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Superdemon-inuyasha, like most DeviantARTlets, only posts original art.
THIS IS NOT INUYASHA!!!! This is MY CHARACTER, for MY ANIME!!! Note the differences!!!!
My Darigaaz came first!
I found this this morning while drinking my delicious coffee... and all I could think was... LOLOLOLOLOL

Superdemon-Inuyasha is a self-proclaimed "extremely homophobic" weeaboo fangirl in love with Inuyasha. She says, "I HATE Non-canon yaoi and yuri", marking her a strange bird even by fangirl standards (read: not even her own kind wants her). However, like all the other retarded weeaboos, much of her time is spent watching drivel and regurgitating it upon the internet for all to feast upon, with the spice of copying artwork and stealing characters thrown in to tempt and invite the viewer. She also admittedly comes from Texas. Only two things come from Texas: Steers and Superdemon-Inuyasha.

7chan loves her, and she got lolfully phished in January 2007, much to the loss of everybody.

Theft and Tracing

Superdemon-Inuyasha created a series of srsly original characters, much like any weeaboo artist. She created such creative masterpieces as Darigaaz the not-at-all inspired by a magic card character. But it's okay! Magic the Gathering is totally not copyrighted by anyone which means Superdemon-inuyasha did not steal and is not a thief!!

Of course, she has many more original characters, like Inutaru (BALEETED!!!11) who is NOT INUYASHA!!!! This is Superdemon-inuyasha's CHARACTER, for Superdemon-inuyasha's ANIME!!! Note the differences!!!!

Also just so everybody knows, anime no longer means anything animated. It now means the terrible ramblings of a weeaboo fanfic.

Having moar than one reason to attack a DevianTARTlet makes raids even better. Whilst the original raids held against Superdemon-Inuyasha were under the rainbow banner, it wasn't long before anonymous discovered that Superdemon-Inuyasha was also an art thief. They looked upon the theft and they knew that there was lulz ahead.

Superdemon-Inuyasha has quite a huge gallery, so there was enough theft and lulz for all. Like most DevianTARTlet art thieves, Superdemon-Inuyasha does not respond very well to being called a tracer. By the magic of cause and effect, this made the internets accuse her of art-theft even moar.

I just want to die…or leave DA if this problem persists…It’s getting stupid… That deviation means a lot to me and so does my sig, so I refuse to remove either… please…If more people report them or whatever they might ban them and It’ll all be ok….please…help… *starts crying*….I can’t take much more of this….


— SuperDemon-Inuyasha


GRIDS and CARBONING. Not tracing. God. How many times does she have to TELL YOU THIS?!?!

Superdemon's testimony reveals that she uses "grid referencing" and a "time cunsuming process called "Carboning"." lol, dumbass.

Grids are a good exercise for beginning students. It is the act of drawing a grid over a preexisting picture and recopying it square by square. The grid method is "..a very encouraging drawing tool—but it should be used as a stepping stone to help you develop additional drawing skills", not the way one should keep drawing says this educational website. However, Superdemon disagrees, maintaining that it "takes YEARS of practice." She also states that lots of respected artists use grids. This is partially true: Seasoned artists often use grids to make a larger version of their own work. All merit is lost when this technique is used to copy art from another artist. Grids copying other people's works are for fags who refuse to work harder at their art skills (or lack thereof). And when you post a grid picture on deviantART, you're a retard.

One might not be familiar with Superdemon-Inuyasha's use of the word carboning. "Carboning" is a technique where one uses carbon paper to transfer the lines of a drawing onto a fresh sheet of paper. First you put the carbon paper face down on a blank sheet of regular paper. Then you put another drawing you want to transfer on top of the back of the carbon paper. Press down hard as you TRACE ALONG THE LINES of the original drawing, so that the carbon paper transfers it's pigment onto the blank sheet below. It's the easiest way to trace.

Again, Superdemon says it's okay because respected artists use this method. And yet again... Real artists use it when they want to transfer a sketch they did themselves to nicer paper. Only hacks use it to copy other people's work.

T.T eh.... I DON'T trace though.... -.-0 It takes YEARS of practice to grid out, and draw a picture as good I do (which I DON'T think is that great for my other art o.o...... well.... @[email protected] I've just been drawing for a REALLY long time, lol ^-^0


— SuperDemon-Inuyasha art IS Authentic and I spend hours and hours - even DAYS working on one piece of art, which is why I don't post that often, and when I do post a lot - It's usually after a month or two of 0 postings... -.-0


— SuperDemon-Inuyasha [1]


Because hating gay people is awright. As a particularly eloquent /b/tard put it;

The fact that you honestly think that the people who bashed this person are gay really says a lot about your personality. People like you have no right calling others close minded. Some people blame everything on Jews, some blame black people, you blame yaoi fans and gay people. You and this user are so blinded by hate that is almost humorous. But I'm a little surprised that she didn't delete my comment about the bible.

