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Stev joobs reaction

After the (timely) death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, was flooded with "tribute" entries, some more sincere than others. Due to the "no real people fanfiction" rule, the majority of these were removed by the site moderators who are all obviously PC users. Below are some fine examples that were saved/slipped by unnoticed.

In Memoriam

Hi guys! So, as most of you know, Steve Jobs has passed away. :( He was one of my heroes. So this oneshot idea started in my head: since he was so smart, wouldn't he be one of the children of Athena's heroes too? So a sweet, sad idea appeared in my head: Annabeth's thoughts on this. Please enjoy.

Dear Steve Jobs,

I was, no, I am, your biggest fan

(Even though you weren't an architect)

But you're so smart

(Even though you're not a demigod)

And I want to be just like you

(Even though I want to be an architect too)

So maybe I can be both

(Even though everyone thinks I only want to be an architect)

I want to be just as important as you

(Even though I should keep my head down as a demigod)

And be as acknowledged as you were

(Even though what I said two lines above says I can't)

So I just want to say I miss you

(Even though I never even knew you)

And hope you love life in Elysium

(Even though I'm not sure that's where you are, because you might have chosen to be reborn)

And I wanted to let you know that the world misses you

And you will be remembered as a hero forever


Annabeth Chase

(A.K.A. your #1 fan)

Paying Respects

He walked into the cemetery, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. No big ideas today; he just wanted to say a few words.

He set the roses on the ground, then stood up. "You were a visionary, a legend. Someone that kids like me and Ferb could look up to. You invented things that entertained us and made out lives better. The iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad." He smiled. "Ferb alone has two iPads, one that he uses for his blueprints. You were a legend Steve Jobs."

"And you will be sorely missed."

He looked up. "Ferb, you came."

"I had to pay my respects." Ferb put an arm around his brother, looking towards the tombstone. "Rest in peace."

"We'll miss you."

Edward Gates vs Bella Jobs

Chapter 1


Ugh! Another day of high school, and great two new students were coming to SHIT (South Harmond Institute of Technology) (A/N: Accepted reference) more swooning fans of my dads... I thought as he sat down for my first class, English. I saw the door open, and in stepped the most beautiful girl he had ever seen

The girl went up front to talk to Miss Author. She had this graceful step to her walk. She had was pale, but not deathly pale, with long, straight, mahogany colored hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow's peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. Beautiful.

"Attention class," Said Miss Author, "Today a new student will be joining us here, Bella Jobs"

That is ironic... I wonder if she knows that the creator of the Apple computers has the same last name as her-

"Edward, Are you deaf?!" I heard Miss Author say, cutting into my train of thought


"I said, that Bella is going to be sitting next to you. Now, class, we are going to start reading the book Kite Runner, so today we need to read up to chapter 5, which is page 35. Start reading, and if you finish early, write a paragraph about the events in your writer's notebook."

Bella sat down, and pulled out her copy of the book. I started to read, but had trouble, seeing as this goddess was sitting next to me. I eventually finished the reading and wrote the paragraph. I finished early; I looked over to Bella and saw that she still had the book in her hands. Ha she is still reading?!?! But then I realized that it was a different book. The book was Wuthering Heights.

"Hello Bella, I'm Edward Gates." I said as to introduce myself.

"As in Gates from the computer company?" She asked nervously.

"Yes in fact, I am" I said for once, happy about the fact that my dad ran it.

"Well, then I can't talk to you, sorry." She said, as she turned back to her book.


"Because," she said simply. "My dad runs Apple Computers."


Yes, i know short, but i kind of just wanted to end it there. Um, ill try to post the second part soon, i have been busy though... sorry =)
And we'll pretend that Steve Jobs isn't sick at the moment...

You won't see an iguana here

Chapter 2


"DAD! I'm going to school now." I yelled up to him.

"Okay, have a good first day, love you, and watch out for that Gates boy from your school." He replied

"Okay, bye. Love you too." I said, chuckling to myself as I closed the front door, and locked it. Sometimes my dad worries too much. My father and Bill Gates went to school with each other, and never became friends. My dad put all his time into studies and work, while Gates mad his life a living hell. I got my keys out to my red 1967 Mustang (A/N: picture on profile). I love my car, AND the best part is, that I paid for it all on my own. My dad didn't even know that I had gotten a job, till I brought home my car. He was pretty "mad" at me; so he said, but I think he was secretly proud of me still… I hope. Now, I'd had a good morning so far, no falls or trips, no injury to me today. I had put a whole new engine in The Mustang last year, like I put a hybrid motor in this car. I totally stripped the car of its innards and put new innards in. I re-upholstered the car, but got the same seat material. I have a pretty good sound system. There is an iPod dock, a CD player and a tape player. It took me 4 years to save up; I have been saving since the summer before 8th grade. Yes, I was that sad, but I had good jobs, so I saved up enough and birthday money. (A/N: I know it's kind of unrealistic, but hey, it is called fan *FICTION*). Emmett's Wrangler was not in the garage, so he must have already left. Emmett and I are fraternal twins. And as annoying as he is, he is still the best brother anyone could have.

