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Now used for terrorist meetings
Sui-chan wishes to be the first an hero to come out of stickam, making her a typical user. Of course, she faked it. Talk about attention whore.
This is what happens when you mix /b/tards, IRC, and Stickam.

Stickam(aka Shitam) is truly the Holy Grail of camwhore websites, that is, if you are a 12chan member. The site consists of tweens claiming to be 16 year old girls on parade for 30 year old SIFs claiming to be 13 year old boys.

That being said, much fapping is to be had at the expense of these camwhores, and once you have wiped or swallowed your ejaculate up, you can troll these people for the rest of the day and produce LULZ for the internets community. Also of notable mention is that at least ninety nine percent of Stickam members see themselves as an Internet Celebrity, because some fapper said: "omg let me see ur body, u could, liek, ttly, b a model". The fact that most of these "models" have faces like day shift titty dancers seems to have no impact upon this.

PROTIP: Stickam is named first from the 'sticky' keyboards caused by these shared fap sessions, and the second word is a bastardization of the word "camera" (see Urban Dictionary).

Things You Can Expect On Stickam

  • A name that has The Black Parade somewhere in it.
  • A name with at least 100 x's in it.
  • Douchebags with no shirts on calling asians "chinks"
  • Some bitch playing H.I.M. or some other emo on her webcam that is on such high volume.
  • An emo camwhore who has at least 100 pictures of herself telling a troll to get a life.
  • Lolzicon_Prime saying "white power" and "kill all jews" in the Gay God chatroom.
  • Someone saying in a response to "Let me see ur tits."
  • A bisexual who if you call her a attention whore she will reply ITS ABOUT LOVE NOT SEX!
  • Jujubomb doing god knows what, most likely inserting things into her vagina.
  • Skuee breathing heavily into his mic, spraying his shitty webcam with Axe bodyspray, and playing with his psi wheel.
  • The Stickam Fight Room where a bunch of retards fail at being internet tough guys.
  • Shirtless, pale, skinny, horribly out of shape, non muscular 17 year old teen with awkward piercings on his chest that look like metallic nipples. Goes on and on about his problems and what girl said what about who's penis being too small. A required trait being having really girly skater hair that covers his ugly face. Guitar optional.
  • Gay admins that ban you for no reason
  • It will have some long shit no one cares about, until tits are shown. Which is the reason why people to come to group chat.
  • Smugfag. (Who else?)

Tips for the First Time Stickam User

  • Men: Chatting without a shirt on is a secret stickam signal for "i am gay but ssshhh don't tell others"
  • A request for "shoe on head" is commonplace and is typically used by newbs to determine whether a person is real or not
  • Men: showing feet invites SNIFFIN SOCKS to rape you
  • If you hear the words or tune of 'one of these things is not like the other' then it means there is a tranny in the room
  • Women: showing elbow will get you screencapped for later pornographic use
  • Chatroom names that denote hot chicks are showing their tits are actually full of gay men, and no women will be found there
  • If you receive a PM it means that person wants to e-rape you
  • People who say they will do anything on cam for you, actually don't mean it and will often discontinue the conversation after you request they slash wrists :(
  • Don't dock Queen Bitch (see below), she may show udders or her vagine... repeatedly. DONT DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR OWN SEXUALITY JUST SAY NO.

Heroes of Stickam

Typical Stickam user.
Never tolerate abuse on Stickam. Strike back at ALL COSTS.
Oh Hai I can protect you from internet perverts!


