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This article is WHAT incarnate.
Lisa being... well, retarded

Lisa McBrearty, otherwise known as superlisamcb, is an 19-year-old "high-functioning" autistic from Aberfoyle, Ontario who claims to see creatures she calls "Niggies". Upon discovering her previous claims of sightings of horse people and reptilians, we can only conclude that she is massively retarded, batshit insane, and maybe a little bit racist. With the addition of Lisa's horrifying ms-paint depictions of niggies as various jailbait horrors, the result is something that screams, gibbers and farts as it careens headlong into the depths of the uncanny valley.

What are niggies?

niggi means natures intelligent graceful gorugoes innocence.



niggi women are dirty whores.

Niggies are humanoid creatures only Lisa can see who live in the astral realm. Niggi women generally have no neck and huge tits, much like most American women. However, unlike most American women, Niggies are created with MS paint and boast eyeball raping baby pink skin which undulates and wanders freely outside the lines as Lisa's poor retard hands try desperately to do as they’re told and not to jam the mouse up her nose. Lisa, for some reason, usually makes no change to the lips and eyes of the girl she's recoloring, giving us the impression that this is not a fantasy creature--but the estranged daughter of Hannibal, wearing the skin of some unfortunate My Little Pony she happened to flay alive. Most of the Niggi women are also massive bisexual whores. This is obvious suppressed retard sexual projection that will one day manifest itself in the killing of ladies..

In a classic example of trying too hard, Lisa has tried to utilize her artistic influence in text form on Urban Dictionary, in a desperate bid to persuade all the 13 year old boys that mistyped 'nigga' into the search bar; that a 'Niggi' is a genuine entity. Of course, even the most mentally mutilated can distinguish between fact and retarded fanfiction - rendering her efforts somewhat useless. The second definition of niggi could have only come from someone as dedicated and retarded as her

It seems that since Lisa is a massive asspie and probably smells like eggs and cabbage, she can't get laid. She finds fictional characters to have relationships with, because she obviously can't get a real boyfriend. So she faps to characters from the adult swim cartoon Metalocalypse. Apparently, she married each member of Dethklok. Since the male Niggies have extremely gigantic penises according to Lisa, she faps to the female Niggi sluts. Obvious enough through her terrifying drawings of Niggi porn most likely. She probably faps to Niggies because she will never experience a real relationship in a long time, or ever. So her horrible little abominations run about jamming anything not nailed down into one of their gaping orifices, farting all the while. Niggi men seem to have dinosaur faces, any color skin, and emo hair. Perhaps this means that Lisa sees men as frightening monsters which only the fearless niggi whores can tame, using their massive meat curtains as nets and their distended clitori as lassos. Perhaps it shows that she believes that men are all reptilians here to take her soul. Is she just a furry in denial? Or maybe she's just batshit insane.


She has imaginary sex with his picture every night, I am sure of it.

(( If she isn't fucking Niggies.))

TL;DR: Niggies are pink niggers.


This video has been removed from YouTube, because Lisafag has abandoned her Jewtube account superlisamcb.


In case you haven't pieced it together yet, Niggies like to fart. They belch and fart and probably shit all over the walls in a joyous expression of just how unimpeded they are by normalcy and reason. The sad part is that, in the above video, Lisa actually farts aloud and blames it on the niggies. Let me reiterate that; A retarded girl farts so she then blames said fart on a group of Neanderthal like ms-paint whores who apparently have nothing better to do but bounce around her room, screaming in gibberish and unloading their colons all over the floor. Its a rare occasion that we see both the scapegoat and personified ID so obviously displayed and documented, by the retard herself no less. Greater study is obviously needed, preferably the type of study that involves vivisection.

Kiss your sanity goodbye.

The Brilliant and Visionary Artist Herself

Lisa seems very much like a female Chris-chan, in that she's dumb as a brick with brain damage, expresses her feelings and fantasies with terrible drawings and masturbatory stories, and contributes nothing to society aside from a growing collection of confused passersby. But while Chris-chan at least has the courtesy to look exactly like the malformed retard manbaby he is, Lisa actually resembles a normal human being. This is merely a disguise though, as she is indeed as deluded, if not more deluded than CWC himself. At least in the case of Fatsack the Fagnificent he realizes that his drawings aren't real people, just characters (DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS), but good old lady batshit seems to honestly believe she's being visited by the demon spawn of MS Paint.

