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Sui-chan, ultimate emo warrior.
Screenshot of cached suicide threat. Poetry preserved 4EVAR!

The Skinny

Sui-Chan is an Emo 16-year-old girl who promised to commit Harakiri LIVE on the Internets. This was promised to happen at Saturday, August 19, 2006, At Midnight (24:00 EST)* .

The Speculation

On the Sui-Chan Countdown message board, many people have been saying that Sui-Chan is a prank by the /b/tards at 4chan. No spectator knows for sure at the moment.

Profile deleted

Sui-chan quickly regains popularity after her first account was baleeted.

Unfortunately it seems the Internet Police discovered her Stickam profile and have removed it. Since there are as yet no further pages documenting this tragedy, it is unknown at this time whether she is full of shit or not, and whether or not her timely demise will be publicized. Before the deletion, she only went live once in a chat flooded with bloodthirsty /b/tards; they thus listed the crap sites she later stated she would cast spells on.

New Profile

She (might not be her, just a "fan") created a new profile, with mostly the same content at at approximately 13:45 (+10 GMT). BALEETED.

Profile Deleted Again

Stickam mods deleted it again at 14:28 (+10 GMT) Better check back on Saturday.

Emo crap

================ DARKNESS ESSENCE ================

The darkness
it is consuming
of my soul
they all laugh
the normal people
I cry black tears of blood
Nobody can feel
My sorrow
the Red Lake
is actually me
my soul is crushed
in an crushing abyss
cutting my arm
does not relieve my sarrow
getting torn apart by misery
and then i die

============== DEATH LIES ============== 
The vampire lies in wait
of his painful death
he swing a might sword
but missed
he bring a dagger to his wrist
and feels the pain go away
sinking into sleep
which is known as death

Take special note the lack of a line end after the title of 'DEATH LIES'; this undoubtabley is critical to the meaning of the poem, and will be tattooed on the arms of thousands by the time you read this.

If you are from the websites YTMND, Habbo, 4chan, or ebaumsworld, I don't want to have to kill you.

Apparently she was aware she would become an Internet celebrity and tried to head off this attack. Obviously this was utterly pointless and her profile was soon mocked mercilessly and spammed all over the corners of the Internets


Lots of poeple having their time stolen. For the lulz.
Bored people. lulz.

In the end after spendingwasting a good few hours on IRC with at least 100 other people, it all turned out to be a channel war. The claims of LIES and HOAX fell on deaf ears as it was clear that it was not done for the lulz at all, but for the hits. gtfo.


cache of site

Sui-chan countdown, for real yo.

  • She also fails at timing, since 24:00 does not exist.
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