  • Chronic_Masturbator is a Police officer that has been in many rooms recently attempting to start inappropriate conversations. His webcam is a loop posing as a live cam. Chronic_Masturbator , can be found in online cams of the younger females and in their friends lists. If you folow him from room to room, you will see the same cam loop in each of the rooms.
  • BeeHive has been seen more recently on stickam, stapling his penis, coloring it, and dancing to songs such as the YMCA or Macho Man, while purposely invading rooms with lolis. EPIC FAIL. Very unattractive cock. Females from the interbutts always laugh their asses off when this man shows his genitals. This fail's cock is always flaccid, which have lead to theories ranging from Erectile dysfunction to having a Prosthetic Penis.
  • Zack and Sierra The story of Zack and Sierra is one full of shit, fail, but fortunately, and most importantly... lulz. Both met each other on some garbage MMORPG no one has heard of and formulated an online relationship. Like most successful e-couples, the two joined each other in almost daily midnight cutting sessions over suspicions of cheating, and both, despite being young, are definitely moving together eventually to get married and start a family.
  • Christianhillbilly is a psychotic neoconservative fatfuck born-again redneck that trolls Stickam daily. CHB is looking for homosexuals to convert and spread his message of creationism in order to save the masses. He compares homosexuality to gambling, alcoholism, and bestiality. On Stickam CHB refers to everyone as "brother", and explains his lifestyle choices such as preventing his children from listening to the band Queen and the musician David Bowie under any condition. CHB actually believes he is a Christian and openly cites the KKK, and Ted Haggard as one of his sources for a blockade on Gay Marriage. In conclusion, he claims to have many gay friends and appears to be a satanic bear from hell. Proceed with the highest levels of caution!
  • IFF9000 (<-- click fer pix) and to a lesser extent Dutch_Masters, sometime around 9:00 PM LCT, while surfing for targets on stickam to troll a enterprising EDiot came across the users Dutch_Masters and proceeded to attempt to troll them, unfortunately, said users were totally shitfaced and passing the bong around every half hour. But then the party van arrived from 4chan, and a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask appeared, what followed was one of the messiest and cum-filled circle jerks in the history of the internets. Over the course of the night iff went over the full range of genital tricks, doing the goat, the turkey, the bat, the brain, and the hamburger, and even a mild goatse. IFF has been around raiding loli butthole for quite some time, but has gained little popularity. (Not like he wants it, he just wants small flaccid cock.)
  • Jesus-chan is a btard that rose from the depths of the interweb to save /b/. He received over 9000 internets by convincing his girl Rainbow-chan to do him in a few Stickam shows. He accomplished getting /b/ successfully laid. He delivered sharpie in the pooper. These were announced on /b/ beforehand. He comes in a time when /b/ is being purged of cancer, to give hope to his believers. Hallelujah!
  • Tao aka Luca is a wannabe racist skin head balding vegan from Italy that cries about how awesome (JEWSA)America n (JEWK)UK are compared to his shitty pizza box Mario Land home. He believes in any form of third party propaganda against jews and America found on the internet. Not only does this sad goomba believed he is a pure ayran fagwad with his brown nigger nipples and penis, but he also has a foot fetish which he claims is normal for every male to have. He is a true romantic by asking under aged girls and boys to show their feet so he can wipe out his "whitezilla" and make sperm. If they refuse his demands, he will be butt hurt by the 6th degree as he starts insulting how stupid these chicken heads are needing mental health.

Best of the best!

