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Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.
Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.

You would never imagine that a kitten could generate so much rage.

Starkiller88 (Bryan Dunsheng See) is a sockpuppet of user Bryan Seecrets, a Wikipedian who hates kittens and has a train and space fetish. When a fellow Wikipedo contradicted him on a minor piece of trivia, Starkiller88 made up an Anonymous operation and wrote an article about it.

The Man

Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Bryan See, before it all went horribly wrong

Starkiller set himself apart with a body of work including many speedily deleted articles, plagiarized articles, and self-promoting vanity articles hocking a non-existent sci-fi movie and a FPS you can try at your own risk, ostensibly a prime example of a dramatician. Sadly, upon closer inspection, every one of his edits are about space, video games, trains, or celebrities, indistinguishable from the interests of the average five year old. In particular, Starkiller88 held a pseudo-sexual fascination with space travel. The fact that he had nothing to contribute on the subject became abundantly clear to his fellow editors, who did their level best to keep him occupied by assigning him to bullshit improvement groups about children's books. But due to a combination of autism and a horrible comprehension of the English language, Starkiller88 continued to shit up what was already a festering pile of horse shit to begin with.

The Madness


In 2012, the Russians (internationally renowned for their technical prowess) managed to get a space probe into low Earth orbit, just short of their goal of fucking Mars. This probe, the Fobos-Grunt, plunged shortly thereafter into the ocean like so many Russian mob victims. This surprised nobody and interested two people at the most, one of whom was Starkiller88, a sockpuppet of Bryan Seecrets. When Wikipedian BatteryIncluded added the fact that no further Fobos missions were planned, Starkiller went fucking batshit. He tried desperately to rationalize hope for a future mission, pointing to the fact that the website for the project had yet to be taken down, ignoring the fact that crashing a couple hundred million dollars of government property into the ocean might keep you from updating a webpage for a few days. Statements pointing to the contrary were ignored entirely, or read and forgotten moments later as his imbecile brain strained itself to make himself the victim in the situation. Incapable of mounting a defense of his actions, he immediately went into offensive mode.

He decided that this was a case for Anonymous, and proceeded to make a twitter account and a shit LiveJournal clone account, in addition to the obligatory Youtube video and AnonNews posting. Surprisingly, Anonymous was too busy working out their high school traumas on a couple of Ohio football players to help Starkiller88 get revenge on a Wikipedia bully. Despite having no support whatsoever, and having done exactly nothing to further the Operation, Starkiller88 decided his efforts deserved a Wikipedia page, which he proceeded to write. Being a figment of Starkiller's imagination, this article met with the same fate as many of his previous contributions, speedy deletion. During the debate, Starkiller admitted to BatteryIncluded that he had concocted the operation to get back at him. BatteryIncluded told him to double or triple his medication intake, sage advice given the circumstances. Starkiller88 took it personal. He started vandalizing Battery's page, calling him stupid and comparing him to a computer virus, and then pleading with same user to save his ass before engaging in serious nonsensical harassment in which he claimed a compulsion to vandalize and blamed him for infecting his computer with malware. He was banned shortly thereafter.

I'd like to redeem myself. I don't want to disrupt Wikipedia with further false uncited, unverified info. Now I know there will be NO attempt to repeat the Fobos-Grunt mission or any other future Phobos sample return. I knew that earler before March 15. You have to know that. I'll start with ExoMars.


—Starkiller88, quivering in fear



—BatteryIncluded, pissing himself in even greater fear.

You recall this: "This is the first time you write something coherent regarding the Fobos-Grunt mission, Mr. Starkiller. I'll fix it." on the talk page of Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment. Tell me if I want to repeat this by writing something coherent regarding any mission.


—Starkiller88, pleading with BatteryIncluded to remember the good times.

The Move

I am going to become one of the most powerful on ED.



Bryan Dunsheng See, boldly going where no autistic college graduate has gone before.

Starkiller88, banned from Wikipedia, defied gravity by rolling his shit uphill to the shining paragon of wit Encyclopedia Dramatica represents, as BDSee. He tried his best to fit in by understanding ED:101 and making that fact abundantly clear. He then shitpost a ton of Malaysian train related articles, useless templates and nonsense bullshit in a sincere effort to fit in. Naturally, he received Editor privilages. His smoldering butthurt lasted a whole three months before it exploded in the form of a shit attack article about BatteryIncluded. The article was indistinguishable from the other unreadable crap output of BDSee, with the exception of suspiciously positive mentions of a Wikipedia user with a similar list of interests as BDSee. It took one google search and three links to discover BDSee's past.

As his unemotive antics became more of a burden to the wiki and he met with more resistance, BDSee began to discover an elaborate conspiracy in place to stifle his contributions and force his suicide via an increase in his medication. The conspiracy spread from an ED user, to an ED editor, ultimately to low earth orbit, where his arch enemy BatteryIncluded lurked in his private space station, hacking ED accounts to make “suicide threats” to an autistic Malaysian. His evidence for a widespread conspiracy to kill him and infect his computer with malware was the picture of a kitten at the top of the article. That picture, which BDSee somehow mistook for a bomb, was all he needed to confirm in his mind that "they" were out to get him. Once BDSee discovered the cabal, he started building walls of illegible crap, the only way to accomplish anything on ED. Strangely, his Great Wall of paranoid warnings and terrified pleadings didn't accomplish his objectives, and he was showered with kittens and invective, and banned twice.

