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Better than an ambulance chaser.
If you disagree with Sue Basko she will harass you and actively try to ruin your life for years to come.
How can someone expect to be taken seriously when they constantly tweet nonsense like this?

Susan Marie Basko (also known as Batshit Baskocase Sue, Solange Soleil and Suehappy Basketcase for short) is a known belligerent attorney at lol who has been involved in and lost over 9,000 cases in Internet Court. She is also an IRL lawyer with a license to practice law in California and Illinois (note: NOT in New York). She claims to be Catholic but her actions are closer aligned with Scientology than Catholicism. Sue Basko is roughly equivalent (but superior to) what might happen if Mike Sandy and Daniel Brandt mated.

Whether you're a potential target of swatting and need to be reminded to never allow the police inside, need someone to harass the family members of those internet terrorists known as the Rustle League, or are just being bullied by The Man, Sue Basko is the only Internet Lawyer you will ever want to call.

The ED page says absolutely nothing about me, since it is all lies and nonsense



Award-Winning Blogger

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Sue_Basko/Twitter.

In 2013, Sue was awarded a Golden Jimmy for her pioneering work in the legal field. This was due primarily to the free legal advice which she gives on her blog, which, upon being read by anyone who isn't retarded or Ronbryn, is self-evidently above reproach. This was further bolstered by some of her 5 star reporting, which was exclusively released on her blog. Here are some of the gems she has given the world:

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Rustle League

Well, Basko was this completely spaztic fucktard who we were all lol'oing at when this aaronsocio scrub got arrested. I came up with the idea to email her saying that we are aaronsocio's lawyer and that her services are no longer needed. She flipped out and eventualy ginger brooks told her that it was us so she made like 50 blog posts about us one in particular saying that a transgendering man was trying to steal her jewgold which spiraled into epic fucking lulz. After that she came after f0rsaken got got her dawks dropped including ssn and continued to make blogposts as we harassed her and I made sock accounts to trick her and get into her timeline by making her believe that I was someone working against the Rustle League. As of now, she just subtweets us saying how antisemitic we are and how we are going to hell for masturbating and being criminals online

Yeah, and now she's going on about some shit about making a video with this fucking autist who sounds like the guy who sucks dicks for cheeseburgers in cartoons.


Shm00p's take on the Rustle League/Basko saga.

Anti-COINTELPRO Extraordinaire

Sue Basko, circa 1692, on trial for witchcraft. Naturally, she won.
Even ED is COINTELPRO. Maybe? Please?
Basko invokes Godwin's Law, because making fun of Sue Basko is totally the equivalent of killing 6 million Jews.

During the Occupy Wall Street protest, our favorite undisputed queen of the legal realm spent a lot of time weeding out FBI plants among the people who were actually there to protest, even though, according to her, her own brother Gabriel is an FBI agent. It's really too intricate to lay out in this article without making the more ADHD-addled readers get bored and search for the Offended page, so all of Sue's deathless prose concerning her anti-COINTELPRO work has been preserved forever in the above link. Enjoy!

Sue Basko at World Independent Media event

Sue Basko (described as a blogger) introducing author Kevin Gostola and scaring children everywhere with the dead cat dangling from her neck.


IRL Harrassment Service

For those with especially persistent cyberbully problems, Sue will go the extra mile and turn to extrajudicial means, as any good lawyer would. However, what separates Sue from the rest of the pack, is that in addition to e-mailing the cyberbully's parents, she has been known to sub-contract IRL witches and have hexes placed on specific targets. In the cases that have gone public, the hexes have been performed by no less a figure than The Second Coming of Jennifer Emick herself, Kamonra. To provide an analogy that veteran EDiots may understand, Sue plays Daniel Brandt to Kamonra's Amorrow in this dynamic duo of Internet justice.

Work With Convicted Felons

Another of Basko's henchmen is a relative nobody and convicted felon named Joseph A. Camp. In 2009, Joseph and a classmate decided to RAT boxes on their University of Central Missouri's network so that they could add funds to their college accounts, change grades, and steal/sell databases. Naturally, since they were skiddie fucktards who had only been on HackForums for 3 weeks, and thus didn't know the first thing about hiding behind 7 proxies, they were immediately fucked in the ass in the back of the partyvan by a pack of FBI niggers, then shipped off to prison for more nonconsensual buttsex.