It's a gift of mine, I see Niggies with my third eye (mind's eye or spirtual eye) people always associate it negatively with schizophrenia..which I do not have...I am not a freak



There is some debate over if she actually believes she sees these niggies, but regardless of her actual experiences its pretty clear she's off her fucking rocker. If she does see niggies then she's hallucinating her ass off but is apparently unaware of this; if not, she's creating this entire fucking alternate reality in a vain attempt to attention whore her intelligence out to the world. There is some evidence that she's actually seeing this shit and isn't trolling. Firstly, she seems to fit into the genuine self-important, reality is wrong and I'm right, tin foil hat club.

I may be the Niggies devil but I do not torture anybody. I just kick people asses, but God and Jesus are my friends and I won't let Satan fuck around with me.



These Niggi are real entities, I have a gift to see beyond the norm. Of course most people are naive or so inclined with Reality that they associate seeing things must be schizophrenia. Which is not true, because even they see beyond the norm but don't always trust what they see.



That's right people, she's the Niggi devil, but she just kicks ass with God and Jesus and won't let Satan fuck with her. Beyond the rather distressing fact that she's literally making herself the devil of her own created people (or alternatively, since they're obviously real, even they hate her so much they've named her their devil), she also seems to think that severe mental illness and rampant idiocy is a superpower. Perhaps even more distressing is her strange obsession with the sexual aspects of Niggies. Lisa draws a lot of devlish Niggies, maybe she worships Niggi Satan. She looks like she would do something as stupid as that, wouldn't surprise me in the slightest way.

She has an entire site, listed below, devoted to "Naughty Niggies" in which she basically recolors porn and creates quizzes with questions like " Are you a horny Niggies? If so what makes you horny most?" and "Do you go to Niggies parties where Niggies are sexually active?" The more that is discovered about her, the more it becomes obvious that she seems to be living vicariously through the Niggies, expressing her own urges to fuck everything that moves and farts about the room. There is also a definite undercurrent of lesbianism, since she seems to focus on the details of the female Niggies' naughty bits just a bit too long for a retard scribbling in MS Paint.

She has an intense obsession with Niggi sexuality, to the point where she has to tell the whole fucking world.



It is bad enough she pollutes DeviantArt with her eye burning Niggi artz. She obviously has to draw a Niggi version to every single fucking character she likes.

Niggi Toki and some Niggi skankssss.


Niggi Nathan Explosion and a Niggi groupie. [2]





Rumor has it Lisa does not use MS Paint to generate shit images, she now illustrates teh Niggi sluuuuts!

If you visit her DeviantArt profile you will probably notice if you haven't already. Her artwork is immensely fucking deranged if not significantly frightening.

Her odd interest in Niggi sexuality.

Lisa seems to glorify Niggi sexuality, way more than her own. She feels that human sexuality is lame to that compared to her horny motherfucking Niggies. Looking around on her DeviantArt profile stalking her gallery, there is an illustration of some green Niggi man. She seems to believe that she is a green Niggi man in some parallel universe.....seriously, now she is certainly on teh drugzzz! Lisa's super valid Niggi research states that male Niggies have way too large of penises for human females to handle, so that means the female Niggies are the only ones who can whore around with a human on a particular occasion.


From examining her recent claims or just plain fucking insanity, Lisa is gay with female Niggies. Since she is a green Niggi man in a parallel universe, this somehow covers up the fact that she draws female Niggies as gigantic whores. I am sure the Niggi men want to beat Lisa's face in for portraying their women as a bunch of fucking skanks.

Lisa is an Aspie rapist, she dreams of raping her Niggies. She probably pretends to be all innocent, or maybe she is just an idiot. She expects everyone to be okay with her monstrosities (Niggies) and plays this "eccentric" role denying that she is clearly out of her mind. She is not eccentric, she is a complete fucking failure. She has either lost her fucking mind or maybe she is truly insane.

Just when you thought that it couldn't get any lulzier than this, she has an interest in the Mortal Kombat video game series. Knowing that she has a Niggi counterpart to every interest of hers from this reality, she obviously has to provide us with some Niggi artssss of it. Let me show you some grand Jew golds!

Niggi Subzero can't get enough Niggi tit pictures it seems.