  • lucarelli aka lucas custer ,verminelli is a 35+ year old ugly pedo man that jumps from room to room as the worst epic fail loser trying to make friends with all the girls he can to,inevitably try get em naked so he can record fap this naive girls , and put a fake penis on their head if he gets raged rejected for log time this idiot has been doing it ,his favorite targets are under age girls . His most infamous video has been the Sock_Puppet video where you can hear him demanding the drunk girl to remove her clothing or he will destroy her ,abusing the fact she was drunk and under ecstasy influence .He got raged of the Internets by Tao that in defense of the poor girl exposed all his private info over stickam and rang him in the middle of the night scaring the shit out of this vermin!
  • the assman on the eve of august 17th, a man appeared in ED: irc offering to shove a wiffle ball bat in his rectum in return for the tits of User:K-hate, not believing him, he was dragged onto stickam, and, live shoved a bat in his ass for absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing, we did after all get plenty of lulz and a video. (click the link to get the video)
  • anonepicfailguy, a lulzy sick fuck who goes around taking a shit on his hand while Rickrollng his audience. Also gets banned from time to time because the users can't handle the fact that he loves goatse.
  • <jessica> a 23 year old meth addict who likes to pretends she's jail bait. At first she started telling everyone she was 17, now she tells people she is 15. She will show you tits in Live but then cry on the phone to her friends about it laters. She is usually found in the @[email protected] or similarly @-named rooms. She lives with her parents and does not work or study or do anything irl so she is on Stickam all the time and only leaves her computer to get moar drugs. Despite regularly snorting and freebasing drugs on cam, she has gained significant weight in the last 3 months. It is at first hard to troll Jessica because she truly believes that she is a /b/tard herself. She in fact, peruses 7chan, finds pictures that she believes to be funny, and loves vagina. Jessica eats puppies and plays with her abnormally large clit while looking at baldfag Dennis' face. Jessica is drunk 99% of the time, and on drugs the other 1 percent. Once asked, she couldn't even complete the task of counting to 11. This may be because instead of going to school, her dad made her stay home and touch him.
  • Drealgrin a dork whom prudish women and teases avoid like the plague. He is known for whipping out his genitals in an erect state but it looks like it's still flaccid. He recently pierced his junk, while this does add to making it shiny and interesting it is an obvious attempt at a ploy to get women to agree to view his flaccidity. Drealgrin is also well-known for his creative ways of beating other chatters into a pulp of rejected self-esteem. As with most chatvillans, those who hate Drealgrin are those who do not understand him (or those who are closet homosexuals). Drealgrin is the one true author of the famous quote: "My nipple hairs are pointing down, that means the gladiator shall execute you."
  • kengisotaa Kengisotaa or as his girlfriend xjerseyx likes to call him Kengi.Is a wigger from New York who thinks he is such a bad ass.When realistically He's just a stickam internet tough guy who likes to hide behind his keyboard and praise on his girlfriend Breanana. But in all honesty he's just a bodyguard for Bree. That's why people are kicked from Bree's room a lot even if they say one word to Bree they're gone. Seems like major butthurt for some of the perverts in her room.You can usually find him in xjerseysx room,if you do see him tell him his internets will be surrounded and that he equals major fail. The above picture is Kengi right before he goes back to prison major lolz.
  • Travis Travis is the epitome of faggotry. He absolutely refuses to leave !!THE LOUNGE!! even though everyone in there pretty much thinks he's the poohbah douchebag. You can try to rage him and he WILL be raged, but be cautious of the fact that his retorts normally make no sense at all. Sometimes, your rage-urge will be lost because he normally takes 15+ minutes to think of something mildly clever to say back to you. This guy lives with his decrepit grandma. He likes to go in there and roll around naked sucking on her saggy ass tits that hang below her waist. He's mildly interested in getting his wiener penis gummed by her all night. When he leaves the room, people joke about him endlessly. Travis tries to fit in all the time. He thinks that by being around the cool people, he'll be cool. Clearly, this faggot thinks he is famous on stickam and youtube will make him topdog. Travis has a tendency to make crying videos and whip out his penis when he's drunk and flying high off a bowl of weed. Stick around and you'll see his naked mole rat. He needs to be taught a lesson in humility. Kudos for anyone who tries. Beware, this guy will make you want to shoot yourself in the eye.