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Sue Basko retained Joseph Camp as a client and worked hard to delete pastebin entries and respond to his emails. Here's the $4,000 legal bill.

Threats like these are worth every shekel.

Occupy Peace

Bright side of life

Occupy Peace is a crappy blog where Sue Basko offers advice on how to organize a peaceful protest or occupation in the United States. She frequently derails her own blog with unfunny off-topic posts because she lacks self-control and doesn't respect her readers who don't care about personal drama. She desperately hints to journalists that she wants media coverage, not so she can help others exercise their freedom of speech, but instead to cry about people saying mean things to her.

If any journalists wish to cover this story, I have vast amounts of evidence of all I am writing about, including thousands of screen shots, pictures, recordings, videos, and more. I can also provide the names and other info on many of the perpetrators.


—Sue Basko, a desperate plea for attention.

Sue Basko has issues with self-confidence and writes delightful walls of text detailing what a wonderful "bright side of life" type of person she is, making it clear that violence and pornography are immoral. The amount of effort she puts into making herself look good only proves that she is extremely self-centered and very insecure about her image. Susan should seek the assistance of a trained professional and become a survivor of her shortcomings.

I volunteer my time often, I respect others, I don't do anything questionable, I'd never get a tattoo, I love my family, I eat lots of vegetables, I've never smoked a cigarette. I love babies. I feed the birds and little animals outside.


—Sue Basko, And the bitch thinks we're crazy?

My head is only a place for goodness.



—Sue Basko, until she discovered the internet

Think of a goody-two-shoes girl raised in Catholic schools, who is now a woman. That is me. I pray and often offer prayers for others. It is very common for me to tweet or post on facebook asking people to pray for something.


—Sue Basko, Dear God, make the trolls go away.

Professional Victim

After Sue Basko manages to talk about something other than herself, she begins communicating with her claws, vestigial tail and fangs, revealing a deep hatred for Encyclopedia Dramatica, Rustle League and Doxbin. At this point her writings read like a liberal's wet dream of white middle-class Americans. That's correct, those who contribute to Encyclopedia Dramatica don't understand satire and are definitely racist.

Susan insists that she's been attacked over the last couple years despite no prior dealings with these sites or trolls. What she will never acknowledge is that she goes out of her way to draw attention to herself by writing off-topic rants on her blog and tweeting like a crybaby on a daily basis. The only way Sue Basko maintains what little sanity she has left is to convince herself that she is a victim, because without that crutch, she would be admitted to the nearest psychiatric ward.

They hold a type of malicious racism and antisemitism that I thought had long ago disappeared from society. I am continually shocked to see their displays of the most vicious, repugnant forms of racial hate, of the sort I associate with the KKK or with the days of Nazi Germany.


—Sue Basko, Oh, that's original.

Death threats, a bomb threat, terrorizing phone calls, thousands of vile antisemitic tweets, vile, vulgar obscene pictures created using my nice photos.



—Sue Basko, whines & complaints.

Expert Advice

Susan worries that nobody takes her seriously and to compensate for that, she repeatedly mentions that in two states she is a licensed attorney. After doing extensive research, our e-lawyer has reached the conclusion that subjects of articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica tend of the "smart, nice, good people." Susan also warns that contributing to Encyclopedia Dramatica or linking to an article is a crime.

Being a computer expert, Sue Basko has determined that people who visit Encyclopedia Dramatica will immediately have malware installed onto their computer. She goes on to speculate that said malware may be used to take control of webcams, log key presses or install a botnet.

Enemies of the Lulz can finally rejoice, Sue Basko discovered Encyclopedia Dramatica's offended page and offers EDiots some free legal advice. The images there are not only shocking and horrific, but also illegal! She is probably referring to the picture of Limecat.

