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Like we give.
A Technical Virgin will always let you stick it in her pooper, just not in the vagoo.

A popular meme on 4chan, which is often generously spammed in any sex-related thread on 4chan, the anus of the internets. Sadly, on 4chan almost everything is sex-related. Even things such as doing groceries or taking care of your dog can result in fapping furry hands.


Stick it in her pooper started like a meme on 4chan, after a certain user asked for sex advice on his gay boyfriend, and received the "Her" response to ridicule his lack of masculinity.

This exploded into a memetrical explosion of spam, finally resulting in an world-wide meme of 4chan. It should be noted that once they try it, all women love it in the pooper. They just can't get enough of that cock up the dunger! Just don't let them stick theirs up yours because that would be gay, unless of course she's a bi-female with a strap-on.

Other Names "Where To Stick It"

  • Balloon Knot
  • Brown Eye
  • Chocolate Starfish
  • Deuce Wallet
  • Hershey Hole
  • Hiney Hole
  • O-Ring
  • Penny
  • Pink Starfish
  • Poop Chute
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Cinnamon Ring

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