PS. They flamed her for being a tracer and art thief.



Many strikes of logic were tried against Superdemon-Inuyasha, but as always, the greatest were those without. 7chan made a call for pictures of Superdemon-inuyasha's characters engaged in acts of faggotry to be created, and much lulz were had by all.

I've been getting harassed by Yaoi/yuri fangirls and the like, because of my signature and that fact that I'm homophobic - which, btw, part of the reason why I can't tolerate homosexuallity - Is because it's against my religion as well.



God, I really DO have a lot of reasons to hate them (homosexuals).... I should make a list one day.... (not including some NICE homosexuals I know here on DA and one I know in real life - But to me, as a genral rule, Most of them AREN'T nice people - Just look at the people harassing me - a big bulk of them ARE homosexual)


— SuperDemon-Inuyasha

People like the ones harrassing me have done this before outside of the internet - especially by two individual people, which has actually caused me to HATE most homosexuals just because most of them that I've met - act JUST like these flamers, sometimes, even worst. I've been putting up with it for almost 4 years now.


— SuperDemon-Inuyasha [2]

Actually, Superdemon-Inuyasha hates non-canon yaoi and yuri artwork, meaning works which put two straight characters into a homosexual situation. Whether this is fine or not is up to the rest of the Internets.

Fangirlism at it's finest

Superdemon-Inuyasha is a big fan of Hitler!

She met the dude who voices Inuyasha,Ian Cox.

Inuyasha belongs to Steph (you).


—What is said to be Richard Ian Cox, Inuyasha's voice actor, NOT THE OWNER

She probably wrote it herself since she's a batshit insane slut who will never get laid and claimed it was indeed Inu's VA. We may NEVAR know, but all we do know is that it might have been BALEETED shortly after or during the raid against her and the hacking of her account.

Favourite cartoon character: INU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MINE!!!!



Inuyasha is all fine and all mine!







The bitch gets flamed for great Justice.

After stumbling upon the article, Inuretard was going to do some vandalism. But using your dA username while doing so is hard core stupidity. [3]

Finally a brave troll went against SuperDemon and opened a website based on her faggotry. Be warned; this site has a virus.

SuperDemon-Inuyasha vs. Nillia

DA user Nillia pitied the fanbrat, and offered her some advice. She explained why she thought people were so offended, and said that the first step might be for Superdemon to remove her signature.

Why was my comment removed? It was civil and just trying to help, really...



Superdemon gave a tl;dr explanation, proving once an for all that she is simply a mature victim:

Sorry, If you didn't read my warning post - I'm removing any comments put on my page that has to do with the said subject.

I read the first line - If it's negatively on the subject - I remove it without even reading the while thing.

and if it's from ANY of the radiers, etc - I don't ever read it, I remove it.

I'm sick of people spaming my page.

It's happened WAY too many times, and I'm no longer tolerating it.

I simplily want to draw and enjoy my time hear on DA - but I can't with people harassing me about things I didn't do.

The first time this happen (the harassment) Someone acused me of being a MURDER of gays - all because I don't like yaoi/yuri art.

Things like that hurt, and now, I'm apparently not an artist anymore, and I can "Trace" photographs and OC'S that have never been seen before.

Then all my "Fanart" , etc is traced because I used refs - WHICH IS STATED RIGHT ON THE PAGE.

DA is an art community.

Not a hangout for "cyber bullies" etc.

I'm sorry if your comment was trying to help - but I'm TRYING to get rid of all the crap on my page, and as soon as I knew it was about what was going on, and you were agreeing with them, I just deleted it, like all the others because I've sick of reading the same thing Over and over.

I don't trace my art - I work very hard on it, and even though I don't like my art and think it's crap anyways - I DON'T except being told I don't put any effort into what I do and rip off other work.

If you think using refs is "tracing" then tell that to the hundreds of fanartists here on DA alone. I'm sure they will be please to know that.

I'm not trying to be rude - I'm trying to make a point and get through to at LEAST one person. Since only other artists who use the same style as me and friends of mine that WATCH me draw every piece of art I do and people that actually KNOW me in real life, etc - realize and understand how hard I work on my art - many of which yell at me for saying I hate it and I'm not as good as them.

