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Steve Gumerungi Hodder Watt (a.k.a MC Dibirdi) is an Aboriginal from Alice Springs. Just like American niggers he has a career in Hip-Hop rather than a real job and preaches the horror of racial intolerance every Sorry Day. After many years of training he somehow managed to lift his knuckles from the ground and learn how to use the interwebs. He got a nasty surprise.


Not something they teach in remote child rapist schools.

Oh yes, did we mention he is Aboriginal? But we can't say anything mean about them ok, so let's be really nice about the child-raping, wife-beating, petrol-sniffing, white-bashing, alcoholic, welfare leaching under-race of Australia.

Steve stumbled across Encyclopedia Dramatica's article on the indigenous people cavemen of Australia in January 2010. Once somebody read the text for him he was shocked and appalled to find his people were depicted in a less-than-flattering manner and ordered that the site be removed from Google's search engine. He naturally assumed the creator of this site is white. As expected Steve handled his outrage in a calm and reasonable manner by vandalising the Aboriginal article over and over again.

ED may have all the bite but at least by showing I've got to them, they have humanised the page instead of stereotyping our peoples as a whole. By singling me out, they give Aboriginal peoples a name, face & story, not just racism disguised as sh**ty jokes & alleged 'satire'. They may get more hits/mates but will these gutless wonders ever show their faces or names?! I'd rather be labeled a 'PC minority s*@tstirrer' than be a gutless anonymous coward who hides behind the net using the web to talk crap, bite that!


—Steve Hodder-Watt], [1]

Sadly for Steve his victory was unfounded. He may have removed the Aboriginal article from Google, but after the ACMA drops none of ED will be available to anybody in Australia anyway.


Like all people who pretend to be oppressed Steve thinks Encyclopedia Dramatica is racist - overlooking the fact that ED treats all races people (and a few non-people) with equal disgust. Also like all people who try to fight racial intolerance Steve is the palest member of his family. We can therefore assume his butthurt antics are the result of white guilt.

We at ED have had to add a new word to the lexicon to describe Mr Hodder-Watt - Waboriginal. This describes the strange phenomenon of a white man calling himself Aboriginal, much in the same vein of a white man calling themselves Japanese (see: Wapanese). Could this be due to liberal guilt, or the result of an intensive breeding program to improve the gene pool? It is a mystery.

ED Vandal

After being shown by a white fella how to operate a computer, old Stevo loaded up Google and attempted to discover what being an Aboriginal was all about, due to the fact his skin reveals his is less than octroon in Aboriginality, a Waboriginal if you will (portmanteau of White and Aboriginal geddit?). Where was I? Oh yes, so Bunbajee searched for "Aboriginal AND Encyclopedia", and was kindly directed to the Encyclopedia Dramatica page. Lacking the intelligence required to comprehend satire, he proceeded to shit his pants and blank the page, replacing it with "The True Owners of the Lands!". The irony of the fact that Aboriginals do not believe in land ownership seem to be lost on him, nevermind the fact that Aboriginals have no claims on their Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

Stevie Wonder then called his lawyer who works for legal aid, who likely advised him that ED is an American website, of which Australia has no jurisdiction over, and of which the US Constitution covers with this thing called the 1st Amendment. Not content with this legal advice, he then contacted the media and Google, who frowned on ED's shenanigans. Google took the action of G-lining the page, whilst the Australian media raped ED in every orifice, allowing readers to write letters expressing their moral outrage that a bunch of nerds can be SO RACIST.

A report was filed with the Australian Human Rights Commission too. How a piece of satirical writing is in violation of anybody's human rights is beyond our comprehension, however their claim was accepted by the Australian crybabies. And everybody knows Abos aren't even human anyway.

Possible Sockpuppets

'fuckin duds'


—His 3-second victory against Mysterybot.