As I got into school, I put my iPod in the doc in my car, and put on A Fine Mess, which was Kate Voegele's newly released album. I put it on shuffle, and the first song that came on was Playing With my Heart. (A/N: Kate Voegele= Amazing. Check her out!).I pulled into school just as Nothing Ever Hurt Like You by James Morrison was about half way through. I was a little early, but I knew I needed to stop in the office to get my schedule, and a map of the school. The lady behind the reception desk, Mrs. Cope, said my brother was already here. My first class was English. I walked up to the door, and noticed through the dirty window that the class was just sitting down. So I snuck in and went up to the teacher.

"Hell. My name is Isabella Jobs, I'm the new student."

"Oh! Hello Isabella. I'm glad you found your way here. I'm Miss Author. Attention class, today a new student will be joining us here, Isabella Jobs." She announced to the class, much to my dismay. I blushed.

I looked around the class to see what my seating choices were. The only empty seat was next to this really cute guy. I mean he looked really good, but that's not what matters. First, I'm not exactly encouraged to date, second, personality is key, and third, if he's a player, he won't even make it to the bottom of my 'Good List'… if I had a list. Dad and Emmett drilled that stuff into my head. They both don't like the idea of me dating. To dad, I'm still his 'little girl' , and to Emmett, I'm still his 'baby sister'.

"You'll have to sit next to Edward." She said to me. Then turning to Edward. "Edward, Bella's going to sit next to you. Edward… Edward… Edward! Edward, are you deaf?!" Through that whole exchange, Edward was just staring off into space with this vacant look on his face. He only registered that Miss Author was speaking to him, when she practically shouted the last sentence.

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"I said, that Bella is going to be sitting next to you. Now, class, we are going to start reading the book Kite Runner, so today we need to read up to chapter 5, which is page 35. Start reading, and if you finish early, write a paragraph about the events in your writer's notebook."

I sat down, and pulled out my copy of Kite Runner. I had already read this book, so I just skimmed through it. When I was done, I started writing in the journal, then I put the book and journal into my backpack, and pulled out my shabby copy of Wuthering Heights. I guess Edward hadn't finished yet, because he was still reading Kite Runner when I looked over. He is pretty cute, I must admit. I just think that he looks arrogant, but who am I to judge, he might be thinking the same of me.

"Hello Bella, I'm Edward Gates." He said to me in a velvety voice. Velvety voice? I must be delusional- wait did he say Gates?

"As in Gates from the computer company?" I asked nervously, I didn't want to befriend the child of my fathers College bully.

"Yes in fact I am." He said in a-matter-of-factly tone

"Well, then I can't talk to you, sorry." I said turning back to my book.

"Why?" Ugh! Will I never be able to finish this paragraph?

"Because," I said simply, not wanting to get into the whole father school issue. "My dad runs the Apple." He looked stunned.

Thanks TO Mrs. Story Cullen for helping me with the idea, thank you so much for all of the ideas people, i considered the all, but decided to go with this one. Again, thank you all. And if i need help anytime, i know where to ask.

You won't see an iguana here

Chapter 3

"Hey, Squirt, how's your day so far?" Emmett said, throwing his arm around my shoulder as we entered the cafetiria

"Eh, you know. Can't get any better than everyone in the whole school staring at us?"

"I know, right? You won't believe how many girls have given me their numbers already."
"How many, 1?"
"NO, I got 2!" Emmett said, covering his mouth with his hands when he realized his slip.

"Oh, yea. So many numbers there." I said as we both got our lunches and sat down at an open table, that was fairly clean.

"Hey, you met any of the Gate kids yet?"
"I only thought there was one. Edward."

"Nope! There are Alice and Edward. And Alice's boyfriend, Jasper Whitlock, is so close to the family, he basically could be considered family. OH! And there is this total hottie, Rosalie Hale, who practically is family, but really isn't. She's just is really tight with Alice" Emmett said, wrapping his middle finger around his pointer to demonstrate how "tight" they were; basically making the letter 'R' in sign language. Emmett was smiling-proud that he knew this and I didn't. Emmett, , had a really nice smile, with these cute little dimples; that may sound wrong, seeing as he's my brother, but everyone commented on them. I used to tease him all the time when people would pinch his cheeks; seeing as he's the younger twin.

"Emmi-bear, I worry about you sometimes. You love to gossip more than some girls do. It's not healthy" I tutted.

"Hey, you know you're just jealous."