The Maroon

Police.gif FACT ALERT:

After letting his delusional ego run amok over here and getting put into his place repeatedly, Bryan decided to pack his shit and head over to OhInternet. Anything he creates or even touches on any wiki would easily meet the standards, including ED, so it's pretty obvious hes doing the exact same thing now that he's moved onto bigger things. Before getting banned, he tried to redeem himself through this article by inserting more vanity edits, and after getting banned he tried to edit this article once again by pointing his finger at BatteryIncluded. When does this guy give up?

A cruel irony to this left-field saga is now those douchebags have to put up with him, and we get to document it. As seen on his OhI talkpage, he isn't even capable of responding to, or handling, the most polite criticism over what he writes in a timely manner. He sticks out among other users of the site, which really is saying something.

If Bryan does manage to get kicked out of OhInternet, one wonders if he will just have to start his own damn wiki since those seem to be his only outlets. His perception that everyone is against him may leave him with no choice but to do exactly that, however because he is always busy for some reason this venture has yet to be seen.

Despite getting unbanned from ED days ago, Starkiller decided to rejoin ED for Saturday kicks but not before getting his sockpuppet banned (yet again) only a few hours later.

OhInternet Bans

On September 1st in the year of our Lord 2013, he earned himself a nice week-long ban:

  • 21:46, 1 September 2013 F JUNK DUMP (TALK | CONTRIBS) blocked Bryan See (TALK | CONTRIBS) with an expiry time of 1 WEEK (account creation disabled, e-mail blocked) (CALM DOWN)

Battlestar Wiki

Not so busy after all...

After getting banned from OhInternet for the first time, Bryan decided to head over to this wiki. It appears that Bryan has made constructive edits to a wiki for once in his life instead of destroying one, which brings up the question of "What was the point in getting banned from three sites in order to expose someone?". Clearly he is capable of using and editing a wiki, yet his personal agenda tends to have the final say in whatever he does when using one. The difference here is now his motives deal with a TV show instead of internet drama.

Gallery Of Diffs


Encyclopedia Dramatica

He claims he has a cat onboard his private space station, and it's insulting because BatteryIncluded wanted him to "get well soon", in reality, he wanted him to kill himself - that's suicide (the "kitten" he gave him is probably a bomb that would have detonated, delivering a blast that is nothing comparable to a C-4 explosive).


—-BDSee, demonstrating his tenuous grasp of reality.

The reason why I am making a big deal about a kitten that BatteryIncluded gave him is because BI is simply stupid and pathetic.


—-BDSee, failing to answer a simple question without resorting to Ad hominem.



—-BDSee, scooping Alex Jones

I'm getting lately vandalised and spammed by editors who acted more like BatteryIncluded. This is really getting frustrating.


—Imagine what EDiots are dealing with

I'm here to contribute to ED on my intent is to make it the most widely accessed drama-powered encyclopedia on the web. I'll do it if I want to.



Starkiller said that BatteryIncluded infected his computer with malware, the latter said: "... and lately, blaming me for infecting his computer with a computer virus/trojan". No evidence is given, since Starkiller said, "Please, don't infect my computer with your virus or trojan."


—Bryan trying to sound like a detective

He claims he's is a full-time researcher and a skilled biologist with a private space station and a cat, and given the lack of interest in dealing with this person, even administrators who doesn't want to take the full brunt of his uncivil behavior have either directly observed it or followed him, I'm wondering if it is true.


Bryan doesn't like cats

I hate misinformation and lies that are used to fabricate my history to expose me after getting banned from all sites


—Defending his innocence (while disrupting the wiki)

Bryan Seecrets is a mainly dormant account created in 2006, a year before Starkiller88. Do not label this as a sock of Starkiller88. Do not give in BatteryIncluded's suicide threats. BatteryIncluded is out to kill me.


—Bryan trying to feed the trolls

I have been raped, but don't worry. I will be back, you just wait and see, as for BatteryIncluded, you will pay with your dear offenses and crimes you have committed.


—Bryan plotting his vengeance

Ahem. I like your contribs about me! You are good in deconstructing BatteryIncluded's and Wikipedia's misinformation about me.


—He doesn't even understand that the article is about him anymore.


I saw your articles in Special:RecentChanges and you need to work on them. A lot. For starters, OhI is a work-safe site, which means no swear words or sexual references. Also, we tell the truth here. Please do not make attack articles about people that we don't know anything about.


—Ptime chimes in (little does he know that resistance is futile)

I've stopped making attack articles about people that we don't know anything about.


—No, he didn't

So let me get this clear. I'm here on OhInternet to improve it by creating articles, edit pages on Anonymous, the Internet, and more to focus on notable things.


—Bryan asserting himself to Ptime

My intentions are clear, presented twice now. OhInternet is a work-safe site, and I do not make any attack articles about people you don't know. I'll create articles on meme, software, events, persons and phenomenas I can find. I can definitely overcome my autism.


—Bryan talking to Ptime, one day before earning a week-long ban

I know there are somebody who is with me rather than against me, particularly those on Battlestar Wiki, Hard Light Productions, SkyscraperCity, Facebook and Twitter. It is Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica is conspiring to kill and murder me.


—Bryan thinks we are out to get him...or something like that

My long-term campaign of adding deliberate misinformation to a number of articles, particularly Fobos-Grunt and Anonymous, as well as the alleged Anonymous Operation "Operation Phobos-Gone" made in response to BatteryIncluded's fact that no future Russian Phobos missions were planned especially after the failure of Fobos-Grunt, were intended to create a cabal, a prelude to a conspiracy to stifle my contributions by fabricating my history, ban me from using a computer and the Internet, and kill me by forcing my suicide via an increase in my medication.


—Bryan tries to admit something, then turns it into Bulletball


BDSee starring in his own Onion News.
BDSee declaring war on... something.


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