  • EMPº Emperor Dominar This one is a real nasty. He is the runner of the Gay & Bi chatroom on Stickam. He's impolite and quite frankly not very attractive. He was the first on Stickam to start a group to moderate his rooms. What a faggot. Because the internet is serious business. He and his lame fag friends make a huge ordeal about joining his "Empire" and consistently makes terrible jokes about things nobody cares about. One of the reasons he keeps his chat going is because he loves his underage fags.
  • Queen Bitch This pile of udders is really one of a kind. She claims her husband kicked her in the mouth and that is the reason why she has no teeth. People have only seen her ONE DAUGHTER on cam before (including several times in the background while Queen Bitch was showing her tits on cam). Her child is probably from an incestuous relationship and it is believed she has at least one other child fathered by a different family member. She claims to be stickam's number one bitch, but in reality, she isn't. Travis (see above) even makes more sense then Queen Bitch does. When she can't win an e-fight, she will repeat the same thing over and over and over. If you ever find Travis and Queen Bitch in the same room, flame them immediately or your sanity might be in jeopardy. Queen Bitch once upon a time showed a whole chatroom (namely @[email protected]) her gaping hole, also known as her vagina. The whole room of people have been scarred for life and will never forget it. How unfortunate for them. God bless their poor souls.
  • John Hock Mr. Jonathan Hock is a well known proclaimed "E-Celeb". He got Amor Hilton pregnant & appeared on Stickydrama because of him being a statutory rapist, n00dz getting out, his 12-year-old scene slut fanbase, and plenty of that shit. No matter how many times Her Royal Highness's accounts have been deleted, she always finds ways to come back. Tsk Tsk. He likes to spend most of his time getting C0k3d uP & looking for an underage v4g to pound, oh yeah, not to mention a place other than a shit filled alley to sleep. Letting John live in your house will put a giant risk on your infant daughter's virginity, as well as your electrical bills due to his constant use and utter obsession with the intarwebz. You can catch this cum dumpster flashing his p33n, touching himself, or just spreading his AIDS to random girls he swaps spit with in his live. What a winner. He was arrested in June of 2009 for raping a girl on stickam and is currently awaiting trial.
  • ▄█▀ █▄ █▄█ ▀█▀ This bag o shit is completely obsessed with stickam. He usually lurks in the room ~MVP_INSULTS~ 18+ ALL FREAKIN DAY. If being online all the time at home isn't enough he will sit online while at work and try to act cool. Be forewarned he will try to e-rape you over his cam dock with his tiny piggy in the blanket penis. If you hurt his feelings he will kick you from the room and cry about it for hours definitely the best to rage!!!! especially if his "significant other" who is most definitely his sister.
  • †ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ† aka Militia Is a mid 20's virgin who shows his peen once a day on cam. This paranoid fuck collects guns and ammunition just in case the zombies come to his place. He does not get a clue that he is the most retarded fuck on the internets. He also gets off on thumping his 10 bibles and giving out his personal information to everyone on the site. This douchebag also has his computer in his kitchen and buries his head in nigger southern food that his mommy makes for him. WARNING: if you try to rage him you will want to shoot yourself in the eye b/c of how retarded he is and how much he runs his mouth and cries about anything and everything. UPDATE - Police have showed up to his house to serve a warrant for threatening people over stickam.
  • mvp_♥April♥_co.fdr Is a fatass psychopath who stays on Stickam all day long instead of feeding and taking care of her kids. She is the host of ~MVP_INSULTS~ 18+, where many people, including some of the moderators, love to make fun of her. She loves to call the cops on her old friend "Connie" for ridiculous reasons such as calling April a bad mother on her Yahoo status. You can milk the Lulz from her saggy tits by telling her how much of a bad mother she really is, or by exposing pictures of her gigantic thighs. In 2011 she was named the "Casey Anthony of stickam".
  • alex aka VIP Ultra Beast is a fuck up that lives in [[New Jersey]] and constantly is recording the [[stickam]] chat room ~MVP_INSULTS~ 18+ waiting for "[[money footage]]" which is also mvp_♥April♥_co.fdr's room. He has also admitted to being a [[pedo]] and fucking [[12 year old girls]] ''see picture below'' multiple times. You can catch him in ~MVP_INSULTS~ 18+ talking about bullshit for 24/7. Not only does he hang out with the high school crowd, his best friend is named computer dude. According to one of our [[4chan]] sources he lives on $150 a month and buys shit vodka with all of it. This could be the biggest pile of [[fail]] we at [[encyclopedia dramatica]] we have ever seen in a [[chat room]] period. Alex is also going to be featured on [[intervention]] according to a [[youtube]] video where he talks about [[std's]] and his [[tiny balloon dick]]. Him being on this [[shitlist]] makes his life complete.
