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One of the worst ideas on the internet, Synchtube Is nothing more than multiplayer youtube for people with no friends on MSN and too stupid to realize that even shitty flash sites like Xat have built in Youtube players and anybody with half a brain can use livestream to play youtube. It is a cesspit of memefaggotry and autism, where users get together to watch the same 3 videos repeated every day. The closest thing to notable synchtube has ever accomplished is bringing more underaged b& to 4chan and pretending it's their sekrit soshul site. Under no circumstance should you ever visit this site unless you're already completely devoid of humor and haven't yet seen Rick Astley. If you've ever been here ever go here or have ever been, you should kill yourself.

Synchtube users in a nutshell


Synchtube users typically fall into two categories: underage kids whose parents don't catch them browsing 4chan, and NEETs in their mid to late 20s. After finding their preferred synchtube community, users will be filled with the realization that they have absolutely no life and nothing better to do than to shitpost videos everybody's already seen on youtube, complain about their life, or just redundant post image links from 4chan because they assume they're the only one who's capable of using an internet browser. They always skip any video that isn't theirs, making it near impossible add new content.


These are mods, users with a huge case of unwarranted self importance and the power to play their own videos at any time as well as ban blacknames and graynames. Depending on the room, mods will either sit there all day or come in, modplay their unfunny videos and leave soon afterward. They will ban you, especially if you call them a dick for playing over something everybody was actually enjoying or say you're from 4chan, the site they shit advertisement threads all over.


Homosexuals with way too much free time These people compete for negative karma points by adding the worst videos imaginable. Some aspire to be rednames so they too can modplay their unfunny videos all day. Full of shit and full of themselves


The bottom of the barrel retards who click every link they see on a site full of trolls. Despite being lower-class users, these are actually the closest thing to 4chan users you will find on synchtube. Usually become blacknames due to peer pressure and anti-grayname prejudice.


The almost halfway intelligent synchtube users. They're there for the lulz and go to piss off as many people as possible by downvoting and samefagging before they get banned. If you're stupid enough to go, you should remain unnamed and try to disrupt the room by adding banned content or just skip every video. Some argue mods like to go in unnamed to hide and ban from nowhere, but this is a pussy-tier scare tactic to prevent trolling.

Popular synchtube rooms

Rooms Nobody Care About

  • Animu - The room that likes to leech off /a/. Full of weeaboos who obsess over OVAs and AVIs everybody's already seen.
  • Babby - Likes to shitpost on 4chan's /b/. Report all threads as spam and laugh as they get banned by the dozens.
  • Cannabls - the official 420 W33D5M0K1N room, where users come to watch long boring shit because they're too baked to do anything else.
  • DatelineNBC - 24/7 To Catch a Predator. Possibly the only decent synchtube room in existence.
  • Filly - the pony room, where grown men share My Little Pony fanfiction and other community works. Gets 100 viewers weekly because it streams the new episodes live.
  • Original - Angry Video Game Nerd on a looped playlist of 150+ videos all day everyday, some say all the unnamed suffers a severe case of autisms due to them being fags, the admin does drive-bys every day making it hard for people to suck modcock for lead.
  • VidyaOP - originally intended to be the official /v/ room, this devolved into a 10-man circlejerk where users watch movies all day.
  • Vidya4chan - widely considered the cesspit of synch, vidya4chan is essentially babby 2.0 - same videos, double the autism. Allows users to pay the room owner 10 dollars in order to become a redname. Well-known for starting synchtube "wars" by spamming text in other rooms, causing everyone's computer to crash and possibly explode.
  • muhgainz - The one room with a homosexual userbase. /fit/ k?
  • sosach - Bunch of faggots who love to wipe other rooms

EDiots on SynchTube

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