The purpose of Encyclopedia Dramatica isn't to document internet drama, but to harass, coerce and extort its victims. According to Sue Baskunt, anyways, and she isn't going to stand by and watch as people's lives, especially hers, are destroyed by the hate wiki. She's made it clear she knows the identities of various contributors, but is withholding this information pending a DOJ and FBI investigation. Hopefully justice will indeed be served, because Susan has informed us that the harm done to her by Encyclopedia Dramatica can never be undone. Sue Basko is also a medical expert and has determined her health has also been damaged beyond repair, all because some jackass on the internet said something mean about her.

Rustle League, Doxbin, and Encyclopedia Dramatica attacks

Sue Basko Reliefs0059 S.jpg

Rustle League, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Doxbin

their attacks against me, in a nutshell

By Susan Basko

Note: If any journalists wish to cover this story, I have vast amounts of evidence of all I am writing about, including thousands of screen shots, pictures, recordings, videos, and more. I can also provide the names and other info on many of the perpetrators. I may also begin releasing some of the evidence so the public can see how real and how dangerous these people are.

For nearly two years, I've been writing about how I am being attacked by malicious cyberstalkers. With this blog post, I hope to explain it quickly.

First, it helps to understand me. I am a very positive, "bright side of life" type of person. I do not smoke, drink alcohol very slightly, and don't use any illegal drugs. I have never been drunk in my life. I have never been arrested. I have never been in trouble of any sort. I was an Illinois State Scholar, a National Merit Student, and was offered lots of college scholarships. I went to my choice of colleges and studied exactly what I wanted. I earned a B.A. in Film and Video and was given a lot of credit hours for my real-life professional work producing and directing television shows. I also have a Juris Doctorate, magna cum laude. That means a law degree with great honors. I also completed all the courses I'd need to get a Masters in Mass Communication Media Arts. I am a lawyer licensed in 2 states. I love completing Continuing Legal Education. I was invited to attend international meetings of OSCE in Vienna on Human Rights in Freedoms of Assembly and Speech.

I have made TV, but I don't watch it. I don't watch television or listen to commercial radio. These things are not part of my life. I do not watch anything with violent content and never have in my entire life. I also do not watch porn of any kind, and never have. I consider it immoral to look at porn or violence, because we should be sacred about what we put into our heads. My head is only a place for goodness.

Think of a goody-two-shoes girl raised in Catholic schools, who is now a woman. That is me. I pray and often offer prayers for others. It is very common for me to tweet or post on facebook asking people to pray for something. I volunteer my time often, I respect others, I don't do anything questionable, I'd never get a tattoo, I love my family, I eat lots of vegetables, I've never smoked a cigarette. I love babies. I feed the birds and little animals outside. I try to own as little as possible, because I think that is a better way of life. Being outside in nature is my richness.

I have wonderfully close relations with my immediate family. We love each other dearly and can talk for hours. I feel extremely blessed to have such good people in my life.

I have been given a lot of brains and talent, and I believe in using those things for good. I feel blessed that I was able to go to school to become a lawyer. I give a lot of my legal help to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay.

So, that is what I am all about. Now, here is what was done to me by the attackers:

RUSTLE LEAGUE: ABOUT 16 months ago, I gave some of my time and expertise to a man who needed it. He was arrested while mentally ill and he and his family needed information and assistance. I helped them. The group known as the Rustle League, which is a vulgar hate group, knew of the man, and began attacking me nonstop online. Their attacks against me have been ongoing, basically nonstop for 16 months.

When the attacks first began, I had no clue who any of the attackers were. Since then, I have come to know the identities of many of them. These are not people with whom I have had any dealings. They are just deranged, sociopathic people, formed into an online group. The depth of their depravity becomes apparent when you see the masses of evidence. They hold a type of malicious racism and antisemitism that I thought had long ago disappeared from society. I am continually shocked to see their displays of the most vicious, repugnant forms of racial hate, of the sort I associate with the KKK or with the days of Nazi Germany. Their racism, combined with their obscenity and vulgarity, along with their violence, utterly repulses me, and rightly so. I would never want to become entangled with such people or their doings.