I also find it a little unfair that you and so many other are harassing JUST me - and not artists out there that do NOTHING BUT fanart draw from screencaps and other pictures, etc

Most of my pictures are of OC'S - make by ME and are coperighted to ME.

Yet EVERYTHING I do is apparently "Traced" according to many of you.

Do you see how frustrating that is?

Just try ONCE to see things the way I'm seeing them right now.

just imagine working for a week or so - HOURS a day on ONE piece of fanart for someone, that you used a ref for.

Then, when you finally have it done, and are at least a BIT happy about the way it turned out - but NEVER want to draw them again because it took so long and was SO hard to do.

Someone says "You traced that! Your no artist!!! Go die in hell!!!" etc, etc, etc - the list goes on with what I've heard.

Then when you try to reason with the people saying it - they start harrassing you day after day, and won't leave you alone until you either leave DA or "die in hell".

That is why I'm getting rid of all the comments I see that are upsetting/frustrating or just plain stupid, or the same people bugging me over and over. And now, bu this point - any comment that isn't a friend of mine, of someone being friendly.


—SuperDemon-Inuyasha TL;DR

Other People

  1. LulzsonFlamebeard, known /i/nsurgent, die-hard /i/-er. (RIP, Plans to return with a new, similar username)
  2. ThatHippyMan, version 2, version 3, known /i/nsurgent, despises all super otakus.
  3. BeamYosho, unknown faction, disguises flames as critique comments, thus cannot be banned for whatever is said.
  4. Seraphim-Sephiroth, unknown faction, friend of ThatHippyMan, regularly backs up flames/comments that were made by other anti-superblehbleh. Is actually a secret DeviantArt Admin posing as a weeaboo /i/nsurgent. Practice extreme caution when raiding with her present. Currently blocked from posting.
  5. Kurokiba, unknown faction, Inuyasha fan, highly trained in strike downs. Our only Inuyasha fan ally.
  6. Roxybudgy, unknown faction, made several epic strike downs. Unfortunately, Superdemon-Inuyasha is too illogical to understand perfect logic.
  7. Ongakuusagi, /i/nsurgent, made an epic strike down NOT ONLY to Super-Demon Inuyasha,but also one to her mentally challenged friend, Twinxblades. Currently blocked from posting.
  8. x-biochemical-x/EBEORIETEMETHHPITI, /b/tard. Started the whole ordeal by informing boyfriend of SDI's weeaboo art.
  9. Einherjar, /b/tard. Sent SDI's link to a thread in /b/, out of bordom. x-biochemical-x's boyfriend.
  10. Aiseki-chan/Ikesia/rpg-freak-sarah, who happened to stumble upon the raid on March 4 of Superdemon's DA page shortly after reading the article here and aided the /b/tards. She was a member of DA before her account was permabanned following the assault. She took many screenshots of the raid and even used the account of her boyfriend to help raid. She posted a journal shortly before she was banned, asking her DA friends to go and join the raid. It is unknown whether or not they plan to join.
  11. Maneaeve, one of her biggest fans.
  12. KatSumeragi, got struck with the temporary banhammer for calling her a "tracing, homophobic watse of flesh." Tried to appeal to realitysquared but he said her tracing was just fine.
  13. Stonetemp1pilot, trolling for great justice and lulz.
  14. Unknown Soliders, all factions, unidentified fighters whose' comments have been deleted/hidden. We salute them.

Hacked and Banned


On the 24th of January (or the 23rd, lol timezones), Superdemon-Inuyasha's account was OMG HAXXED (see: phished) by an unknown party. This entrepreneuring young winrar threw up a very lulzy journal on Superdemon-Inuyasha's account that has a link to a website showing how SDI has been tracing all her artwork, and owned up to being a mean ol' art thief. [Partake in the lulz.] GONE.

ED Analysts predict that it could be just a mere few months before the fast acting dA moderators review the reports and ban Superdemon-Inuyasha.

dA faggot admins RESTORE Superdemon-Inuyasha's account, ignoring proof that she steals artwork and banning users who only wanted justice, leading users to believe that Superdemon-Inuyasha is in fact a dA admin sock who is posting ripped artwork for the lulz.

It's beautiful...

dA faggot admins actually do their job and B& Superdemon-Inuyasha. The cause of this is most likely division by zero because of the odds of this actually happening because they felt like doing their job are actually less than the odds that Anonymous will get laid in the near future.


How To Troll Superdemon-Inuyasha

Shit, just copy this. You should know better.

Inu ultimateflame.jpg

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