

We have the segregation. Sugar Wiki is harmless and fun, and harmless fun doesn't hurt the wiki in any way. I don't have a defense for Darth Wiki.


—Fast Eddie. Well, he's half right.

The "good" and "evil" sections of the wiki.

Darth Wiki initially started off as some unfunny in-joke before swiftly being turned into a ghetto for everything too negative to appear on the main site. With a hideous greyscale color scheme that frequently breaks due to Fast Eddie's poor grasp of Cascading Style Sheets, it's divided between articles trying too hard to be like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs and BAWWWWWtism-incarnate bitching articles. Some suggested reading:

On the flip side of Darth Wiki is the Sugar Wiki. Created long after its evil twin, this was always intended as a ghetto for obvious blowjob articles like Crowning Moment Of Awesome. This section is divided between said ghetto and an awkward parody of ultra-girly shows like My Little Pony mixed with "KAWAII WA DESU =^_^=" bullshit typical of the site's weeaboo bend. There are absolutely no lulz to be found here, so don't waste your time.

TV Tropes Fanfiction

TV Tropes, with their septic tank of fan trivia, do what any sensible person with such wealth of information at their fingertips would do: write fanfics. Most of them stay in the forums as shitty RP threads, but sometimes the shit gets so big it leaks into the main site, warranting their own page and at least 100 sub-pages to go with it. From then on, it becomes a gigantic collab fanfic (or at least moreso). They are constructed like a fake TV show, and the contents consist of episode summaries for the first part, and then character summaries, character backstory, world backstory, character sexuality, developer commentary, cameos, invoked tropes, camera tricks, fan materials of a fan material, and scraps of rejected then recycled ideas for the rest. They're about as cliched as tropes.

Troper Tales

Tropers are very talented artists.

This troper is 6'6, can beat up a room full of people by walking in, can bench press 4 elephants balancing on each others' backs, and is geared up for getting a First at Oxford. And invented C++. And TV Tropes. And the Sun.


—The average Troper's Tale (for "Genius Bruiser"). Not a parody.

Whenever someone creates a new Troper Tales page, a kitten is put in a blender.


An apt description.

After noticing that a lot of USI-afflicted Tropers kept dumping their LiveJournal diarrhea all over the trope pages, Fast Eddie did what he does best and created a ghetto for these pathetic basement dwellers to talk about how they're totally awesome Mary Sues rather than just banning their faggot asses on sight. This section quickly turned into one of the most popular parts of the site, with each page growing more and more cancerous as the aspies all try to out-bullshit each other.

There was a time the moderators not only did absolutely nothing about people trolling in this section, but even outright said the section is dumb and a waste of time. While one would think this would have made the section a goldmine of lulz, in reality, it made it impossible to tell the difference between cool stories and satires thereof. Full-on lulz-blindness was inevitable. Also, what fun is trolling if you're not going to eventually get banned for it?

As of February 2011, however, this section gained proper rules of conduct that discourages both outright bullshitting and trolling. While Fast Eddie did this because of his desire to make the site "family friendly" (for Google AdSense rather than his personal beliefs, of course!), he instead made trolling it a worthwhile endeavor once again. After a while though, Troper Tales went the way of the dodo, too, so apparently even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

How tropers deal with inconvenient truths: denial, insults and shitposting, til a mod comes to ban the dissenter.

Some suggested reading: (note: after Fast Eddie's lulz-killing campaign, all are only available as archives in Wayback Machine)