  • Wtfyounerdlings
  • Mackiebob
  • Suckme

Media Outrage

Australia, which is conveniently missing something called a "Bill of Rights", does not have freedom of expression. The fact that such a website exists boggled the minds of the Australian public, whose short-sighted intentions include lynching brown people, drinking beer and "getting a root". Unfortunately, pages such as Jews, White People and Blacks were not shown to the journalists at Fairfax Media, so they passed off what was blatant satire as "RACISM".

He tried to modify the entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica, a satirical and extremely racist version of Wikipedia, but was blocked from doing so.


—Sydney Morning Herald on ED - the extremely racist version of TOW,


As SMH accepts comments on stories via Twitter, it is interesting to see the parity between responses of the technolgied fifth-estate, and the unwashed plebs who read their newspaper in inky rag form.

Yes it was racist / comical - Google responsible for policing the Internet??




Google responsible for policing the Internet?? >>> no! Sen Conroy is!




Extremely misleading headline. Site is removed from Google Australia results




Just search the site it was still there. Great advert for those morons SMH.




Although I disagree with whats on Dramatica, if we are going to go down the path of censoring everything we disagree with like conroy wants we will end up being no better than China. Who will we be then to lecture them about press freedom and internet censorship?




Asking For It

Our panel of pundits and political experts here at ED have suggested that perhaps Bunbajee was not so outraged at the article in the first place, and was rather using this as an attempt to catapult up the ranks of the Australian media. It seems odd that he would be searching for an encyclopedia entry on his own race, as if he was looking for bias or controversy. Once he found the article, he proceeded to contact every relevant authority, as to get maximum coverage. Furthermore, digging into his history has proven that he is an attention whore, always looking to expose his career, life and beliefs.

He gets Google to ban more pages

Not content with just one page banned, he's started a huge campaign for Google to ban all pages that are racist or persecute. [2]

His next target is getting all furry articles on ED banned from Google for fursecution!

He ignores the real racism from KFC's commercials

A racist KFC ad run all throughout Australia, but did Steve complain? No.

Here's another of their racist ads, that aired in the country of Gorea

Rapping Career

Bunjabee, like lots of angry black people, enjoys spitting fat PHAT rhymes to the noise of the electric boogaloo. Unfortunately, his rapping careers has not taken to the dizzying heights of Kanye West, however some argue MC Dibirdi is the voice of a generation, a lyrical wordsmith if you will.

Steve bustin rhymes and teaching kids about the fun of firearms

His playlist of 3 songs and one long diatribe regarding the impiety of the white race can be found here.

As well as rapping into a cheap computer microphone and using the cheapest authoring software available, he can also be seen on some ABC television show teaching kids how to hate white people, and futhering his revisionist historian lies. How nice of you to spend your free time harassing small businesses, shouldn't you be studying or something?

Hip-hop style - it's something that Indigenous children can relate to, because music has always been an essential part of Indigenous culture. It doesn't matter which tribal grouping or area you're from. That's something I've used. That's a craft that I've developed myself, having not had a cultural connection to my homeland in Mornington Island. Now fuck off ya white cunts and get off me land.



—Bunjabee on rap music being an essential part of Aboriginal culture

It's MC Gumerungi, kicking the rhymes here
From the NT, so feel free to listen to me...



—Deep, man.

STEVE GUMERUNGI HODDER: With this line here, "I like to come to school because it is fun." So now we need some rhyming words to go with fun.

BOY: Gun.




—Bunjabee, teaching kids from an early age how to handle a piece.

Through doing the workshops in the Central Australian communities I've always known that there's a difficulty in...trying to get to the starting base to be able to just sit down and blurt out whatever you want. You need that vocabulary.



—Because of Aboriginal literacy rates.

Raping Career

Like many most all aborigines, our Steve has had a long and illustrious career having crazed petrol-fueled surprise sex with the younger members of his tribe. However, as aborigines as not actually human beings, these acts cannot legally be classified as rape. In fact, such acts of sexual aggression have been vital for the very survival of the aboriginal species, as under normal circumstances no male (human or otherwise) would allow his wang to get anywhere near one of their hideously fugly females.

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