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<video type="youtube" id="2HKhKpWx1Uc&autoplay=0" width="1" height="1" frame="false" position="center"/> Sweetie is a sexy ten-year old Filipina chatroom whore. Sadly, for a large number of Western gentlemen and one seemingly liberated lady, she's also an entirely digital creation and one way ticket for a ride in the party van.

2/10, would not bang.

We identified ourselves as 10-year-old Filipino girls. We did not solicit anything unless it was offered to us.


— Hans Guyt, project director

In her relatively short ten-week period of online activity Sweetie managed to lure in excess of 20,000 individual users into soliciting her to perform for their enjoyment. From the information gleaned and by then utilising basic online search techniques the investigators were able to compile a dossier of 1,000 named internet users, complete with written and video evidence.

The top country of origin for adults identified was the United States (254) followed by Britain (110) and India (103). The investigators were hoping to catch some Japanese males as well, but fear they may have made Sweetie too young. That or the Japs can easily tell a real 10 year old girl apart from an animated one and knew it was a trap, or maybe they're just racist against Filipinos as they should be.

To CGI a Predator

Interestingly Terre des Hommes would rather see these children starve to death than to have them do naughty things on a webcam or have sex and be able to feed their entire families for a month.

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