  • Brilliant But Lazy : "I'm totally smarter than Albert Einstein multiplied by Stephen Hawking, but because I'm lazy, I'm writing an anonymous self-congratulatory paragraph on a Wiki instead of curing cancer."
  • Really Gets Around: "I'm totally not a virgin! In fact, I slept with hundreds of women while I was in the waiting room for a dental cleaning appointment!"
  • Beautiful All Along: "I look ugly, but I'm really beautiful when I get my hair shampooed, change out of my filthy clothes into a dress, have extensive plastic surgery to remove all the potch marks, and I Photoshop a celebrity's head over my own. Honest."
  • Insufferable Genius: "I'm a fucking douchebag and I admit it, but I'm a Mensa member, so FUCK YOU!". Fast Eddie called their shit and deleted fucking everything.
  • Break The Cutie: "Hey, I am the fucking nicest, purest and sweetest human being to ever live! And, as all of you lower forms of life know, every day of my existence is a blessing to you worthless pieces of garbage and your shitty planet! Then why the fuck are you assholes being so mean to poor little me?!? HUGS PLZ!!!"
  • Brother Sister Incest: Deleted due to obvious reasons.
  • Complete Monster: Deleted once already because it became the bees knees for delusional teenage retards that aspired to show how badass they are by writing fictional stories about their murderous rampages. "This one bully used to tease me in school, so I pushed him down the stairs and broke his neck, AND FELT NO REMORSE!!!1"
  • Insane Troll Logic: How the fucking morons on TV Tropes try to disguise their idiocy: by using a tacky misrepresented word to help them feel better for being dropped on their head. None of it is insane, logical or trolling, but don't tell them that! You'll hurt their feelings, and they will resort to crying about it on the same wiki...
  • Limited Wardrobe: Disgusting page where scores of Tropers admit to never changing clothes. But they wash all time, though.
  • Badass Longcoat: Intense circle jerk about how cool tropers think they look in trenchcoats.
  • Sarcasm Mode: An entire page of tropers trying to one up each other with sarcasm and failing at being witty, as usual.
  • Precision F Strike: "This troper, being pure and innocent and perfect, doesn't normally swear, but sometimes I do when I'm reaaaallly angry. Or sad. Or bored. Or happy. Or whenever, but it's okay because I don't do it all the time, so fuck you!"
  • Cluster F Bomb: "Shit fuck cunt goddammit bitchfucking cocksucking cuntlicking FUUUUUUUUUCK!"
  • Took A Level In Badass: "This troper used to get bullied every day in middle school until he studied karate, kung fu, eskrima, capoeira and wing chun, bought some boxing gloves, brass knuckles and nunchuks and shot all of his classmates!"
  • Mistaken For Gay: "OMG, everyone always thinks I'm gay because I wear all pink, listen exclusively to Madonna and like fucking other guys! Like, WTF?"
  • Fanfic Recommendations: While not technically part of this section, it's basically the same mentality. Here, users within the fanfiction "canon" suck each other's e-peens while simultaneously providing ample lulz to those brave enough to read the "masterpieces" linked. Note how they either aren't as great as the other authors claim, and/or are written by sick fucks. Expect unprecedented amounts of USI. Some easy ways to troll this section are recommending obvious troll fics, disputing a work's inclusion through constructive criticism, or pretending to be a FanFiction.Net hack and spamming a section with obvious shameless self promotion in hopes of provoking Tropers to raid the unsuspecting victim. essentially claiming "no, MY story is better than YOURS!" You can already see the results of this on Genius Bruiser.
In summation.

"This Troper" on Jewtube

In the veritable spirit of mondo films and shock sites, a guy called CrazyGoggs and his pals have been voice acting the juiciest bits in Tropers Tales, exposing the underbelly of TVTropes. Reportedly, making those videos have taken the toll of their sanity.

The fact that people like this actually exist kind of depresses me. So does the fact that through the internet, their legacy will live on forever. The Library of Alexandria is gone, The Canterbury Tales will never be completed, but the misanthropic ramblings and ridiculous power fantasies of self-important teenagers will always be here.


—Watch out, a troper might write your name in his Death Note for saying that!

Tv Tropes in a nutshell
There are no words needed for this shit.
"I'm so brilliant I can cure cancer! Too bad I'm lazy as fuck."
Oh, I'm so shy irl, but things are different on the interwebs!
Asexuality is any Troper's response to "I can't get laid."
Gotta tell everyone about my DIRTY CRAPPED BRIEFS
Let me introduce you to my penis

Fast Eddie, a butthurt asshole

The series even had a TV Tropes page for a prolonged period of time, until Fast Eddie went through the usual process of discovering it, flipping his shit, and deleting it. Apparently you can feel free to abuse the "There Is No Such Thing As Notability" guideline to create pages on all sorts of sick and deranged fan-fiction and glorified loli-fanservice shows, but using it to criticize the glorious motherwiki from within, is a danger to the community's "good" reputation and needs be to subjected to indiscriminate censorship for no other reason than "Dear Leader said so."

CrazyGoggs originally set a hard limit of 100 episodes, and the series was actually near its finale when Eddie deleted the article and made the "asshole" remark. Goggs responded by keeping the series alive beyond episode 100. Well played Eddie, well played.

Oh, and you want to see the deleted article? you're in luck link: TV_Tropes/Deleted_This_Troper_Article.