  • Jeet Singh aka $$~GT~the~DON~$$ is a dot head that lives in 7-11 and constantly on stickam trying to impress girls but every attempt is a fail. He can't speak for shit because he pronounces his w's as v's and his v's as w's Las Wegus Vieghts. This fuck tard is literally mentally handy-caped as he got egofucked by a girl on a phone call saying he would show up at her door with a .44 and blow her brain out if she talked shit about him. Talk about a nutcase. Another funny fact is he will never show his face because hes a ugly fuck and those who have seen his face have gone blind from the confusion of what a face is suppose to look like. GT also is on several medications because of depression and bipolar. Consider yourself lucky to hear him rap because its funnier then a boxxy remix.
  • ""GT the DON: foxxy i wanna lick your asshole""
  • ""GT the DON: foxxy i wanna eat fish off your naked body""
  • ""GT the DON: foxxy i wanna eat octupuss out of your puss""
  • mvp_tae5068 is an independent college student with a life.
  • MUD aka alejandro is a Brazilian pedophile that constantly is in the fight room MVP_INSULTS~ 18+ eating on cam and leaving his mic open so everyone can hear him. When hes not eating hes searching for girls that are under age in stickam live rooms with a toy puppet to try to gain their trust to eventually have phone/cam sex.
  • MVP_נ¢_νℓ∂я Is another "fight crew" tough guy. This guy does not know when to shut up and trying to have a normal conversation with him you will want to shoot yourself in the face. You can easily Milk the LULZ from him by call his number at 1-201-876-1101. Make sure to ask for Andy and that you want your happy sack cleaned. He gives discounts to guidos like himself.
  • [1] LillyBash Is a ugly fat cunt from australia that comes in the insult trolling for dick. Her voice makes you want to grab a fucking pistol and blow your head off, she never shows herself on cam cause the running fat sweat and layers of make-up she puts on to get E-dick and is always beat red as hell cause shes 5 pounds away from death
  • [2] Ruske_KFC a low life peace of shit that mainly has nothing to do except wear hats he finds laying around his mothers house backwards. When he is not busy targeting randoms he likes to brag about his microphone he bought with a $50 Best Buy Gift Card his grandma bought for Christmas in 2007. Most people just let him around because he is a dumb nigger wanna-be that can really create some mediocre white noise.
  • [3] WUO_Andy is a Fat Bipolar Screaming Blimp that suffers from Delutions of Grandeur and is the Founding Leader of a Failed MVP Wannabe Crew call the WUO. He also believes hes gonna be married to LillyBash and uses a shake weight loss some of his floppy fat arms and learn how to beat someone off so that person could stay in WUO. The WUO is a white skinned based crew but so far they only hired a few mexicans. Andy is currently jobless so has alot of time on his hands be the laughing stock of Stickam. If you ever encounter Andy in person, feel free to pummel him and spit on him and I assure you he wont fight back.Might also be bi sexual an in to Men We Dont know Yet
  • Tao aka Luca is a wannabe racist skin head balding vegan from Italy that cries about how awesome (JEWSA)America n (JEWK)UK are compared to his shitty pizza box Mario Land home. He believes in any form of third party propaganda against jews and America found on the internet. Not only does this sad goomba believed he is a pure ayran fagwad with his brown nigger nipples and penis, but he also has a foot fetish which he claims is normal for every male to have. He is a true romantic by asking under aged girls and boys to show their feet so he can wipe out his "whitezilla" and make sperm. If they refuse his demands, he will be butt hurt by the 6th degree as he starts insulting how stupid these chicken heads are needing mental health.
  • django also known as Matt is a ripped kiwi with piercing blue eyes who will make it known he is from New Zealand. He runs the internet with his Stickam chats and skype calls but really he’s a scholar and a artist. He’s owns multiple penthouses around the world and has amazing hygiene. He mentors people over the net where he spends part of his wealth on the worlds finest wines. He also is known to attact beautiful girls and tries to help them. Mature women also go crazy for him. He never gets on cam because he’s humble about his superior looks as he looks like a cross between Russell Crowe and Sean Connery


