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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Stormy, aka Lj-favicon.png destructively / Lj-favicon.png vocaloids / Lj-favicon.png minoctis / Lj-favicon.png repurika / Lj-favicon.png idiocracy / Lj-favicon.png abscond / Lj-favicon.png alternian / Lj-favicon.png lambdadelta on the Eljay world, is a notorious weeaboo who is known for causing all sorts of retarded bullshit in both IRL and the internet. When he's not trying to rape the womens over the intarwebz, he's sexually harrassing females of his own species at conventions and/or causing some bullshit drama in LiveJournal roleplays. Known to be an open homophobe, rape-obsessed fuckface with a tiny dick, sexist cum wad, and the works. If you catch this bastard, report him to the local authorities ASAP. His real name is Troy, and he is currently going by the name 'Mino'. Be on the lookout.

Recent Activity

As justice was being served at the Lj-favicon.png rp_anon_meme not too far in the past, exhibit faggot on the right decided to jump in on a thread about him. He made a speech of butthurt, directed at "fandom". Apparently rethinking his fucked up logic, he has at present deleted this. (After, of course, "LEAVING LJ FOREVERRRR!!!") Naturally, however, the post has been capped for your viewing pleasure. Sorry Stormy, CTRL + ALT + DEL can't work for you now.

And he wonders why he's getting defriended? Sry2say you are a loser, boi. Of course, his remedy to happiness is chocolate milk and root beer.

Be wary, though, he likes to make up personas to win you back! He'll contact you about "things he's heard about you" and so on. Just to try and dupe you into re-adding him, no matter how clear you made it to him you are more than disinterested in friendship. Don't be fooled into trusting him because of his massive friends list. Any mutual friends you have probably don't know who he is since he likes to stalk friending memes for fresh blood under his numerous alternate personas. Seriously, don't hesitate to tell them that he is indeed the Stormy.

Some of his friends still love him, apparently, as evidenced by the crying done over this ED article here.

He has recently taken to Bawwing over people not liking him on Ell Jay. This has been met with a resounding WHO THE FUCK CARES by his friends list. Of course, he instantly screens any comments that give him actual advice. You can't be an emo attention whoring faggot with advice!


History (A Faggot's Tale)

Stormy likes to befriend people (mostly girls, because that's how creepers work). He'll get you no matter how you behave (pleasant, casual, whatever). Then he starts to make you uncomfortable on IM, but you figure "Oh, it's a guy thing, eh?" But then, he starts to flirt more blatantly, giving you the creeps. You block him, he throws a shitfit, and turns in to a weepy cock to win you back. You may or may not give him a second chance, which he'll blow anyway. Usually this occurs as he flounces off/on livejournal with a dramatic flair of faggotry.

It's not until you hear the stories that you start to think, "Wow. This guy is fucking CREEPY."

Stormy has physically stalked at least two people, will gladly meet you at a con if you're female, but will expect you to immediately go suck his dick. If you decline, which you very well should, he will proceed to follow you like a lost puppy and cry. A lot. If you are, for some reason, meeting Stormy at a con, bring male friends with you. They scare him. As far as people he has stalked on livejournal, well, who even knows. He does have a habit of telling friends (how does he have friends?) that the people who remove him "can't live without him". If you are female and give him your screen name, you will receive over 9000 requests to RP with him. Why, you ask? So he can internet fist you.

Also, prepare to be deluged by requests for things from him, typically in the form of "Will you buy me a paid account?"


Who makes hair out of tinsel? Only a douchebag, my friend.

He likes to be a creepy motherfucker and switch them, but his changes are always evident and usually don't last long. He started as link=http://cursed cursed gamer, moved to Lj-favicon.png megafighter (the account he was originally banned from Lj-favicon.png dramadramaduck on) before migrating to Lj-favicon.png destructively. Shit began to follow, and so he escaped to Lj-favicon.png vocaloids. The catch? He took on the guise of a female. Chances are high he will move again, and eyes of a thousand anonymous will be waiting. Not really. He's not fucking worth that much. Although, if you tell him that anonymous is after him, he'll shit bricks.

Lj-favicon.png keysaga was a journal he had planned to let blossom into a female gamer named Alaska; as an experiment to see how people would view him in a female persona. To our knowledge? It never came to fruition and he deleted it. (It is sadly a purged name now.)

Most recently, he was RPing at Lj-favicon.png amatomnes where he had listed his LJ has Lj-favicon.png powerofkings, claiming to be a girl who likes to rub her boobs in men's faces. But then he flamed the HMD post, and got his sorry ass banned.

The jackass has decided to move on to the world of inksome and fuck up the only roleplay there, wastelands. The fgt's going with the username seraphim and pretending to be called Len. Poor inksome never knew what hit 'em.

He is now currently stalking people on his new LiveJournal Lj-favicon.png minoctis. BEWARE!

Now he has deleted Lj-favicon.png minoctis and moved to stalking people on Lj-favicon.png repurika. It looks like he's on the hunt for new "friends", too.

NEWSFLASH: Stormy has apparently deleted Lj-favicon.png repurika and moved over to Lj-favicon.png idiocracy. He just doesn't give up.

NEWSFLASH MARK II: Stormy has been sighted on the social networking site Plurk under the username fuminori.

NEWSFLASH MARK III: Stormy has moved over to Lj-favicon.png abscond, lolologists predict wankstorms and heavy bawwwwers once the girls he befriended realize his identity.

NEWSFLASH MARK IV: Stormy is going by 'Shooter' now. He has been sighted attempting to reserve at new games under the journal Lj-favicon.png lambdadelta. Also his most recent Plurk username is deathnotes, showing his undying love for Light Yagami.