The few Tropers that understand the main wiki itself isn't a forum instead congregate on the official forum. Here is where one finds all the real drama because like any popular MMORPG, it attracts the kind of loser that won't stop whining about the good old days but can't work up the will to either stop posting or administer 115 grams of lead to their brain. It's also where you can witness first-hand the kind of social stagnation the site is bringing to the internet. While there are a couple dozen different sub-boards, only a couple are of any interest:

Trope Repair Shop/Wiki Talk: Hotbeds of drama where discussions are held to irreversibly fuck up the wiki even more. Nearly all the major dramas stem from topics on these boards. They're also the only ones that Fast Eddie really reads, so those enterprising individuals looking to get a rise out of the big man himself before inevitably getting banned should focus here.

Writer's Block/World Building: Do you have an original idea you'd like to turn into a massive multimedia empire? Then stay the fuck away from here. All you'll find is the same unoriginal magical girl hackjob. In between people pitching the same weeaboo science fiction/fantasy retreads, there's the occasionally lulzy thread where they either demand constructive criticism or ask how to do some blatantly illegal shit because they're "writing a book". You can troll these sections pretty effectively by giving completely honest concrit regardless whether or not they ask for it, proposing blatant satires of tired anime formulas, and offering really bad advice.

On-Topic Conversations: Sometime after Fast Eddie resigned, this portion of the forums are infested with social justice warriors, complaining about women's issues, "racism" and sexism in fiction/real-life works. Not so surprisingly those threads are filled with flame wars and autistic screeching.

The Edit Banned Thread: This is where you go after you get banned for being anything other than a slobbering fan-boy/girl for one of the popular works spammed across the site and try to suck Fast Eddie's cock hard enough to let you back in. Because of the sheer number of false positives and impulse bans, this thread eclipses all others in pure, undiluted lulz. Be sure to finish up your latest sock puppet's trolling career by making a stop here so you can get your open proxy the infamous Google redirect ban and ruin everybody else's fun.
PROTIP: Instead of appealing your ban, point out how ban-appealing exists only to trick their users into not ban evading. Explain how there's no incentive whatsoever to appeal since the site offers no benefits to "Tropers" with a long-term history of good editing (no extra perks, no ad-reduction, not even Skinner-Box level shit like "points" or "karma") and therefore it's of no consequence to you if you remain banned. It will generate instant lulz from whatever mod is spending his ronery Saturday listening to your appeal since no matter what he does it will prove you right. For additional lulz claim you've already bypassed the ban and are currently editing while "appealing the ban" -- the mods will obsess over all the edits made by new users for the next week or so, probably banning a couple of them in the process for innocent newfag mistakes.


The many different subforums are the lifeblood of the TV Tropes forum, a haven of media-based content and information made by tropers, for tropers. It should come as no surprise, then, that they’re all irredeemably shitty in their own ways. These subforums have additional sub-subforums (which tropers mistakenly refer to as subforums, like true aspie retards). Naturally, tropers form niches, sticking to one or two primary subforums / sub-subforums and rarely venturing past those, most likely out fear of reliving their school days when trying to socialize with anyone other than their imaginary friends would net them a well-earned beating.

Just For Fun

Arguably the most popular subforum. As the name would imply, its purpose is that of a fun, whimsical, carefree environment where tropers are free to spew all the nonsensical bullshit their media-obsessed little minds can come up with. Unfortunately, rather than a lighthearted forum of fun, it comes closer to being some sort of savage virtual preschool, where manchildren roam wild, being constantly policed by inefficient mods that are at any given time either too lenient or too harsh.

  • Yack Fest: Just For Fun’s main sub-subforum, Yack Fest is basically a TV Tropes version of Something Awful's General Bullshit subforum, and just like the SA GBS board, it too is filled with inane faggotry, retarded humor, and pathetic troper sob stories.

(Protip: Yack Fest is where the sick fucks of the site compare notes -- except the furries, who have their own recruitment counter and clubhouse .)

  • IJBM (It Just Bugs Me) - The bitch and moan about fucking everything subforum. Cut by Eddie because he hates negativity. Can be found at its new location, here.
  • IJAM (It Just Awes Me) - Official sanctioned sunshine and rainbows subforum. With IJBM’s deletion, TV Tropes has found itself with two boards dedicated to inanity and pointless gushing with nothing to counteract them. Good going, Eddie.
  • Troper Covens -Social misfits sorting themselves out in this freak show. Also contains TV Tropes' Music Pirate Club.


