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Statuephiles are sick fucks that tell you that humping blocks of cement is a perfectly normal sexual desire. Much like pedophiles, statuephiles resort to statues because they can't get a real girlfriend.

A nice citizen warns you of a potential cement fucker.

Signs of a statuephile

  • Lingers a little too long by the mannequins at the thrift store.
  • Has spent over $500 on a fucking doll.
  • Insists he was only cleaning her with his penis.
  • Insists the world would be a much happier place if all women were petrified. If only scientists would realize their dream...
  • Spends an unhealthy amount of time on Desuchan.
  • Tries to drill a hole between the bum cheeks wearing black in broad daylight with the excuse of allowing rain water to drain out.
  • Watches the animu Rozen Maiden.


Those dirty Sexualists!

"ARE YOU WOMAN GIRL? If you are woman girl, you come can make stop please to me so I can make girls becoming and beginnings of becoming stone statue woman. They come my house, remains my home. First you come my house. Then you remove clothes will need your to naked so you take it off. Then you stand on pedestal-stand to pose. Then I turn the petrification machine and it you statue turns you into. You will be the naked, and marble, and young, and girl, and pedestal-stand. Then you remain my home. With other girl-statue." [1]

"So I was watching this video. Giant ogre fucking a girl. And I thought it was incredibly sexy. ...But only if I thought of her as a doll. " [2]

"I used to look at gorgeous women and think how unfair life is because I could never have one for my own. Yes I could rent one but only for too short a time. Now that I have my doll I have a beautiful companion when ever I want for as long as I want." [3]

"SEX IS KILLING OUR WORLD!!! Sex kills. Sex can cause life. But sex DOES cause death. Sex spreads disease which are ravaging and destroying millions of lives and hundreds of cultures of this worlds. Not only practicing sexualists are affected, innocent children often inherited these sexually transmitted diseases from their sexualist parents. Sex destroys. The gratitious sex in societies all over the world today result in millions of unwanted births and a population explosion that is rapidly depleting the resources of our world. It can't last forever. The sexualists will eventually see the folly of their ways. But it'll probably be too late. Sex damns. Almost everyone in the world today engages in premarital sex, homosexual sex, or some other kind of sex that violates God's law. This has reached UNACCEPTABLE levels. We're becoming a world of lost people. And yet, anyone who doesn't buy into the destructive sexualist paradigm is a 'freak.' Sex violates. Sex hurts. Sex demeans. Sex insults. Petrification glorified. Petrification preserves. Petrification perfects. Which sounds better to you? " [4]

Did you know?

  • Did you know that statuephiles (or agalmatophiles, which is Greek for "statue lovers" and can also be interpreted as "doll lovers") can also be called pediophiles? "Pedio" is from the Greek word "paidion", which was more often used to mean "doll" rather than "statue", but it is ultimately much the same as "pedo" (also derived from "paidon") and both terms are used to refer to children. Dolls were primarily children's playthings modelled after children, and for the most part still are. All of this means that "pedophile" and "pediophile" and thus "agalmatophile" are pretty much the same damned thing.

Feeling sorry for his heartache, Aphrodite or Sailor Venus depending on which mythology you follow, tossed a pity fuck his way and brought Pygmalion's statue to life over the idea of actually having sex with him because, to quote girl lingo, "Pygmalion is like so, urp, I just threw up in my mouth."
Psychologists use Pygmalion Disorder to usually refer to someone who falls in love with something they have created. Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, which later gets made into My Fair Lady, Pretty Woman, and going ever lower in literary license, She's All That are all based on this idea. In Shaw's Pygmalion an upper crust linquist takes a bet that he can take a cockney flower girl and teach her to speak as though she were from the Queen's court and it follows just as all the other examples I have mentioned do.
She finds out about the bet, yada yada yada, they're making babies.

Pedophiles and basement dwellers can't get the idea through their head that this myth is really just a myth, and no matter how many times they watch Mannequin or wish really hard, it will never come true for them.

  • RealDolls, BoyToys, and perhaps two other, comparatively minor brands are the only non-inflatable sex dolls that approximate the sizes of grown, physiologically normal women. These dolls cost thousands of dollars, however. The highest-selling dolls cost only hundreds, and are more affordable mainly because they are smaller and use cheaper materials. Not surprisingly, many of these smaller dolls are made in Japan and come with such options as vaginal sheaths available in what would translate to "infant" size. This doesn't help the dollfuckers and so-called statuephiles separate themselves any further from the pedophiles.


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