NEWSFLASH MARK V: Since the massive LJ RP exodus to Dreamwidth, he's picked up a few new names to befriend people as: aeon, unverse, dreamspace, and reachoutandtouchhate.


  • Misuse of animals, molestation, rape & kicking old ladies. Oh and guilty of being butt fucking ugly.
  • Attempt to tell people that the way they roleplay their own characters is completely incorrect because it doesn't benefit his characters in any way.
  • Constant begging for attention.
  • Attempts to talk players of big-busted women into rape logs. Occasionally these characters are underaged--but almost always, the players themselves are underaged.
  • Strip poker logs.
  • Likewise, if the player is not underaged and actually knows how sex works (i.e., playing hard-to-get as foreplay) he will cry femnazism. Then criticizes. See bullet #2.
  • Asshattery.
  • Lying on BRPS and then lying more when called on his bullshit. BALEETED.
  • Contribution to the faggots that attempt to roleplay Light Yagami from Death Note.
  • Attempting to play, without irony, the monster from Cloverfield.
  • Pretending to be other people to dupe those who have defriended him into adding him again.
  • Selling child porn

Epic Moments of Fail

GrimDiviner (4:34:35 PM): .....Ohgod, no, no please.

GrimDiviner (4:34:58 PM): No no no no no no GrimDiviner (4:35:52 PM): No I'm serious please do not set 4chan on me, I do not want this.


—Stormy, pissing his pants in fear


Stormy is often known to frequent conventions in the Greater Toronto Area. If you see this troll coming, run away as fast as your legs will take you. If you are female, any contact will be spent with him staring at your boobs and eventually sexually harassing you. If you are male then he will be freaked the fuck out. Whatever gender you are, he will always ask for money. Cons he has been spotted at are listed as follows:

  • Anime North
  • Fanexpo
  • DTAC
  • MTAC

Any cosplay he does will be an instant fail. You can't look that troll-like and expect to pass off as anything other than a troll. If you must approach him, be sure to have an exit strategy prepared beforehand, and a good capacity for verbal vomit. More than half of your brain is expected to melt out of your ears after any given conversation. Please note that he thinks that he is funny, sensitive, and kind. Not bad for a selfish, arrogant, dumbfuck creeper. Post all results of conversations here for epic lulz.

Roleplays he's banned from

In this section, please state RPGs he's been banned from (elaborate explanations are highly encouraged).

  • Lj-favicon.png amatomnes
    • Apparently being a douche/flaming in a crit meme. Played Haruhi Suzumiya (Lj-favicon.png anewgoddess) and Ashelia B'Nargin Dalmasca (Lj-favicon.png skirtchased), claiming his OOC journal is Lj-favicon.png powerofkings. Explanation provided here. Also recently uncovered as the player of Fuminori Sakisaka (Lj-favicon.png agnosiating).
  • Lj-favicon.png caketown_high
  • Lj-favicon.png campfuckudie
  • Lj-favicon.png capeandcowl
    • In their End-September HMD, he: criticized icon-quality, cried butthurt, and pretty much called someone out on not playing their character with his (which resulted in that player dropping immediately after), meanwhile not having an HMD up of his own, and spreading passive-agressiveness all over the place. Quickly banned after this secret on Lj-favicon.png roleplaysecrets
  • Lj-favicon.png cpslk_drssngrm
  • Lj-favicon.png dramadramaduck
    • Attempted to initiate sexual logs with every female character in the game (especially Yunalesca), couldn't play worth shit, and was just a huge butthurt little baby. He tried to change his name and re-apply, but the mods found him out. Now he just makes up really obvious troll journals and joins the OOC comm to cry about how the place is ~*so awful*~ now.
  • Lj-favicon.png i_s_l_a_n_d_rp
  • Lj-favicon.png kingdom_crack
  • Lj-favicon.png paradisa
  • Lj-favicon.png rivelata
    • Banned after spamming the OOC community as a response to one of his friends being banned for harassing other players and spouting racial slurs like black person. Harassed moderators and players in the game via IM, trying to get them to leave the game. Poorly defended himself on Lj-favicon.png roleplaysecrets.
  • Wasteland
    • He played Euphemia (loveandpeace), Pandora (asich_ergalion), Yuffie (materia), Haruhi (haruhiism) and Aigis (palladion). He was banned, not because he is Stormy as many of the bitches there like to claim, but because he carried on being a douche with players and mods, causing drama when things didn't go his way. Mods should learn not to give faggots like this a second chance.
  • Lj-favicon.png apocrypha_rp
    • He played Cierra (overskilling) until he backtalked the admin of the comm while trying to weasel his way out of a godmodding punishment. She permabanned him forthwith.
  • Lj-favicon.png microcosm_rp
    • Apped under a sock journal and made some players uncomfortable. "Typical Stormy creeper behavior." You would think he'd learn by now.

Roleplays he's attempted to mod

With disastrous results! Any and all RPs he currently mods/used to mod are welcome here.

Roleplays he's going to terrorize

Silly mods, don't you ever learn?

The Dreamwidth Exodus

Stormy has been spotted in two different Dreamwidth games, ever since the migration from RuskieJournal. More information will be posted here when it becomes available. WE'RE WATCHING YOU, FAGGOT.

AIM screennames to spam the fuck out of

List of the fag's AIM screennames. Feel free to add onto the list as a warning to others.

  • actionantihero
  • aerithtouchesme
  • antiforming
  • castlecrashing
  • cetrabee
  • dawnshards
  • detectiveprince
  • doomedgundam
  • dynastqueen
  • evoked persona
  • exbursts
  • GrimDiviner
  • lelouch vie brit
  • Lvl12Captain
  • not a repurika
  • SongsofSaya
  • stormy inc
  • overdrive skill
  • Yufforia
  • mamudoon

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