Mod at work: protecting delicate tropers by weeding out unpopular opinions.

The subforum for tropers to discuss media they like and dislike, but mostly just where all of the forum’s flame wars start. Its main purpose is keeping rabid fanboys from ruining the site any further, making the Media subforum pointless as this is pretty much impossible to achieve.


A.K.A. that one subforum that everyone forgets about. It serves to give the more pretentious tropers (as if they could get more pretentious) a place to showcase their awesome writing skills and debate everything from politics to religion to how terrible ED is (until Fast Eddie issued an unofficial gag order on that subject too). Its most recognizable board is OTC, which is only notable for its inhabitants hating and being hated by all of the fucktards frequenting the Just For Fun subforum.

All Media Recommendations

Hope you like animu with a dollop of vidya games.

The Gallery of Tropers

Doesn't work any more, but hey: der Furher's IP!

Here's their version of this list. Apparently they piss themselves off, too.

Before going into particular types of Tropers, there are two major groups: those that view the wiki as an encyclopedia and those that view it as a forum. The former are the ones that futilely try to keep the articles clean, free of off-topic bullshit, reasonably NPOV (or, failing that, positive), understandable by outsiders, and otherwise not full of failure. The latter usually fag up all the hard work of the former with writing themselves into articles and every other failing imaginable of a wiki while remaining utterly oblivious to their own toxic nature. The former HATES the latter with the fury of a thousand burning suns.

PROTIP: TV Tropes used to supply IP addresses of all tropers in clear text next to their name, but Fast Eddie finally realized how fucking retarded that was, so he sealed off that potential faucet of lulz. Still, there are other ways to get some Troper dox. Check out the list of contributors to find their profile, this list of Troper locations (similar to ED:Map), Troper Dating Service (watch out, eHarmony!), and this wikistalking tool (replace the placeholder with your chosen target). The IP address of the big man himself (as well as his two socks Janitor and Gus, which he hasn't used for ages) is

The Fantard

The average Troper. Even her Kermit doll commits suicide in her presence.

The primary source of the vast majority of edits, drama, and failure of the site. Fantards are not on the site to be good pop culture scholars so much as they find talking about their chosen object of worship in terms of tropes and memes makes them all warm and giddy inside. These people also typically think that their opinions become fact by the simple act of being on a large wiki (this is only true on Encyclopedia Dramatica) and start up edit wars if anyone so much as touches their textual blowjobs.

The most cancerous fantards are affectionately referred to by the site as:

The "Entry Pimp"

The Entry Pimp views the site as an MMORPG where they earn experience and gain levels by spamming as much unwarranted praise about their favorite show as possible. Typical Entry Pimp behavior includes using vague, near-meaningless buzzwords and contriving stupid bullshit to make their examples fit.

An infamous example of this brand of faggotry is an aspiring author named Paul Robinson. Through completely transparent spamming of his unpublished book Instrument of God, he basically inspired nearly all the rules they have concerning acceptable example section style through his antics. Oddly enough, he actually put a 700+ page draft of his magnum opus online and it's about as shitty as you'd expect of a work that somebody had to spam on TV Tropes to get noticed. Another example of this happened in 2014, where a young troper, hijhiysonikku, Entry Pimped her unpublished movie -- Pokémon Black and White The Movie.

The Grudgewanker

This type of fantard has a raging boner for a work as usual, but rather than wanting to make passionate love, they instead want to rape it in the ass like Bubba. While some might think this would be lulzy, what they invariably write are basically terrible, unfunny miniature attack articles for a piece of fiction instead of the boyfriend that dumped their loser ass. Like the garden variety fantards, they also get in edit wars over any attempt to remove their bullshit grudgewank.

TV Tropes frowns on this faggotry.

The Oracle

The last time you chose to go to a theater instead of pirating it off BitTorrent, do you remember that asshole sitting in the row behind you? The one that kept trying to predict all the plot twists and when his one in four guesses came true, he would say "I KNEW IT!" and ramble about how those hacks in Hollywood can't come up with anything new these days? Well, TV Tropes helps this retard research all the possible plot twists and conventions while giving him a vocabulary of near-meaningless buzzwords so he can irritate you even more than the crying baby in front of you. Thank you, TV Tropes. You're a real benefit to society.