The Rustle Leaguers attacks against me have included, among many other things: Death threats, a bomb threat, terrorizing phone calls, thousands of vile antisemitic tweets, vile, vulgar obscene pictures created using my nice photos. Disgusting death threat videos. Defamatory vulgar videos. Disgusting impersonation twitter accounts and facebook accounts. Those accounts were usually shockingly racist and vulgar. Posting hundreds of defamatory lies. Posting impersonation blog posts and tweets, as if me. Creating plans to kill schoolchildren and putting my name and photo on them. These death threats against children were not a one time thing, but continued on for several weeks. Posting dozens of entirely false statements accusing me of terrible crimes. Hacking my accounts. Stealing my identity. Posting information "about" me to make me vulnerable to fraud, identity theft, stalking, rape and murder. Posting my personal info with threats to steal from me. Thievery of my paid accounts. Harassment, such as placing malware onto my locked twitter account so I was unable to block their accounts. Sneaking onto my locked twitter account and retweeting my tweets but with changed wording or out of context, this having been done thousands of times. Impersonating me on websites, on OkCupid (which of course I don't belong to), creating a fake legal study in my name, creating fake accounts and harassing others in my name. Spamming my emails with hundreds of thousands of spam. Using big twitter accounts to post threats and attacks at me. Posting hundreds of lies about me as if they were facts. Denigrating my work as a lawyer, though my clients love me and my work. Posting that I am "not a real lawyer," though this is, of course, ludicrous and malicious. Holding radio shows specifically to mock me. Creating memes and pictures that mock me, that lie and are defamatory. Attacking my legal clients and posting lies about them. Using a variety of websites to post lies about me and about my clients. Stalking my clients through their phones. Creating impersonation email accounts and sending emails in the names of my clients and others. Applying for credit in my name. Posting my name as their lawyer, along with horrifying racist statements, to make it appear as if I would say such sick things. Creating defamatory, mocking, hateful "rap" songs using my name and posting these on Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. And on and on. There is much more.

For many months, the attacks were ongoing, 24/7, with many things going on at once. There are many in the group, many associates, and their stunning hate spurred them to spend a great deal of their time focusing their energy on stalking me. It has been a massive barrage of nonstop, misplaced hate.

Imagine having 30 or so people, each of whom is deeply malicious, each spending plenty of hours each day to create songs and videos, create impersonation accounts, posting lies, using my photos to create lying, mocking, defamatory items, to tweet antisemitic hate tweets, to plan radio shows where the one of the show topics is to spew hate at me. And these "hate elves" are all busy working at this, every day. This seems almost impossible. But this is what was done and I have the evidence to prove it.

ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA: As part of the Rustle League attacks against me, some of the members threatened to put my name on Encyclopedia Dramatica. This is a horrifically obscene, disgusting website that is used by sociopaths to harm their victims. The sociopaths use the site, which I have found out is run by even more twisted sociopaths, to post lies, defamation, false light, and other violations against the victims. All of this is illegal and criminal under many laws, including federal and various state laws. The sociopaths that run Encyclopedia Dramatica refer all complainants to a page that contains shocking, horrific obscene images. That also is illegal, a crime, to post such photos. It is also a crime to post anyone's photo or name on such an obscene site, unless the person gives permission. The entire Encyclopedia Dramatica website is one big crime scene with hundreds of innocent victims. (Don't visit the site. It immediately begins to download malware onto your computer. You'll have to quickly power down to detach the applications and the download. )

Encyclopedia Dramatica is run and used by the most depraved people imaginable, who use it to extort, threaten, coerce, punish, defame, ridicule, humiliate, control, damage the reputations of, demand money from, and severely damage the lives and businesses of the victims. Since the users of Encyclopedia Dramatica are so enmeshed in deep evil, they seem to often choose victims who are their opposites. The victims I know of tend to be smart, nice, good people. It seems to be the dark depravity of those who use and run Encyclopedia Dramatica that "attracts" them to destroy the good that is in others.

My name and a page of vile defamation and cyberharassment was posted onto Encyclopedia Dramatica by the sociopaths from the site. First, two of these psychos contacted me by email, with extortion threats. They then posted their lies and my name and photos on the site, and refused to remove it even though they were told to and also told it is criminal for them to do this. Also, they sent me a very detailed death threat. They also posted defamation elsewhere, made numerous threats, and made money demands. The death threat, extortion, money demands, posting malicious stuff to cyberstalk - these are all crimes.