  • ✡✡Victor Frankenstein✡✡ is a Jewish camwhore loli who was the girlfriend of Rucka Rucka Ali and frequented MVP~INSULTS~18+ to do nothing but be a stupid slut and smoke bowls. In August 2010 it was confirmed that she was made preggers by Stickam roommate "Opternaut" (a fan of naruto) after having sex in his shithole apartment, and planned to have an abortion to earn back MUD aka alejandro's love when she finally decides to return to Stickam. Troll her by showing the multitude of n00dz the room possesses of her.
  • Roush2112 goes around showing vagine to unsuspecting Stickam users for the rape. Possibly the only actual pure fag on Stickam. Also a retard. Fruity McGayGay Cockmongling Bitch Tits Homo. Donates semen to your shampoo bottle. His mother murdered herself after catching him trying to finger her in her sleep. To bad she didn't do it until after he was born.
  • typ0 is an ex-myg0t who does nothing but rage people on stickam 24/7. He is particularly famous for being the most annoying person to have ever used the stickam chatrooms. He is usually found in the alcohol/420 chatroom.
  • Exonerated is a sociopathic bitch who enjoys public displays of humiliation. Her latest acts of degradation include choosing "tits" when asked to choose between "TITS OR GTFO", pissing in a cup and drinking it, and sticking a hot dog all the way up her pu55y. Her high-brow and subtly nuanced vaudevillian antics have earned her a place in the heart of /b/tards. Speculation has already come forth as to her next action. Will she sacrifice a cat and eat its corpse? Will she cut off one of her breasts? Just be ready to take screencaps when she goes live.
  • Sui-chan is a different breed of attention whore, and a fatter one, too. She's claimed that on Saturday, August 19th, she will kill herself through ritualistic Seppuku. When her chat session was flooded by kindly 4chan users trying to goad her into killing herself immediately, she threatened to cast spells on them and their websites. She went on to explain how they couldn't understand the way a vampire like her thinks, and then came the shit poetry.
  • Tree-Chan is the only camwhore to be upgraded to a chan without showing anything. She's fourteen, from Chicago, and has a talent for balancing things on her head. She knows pretty much all memes, and has a friend named Charlie who she talks to off-screen sometimes. No one has seen him yet. A few /b/tards are on a quest to make her a 4chan meme. She usually waits until there are more than ten people in the room to do things.
  • soiherduliekmudkips is the gay troll you see that takes time to create stupid faggotry. He goes around and makes gay unprotected camsex with people in stickam, then when he has they're trust pulls out the tiny penis, his mother molestation pics, etc and screencaps reactions. He is currently going by a different name, suckingdick924, since he's been banned 11 times from stickam for being a fucking faggot ass. He is, of course, a faggot.
  • Spreeseh fourteen year old overweight emo girl, if you act sweet to her for a while she will show you her breasts. Spreeseh only dates people online.
  • Florian Most ambiguously gay dude in stickam.Everyone bukake's FLo. he has a dyke for a father and gets everyone to love him(his father). ALl the bad rumors are true, and FLorian makes hell a way gayer place.
  • Skittles (BALEETED) Negroid lesbian from Utah or some other state breeding ape-like dyke whores. Moderator in Girl4Girls chat. Known for the massive gap in her teeth. Rumor has it that one can fit their entire fist in her grand canyon of a grill. It is a well known fact that when Skittles is munching on a muff, she will take her dog's clitoris between her teeth producing a vomit-inducing slurp noise. Orgasmic.
  • Ripcurl22 (BALEETED) Some faggot who trolls social cams for cock, often provides awkward moments of sheer terror showing his tiny genitals.
  • Goryblizzardx Some faggot with a robot voice that likes to create rooms for the failing community of Jewgrounds. There rooms are distinct from the others as they have NG <old meme name here> in their title. Seriously, go in there and troll for the lulz. Your bound to get a great comeback.
  • Tao aka Luca is a wannabe racist skin head balding vegan from Italy that cries about how awesome (JEWSA)America n (JEWK)UK are compared to his shitty pizza box Mario Land home. He believes in any form of third party propaganda against jews and America found on the internet. Not only does this sad goomba believed he is a pure ayran fagwad with his brown nigger nipples and penis, but he also has a foot fetish which he claims is normal for every male to have. He is a true romantic by asking under aged girls and boys to show their feet so he can wipe out his "whitezilla" and make sperm. If they refuse his demands, he will be butt hurt by the 6th degree as he starts insulting how stupid these chicken heads are needing mental health.

Anonymous vs. Stickam on Fox News

On January 31st, 2008 Faux News did a report on Anonymous' "cyber bullying" of teen camwhores on Stickam. Fox claims that Anonymous are "meeting in secret and planning their attacks" against various Stickam users and called Anonymous "no different than other forms of organized crime" and a cult. It proved that The Internet is serious business.

Tired Of Camwhores With No Secondary Sex Characteristics?

Many of those seeking a more mature flavor of camwhore, such as a retired prostitute or Denny's waitress, should have a look at Broadcaster, where you can have an adult conversation while enjoying your poon.


PLZ 2 BE ADDING PIX, please add all n00dz or otherwise embarrassing pictures along with the username of the person in question.

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The End

Stickam announced that it would be completely shut down from 29/2/13

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