The Memefag

Belonging firmly in the "wiki as forum" camp, these are people who think TV Tropes is 4chan and feels the need to add at least a dozen of the memes from here to all of their text. They typically talk about their lives in terms of tropes, pothole "ironic" statements, and perpetrate cancers like "I Am Not Making This Up". They're the type that thinks a joke that was funny five times is no doubt funny five thousand times and thus leave behind a trail of total unfunny. Unlike on Encyclopedia Dramatica, these users typically never get banned or even so much as notified and other users have to waste their precious time cleaning up their diarrhea.

The Obstructive Purist

Mostly frequenting the various administrative sections, these are people who think the site is exactly perfect as a pretentious lit-crit version of 4chan and any attempt to make it useful and accessible to normal human beings is a corruption of all the ideals that the site stands for. They're the ones that oppose every single action for no other reason than "change is bad", constantly talk about "the fun being sucked out of the site", act as though "because I like it this way" is a valid reason not to do anything, abuse red tape and undermine the system to prevent anything from happening while accusing the same of everyone else, derail topics into personal flame wars, and generally just retard all growth of the site through their douchery. They cannot argue for shit and generally rely on an "us vs. them" mentality. Since the default action to any inconclusive topic is "do absolutely nothing", it's completely in their favor to be obstructive, belligerent, confusing, and incendiary to try and wear down everyone else in order to prevent anything from happening.

The line between a complete serious purist and a really effective troll does not exist.

The Creepy Fuck

Miss Piggy. Why, Frank Oz?! Why must you put a falsetto, male voice on a plus-size pig and make her the most attractive character on-stage?!?!


A typical Troper admitting his/her lust (off-site host; see here)

Along with pandering to way too serious fantards, TV Tropes has also become a haven for nearly every group of social deviants imaginable. Along with the expected paraphiliacs that fap to Rule 34 of their favorite work, the site also hosts tons of transexuals, furries, otherkin, and every other imaginable mass mental fuck-up. They used to hang out on the Fetish Fuel pages and generally follow the xchan effect. Now that Fetish Fuel is no more, they continue to pollute the forums and have nerdy cybersex. Rather than embarking on a mass cleansing of these heretics, Fast Eddie instead encourages them by banning everyone that makes even the slightest gesture of fursecution.

Even your mod is a child-porn apologist. Where is your god now?

But the crown jewel of TV Tropes's perversity must be the large constituency of pedophiles: TV Tropes is likely the last public forum where the scum of the Earth can share their love of child sex without reprisal, even acting superior to "moral fags" who want to clamp down lolicon. However, as an open display of their deviant tendencies would cause Google Ads to cut off the money supply instantly, Fast Eddie had to delete/lock pedophilic articles such as Lolicon, Shotacon (and their Troper Tales), All Pedophiles Are Child Molesters (an anti-Party Van rant tinted with Victim Complex), and Paedo Hunt. Ever since, pedo tropers have been screaming persecution, as the rest of the community silently watch on, for fear that doing the right thing will harm the harmonious, no-bile atmosphere of TV Tropes.

Someone please think of the poor pedos! About missing Pics
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Gallery of Lulz

Instead, feel free to add quotes and screencaps rather than writing boring, repetitive biographies on fucking everybody that ever used the Get Known function. Show, don't tell, people.

Exhibit A
They are just a bunch of neckbeards sitting at their computers talking shit about people. Why pay any mind to them? It's not like anyone reads ED anyway...


——AHR on Encyclopedia Dramatica

What is it about diaper fetishism that turns normal people into sly bigots?

Ever since I outed myself, I can't go a single discussion without someone saying some kind of deragatory comment about it. I think I'm the only one on this fora who has been subject to slander against my fetish. We can have guro fans,macrophiliacs, and fat fetishists, but how fucking dare you have a diaper fetish. Heaven forbid. Seriously, people, it's a god damn underwear fetish. Now please, someone tell me just what makes a lingerie fetish different from a diaper fetish. They're both underwear fetishes. Yet one is accepted and one isn't. I'm getting sick of the "creepy" comments. Let me live my life the way I please.




I wish there was a Huggies size that fit me...


because he just has to bring his diaper fetish up every chance he gets.

I'm not the most sane or stable person out there.


showing remarkable insight

I'm crying right now. I'm fucking crying tears in real life.



