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LOLCOWEPIC.jpg Starlaglam is an Epic Lolcow
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StarlaGlam (also known as Starla Romandess, Glameowtouch, and Nikki) is a self-diagnosed autistic 10 year old African American girl who has spread her plague of unfunny videos, fail and AIDS with her shitty drawings and her mediocre videos in which she plays with her action figures. She has also attempted to spread her plague at other websites like deviantART, and Freewebs. She believes that she is 18 years old and in the 17th grade, but that is all made up crap due to the fact that she had revealed her actual face and her voice in her older videos and since there is no such thing as the 17th grade. She's obsessed with Pokémon and Twilight, and thinks Edward and Pokémon are real. Obviously, she believes that Pokémon are real because her mother smoked crack cocaine during her pregnancy. If someone said that she is a true 17 years old,then Starlaglam is a Midget.


Glameowtouch loves teh chikkins.
Starlaglam wishes she looked like this. However, she will never look like this since she is a nigger, has big nigger lips, has a fugly hairstyle, and due to the fact that niggers cannot afford fursuits.


Being the bipolar elitist and slut she is, she says she has a boyfriend that she likes to kiss every night. Oh and she says she has big tits. On YouTube, she shows her shitty art, using other programs to make her seem professional However, we all know her art sucks anyway. She has a variety of sockpuppets, like PachrisuPop, PreciousGlameow and BuizelisBack which she uses to give her the asspats she needs because she fails at everything she does and she knows it. She is also a lesbian, a nigger, and a devout Catholic who had been molested by her priest several times. She's clearly not 18 as she can't even answer the easiest math or physics question given to her. She copies insults because she's fucking unoriginal and treats her art like a masterpiece. She also has entered multiple drawing contests and has lost every single one, getting butthurt every time and accusing the winner of cheating and being stupid. Moreover, she is a Spoiled, Inconsiderate, Idiotic, Clueless, Mindless sick fuck slut.


Shortly after the crazed Pokéfan started posting her crappy videos and drawings on YouTube, she began to receive negative attention and after a matter of minutes, every last one of her videos had a 1/5 star rating. The spoiled Camwhore went apeshit and started attacking people for expressing their opinions. She started blocking them, friend-locking her page, and started fail-trolling anyone who didn't like Glameow and started using made-up words since her mind was still undeveloped. Said retarded vocabulary includes but is not limited to:

Redirected @ YouTube Favicon.png GLAMEOWSUCKSBIGCOCK


Some time in the year 2009, a YouTube user named YouTube Favicon.png BWXLC created an account called GlameowForTheBestWin and posed as a friend of YouTube Favicon.png Glameowtouch, and tricked the little brat into giving her account password. Afterward, StarlaGlam created another account called YouTube Favicon.png Glameowmusic after getting hacked, and made a video about herself whining and demanding that she receive ownership of her original account. Clearly, you can see that StarlaGlam really isn't 18.

Her Return

Her Glameowmusic account ended up getting hacked again, and afterwards she made another account called YouTube Favicon.png Glameowluvsmwe, which also got hacked by a user named YouTube Favicon.png alakazamfan123. In the background of this account, she shows a picture of her obese mom.
It seems as if every time she gets hacked or banned, she creates another sockpuppet, never seeming to learn her lesson.

Her History

On late 2008, there has been a whiny, annoying little bipolar troll named "glameow44." She started to get into an argument with a user named "xeratule" for trolling his friend, gets a sockpupppet to post her phone number (still on xeratule's mail, ask him), and admit before that she was fat because she said she was going to eat a lot of sandwiches and drink a lot of apple juice to gain more strength. Glameow44 and xeratule became friends, and a few months later, she gets into an argument. After some time in the middle of the argument, she gets hacked by a user named NintendoX5 and reincarnated with a user named "Glameowtouch" and continued to troll. She became friends with them, but then she sends a virus to steal artwork, a virus that can break down computers. She got hacked, again to another user named "Glameowmusic" and posted a video with her actual face. Her face does not look like a 18 year old face. She got in denial and deleted the video. (It got recorded by other users). A few weeks before she got hacked, she blamed xeratule on the virus, and she gets hacked. Then she made an account named "Glameowluvsmwe" and continuously trolls. Xeratule then jumped in. She gets hacked again, then made an account named "glameowmeow" and got hacked again. She left YouTube, almost for good, and she came back trolling. Her previous account from this summary "StarlaGlam" has seem to lost her password and got her ass into a new account after a month and a half named "Glameowkitten". Get that motherfucking asshole back in to her strait jacket in hell, and make her drop the soap...Oh wait...

