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The grin of an Asshole
Pimp Daddy Steffan H. Slickback

Stæphen Harper, (Also goes by "Stephen The Salvador" by Western Canadians, most commonly Albertans, the redneck Canadians, "That smirking, fundie, Asshole" by Eastern Canadians, and "Who!? Is that some televangelist!?" by Americans, and Ben Dingprivacylaws), is the current and 22nd Dictator of Cænada, and the current leader of the Conservatives party. Some of his achievements include replacing all the pictures of Past PM's with pictures of just himself, eliminating funding for Sisters In Spirit, an organization helping out the investigation into over 600 killed Aboriginal girls and women anything not related to his god, oil, and attempting to buy 65 stealth fighter jets with 29 billion dollars. But above all, he is most well known for being the leader of Canada. That's it.

His enemies include Jack Layton of the NDPDEAD, Mario Beaulieu of the Bloc Québécois, and some old political whore skanking up The Liberal Party. Stephen Harper has also announced his support for Romney/Ryan 2012. (lol)

We also have no history of colonialism. So we have all of the things that many people admire about the great powers but none of the things that threaten or bother them



His Policies

His secret agenda, revealed with Photoshop©
Stephen's Economic Recovery Plan (2006)
Stephen's Economic Recovery Plan (2008)
Attention : Calling all 13 year old boys

On January 3rd, 2006, Stephen achieved status of high pimp of Canada, fucking nearly 420 bitches, twice more than Paul Martin of the Liberal Party, the controlled opposition. He instituted the popular "Don't Ask, More Tits" policy, inspired by that of his foreign trade partner and Conservative buddy, Goergey W. Bush. This rule which applied to Schools, Hospitals, Train Stations, Military Bases And Schools, and of course, and most notably, office buildings, was Stephen Harper's attempt at converting the Homosexual youth and populace, through means of Fiscal Conservatism, Christianity, and Strippers.

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