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Universal gesture for stupidity.

A state of being that can paradoxically refer to two opposing states:

  1. The state of not being smart, gifted, talented, witty, or dancingdrew.
  2. The state of having just completely destroyed your opponent with logic, talent, or wit.
  3. Or the state of just simply being you.

When somebody says that "NN is teh stupid" they always mean definition #1. However, "stupid" is also most usually the first ad hominem used by someone who has just been completely pwned - which leads us to definition #2.

Stupid people often forget to Scroll up. Don't let this happen to you; always keep your finger on that cute little nubbin on your mouse.

However, it can also be used as a noun as in "Hey, shut up stupid!" But this is only done by euphemismfags.

Learning to differentiate between the two first mentioned is largely a matter of context, and a waste of time.

Causes of Stupid

Evolution at work
d: it's b backwards
As unbelievable as it can seem, some furries are stupid, too.
Keep up the good work, stupid.

Stupid is a neurological disorder, caused either by genetic disease or being dropped on your head one too many times as an infant. There is also strong evidence that you can in fact catch stupid, indicating that there may be a comunicable virus that causes the condition. This virus can only be transmitted through specific media, such as the air at a creation science conference, or the light projected by a computer screen displaying DevianTart or Gaia Online. Because it is rare for someone who isn't already at least mildly stupid to be exposed to such media, no conclusive studies have ever been done.


People afflicted with stupid are reffered to by their scientific classification: "stupids." Once weeded out by natural selection, the advent of many modern safety technologies has prevented the progressive euthenization of stupids for doing stupid shit. Because of this, the percentage of stupids in the population has quadrupled since the advent of industrialization. All of them live in America. Here are a few of the effects of the increase in stupid population:

Stupid Things to Do

  • Be yourself!
  • Covering yourself in vaseline and pretending you're a slug.
  • Be a wigger.
  • Be a hipster.
  • Be a chav.
  • Be a kiss ass at home/school/work/in general.
  • Be a Christian, Muslim or a Jew.
  • Not hating Jews.
  • Not beating up Jews when the opportunity arises.
  • Shoving your beliefs down people's throats.
  • Sharing your beliefs altogether.
  • Reading the bible.
  • Believing the bible.
  • Not wiping your ass with the bible.
  • Sticking your dick in the oven.
  • Sticking your dick in a random glory hole.
  • Sticking your dick in the passed out homeless person near your house.
  • Using a condom.
  • Not using a condom when fucking your family members.
  • Inflating a condom and passing it around in class.
  • Filling a condom with water and passing it around in class.
  • Going to a party and not shitting on the pole table.
  • Going to a party and not shitting in your hand to throw after Jews.
  • Going to a party and not glueing your friends balls and dick together and force him to watch porn.
  • Not shitting in front of a church.
  • Not shitting on a church.
  • Not building a catapult and bombard a church with shit.
  • Not setting shit on fire and totally just shoot a church with a rocket launcher.
  • Trying too hard to be somebody else!
  • Call people by their full name.
  • Argue about politics.
  • Argue about religion.
  • Argue about ethnicity.
  • Argue about sexual orientations.
  • Sticking a screwdriver down your pee hole.
  • Sticking a tooth pick down your pee hole.
  • Sticking a spoon or a fork down your pee hole.
  • Sticking a heated nail down your pee hole.
  • Sticking your fist down your pee hole.
  • Sticking anything down your pee hole.
  • Deleting System32.
  • Watch MTV.
  • Be Russian on the internet and immediately assume everyone on the face of the earth speaks Russian and get mad when no one understands your shitty language.
  • Enjoying rap music verbal diarrhea.
  • Enjoying techno music phonic pollution.
  • MTF (and vice-versa).
  • Having fantasies with your mom.
  • Having fantasies with your dad.
  • Having fantasies with your sister/brother/cousin/nephew/pet.
  • Fucking your cousin(s).
  • Getting fucked by your cousin(s).
  • Doing crystal meth.
  • Selling crystal meth.
  • Cooking crystal meth.
  • All the above.
  • Shitting your pants.
  • Pissing your pants.
  • Vomiting on your pants.
  • Ejaculating in your pants.
  • Shitting, pissing, vomiting or ejaculating on other people's pants.
  • Getting shitfaced after work, arrive home and rape your daughter/son/sister/brother/cousin/nephew/wife/husband/neighbour(s)/pet/mattress.
  • Be emo, especially if you're a rich white kid from the suburbs.
  • Masturbate to hentai porn.
  • Shoving objects up your rectum.
  • Shoving animals (dead or alive) up your rectum.
  • Shoving anything up your rectum.
  • Paying for porn.
  • Paying for music, movies, video games.
  • Paying for sex.
  • Paying an elderly Chinese lady to repeatedly fart on your face while you fantasise her being your adoptive mother.
  • Buying Apple products.
  • Using Apple products.
  • Working at/for Apple.
  • Go to the women's dressing room in Macy's and try on women's clothing.
  • Give to charity.
  • Have gay sex.
  • Getting fucked in the ass by a tranny.
  • Getting fucked in the ass by your dad.
  • Spy on your parents fucking each other in the ass.
  • Use a hidden camera to spy on your parents/grandparents bedroom, maybe ass sex will happen.
  • Silently farting inside an elevator when there's only one other person with you.
  • Getting fucked in the ass by the mail man.
  • Film how the mail man is fucking your mom in the ass, then upload the tapes on the internet.
  • Getting fucked in the ass by your mom, with a strap-on.
  • Take things srsly.
  • Call a department store and tell them there's a bomb in one of the toilets.
  • Make a DevianTart account.
  • Beastiality.
  • Not doing it for the lulz.
  • Drink cough medicine by the bottle.
  • Be unfunny.
  • Reading while moving your lips.
  • Using 4chan.
  • Using MySpace.
  • Using FaceBook or having a FaceBook account.
  • Be a feminist.
  • Listen to feminists.
  • Argue with feminists.
  • Not killing feminists on sight.
  • Beating your woman for no reason.
  • Not beating your woman when you have a reason.
  • Be a basement-dweller, especially if you have over 100 kg.
  • Playing MMORPGS.
  • Believing that you're "the best" at anything, then cry and moan when someone better than you emerges.
  • Be a patriot.
  • Be American.
  • Going to America.
  • Living in America.
  • Living in New York.
  • Be English.
  • Sticking an octopus in your ass or pussy.
  • Sticking an octopus in someone else.
  • Fletching.
  • Praying.
  • Walking naked around your town.
  • Masturbating in public, while walking naked around your town.
  • Cutting off your balls on film.
  • Misspell your name.
  • Shit blood.
  • Piss blood.
  • Vomit blood.
  • Cough blood.
  • Fart blood.
  • Cum blood.
  • Cry blood.
  • Sweat blood.
  • All the above at the same time.
  • Using sandpaper to wipe your ass.
  • Using sandpaper to jack off.
  • Using sandpaper to scratch the rash on your crouch.
  • Not fucking the nanny if hot.
  • If nanny, not robbing the suckers you're working for.
  • Paying taxes.
  • Eating vomit/shit/piss/cum/blood/sweat/fingernails/toenails/dead skin/foreskin/fast food.
  • Licking feet/assholes/armpits/nose ducts/ear holes.
  • Sucking feet/assholes/armpits/nose ducts/ear holes.
  • Stealing a giraffe.
  • Trying to ride the giraffe... or fuck it.
  • Eating the giraffe.
  • Losing the giraffe.
  • Realize the giraffe you stole, is actually just a really tall ugly mute with severe mental retardation.
  • Going to England.
  • Living in England.
  • Having an English wife. (they're batshit ugly).
  • Believe anything your government tells you.
  • Believe anything your TV tells you.
  • Believe the church.
  • Believe the Pope.
  • Believe anything anyone tells you without questioning nothing.
  • Watch anime.
  • Try and Hypnotize people THROUGH THE INTARWEBS.
  • Work for BP.
  • Being over 30 years old and still working at McDonald's.
  • Being over 30 years old and still living of your parents.
  • Being over 30 years old without the knowledge of how the sun feels on the human skin.
  • Being over 30 years old without the knowledge of how shampoo feels on the human skin.
  • Being over 30 years old and a virgin.
  • Drinking Mountain Dew.
  • Zipping your fly and getting your dick/balls/pubes/clitoris caught.
  • Wearing your grandmother's bra.
  • Wearing your ripped underwear in public.
  • Wearing your underwear on top of your pants.
  • Collecting your farts in a jar, shoebox or any other container.
  • Chopping wood and accidentally cutting your dick off.
  • Setting your farts on fire and uploading it on YouTube.
  • Burning books.
  • Failing elementary school.
  • Aimlessly correct grammar mistakes on the internet for no real reason other than the fact that you're an attention seeking whore.
  • Aimlessly interrupt complete strangers on the street to correct their statements.
  • Live the rest of your life like the consumer parasite and waste of human resource you are.
  • Be adopted.
  • Play DotA.
  • Play LoL.
  • Play HoN
  • Play DotA 2.
  • Play Smite.
  • Playing StarCraft against an Asian.
  • Playing any video game against an Asian.
  • Playing any video game with a Russian.
  • Force your personal opinions upon anyone anywhere for no real reason other than the fact that no one gave a shit about your existence throughout your life, and you're an attention seeking whore.
  • Not using periods.
  • Letting Dogs lick your lips.
  • Reading a list of things that are considered stupid.

One Example

Stupid People

The cure to stupidity.
Typical face of a stupid woman.

See Also

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