I have repeatedly contacted Brian Zaiger, who has claimed to be the World Administrator of Encyclopedia Dramatica, and @Ed_Updates, the twitter account connected to Encyclopedia Dramatica, and have very publicly told them they are required to remove my name and all mention of me and all photos of me from their disgusting, obscene website. I have sent them VERY clear legal notices stating they are required to remove all mention of my name, information and photos from their horrifying website. Rather than comply with the law, and with common decency, they mock, belittle the extreme damage, and send armies of more sociopaths and sock puppets to post more defamation, more extreme lies, more of their sick, twisted excuses.

DOXBIN: Doxbin is a criminal site in which criminal perpetrators are allowed to place the personal information of the victims onto the site. The info is also place on tor. The info includes such things as name, address, social security number, bank account numbers, and much more. The purpose is to make the victims vulnerable to theft, identity theft, stalking, rape, and murder. The site promotes and enables serious crimes and terrorism by providing false identity and personal information of real people.

My information was placed on Doxbin by the criminal stalkers of Rustle League. There is a IRC chat log in which they can be seen doing so, and it is clear which Rustle League members are doing what in committing these crimes.

Months later, I was contacted by 2 sociopaths from Doxbin and Encyclopedia Dramatica. They threatened me, extorted me, sent a very detailed death threat, posted defamation in several internet locations, made numerous money demands to remove the defamation, and on and on. They said they were putting my name on a "proscription list" so that more criminals and terrorists would steal my identity and/ or attack me.

UPSHOT: These attackers have harmed me deeply and in ways that will never be repaired. They have stolen nearly two years of my life. They have harmed my health beyond repair. They have harmed several of my legal clients. They have posted hundreds of extremely damaging lies to harm my reputation and dignity for years to come. They have adamantly refused to remove my name and pictures and all the filth they have posted. They have not owned up and given me the names of those whose identities are not yet known to me. There is only one of them who has apologized. The others continue on with mockery, hate, stalking, attacks on my dignity and human rights.

I want people to know that serious racism and antisemitism are on the rise in the US and that it is masquerading as cool, hip, fun.

Keep in mind, these are not people I've had any dealings with. They chose to attack me because they found it fun to attack an innocent victim. They have attacked many others before and since. Encyclopedia Dramatica has a whole roster of hundreds of victims, many harmed far greater than I have been. Doxbin has tens of thousands of victims. Please speak up if you care.

Output lc2N1z.gif Sue Basko

🚽 Lulzy Blog Posts etc 🚽

🚽 Emails 🚽 Encyclopedia Dramatica and Doxbin 🚽 Rustle League, Doxbin, and Encyclopedia Dramatica attacks 🚽 Scoop: Doxbin Arrested 🚽 Twitter 🚽 You Know The Trees 🚽 5 Victims 🚽 Autism Parents are in it for SSI Money 🚽 Predatory Websites 🚽


Sue Basko paints a very polarizing picture of herself as a humanitarian. While she crafts the image of herself as a hero for anyone who feels they're a victim of stalking, copyright violation, or harassment, she takes a very questionable stance toward supportive parents of children with serious mental conditions.

Many parents today want a diagnosis of autism spectrum for their child, not only because there is a great deal of funding allocated for services for those children, as the news article explains, but also because this qualifies the child or family to collect a good SSI payment each month.


—Sue Basko, weighing in on autism.

Basically, Sue believes that parents are actually going out to get autism diagnosis for their kids just so they can reap the government SSI benefits that are paid to these mentally disabled children. Are all these kids pretending to be aspies just so their parents can make an easy living, Sue?

Once she was called out for her atrocious insensitivity and hypocrisy, she proceeded to delete her comment, use her personal Twitter account to defame the woman who called her out on the comment, and insist that the entire thing was made up. Unfortunately for Sue, the woman had taken a screenshot of the disgusting comment before she could remove it.

Sue Basco autism1.jpg

Sue was also called out for this by another person on her Facebook page, and she decided she would attempt to defame the person (who was legitimate and had a genuine concern) by calling them a bully with a fake name attempting to troll her. Sue ended up deleting this comment as well, but not before it was also saved in a screenshot.