This single paragraph "fan fiction" which details a now apparently human Link's epic journey through the "castle ages" (known to non-retards as the Middle Ages or Dark Ages) of Niggi history. This journey lasts roughly 12 seconds before he trips and falls into a vagina. The dialogue is, in its glorious entirety, as follows:

Legend of Zelda: Link Travels In The Niggi Castle Ages

We all know in the castle ages Niggies were quite the naughty buggers and still are today. In the castle ages Niggies were a bit too freely indulged in lets say, MATING. Now today Niggies are a lil more logical and know where to have thier private time, but back in the castle ages it was like a giant announcement that spread all over the society. Pink Niggi women were allowed to walk around the castle half nude, which today its called slutty but more tight then in the castle ages where it was like TOO MUCH. Today in some parts Dahlia its still happening, but aslong as we don't have to see it every day were ok and will deal with the fact. Anyway, human Link enters The Niggi Castle ages where he sees many Pink Niggi women walking around all Promiscuous, The brown Niggi women seem to hide. A pink Niggi lady spots Link and likes what she sees, he notices she has her eyes on him. "Hey baby" she says to Link, he looks at her and smiles. A grey Niggi man appeared beside her. "Hey you shall give her sweet love" he says to Link. He realizes the Niggies in the castle ages were quite how can we say HORNY. Link feels if he doesn't do so he'll get introuble noticing the Niggi guards by the gate. "You shall come here, so you and the Pink Niggi mistress shall mate" The grey Niggi guy leads him to. They lead in a room with some beds, Link feels very wierd and has no idea what to do. The grey niggi guy leaves the room, leaving it to just Link and some Pink Niggi mistress. The pink Niggi mistress looks at Link and says "Hump me" while giggling. A tanned Niggi guy comes in the room and sees Link. "She wants you to give her your sweet love" he says to Link. The tanned Niggi guy leaves the room, and Link kisses the Pink Niggi mistress. THEY MAKE SWEET LOVE!


It's like Doom Fanfic: the love story.




Deviantart-favicon.png Figure-10

I feel bad for Nintendo. Not the butchery of Link and his series. Nintendo.


Deviantart-favicon.png Headstrong-boyy

Picard Facepalm.jpg


Deviantart-favicon.png jaden90610

Best story ever. You should try to get it made into a movie or something.


Deviantart-favicon.png The-Red-Mage



Deviantart-favicon.png Pedonymous

That was Amazing


Deviantart-favicon.png Stardragon91

I'm so horny from that! I need some niggi women now!


Deviantart-favicon.png darklink7748

Links one lucky bastard


Deviantart-favicon.png CC-PKr

what is this i dont even


Deviantart-favicon.png Trancua

A+++ best read 2k9


Deviantart-favicon.png MissyJotastic



—About 8 other people

So i understand Niggies are just the undeveloped version of Niggers?


Deviantart-favicon.png Dwss

Her DeviantArt [4] She has Zelda Niggies. There is even a drawing of Niggi Link with a Boooner. A WHAT? Yes that is correct, a boner. Nude Niggi Zelda was the culprit for the bodily function. Seriously, she is really fucking retarded.

I Kissed a Niggi and I Liked It

I kissed boy niggies and girl niggies I hope my kittens don't mind it


—Superlisamcb, WHAT

Her "Art"

The inspiration for her faggotry?
What she faps to when not fucking Niggies.

Lisa, like many of her retarded brethren, overflows with creative fecal matter and takes any chance she gets to vomit it wholesale into our terrified faces and open mouths. She draws from a wide creative base of video games, celebrities and reality shows, literature, and her own bottomless vat of retardation to create the steaming piles of imagination we will review here today.

Another bit of creative thievery is that of the "Niggi Spongebob", or simply the "Emo Spongebob" if you look him up online. The interesting part of this is what she says about him.

This picture has spread on the internet, without people knowing it's supposed to be Niggi Spongebob.

Now she didn't create this picture. The actual effort involved gives that away. Regardless, she is claiming that it's supposed to be the "Niggi Spongebob". She is so totally convinced Niggi are real she is enlisting other anonymous people into the cause.

Her Beliefs

Lisa's beliefs can be described as a mix of New Age, conspiracy theories, escapism, delusion, idiocy, retarded monkey noises and arrogance DISREGARD THAT, THIS BITCH IS FUCKING INSANE!!!!111!!!one. She claims that "reality discriminates against Imagination" and that "Knowledge is defined by imagination," which sounds pretty inspirational but makes about as much sense as "Vocabulary is defined by racism". She also seems to think that imaginary friends are literally real and saying they're not is tantamount to murder. Listed below, in no particular order, are some of her other, more precise beliefs.

The title itself should already have caused you to facepalm your sinus cavity out the back of your skull. Yes, apparently Majora was a real person who lived in the 1700's and whose mask is displayed in the Niggi museum of history; also, the mask was just "lucky," not a self-aware, evil entity which controlled him, like in the game. When we go beyond the initial idiocy of her mischaracterization of the 1700's and get into the festering core of of her argument where we find something perhaps even more disturbing. Not only is she claiming that the Nintendo Corporation is stealing from Niggi history but we find that she has no idea what Legend of Zelda lore even says. If we follow the logic: Lisa created the Niggies and by claiming that Nintendo stole from Niggi history, she is basically claiming that Nintendo stole her ideas. The complete madness of this is compounded by the fact that she seems to have no idea what the hell she's talking about in relation to the story or characters of the game. It's a clusterfuck of stupidity and self-delusion that very nearly graduates from hilarious to outright disturbing.

