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A T Mobile.

T-Mobile USA is a wireless carrier, which began service in 1990. They have historically been known as "the wireless carrier for hipsters in the know", and have provided better service from start to finish then any other carrier, fact.

A bit of Background

The G1, their flagship device. God saw that it was good, too.

T-Mobile is a German company, and thus is run by nazis, not jews. As history shows, nazis are trolls, and it's only fair to say that there are trolls on the internet. Their acquisition of Voicestream gave T-Mobile the Chicago, Pittsburgh and Indiana markets to dominate, and some areas in Georgia. While competitors like AT&T and Verizon were busy using old technology and running things like serious business in New York, T-Mobile was free to build a market where people actually give a damn about service.

First thing's first, T-Mobile support isn't outsourced. They built a company their customers could benefit from, and in the 2008-2009 Financial Disaster was the only company to not have massive cutbacks or layoffs. In quite a twist of fate, T-Mobile actually increased their teams and put more into their infrastructure. As a result, while other companies scramble to stay alive, T-Mobile is on the forefront.

Then again, T-Mobile has always been in the know while making the right moves. The "Sidekick", was used by famous troll hepkitten in the LiveJournal hayday. It was T-Mobile's first "Social network-central device", and empowered other networks to look at a phone being more than just a phone. In 2006, T-Mobile took a chance with Motorola again and launched the RAZR, a sleek, powerful phone that again changed how we think about phones. Instead of a bulky, brick design, the RAZR was razor edge thin, had more features than your average phone and was priced so cheap that at it's peak, it was being given away.

T-Mobile saw that it was good, and began to listen to customer feedback. They gathered as much as they could, observed hundreds more in their daily life, sat down with Google and said "build it, and make it godly." Thus, the G1 was born. G1, or Android, is the proper phone for life in a modern internet society. Packed with features you simply can't live without, such as a dedicated YouTube player, Twitter application, GPS and a more streamlined interface than the iFail; the G1 is again revolutionizing the way we think about phones.

T-Mobile Tits, also called Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Customer Service

T-Mobile is a customer-centric business and listens to customer comments, which has one of the highest regarded service departments in the industry. /b/tards from every walk of life are employed by T-Mobile, from in-store sales to customer service all the way to network support. No matter what department, what your problem, a /b/tard will almost certainly be on the other line, in the store or working diligently to get moar service to you.

T-Mobile Twitter Team

Then of course, this holds true to the Twitter T-Mobile service line. T-Mobile knows that Twitter is a desirable area for consumer questions as their best customers are hipsters, who will almost certainly be down with Web 2.0. Which of course means, at some point, this is going to happen...

TMobile Twitter.jpg

Thus proving the initial point, which was mitigated by a certain group to protect us from this sort of thing.

Great Moments in T-Mobile History

  • 2002[[Citation Needed]]: Hep gets his first Sidekick, allowing him to receive drama on the go. Sure the screen was small and the battery was worse than an iPod's, but it was in the 1.0 peak, just before things got awesome.
  • 2003: TTT[[Who?]] starts T-Mobile service after Voicestream is acquired.
  • 2005: Sidekick LX is launched, to the delight of black persons everywhere.
  • 2007: T-Mobile launches "Callertunes", a service that for $1.99 a month will gladly replace the ringing noise people hear when they call you with music of your choice. That ringing noise never sounded so good, has it?
  • 2008: The G-phone is released as an operating system, on the HTC Dream. T-Mobile and Google give AT&T the finger and release it, dubbed the G1. It is widely believed that the phone sold on actual usability which was designed around user input; unlike Apple, which sold it's devices primarily on hype and good looks.
  • 2009: T-Mobile starts using Twitter as an official line of customer service, thus leading /b/tards to spout memes like faggots while at work.

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