Basko autism facebook.jpg

So aside from destroying her image as a good person with compassion for fellow humans, she is now exposing herself as a paranoid drama queen who thinks anyone who opposes her diluted views on life are bullies, fakes, or trolls, and need to be promptly reported to the FBI. If her "facts" are proven false under oath in court, and if by that she becomes unwilling to reveal some of the anonymized people who had it coming to deserve their article on this lulzworthy website would have her sanctioned and disbarred from the legal profession.

Copyright thief

Sue specializes in copyright claims, and has extensive first hand experience in stealing the intellectual property of others. Basko Law™ will work hard to prevent others from stealing your hard work, utilizing the knowledge she has gained from countless years of making minor edits to other people's work and claiming it as her own. The cover photo of her former Twitter account is a perfect example of her work in action.

Sue Basko Twitter Background.jpg

The artwork you're seeing was actually created by Georgia O'Keeffe, artwork that is clearly FOR SALE and is still subject to copyright. But Sue doesn't give a shit, because she's a lawyer and is therefore above copyright law.

Georgia O'Keeffe Series 1 No 1.jpg
Looks familiar, doesn't it? Nice steal, Sue

Sue Basko: Tree Whisperer

Did you know that Sue is an accomplished artist herself? She's the mastermind behind the chart-topping smash hit "You Know The Trees." The song is an epic tale of meeting a well-traveled man who talks to trees and shares their glorious insight with the listener. It would be a shame if we spoiled this masterpiece for you any further, so prepare yourself to experience the greatest song ever made, sang by Basko herself.

#1 best-selling track

If you're like most people and can't understand what the hell Sue is saying in this psychedelic drug-inspired song, FEAR NOT. The lyrics have been transcribed so you, too, can swallow a bag of magic mushrooms and sing along. Don't forget to have a chat with some trees afterward!

Sex Life

It has also long been suspected that Sue is a serial masochist and only acts out online in an attempt to gain sexual gratification from being demeaned by thousands of random, anonymous strangers. As a result, experts theorize that Sue has developed a myriad of sexual fetishes and fantasies that would gain her immediate social ostracization if she were to ever allow these to be made known to the general public. Some of these theories include:

  • Since the estimated age of 14, Sue has had continuous fantasies of being sexually assaulted. This is most likely a result of Sue's need to develop an interest in human sexual relations while at the same time coping with the crippling depression associated with her low self-esteem.
  • Sue Basko often does a poor job of cleaning her anus after defecation as the constant potential of being anally raped encourages her to maintain a dirty anal cavity with the intent of giving "shitdick" to whomever may find themselves inside of her.
  • Sue has been known to hang around various "glory holes" located in the Chicago area.
  • Sue has lost countless marbles, wooden pencil erasers, and other such objects in her body during masturbation.
  • Sue Basko often sneaks into public men's rooms so that she may rub her body against the unwashed toilet seats to gain sexual gratification.
  • Sue has created and distributed several recordings of her engaging in bestiality. These revolving films are too immoral to be linked here, but know that they have been forwarded to American authorities.
  • Sue Basko has volunteered at homeless shelters where she mixed her own pubic hair into the meals served to unknowing homeless men.
  • Sue Basko has been known to use "bath salts" as an aphrodisiac.

Unfortunately for Sue, even the most vile of perverts find her too repugnant to even consider fornicating with.


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated Magna cum Laude and earned my Juris Doctor at Southern Illinois University School of Law, and I’ve been involved in numerous COINTELPRO operations on Occupy and Anonymous, and I have written over 300 cease and desist letters. I am trained in internet lawfare and I’m the top lawyer of the entire Internet. You are nothing to me but just another FBI informant. I will sue your balls to the wall with fabricated evidence the likes of which has never been seen before on Twitter, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying my name over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of autistic script kiddies across the USA and your chat logs are being reported to the FBI right now so you better prepare for the defamation lawsuit, troll. The defamation lawsuit that wipes out the pathetic little website you call Encyclopedia Dramatica. You’re fucking sued, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can sue you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with this Twitter handle. Not only am I extensively trained in media law, but I have access to the entire archive of Twitter and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the Internet, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have locked your Twitter account. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking Basko'd, kiddo.


Basko calls the FBI tip line.

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