No self-deluded fucknut circle jerk would be complete without some sort of view on 2012, and Lisa delivers with her own personal message of peace, love and gaping, gaseous cunts. According to her, 2012 is when Niggies will officially take over the world. They plan on "making the planet earth a much happier and joyful place. Niggies will make health care free, give stronger equality rights, lower taxes, lower insurance, get more jobs for those who need them most, a great and stronger economy and tons more." Her announcement came complete with an Obama "Hope" style picture of Jesus with the phrase "jesus votes 4 niggies" under it. So they're going to take over the world in some sort of democratic election where gods are voting? It's at this point that one must begin to wonder if autism is not, in fact, the best hallucinogen in reality. Indeed, this sort of boasting is the sort of thing you expect to come out of a stoner's mouth, amongst a cloud of acrid smoke and masticated pizza.

According to Lisa, there are "endocrine disrupting chemicals" in the air and water, which mimic estrogen and cause cancer, sterility, and memory loss. As if that wasn't bad enough these chemicals also shut down your Third eye, which she claims is the pineal gland. The ability to see into "invisible realms" is regulated by the pineal and pituitary gland and that these "diabolical molecules" inhibit their processes. As a cure or at least method of prevention, she recommends listening to classical music, hugging a tree and watching The Matrix over and over and over again.

Behold the beautiful world revealed when Niggies awaken the pineal gland! (WARNING! Niggi-language only)

Look how happy and uninhibited he is now that he can see the Niggies!

One can only imagine Lisa as some sort of faeces-encrusted troglodyte in a cage, who occasionally escapes her confinement and immediately charges headlong onto the computer. Once there, she proceeds to repeatedly smash her face against the keyboard and accidentally navigate to the TOW article on the pineal gland. Ignoring the parts about the gland's actual function, she immediately latches on to the fact that one of its many names is that of the "third eye," a reference to its mysterious nature until recently. Hooting in ecstasy and flinging semi-liquid shit about the room with the same glee and merriment as one might throw confetti, she proceeds to lovingly craft her next post, drawing from the massive knowledge of the three sentences she skimmed. Her work complete, she returns to her cage and basks in the afterglow of her conspiracy theory orgasm before vomiting in the corner and passing out, inebriated on her own fumes.

Unfortunately for our sanity, we know that Lisa is not some horrible, feral child, but a mostly normal human being with at least enough common sense as to know how to get dressed in the morning. The fact that she could still subscribe to these ideas despite her apparent sentience is depressing beyond all reason.

According to Niggi President John Hamil:

The news seems to overblow everything out of proportion...the news isn't going to tell you the absolute truth about this vaccine, because it is pure evil."

He concluded cryptically that we are "Worthy of our own motor skills!"

  • Reality

You do realize we are living the in the Matrix...yes the film was based on science fiction but it was right on the money with the truth. Reality is all within your can't prove Reality exists out of the mind...only mental theories have been used. Lisa isn't crazy....she sees with her mind another dimension....only those who are still asleep claim to be perfect or normal. She already has a doctor and he understands Lisa and isn't a fucking idiot like you are acting to me. Stop judging her, you don't know her so stop with the hate.


—Lisa, attempting to anonymously vandalize her page in an effort to get us to LEAVE HER ALONE!!one!. Note the inability to keep her tenses straight.

Unfortunately, Lisa fails to realize that "reality is in the mind" is an argument that goes both ways. Sure, maybe she actually does see another dimension where hot pink MS Paint whores run around conveniently parroting her opinions and taking the blame for her farts, and we're just a bunch of mundanes blessed with the ability to ignore them. However, logic (that part of her "brain" that shudders and cries in the corner every time she opens MS Paint should be there but clearly fucking isn't) says that if that is her view on experiencing reality, then our reality is just as valid, since it depends on the person experiencing it. If anything, our reality is more valid, since there's more of us confirm it, and we're not sperging retards high on her own farts.

Lisa is a Conspiracy Theory nerdfag who faps to every new morsel of conspiratorial text she reads. Her Niggies inspired her to $33K THE TROOTHS!