This post was thumped by the Codfish in a Derby Hat


—How most of Chagen's posts end up.

Not like I need real women anyway. I have my 2D ones. At least they love me



But feeling miserable makes me feel better.



Look god dammit, it was the first time I ever actually gave a shit about somebody besides myself. The first time I fell in love. And it was crushed. Crushed beyond all fucking repair. You don't recover from that. You don't.

You guys are just convincing me to abandon all romance entirely. Which I should. No girl would want a nice guy like me anyway.


—Chagen46. Keep in mind, he's talking about someone he only knew online.



—90% of all of Chagen46's comments.

So I guess we should just enslave all them dumb niggers again, huh?



Shit, if I met a transgendered person in real life, I'd be inclined to stay as far away from them as possible.


—Chagen46. Wait for it...

I usually am Male Gender/Male Sex

Now I'm Female Gender/Male Sex for no reason at all.


—Chagen46: a hypocritical, perverted, racist, self-absorbed, whiny, annoying little fag.
In other words, the model Troper!

How else shall I hug my waifus as I realiize with extreme despair that I am a pathetic Otaku who seriously needs a life?

I'll be fucking that pillow and crying at the same time. Well, mostly fucking it.



...honestly think that we won't be seeing any sequel to the cartoon now. This movie really is that bad. I'm just, right now I am kind of in a state of shock - I really loved the cartoon, really really loved it, and seeing it treated in this way is like, to be truthful, it is like watching my sister get raped, or maybe slightly worse. At least if my sister was getting raped, I wouldn't have to pay money for it, you know?

Just, God man, why did they let Shyamalan anywhere near the franchise? His movie repertoire is awful, he had no experience with anything like an epic action adventure movie, and frankly he is a bit of an egomaniac who likes to put himself into his movies. So what if his kids were fans of the show? You know what, I am a fan of the show, why can't they make me the freakin' director?! God I just don't even understand things anymore. Let's just hope that Shyamalan's career is over forever, and that maybe they will do an animated movie or something once the negative press dies down


—Bioelectricclam on the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.
Apparently, watching his own sister get raped is just as bad as watching that movie




—The forum's token retard, TheMightyAnonym





Cut your hand off. Or kill yourself. Not sure how well the second suggestion would work since i'm not sure if there's an afterlife or not. Bind your hand into something. Traumatize yourself by stabbing pencils into your palm.


—Edmania, giving advice on drawing.

Also, if it cries, duct tape the mouth or something.


—Edmania, proving once and for all that insane, closeted asian pedophile fags make excellent parents.

Exhibit B

I FUCKING HATE NAIL POLISH Partially because it reminds me of whores. And it's UGLY


—Chagen46, raging over porn.

I felt a great deal of euphoria during my first "kiss".


—TheMightyAnonym, because it's totally normal to equate drinking off of someone else's water bottle to kissing them.

I...I don't feel too good...

I think...oh god, I'm near crying right now. I hope this thread can cheer me up....



confirming that the internet is an acceptable substitute for actual friends / a psychiatrist.

If anything, I think that it may be based on the "popular perception" that Literary Criticism is a bunch of intellectuals (and intellectual poseurs) who spend their time picking literary works to pieces, with a whole jargon that they use as buzzwords, to make themselves sound smarter.


—Madrugada, not realizing the irony of this statement

Why god dammit why.

I think I might kill myself. I have nothing left to live for. Nothing. I lost all my friends, m home, my place that kept me sane throughout this horror of real life.

I lost everything. I have nothing left.


Chagen, on (finally) being banned from TVTropes.

Shit....I lost everything. I'm fucked. I might as well pop a bullet in my head.


—Chagen, DO IT FAGGOT!

Reminds me of the time I wrote a sexfic about Cat in the Hat in 6th grade.


—Vorpy. Just replace "wrote a sexfic about Cat in the Hat in 6th grade" with something equally retarded and you too can post like Vorpy!

blow your fucking brains out with a shotgun, kurt cobain style, you piece of shit.


—Vorpy, actually making sense for a change.

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Drama Sagas

Unlike sites where trolling has become semi-acceptable, TV Tropes is very fast to ban and censor people that might cause any real drama before their hard work can pay off. Instead, nearly all the real lulz come from unpopular administrative decisions... which is basically all of them.

And, since this shitty website has been such a massive font of lulz, we had to put all the lulzy drama on another page because there was so much of it.

Enter here and read on if you dare........


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