She believes her own boyfriend is a buizel (YouTube Favicon.png Buizel220), and believes glameows are real. Her "boyfriend" is supposedly 18 years old, which means that her boyfriend is a fat pedophile since Starlaglam is actually 10 years old.She makes up words, and denies the truth. She cant make her own comebacks, either. She can't even take advice that will make become a likable person, because she has Assburgers. her latest sockpuppet account is UmbreonRoxable, and she claims that her "friend" UmbreonRoxable is a white guy who likes listening to rap and who likes wearing chains and caps.

Some of her famous 'masterpieces' on YouTube are:

Every Comeback Ever Made by Starlaglam:

No you're the autistic 9 year old negro! Also,I am 17



No i win.You lose you cheating faggot. Youre the shittiest artist alive!


—After losing a drawing contest.

I have big boobs and normal lips



Hello? It's called ART not puke.


—When you critique on her drawings

Do not insult my queen! Im gonna tell my boyfriend to kill you and he will pwn you!!



No You


—After getting asshurt

No you're the (insert your original insult here)!


—When she steals your comebacks

Go suck your mom's pussy and go get a life


—After running out of insults

No your grammar sucks! I do grammer right and better.




What has science done?

In a sad attempt to pretend not to love the faggotry that is Twilight and not join the twitardism that currently plagues DA, StarlaGlam instead uses the term "Glameow" in her usernames to show her love of the furfaggotry that is Pokémon, especially of Glameow. As would be expected of furries, she is a quite hypocritical, as she calls other people furfags and says she hates them, but draws furry porn which she masturbates to on a daily basis. StarlaGlam is seriously butthurt enough to lash out at even the nicest people who point out and critique her fucktardery by making up shitty comebacks, copying insults, and using her own made up words like buser or spag. She suffers from high levels of Unwarranted Self-Importance, and thinks she's the hottest shit ever to be discovered on the Internet; she says she has over 9000 friends, is popular, beautiful, good at art, rich, and cool. She says everyone secretly loves her "beautiful art" and is jealous of her, but it is quite the opposite. She also ridicules other superior images of Glameow, rendering them as worse than her content (which isn't even art at all).
The reality is that nobody likes StarlaGlam, except for her obese black mother and her homosexual nigger of a father who both rape her every day. Realizing this, she created the sockpuppet account Deviantart-favicon.png buizelluv (also YouTube Favicon.png on YouTube) to give her the asspats the Internet refuses to even consider. On this account, she claimed to be 17 and really smart, but acted like a handicapped 7 year old, making stupid excuses to not even answer simple math questions, and would lie about everything.

First Time on DevianTART

Wanting not to get ridiculed, she made an account on DevianTART so she can post her Shitty art. But she realized that it would be too easy to get found out so she became a Twitard (She is the nigger equivalent of Nuttymadam3575) And made a shitty fucked up cross over named Twimon which looked like shit, as always. The art sucked ass. She even drew a bird with a dick and a hermaphrodite pokémon. Soon she was found out stealing art and was banhammered 9 times.

Banned from DeviantART

On January 2010, a small group of deviantART users (Deviantart-favicon.png GeneralMudkip, Deviantart-favicon.png xXRageViru5Xx, and Deviantart-favicon.png deadlyhaze666) flamed Deviantart-favicon.png her deviantART account for lulz and reported her comments and hate recolors, since she had been cussing her ass off and using homophobic and racial slurs. After a mere 12 hours, GlameowisSEVENTEEN's account was banned from deviantART. She soon created a new account named Deviantart-favicon.png Glameows14 and continued to recolor xXRageViru5Xx's hate art. xXRageViru5Xx reported her deviations and comments again, and she was later banned — permanently — from deviantART. Glameows14 is now prohibited from making any further accounts on the website.