Her websites

Lisa made two main sites to explain what Niggies are:

They are now password protected. The current password for her sites is niggiesrock "foreverawesome" her third site isn't password protected yet.

Those websites are no longer in use. She has a new website in which I will list here.



comments from one of her niggi sockpuppets,from 2007

Lisa is most likely not a troll. Here's why:

  • She's been posting stuff about Niggies since at least 2007. Look at her MySpace comments. Verified by credible sources that she's been doing it since she moved from Peterborough, Ontario to her current location (NOT Kitchener, withheld until 100% verified) in the early 2000's, at which time she claimed to start seeing the Niggies she spouts off about. So, she started seeing these in her early teens, possibly as old as 12 years old.
  • Other credible sources indicate that they've seen Angelfire and piczo accounts as early as 2005.
  • Too much effort was put into her piczo accounts.
  • There are dozens of Niggi sockpuppets she made. (list in the talk page. Seriously,it's pretty impressive.)
  • Seriously, she's really fuckin' retarded. Like, "Quick, hide the knives" retarded.


niggi pictures About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


a horseperson.

Before seeing Niggies, Lisa's imaginary friends were horse furries. She has a ton of pictures of horses in her photobucket, and she mentions horse people on her JewTube rants:

I will explain as clearly as I can. As a child I developed many interests. I used to see horse like people figures but I never really communicated with them. They would just live inside of my mind, as their own world. Maybe they didn't really mean that much to me. I also had these other animal like people figures, along with the horse like ones. I used to believe my stuffed animal horses had lives of their own, I would pretend they were listening to me and could carry on a conversation with me along with the other horses. But I grew out of that. I was diagnosed for terretsat first, but turns out I don't have terrets.




Art Theft

On October 30, Lisa submitted this deviation (LINK'S DEAD, BITCHES. WHAT NOW?) A far cry from her normal MS Paint crap. A quick Tineye search revealed the real artist.

Niggis seek truth!

Moar on this spectacular fail as it unfolds.

Lisa is also known for stealing art, recoloring the characters bright pink, and calling it her own--sometimes even saying that the pictures weren't edited at all, and that they are genuine pictures of Niggies.

Tard Quotes

Angels exist :) So do fairies, demons, ghosts(which are spirits) and all sorts of beings deemed fictional.



The Dahlian language sounds like a mix of Spanish and Gibberish, but is the most complex language to learn, even harder than English.


—Lisa. Dahlia is the niggies country.

in 2012 Niggies take control of the world. Niggies plan on making planet earth a much happier and joyful place. Niggies will make Health Care Free, Give Stronger Equality Rights, Lower Taxes, Lower Insurance, Get More Jobs for those who need them most, a great and stronger economy, and tons more. Laughter will also be brought upon the world by Niggies!



I just see past the illusionary Reality...Reality is an illusion created by the brain, the Niggies are realer than this reality.

I share my gift with everyone, I want everybody to know what I see. These Niggies are entities, who chose me to be able to see them. They choose a select few to be able to see them, until people awaken they will become visible to more.



I take medication for my A.D.D. I've taken medication since grade 4 I think. I have a wonderful family, my household is a lovely household. I am doing good in school and don't want people to think just because I have imaginary companions means I'm a bullied or lonely child. I'm not lonely, I used to be shy when I was younger. But I'm not so shy anymore. I just have very limited interests that's all.



boyams- niggies of dark practice, usually torment the enemies by scaring them as a punishment for not beliveing in them. Boyams usually only torment humans who hate niggies or don't believe in niggies.



Lisa's reaction to this page

After being repeatedly ignored by the police (WHO'D HAVE GUESSED?!), Lisa decided her best course of action was to spend a part of each day coming to vandalize this article.

Fan Art

Her Critics

While Lisa's persistent barrage of shit images can be regarded as, well, retarded, to say the least, her detractors somehow find a way to miss every chance at actually being funny at her expense (hence this ED article). 90% of comments made on her page are "niggies arent real". So in the meantime, feel free to spam "PINK FUCKING NIGGERS" as well as cocks on her DA page while we wait for funny commentary.

I'm very well aware of the fact that I am probably looking like a fool to many people, but I can't let that stop me now, and I haven't let that stop me yet.




If niggies are cant copywrite them if they are so obvously they are fake if you put a copyright on them



—ahhleatherbelt, displaying his vast knowledge of how © works.,

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According to Lisa her e-mail [email protected] was hacked. Luckily we have snagged some jew goldzzz....

Here i$ teh new e-mail!!!1

[email protected]

Go Add her MSN you fagg0ts!!

Tell her that Niggies are awesome and she will probably show you some Niggi artz!

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