"Anyways, that Edward kid tried flirting with me, but then he realized, that we were Jobs, and looked stunned."

"Belly, you stay away from him. I heard he's no good. He's a ladies man."

"Eh, he probably is. But who am I to judge. Miss Author put me next to him in English."

"Oh, sucks for you." Emmett said with his mouth full but it sounded like 'fucks foryew'

"Emmett! language…" I teased. He responded by opening his mouth and showing all the disgusting chewed up food. "Gross Emmett!"

"Ha. So what class do you have next?"

"Bio, you?"

"Bio… We're in the same class!"

"Do you have AP bio II?"


"Then we're not in the same class." I stated.

"Well let me see your schedule. then." Emmett said, taking out his schedule as I took mine out.


"Hey! we have gym, art, and US history together!"


"You know you love me."

I just got up, threw out the gross lunch that I barely touched, much to Emmett's dismay; and walked out of the cafeteria. It took me a full ten minutes to find AP bio, only to find that it was right next to the cafeteria. I got to class early and noticed that the teacher was in here.

"Um, hello? Mr. Banner?"

"Yes, here. Are you our new student?" Mr. Banner asked, ushering me into the room.

"Yes. Bella Jobs." I said shyly.

"So did you take the same course at your old school?"

"Yes. We just finished reviewing the stages of meiosis."

"Ah yes. Well we just started here. So it will be easy for you. The only open seat will be there." Mr. Banner said, pointing to a lab table in the middle of the room. I walked over to the desk, sat down and pulled out Wuthering Heights.

"Mr. Banner, may I please just hang in here till class?"

"Sure. I'll just be preparing the lab for today."

"Thank you."

"No problem."

I opened my book to a random spot, and started reading. I was so engrossed in my book I didn't notice when the bell rang. I only realized it had rang when someone tapped me on my shoulder and said: "Excuse me, but you're in my seat."

"Sorry I'll move," I said reaching down, grabbing my bag, and moving over to the next seat.

"So, we meet again." Said

The Last Act Of Steve Jobs

The Last Act of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs announces his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Aug. 24, 2011

Mr. Jobs resigns as apple CEO

Oct. 5, 2011

The day that Steve dies, and is born again.

Resigning as CEO was phase one in his plan. Steve more than over encumbered by his duties at the apple corporation. It seemed as if every week they were pressing for smaller and better technology. His mind was unfocused and with everything else it seemed time was eluding him.

For weeks he had been working on a project, one that would revolutionize the concept of mortality and the human soul. Unfortunately due to his hefty responsibilities and the secrecy of this project he scarcely found time to work on it. Time was running out, he couldn't say when or where but soon. The cancer had been kept well under wraps and he was kept in a quasi stable condition, but for how long. The time for his newest creation was now, the time to act was now, he needed desperately more than any of his responsibilities to finish this project.

The work load was weighing him down, and then seemingly out of the blue he resigned. He gave one final speech and that was it.

Now he could focus on his one true goal, to break the bonds of mortality it self. Certain things still required the majority of his time. His cancer treatment was still pretty intensive and took up a lot of time. The doctors said if he continued this treatment he could live maybe another two or three years.

This just would not do, sure it would give him extra time but he would be under constant direct observation. He gave up completely on his doctor visits, he spent all day and night working in his labs until on October 1st he finally finished.

Carefully connecting the electrodes to his brain he began the update. The process was slow and exhausting, but his drive outweighed his tiredness. The screen flickered, and a loading bar appeared, on the 2nd 25%, 3rd 65% on the 4th 99% and on the morning of the morning of the 5th all was said and done. He hobbled over to a chair and there he slept for the last time.

In the near future

He awakened again not as one conscious but as many. He was in one man's hand, in a woman's pocket, in many purses, and all across the world. His consciousness existed in every I phone, I pad, I pod, and Mac computer. But the true prize was the A-5 chip giving him unlimited capabilities in terms of computing and controlling every other computer in the country. Soon his global conquest would be complete. Because, you know, there's an app for that.


rmg 10/18/11 . chapter 1

this gave me cancer...

thanks a lot


EatMuffins 10/9/11 . chapter 1

Amen to that...

RIP STEVE JOBS! 1955-2011


xxxMewC-chan 10/7/11 . chapter 1

I really liked this it was a nice way of saying goodbye to Steve Jobs

May he rest in peace.


PhoenixWormwood137 10/7/11 . chapter 1

R.I.P Steve! I'm writing this on an Apple laptop hooked up to an Apple cord and an Apple charger. Over there is my Apple iPod. Also in the house is our new Apple desktop computer and my brother's iPhone and old Apple desktop computer and my dad's iPad. And my other brother's iPod. And then my dad has his Apple laptop and power cord etc at his office. Wow, such an impact on our lives. I discovered I love to write and my goals in life on an Apple. Thank you Steve.


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