Vandalism on ED

On March 24, 2010, Starlaglam attempted to completely destroy this very article that you are reading right now. [1]. She changed words,deleted entire paragraphs, and even tried blanking this article. However, after a few edits, Marukomuru and MysteryBot stopped Starlaglam from killing this article any further. 12 hours later, Killhamster ræped Starlaglam for a year. However, this did not stop her from fucking up this page. She somehow managed to create a new account named NiceNice. On 05:45, March 26, 2010, NiceNice (Starlaglam's sockpuppet account) attempted to destroy this article again.

Update : On July 11, 2010, Starlaglam created another ED account known as Umbreonrox and performed ANOTHER failed attempt to completely vandalize this article. Like always, she was banned from the site, but this time she has been banned for a year. Good riddance....

Leaving... NOT

Somewhere on April or May 2010, StarlaGlam stopped logging on to YouTube. As a matter of fact, she hasn't even logged in using her sockpuppets either. The reason for her mysterious disappearance is currently unknown. Some argue that either she was grounded by her mom for being such an inconsiderate bipolar bitch, her parents lost their jobs and had to cut back on internet, Starlaglam's house was repossessed and her laptop had been taken away by repossession men, or Starlaglam simply lost her beaten up laptop.


Starlaglam is in the 4th grade!!1!!

On July 9, 2010, Starlaglam decided to make another failed promise to the public that she would prove that she is literate and enrolled in college. She said that she would upload a picture of her 4th grade report card from "the good old days". But since nobody believes Starlaglam's idiotic lies, it as been suggested that she is in the 4th grade because she has the face of a 10 year old loli and behaves like an immature child.

Glameowkitten 4th grade.png

Starlaglam's surrender

On July 2010, MudkipTroll (aka PresidentMudkip pulled off a prank (which was actually a lie that any half-retarded 9 year old can fall for) on Glameowkitten in which he told Glameowkitten that he supposedly acquired the contents of Glameowkitten's hard drive and that he was going to send the contents of her hard drive to the FBI. Just like the time she fell for Glameowforthebestwin's prank, she believed it and started shitting dicks. She attempted to delete every trace of Pokemon Porn on her hard drive and even tried to delete system32. She begged MudkipTroll not to do, it and due to this she finally admitted that she is 10 years old. Yes, it took her 2 and a half years just to admit that she is a 10 year old girl. Afterward, she started kissing ass to everyone that she has tormented and fail-trolled in the past. She has recently disappeared from YouTube, most likely due to the fact that she became remorseful after the party van drama.

How to troll StarlaGlam

  1. Make hate video/art.
  2. Draw a dead Glameow, Buizel, Pachirisu, or Buneary.
  3. Flame StarlaGlam.
  4. Tell her that Pokémon do not exist.
  5. Send her a personal message saying " Please send me a virus, nigger."
  6. Tell her that Digimon is better than Pokémon.
  7. Call her a loli or a lolita (she seriously hates it when someone calls her a loli,because its true).
  8. Pose as her sockpuppets or family members with other accounts and watch her rage.
  9. Watch her baww.
  10. Watch as she blocks you.
  11. Await reaction and screencap butthurt.
  12. ???
  13. PROFIT!


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You can help by adding moar mutilations, blood, guro, and rule 34.

Below is a gallery of pictures that depict Glameows and Buizel getting butchered, decapitated, crushed, or raped. If you are Starlaglam, we suggest that you leave this page immediately.

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Typical Starlaglam video. Notice how fucktarded, pointless,unfunny, and poorly made it is.

A mashup of evidence that proves that Starlaglam's buttbuddies (PachirisuPop, BuizelisBack, PreciousGlameow, D2N00) are actually her sockpuppets

In this video,StarlaGlam admits her faggotry for recolors

StarlaGlam bawws when her mom takes away her cat. Apparently, she also doesn't know how to open a car door.

The lolcow reveals her face (again) ಠ_ಠ

The attention whore admits that she is a nigger.

Video uploaded on one of her sockpuppet accounts

StarlaGlam getting owned in a drawing contest once again.

XRageViru5XReturnsX defeats StarlaGlam in a drawing contest.

StarlaGlam shows us she's not fat. weighing 81.8 pounds is very unhealthy for a 18 year-old.

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